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4.4 out of 5 stars26
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 9 June 2010
Beautifully filmed and incredibly engaging. It is the most interesting documentary I have ever seen, and absolutely the most important one.
It is amazing that this is such a little known subject. It's a film everyone is talking about, and will be debating for the immediate future. If you don't know about the problem, you need to.
Everyone needs to know about the most imminent ecological problem we are about to face, a fiasco in fact which can still be stopped, just about. It very fairly presents nearly all sides of the fishing dilemma, explaining the global consequences from and environmental and economical stand point.
Since watching this film, I have been driven to discover more. Imagine that every time you eat a red snapper in the UK, you are directly starving a person who lives on the shoreline where your fish was taken.
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on 7 March 2010
I found this documentary very moving and shocking at the same time, I vaguely knew that there were issues with over-fishing in the world but had no idea it was on such an unbelievably HUGE scale! The fishing lines that are used these days all over the world are enough to cover the entire globe in one year! It is scary to know this as you think that there are lots of protected seas but this documentary states that less than 1% of the worlds seas and oceans are protected. That means that over 99% of the oceans are free for humans to fish in. I learnt alot from this documentary and liked that they put messages at the end to tell the world what can be done to stop this over-fishing problem. Unlike some other conservation / activist documentaries, this one really affects everyone in the world that eats fish and it is all of our responsibility to do something to stop this. If nothing is done there will be minimal fish left in the oceans in 50 years time - it really is shocking how extensive the damage is in our oceans and all of it directly created by humans. If you eat fish I urge you to watch this and then choose to only buy sustainably sourced fish. Please don't bury your head in the sand, watch this dvd and face the issue.
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VINE VOICEon 18 March 2010
The overfishing of the, no MY seas, has been something close to my heart for a few years, and I bought the book by Charles Clover when it came out. When I heard about this film, I decided to buy the DVD though I knew it might be shown on TV as I wanted to show I cared about it by buying it. This is the most imprtant message of the book, the film, and by me; if you want to show someone you care about it, use your purse power. There is nothing that is going to annoy people more than you refusing to buy fish because you do not know where it came from at a restaurant, or at the supermarket because you know it is is endangered and even that farmed fish are famred by feeding them fish from the sea, and if the fish used to feed them were eaten instead, they could have provided you with more energy if you just ate them instead of producing a bigger species of fish. I know it is complex, no one said it was simple, and though you may not want to change everything, you might see if you can change something; the film gives guides about what to do, and what not to do.

Until we are at the stage where people can take action collectively against government's raping of the seas, including those of the EU, and those of poorer countries of the world exploited by their own government, purse power, combined with debate and spreading the word, are our best tools, so use these! This film will not be the end of the line; pardon the pun, it is just the beginning, it is going to inspire many people to make a change for the better, it already has furthered my determination to do my bit, no matter how small, to make a difference. One person may not make a difference, but if all of you who care about this change the way you shop, and talk about it, you are going to make a difference.
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on 17 April 2012
I always knew myself that our oceans are being abused, i go whale watching alot with my telescope from land and all i can see 7 days a week are fishing boats, lobster pot markers, nets, this dvd is really a deppressing watch, human greed and ignorance, im always amazed at just how closed minded we as a race can be, no thinking ahead on preservation for or kids and grandchildren, you would think fishermen would want to support sustainability, but big business always gets what it wants, fair play to Alaska, leaders and fishermen there who have taken the right steps, a pity everyone does'nt follow suit, its having the policital will to do it unfortunatly, and the governments around the world bow to big business, simple as that, a disaster!
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on 2 June 2010
This documentary is an absolute must for everybody on Earth! It leaves you stunned and - very angry!
Okay, we all knew already that the situation in our oceans is pretty bad. However, that it is THAT bad... What makes this documentary so valuable is that it does not just present another doom-and-gloom scenario but also comes up with very concrete suggestions and examples on how things could be changed for the better. The problem is not simply the amount of fish we catch but WHERE and HOW we catch it. It is about managing fish stocks in sustainable ways. If we don't learn that pretty soon we'll loose many species and important food resources and we'll end up chewing the then remaining marine top predators: jelly fish and squid.
Since I have bought this DVD I've shared it with many of my friends, and they all agree that it is the most important documentary they have seen in recent years. Apart from that, it actually includes some amazing footage of marine life.
Now, just move it into your shopping basket! You'll gain a lot of insights for little money!
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on 8 January 2010
This is a must see for everyone caring for our oceans. And it's something as rare as a documentary caring for the film aesthetics. Thoughtfull and beautiful at the same time.
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on 27 November 2011
An absolutely incredible documentary, underlining the key issues with any human run industry, they dont care what resources they exploit and if they will last as long as they roll in the money now. The perfect motivator to get the public thinkin and to change the behaviour of the consumers to drown out these buisnesses and support the sustainable ones. On the back is the link to the website where you can take part in the campaigns running and contact charles clover and the end of the line team. I urge everyone to see this film, you will never forget it.
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on 23 September 2010
This film is simple and easy to understand and it is hard hitting.
I feel that this will be a film I will pass around or even give as a present for xmas or birthdays as it has the ability to acheive greatness! We need to stop over fishing our seas and take care of the not only the land but also the sea!!
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on 15 July 2015
A bit dated but nonetheless fascinating and pretty damn scary to boot.
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on 9 May 2012
The End Of The Line [DVD] [2009] I really enjoyed this DVD which gave a graphic account of the problem of overfishing - focusing on the plight of blue fin tuna. The photography alone was stunning and the problem clearly explained.
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