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4.1 out of 5 stars56
4.1 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 February 2010
Colour Name: Silver|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I found this was a great portable amp for my iPod the kind of thing which allows you to use your iPod in the way that ghetto blasters and portable Hi Fis worked for the beach and festival going public of the past, its also very nice for anyone who is setting off for university or spending longer periods of time away from home but not really wanting to haul their complete sound system with them. The product detail for this product is also pretty good, including the pictures, so I decided to review it using a number of specific domains which occured to me as important while using it for the first time, considering the pros and cons of each.


Pros - Both Quality and Level of volume are very good. Volume level good in any power mode.
Cons - Best sound quality when connected to the mains with adapter - reduction in portability
- When not connected to the mains there is a loss of quality (specifically bass) when on powersave mode as opposed to normal power mode. It sounds tinnier, though there is still a good volume level out of it.


Pros - Slimline design means could fit easily into carry on luggage for plane, or even a handbag
- when the stand is collapsed in it gives a very flat sleek shape
- The powersave function giving up to 20 hours play time means its perfect for Festivals where you would have to go 3 - 4 days without a charge
- Alternatively if going say to a beach or the like for a day or so you could use normal power mode
Cons - none

Other Design Features:

Pros - very simple buttons/controls to use
- the volume controls connect directly into the controls on your actual ipod, meaning when taking your ipod out the setting don't need to be adjusted again on the unit
- The power inlets have a rubber cover to make sure of it is being taken to the beach etc no sand can get in
- The connection to plug your ipod into is on an axis that toggles to compensate for the thickness of the ipod (which would depend on model/ipod/iphone etc). This means no set of 'dock slots' needed to hold the ipod in place
Cons - No remote control
- No play/pause, skip forward/backward, bass boost or other function buttons on unit, although the design allows the user to easily touch the front of the ipod of these settings.
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Colour Name: Silver|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S315i is the first iPod docking station and speaker I have owned and I must say I now wonder how I ever lived without one. First, it's a good looking sturdy piece of equipment and a decent size which I found not too bulky. Secondly, the white mesh look gives it a smart appearance and fits well with my kitchen decor. For a newbie the best things about this product are the clarity of the sound, the fact that it works with my old, classic iPod, (and every other type) and it's rechargeable so I can move it around with me wherever I need it; namely I can now listen to music, or an audio book in the bath! Don't picture that! Just know it's a whole new ballgame for me not having to worry about electrocuting myself for the sake of my iPod addiction. A universal iPod tray is not needed with this product as the dock connector is universal. On the back it has a 3.5mm Aux. input, which supports other portable music players that have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Also handy is the stand and speaker have tiny rubber feet so it doesn't slip around or get knocked over.

After all this I found only one downside, and this may be the same for all docking stations, but with my iPod classic I did find that I couldn't watch films, since the stand was only capable of holding the iPod vertically so my iPod screen was sideways. This may not be a problem with newer iPod versions, not owning one I do not know, but I wanted to share my thoughts on this with anyone who was thinking of using this as a platform for watching their iPod films. That aside, I'm not a big iPod film watcher, so for me this is still a wonderful device for listening to music or an audio book - an enhanced experience I can do anywhere in my house, and for that reason I love the Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S315i. Plus, when it is plugged into the mains and the iPod is being used, it charges not just the speaker itself but the iPod too. Now I am never without my iPod since it is always charged and ready to go!
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VINE VOICEon 25 February 2010
Colour Name: Silver|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
A week or so before receiving this my iPod speakers by another manufacturer bit the dust at the hands of my 14 month old daughter. They were somewhat flimsy, and had the speaker cones exposed - just asking for trouble.

So I was interested to see, not only the sound quality, but also the build quality of Logitech's speaker. On opening Amazon's box and lifting the Logitech box I was immediately aware that this was going to be solid - there is a weight to it that speaks of substance. My impressions were confirmed on opening the box - ths is one well built baby. The speakers are encased behind a strong grill, and the whole thing feels like it can pump out the music, as well as withstand little fingers poking at it.

When I connected up my iPod I was surprised to see that it came charged and therefore I was able to play immediately. And the sound was superb - whether it was playing rock or classical. No loose vibrations, or tinniness - just good clear sound.

There is a handy economy mode feature to double the battery life - although it does this is a noticeable loss of bass and volume. This will work well for me as I listen to a lot of spoken material (podcasts etc), but I suspect it will not be much use for music. I haven't taken time to fully test the battery capacity, but it suggests 10 hours, with 20 on economy mode. There are however LEDs behind the grill that indicate battery life, and whether the speaker is fully charged.

One feature I really like about this speaker unit is that it is rechargable - you don't have to keep going looking for batteries - they're built in. There's a thoughtfulness about the design - it comes with an interchangable plug so you can take it with you on holidays to Europe. Also the cradle the iPod docks in is on a rocker so that it can easily take different sizes and shapes of iPod without needing a plethora of trays - handy since my wife and I have different types of iPod.

In terms of other features, you can control the volume from the speaker unit,which means you don't have to keep poking at your iPod. Also there is a mini-jack input if you want to attach other sorts of MP3 player, or ye olde personal stereo.

Tremendously impressed with Logitech's work - they've really thought this one through.
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on 22 June 2010
I bought these speakers because I upgraded my mobile to an iphone and my old Logitech speakers were not compatible with my iphone. Very neat, lightweight piece of kit. Perfect for travel or use at home. Great sound quality and can go very loud if required. I bought mine just days before a holiday abroad. Cleverly the plug comes with both a UK attachment and a European 2-prong attachment, so no adaptor required! Very pleased with this for the price. Would definitely recommend to friends :o) Lindsay, Glasgow
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on 10 March 2010
Look at a couple of 1 star reviews of the Logitech Pure-Fi and MM50 portable speakers and you will find complaints of a problem whereby the speakers automatically turn off for no apparent reason when on battery power, after a few minutes of play. I've had the exact same problem with both models. For whatever reason, whatever iPod I use (perhaps it is instrumental genres), the speakers power off, as if going into standby. So this time I got in touch with Logitech via one of their blogs and I must say I got a very efficient response from their public relations people. After considering a while Logitech came back and told me that the issue was not present in the S315i. So far so good, and I went ahead and purchased. However, the good news stops there because unfortunately it is a problem still [or was at first, see update below]. Having seen the other negative reviews I am now sure that there is a problem - though it seems to be obscure enough to affect only a small proportion of users, which I guess is why Logitech have continued to ship models with the same fault for the past 5 years or more. Maybe you'll be lucky. Certainly you'll be fine if you keep the speakers connected to mains power. Or if you tend to play rock and pop and not so much in the way of classical then you might be ok too.

I didn't pay anything like the prices being asked on Amazon. I do notice that the Logitech speakers that I have purchased seem to vary in price a lot even on Amazon, up and down by as much as 30% depending on colour and time of year. In this case for the s315i's I got a better price elsewhere. Still, the portability and convenience that I paid for has once again not been delivered.

I will raise this issue with Logitech as a follow up. If I get an answer, I'll post here. For the time being, I've learned my lesson and will have to assume that Logitech portable speakers just aren't for me. Which is a shame because apart from this fatal flaw the speakers overall are fine (though I'm not convinced that they sound as good as the Logitech MM50 that I bought them to replace).

[Update: Ahead of contacting Logitech again I thought I should re-test the issue described above as I gave up on portability after the first few failed attempts. I played various examples of the music that has consistently caused a power off in the past yet the s315i speakers are now seemingly performing fine. This certainly didn't happen when I first tried using them; whatever is different is not something obvious (e.g. low charge). In all fairness I can't rate the speakers 1-star as I am now getting what I paid for but I'm left with a nagging doubt, so I rate them 3-star; but for the initial fault it would be 4 or 5.]
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VINE VOICEon 12 April 2010
Colour Name: Silver|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
After toying with the idea of having an iPod dock for the rare occasions when I'm not listening to music via headphones or my computer, I decided to take the opportunity to try this out- and I was more than pleased with the results.

The unit is compact and well built; it feels solid without being heavy and is generally aesthetically pleasing. More importantly, it functions well- I tried it with a varied selection of music, and the sound reproduction was of a good quality in every case. The sound reproduction obviously isn't as good in power-saving mode, but this probably won't be a problem unless you want to play high quality music outside for extended periods of time.

The unit's other features are simple and straightforward; you can adjust the volume on the unit instead of fiddling with the iPod, whilst an audio jack at the back allows you to plug in headphones or a normal mp3 player. It's nothing fancy, but it does the job with a minimum of fuss.

Overall, if you're in the market for an iPod dock, you won't go far wrong with this. For all but the most high end of users, this little beauty will fit the bill.
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on 12 October 2010
I was looking for a simple set of speakers that would allow me to listen to my i-pod wherever I was in the house and outside when the need arose. I'm not very technically minded so I can't give an opinion on any of the finer points but what I can give is my views as an ordinary, everyday user,
I have them plugged in most of the time and so far haven't had the opportunity to use the battery but they did come fully charged so I could have used them straight away if I had wanted to. They also came with an interchangeable plug so I will be able to take them on holiday without the need for an adapter. The dock is a neat little thing and holds your i-pod securely, charging it as it plays if the speakers are plugged in to the mains. The sound, as far as I can tell , is of a good quality for speakers of this size. There is no distortion at the volume I listen to.
So far I have no complaints to make and would recommend them to anyone.
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on 8 July 2010
We have owned a similar device, made by Bose, for a couple of years and were looking for a portable iPod dock to take on holidays or to the office. There is a wide variety of docks and we selected this on the basis of Logitech reliability - their PC peripherals seem to go on for years without any malfunction. The S315i's build standard is evident as soon as it is unpacked, it feels robust and is very well-designed. The sound quality is well beyond that which might be expected from the size of the speakers.

Recharging the battery is fairly quick, an overnight charge will last through a day's portable use. Overall, the S315i does exactly what it says on the box. It is a pity that Logitech do not include a simple carrying case, but (for the price) that is perhaps expecting too much. Excellent value for money, and highly recommended.
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on 28 October 2010
I wanted something good-looking, easily packed and with good sound quality to listen to music on holidays. This has proved to be ideal. It charges the ipod when it's connected to the mains, but that tends to be not very often as the speakers' internal rechargeable battery seems to last for ages. The clever folding stand / ipod dock means that the speakers don't take up much room in luggage, and the solid build means you're unlikely to damage them. The sound is perfect, obviously not as deep bass as full size speakers, but very acceptable.
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on 11 April 2013
I bought this unit for use in a relatively small bathroom and have been using it for the last week. It's not bad and suits my purposes pretty well, however there are some poor design choices and almost certainly better choices depending on your use case.

So firstly sound quality is decent, especially considering the size of the unit. Reasonable bass for the unit's size, relatively good sound tone and clarity, OK stereo imaging. However it's not even close sound-wise to my Klipsch iGroove which you can now pick up for a measly £65. So if you're generally mains connected at home go for the Klipsch - worth the extra money without question.

I also own a set of X-Mini Max 2 speakers for travelling with. I'd put the sound quality of the Logitech slightly above these - better controlled bass and because the speakers are facing forward (rather than up) much better stereo imaging. However the Logitech is massive in comparison to the X-Mini speakers (and has some design flaws - see below) so if you want speakers for travelling with I'd go with the X-Mini Max 2 speakers instead. Much small, a bit cheaper and only a little worse sound-quality wise.

So what about the design. Well, some good points and some bad...

The overall design is slick with the stand built into the main unit, sliding out of the way to carry it. It also has proper volume controls (unlike the X-Minis). I also love the fact there are two modes - full power and power saving (which doubles the battery life, but at the expense of all your bass!). Outside you probably won't notice the loss of bass so for festivals it's a great mode to extend the battery life. I also like that the AUX jack is separate to the docking area (unlike my Klipsch where you have to disconnect the 3.5mm lead in order to use the dock, a poor choice of location).

However there are three main flaws which make you wonder if the designers ever tested the device with real users at all. All immediately obvious within minutes of using the device.

The first is that the slot your iPhone/iPod goes into is so tight that if you use a rubberised case you'll probably have to remove it to fit it in to the docking area. Another couple of millimetres would have made all the difference! As it stands I no longer use the dock and just plug my iPod in via the AUX cable. Terrible design and makes the dock somewhat redundant.

Secondly the AUX input jack is recessed in a narrow channel, albeit with a sensible dust cover. Chances are your 3.5mm jack won't fit if it has even a slightly chunky end. You'll probably need to order a "slim" cable. The 3.5mm cables I get from Tesco simply wouldn't fit. Rubbish design, again a couple of extra millimetres would have made all the difference.

Thirdly, given they annoyingly over-recessed the AUX jack it's frustrating they didn't recess the power switch! It's chunky, sticks right out of the unit, and has very little resistance to movement. If you were using this for travelling it would power on in your bag so easily and you'd have a dead unit on arrival. Truly terrible design. Doesn't really affect me as my unit sits in a bathroom but would pretty much rule it out for travel in my opinion.

So overall the unit suits my "in bathroom" purposes pretty well. The sound is slightly better than my X-Minis, it's battery powered unlike my Klipsch, it looks neater and more modern than the X-Minis and the speakers are better protected from splashes and fingers.

However if you want a mains powered dock which doesn't travel you'd be way better with the Klipsch (way better sound quality, properly designed dock) and if you want speakers for travelling you'd be way better with the X-Minis (cheaper, so much smaller, power switch is hard to flip accidentally, sound only slightly inferior).
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