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on 3 February 2011
Sound: the sound is very good (yes, I know this is subjective). Bass is present and actually has some presence, treble doesn't roll off noticeably at the top end even over bluetooth which surprised me. Overall the sound is very clear, neutral and natural -- it doesn't get wearing over time.

Fit: I've had any number of headphones over the years -- mostly Sennheiser but not all. I've a pair of closed HD250s and I've had open headphones and stick-the-rubber-in-your-ear headphones and the 210 BTs are the most comfortable I've known.

Wearability: walking around, you don't get that under-water effect of the rubber-plug style in-ear headphones, and wind-noise isn't exaggerated in the way those headphones do either. The 210 BTs block out enough sound, but not so much that you feel completely cut off (you can tell when someone wants to talk to you for example -- a good thing).

Wireless: I'm surprised at how much more wearable these are because of the lack of wires. Nothing catches, nothing drags, nothing pulls the phones off your ears, and yet the headphones are the right weight (i.e. light).

The wired connection, on my Google Nexus One, sounds about the same as through the bluetooth connection. I suspect that (as with other low-power devices) the headphone amp in the phone isn't really high quality so there's probably some roll-off on the high frequencies -- but it doesn't sound muffled. When you're using the bluetooth connection you're bypassing that headphone amp in the phone, and the sound is about the same -- impressive.

I'm really surprised -- I wear these phones at work and at home now in preference to supposedly better wired ones. They're comfortable, the sound is neutral and natural and doesn't become wearing over time, and when someone walks into the office to talk to me I tap the pause button on my right ear and slip them onto my neck -- walking off with them still in place if I like -- no wires.

Lip sync: for me, there's about 1/8 of a second of lag when watching video on our iPad. On my MacBook Pro there's no lag. And of course for music a slight lag isn't a problem.

Seriously, these are good. By the way: if you want to be able to hold phone conversations with them then these won't do that -- you need a pair of Sennheiser MM 400 'phones for that.
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on 1 June 2011
This is my third pair of these PX 210 BT (I tend to leave them on planes). I have also had the model with the noise cancelling function and would strongly recommend the "plain" bluetooth only version for the following reasons:

- noise cancelling is not particularly good (compared to bose, etc)
- battery life is reduced
- can cope with steady hums very well but not good with intermitant noises (such as tubes)

Other very minor points:
- blue light shines very bright (however it is obviously very useful to know that they are on!)
- with two bluetooth products (an iphone and ipad) it is very irritating to pair and unpair them the whole time
- the cover of the micro-USB port falls off after a month or two of use
- low battery warning goes on just a minute or two before completely cutting out. There should be an "hour left" beep or something similar

They are very comfortable, the range is great and I have used them whilst running perfectly. I have used them in the rain plently of times and nothing has ever gone wrong. Battery life is very impressive.
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on 11 October 2010
These are amazing headphones and paired easily with an iPhone 4. However, please note THEY WILL NOT ACCEPT OR ALLOW YOU TO MAKE PHONE CALLS. I was mislead by the rave reviews from other iPhone users and it never occurred to me that a bluetooth devise that worked with a phone would not automatically deal with phone calls. Amazon has been brilliant and agreed to take these ones back and I have ordered the MM400 headphones which can cope with calls. The sound quality was great if all I had was an iPod, I would have been thrilled with the headphones.
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on 10 September 2011
This is my 5th pair of Sennheiser headphones, all the others have been ear canal type, so this is my first pair of this style. They are excellent.

I won't repeat what others have said, here are my own observations.

Used with an iPad2, there is no audio lag (the Kinder Egg effect!) when watching movies, unlike my other SonyEricsson Bluetooth headphones. 5 stars for that.
Secondly, we have an old house with very thick walls and the Bluetooth transmission range on these headphones is amazing. I left the iPad on the kitchen table and walked right round the house - upstairs and downstairs - with no breaking up or loss of connectivity. Again, top marks for that. Next trial will be to wander off down the garden in them.

The manual, however, is rubbish. So for those like me who are irritated by the flashing blue light and want to turn it off, here is how you do it as the manual is not at all clear: press the on/off switch on the headphones and hold it until it flashes blue and red, then briefly press the -volume button. The light should stop flashing. To turn it on again, do the same but briefly press the +volume button.
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on 7 January 2012
These Sennheiser headphones are well constructed and the accessories supplied are good quality. Sound is good for on-ear cans although a little harsh on some music and lacking in smooth bass. The battery pack is removeable so if it fails I presume it can be replaced without replacing the whole headphone which is good. Pairing is quick and easy - I have paired it to a cheap bluetooth audio dongle and my HTC Desire phone (on which it can control track skipping).

My issue is with interference or electrical noise in the right earphone (the active one). The noise is not effected by volume control and switches off after a couple of seconds of pausing playback on my phone (presumably the headphones go into standby mode when no sound is being received). The noise is also present but sounding different when not using bluetooth and connected by the supplied cable.

The noise is very distracting, particularly as it is in just one ear, and listening to quiet sections in classical music would not be enjoyable.

I can't check whether this is a fault or is present in all sets - certainly my old Logitech BT headphones did not exhibit this. Could other owners let me know if they experience this problem?

UPDATE: Concluded my were faulty and contacted Amazon who supplied a replacement within 2 days - BEFORE I HAD RETURNED THE FAULTY ONES! This is the reason why I purchase so much from Amazon. The new headphones do have a very slight noise like a high whistle, but this is not intrusive and I have to listen hard to hear it.
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on 2 March 2011
I wasn't too sure what to expect with these, since I am not using the Sennheiser APT-X dongle. Instead I am connecting directly to my Bluetooth device (in this case an HTC Desire smart phone), and using the default Bluetooth 2.1 audio codec.

The sound quality is good, in fact surprisingly good for regular Bluetooth transmission. Yes, there is some compression, and you can hear it a little bit, but frankly, with the sort of music I listen to (rock/metal) it doesn't really matter. I'm not an 'audiophile' so these sorts of things don't bother me.

They are comfortable fit, I love the fact its USB charging with an internal battery as well. They are pricey, but you get what you pay for. They are a quality set of headphones, the wireless works flawlessly and has quite an impressive range as well.

Can't comment on battery life since I haven't owned them long. However, if you are using with a smart phone chances are you will be charging these up every night at the same time as your phone, so as long as the battery lasts me a few hours I'm happy enough.
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on 29 January 2014
Well, I have had these headphones for about 11 months now and I am extremely pleased with them. They are obviously reasonably pricey, but for me well worth the money.

- Really solid headphones and the build quality is excellent - 11 months in with a huge amount of use (I wear them a large proportion of my working day every day) and they are virtually as new.
- For me, the wireless aspect of the headphones has allowed me to get rid of the main reason why wired sets used to break down every 6 months or so - loss of connection, which justifies a large portion of the additional outlay on these versus a wired pair.
- I'm no audiophile, but the sound quality seems very good to me - indistinguishable from when I plug the wire in, and that's without my device being able to use the apt-x codec for transmitting the signal. My music is synced to my device mainly at 256 kbps, so a reasonable quality.
- They have connected to all the devices I have tried to connect them to with ease.
- Very rare for any drop out in the connection - just when walking with the device in my trouser pockets does it occasionally get a bit jumpy. However, I usually have it in a bag that hangs at around the small of my back and there it pretty much never has an issue.

- You will definitely feel the benefit of shelling out for a spare battery, so that adds to the cost.
- The warnings that the battery is low are loud intrusive beeps every one or two minutes from about five minutes or so before the battery dies, hence the need for the second battery. I would have preferred a single beep with an hour to go, then maybe two beeps with 5 minutes left and three beeps when you're down to about a minute to go, but it's a relatively minor gripe as, once you've got the spare battery, you just switch straight away.
- The blue flashing light on the side is a bit annoying, but it is possible to turn it off... something along the lines of putting it into pairing mode and then pressing the volume down button, although I can't remember for sure. I seem to remember I found out the exact procedure from reading another review on Amazon. Once you've turned it off, you'll probably never turn it back on!
- This particular pair don't have noise cancelling, but if that's something you really want/need, you can spend an extra £100 or thereabouts for the pair that does have noise cancelling - when my current pair breaks down, that will probably be at the top of my list for my next pair.

Overall an excellent pair of headphones. The cons are all things you can get around with a bit of effort or the purchase of a spare battery, so relatively minor, hence five stars.

I will never be going wired again!
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on 15 June 2010
These are great value for money, i've always preferred cans to canal headphones but my problem was always wires getting shorted or damaged. This has completely eliminated that problem and I can enjoy my music, to a high quality, wire and hassle free; also the blue LEDs are seriously awesome. Only con is volume but to be honest it's mostly about your music's levels or kbp, if it's a high qual file, it'll sound louder and you can always adjust levels in iTunes. Digressing; these headphones are chill.
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on 16 September 2010
I always have problems with the comfort of headphones, but these are great. I use them with my Iphone, and with the recent software update the forwards and rewind buttons now work alongside volume and play/pause. The only minor complaint I have is that they're quite wide and the headband projects out from my head so if I'm doing housework etc, they occasionally knock on things. They're still the best set of headphones I've had and the bluetooth works really well and connects quickly.
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on 21 January 2013
Fabulous quick delivery by Amazon. After a lot of research decided on these instead of cheaper alternatives. I`m glad i did, these have a great sound very clear, nice bass. Very comfortable although i found they do slip slightly.Easy to pair up to devices i have them paired to two devices and haven`t had problems. Nice touch with the cord, if the battery runs out. Seem to be well made and sturdy.Although expensive i feel you get what you pay for. I`m glad i bought them!!
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