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4.3 out of 5 stars47
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 12 November 2010
I bought this product as I needed to locate my T-mobile internet dongle higher up than the USB port on the laptop. This worked out of the box with no problems at all, instantly recognised by Windows 7. There was no loss of signal and it also works with a 3 mobile dongle if that is any help to anyone. I've tested this cable with a web cam and a USB wireless adapter and all work flawlessly.

Would definitely recommend.
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on 4 September 2012
Having seen variable reports of using broadband dongles with usb extension leads I was wary about trying one. The vendor of this one was very helpful but reported 'pot luck' as to whether ANY USB lead worked with a mobile broadband dongle.

I took a chance and ordered one of these, plus the 'startech' one also offered by amazon.

I figured I couldnt be unlucky twice.

Startech never responded to my pre-sales email.

I'd never used a mobile broadband dongle before, but being a retired IT tech and a radio ham my feedback to the Vendor was said to be worth repeating here for others as a general guide. Herewith my letter to the vendor. Maybe others will find it informative. reported elsewhere, the lead supplied was black, without the 'lump' partway along it. Because the repeater is now inside the socket end of the lead. Vendor needs to change that pic. Its a good quality lead though.

Hello Lee

As you're reading this it shows that my T-mobile dongle is working. Their coverage map of the holiday area turned out to be pessimistic as I can use it indoors, no problem, even just plugged into the side of the laptop.

That done, I did experiment with extension leads and came to the following conclusions after I had first put the dongle direct into the laptop and let its install routine run.

(1) Your lead works

(2) The Startech lead works.

(3) the 1m passive lead I have for my edimax wifi dongle works (it has a hemisphere at the end so the dongle stands up vertically

(4) The variability in results between good quality active leads is, I believe, down to a fundamental lack of understanding by users who have no experience about siting radio thats everybody except radio hams and TV aerial installers then, and I'm not all that sure about some TV installers :-)

As with wifi, moving the aerial position just an inch or so can (in less than 100% signal areas) take you from max signal to no signal at all.

As with wifi, signal distribution is affected by nearby objects....especially moving ones. ie people.

As with wifi aerials, the dongle reception is best if the dongle is NOT lying on a surface or hanging right next to a wall....although hanging it about 30mm away from a wall with some bacofoil taped to the wall boosts reception in one direction.....AND reduces interference from the other. Works with wifi too.

As best I can tell, usb leads are not fully screened. This will undoubtedly mean that the radio signal from the dongle gets onto the lead and effectively makes an aerial out of it. With the dongle some distance away I can alter signal strength by grabbing hold of the lead, or moving it about, even though the dongle doesnt move. It also means the lead picks up interference...see later.

If the received signal is poor, even people moving around the room can cause dropouts in the signal.

For people who's dongle received signal is desperately poor there is no substitute for getting the dongle as high as possible AND getting it outside if possible. Getting it in the clear outside dramatically reduces the variability of received signal as well as increasing the strength too.

I've never used an active USB lead before, and the first time I plugged one (yours) into the laptop there was a noticeable period of time before win7 announced that the usb device was ready to use. Subsequent times (yours and the startech one) the delay was virtually zero, presumably because it already 'knew' how to handle the active device.

The point I'm coming to is if the uninitiated plug in their broadband dongle while windows is getting its brain around the usb repeater driver then it wont 'see' the dongle at all.

You are possibly familiar with the clip-on ferrite chokes that TDK and others market. I would not expect them to be designed for wifi frequencies, or broadband dongles, but if the long lead pickup was causing a problem they would be worth trying. One at each end.

A lot of household devices radiate radio waves. If you have a 5m long unscreened lead, its bound to pick some up. Mobile phones, DECT phones, microwave ovens, all kinds of stuff. Some mobile phone battery chargers generate HUGE amounts of radio interference, as does any cheap switch-mode PSU in a computer, printer, laptop. Normally they're not going to be relevant, but if your dongle is struggling to get a signal they may be.

Having a broadband dongle sticking out of a laptop is a bad idea. As your hands move around they are going to affect the surrounding radio fields. I've got mine on the 1m passive lead from my edimax wifi dongle. Cheap & cheerful....I can recommend edimax wifi dongles btw .....and it gets the dongle a metre away from my arms flailing around while I'm typing.

So, in summary Lee, your lead (the black one) works for me. All things being equal they should work for others providing they understand the fundamental principle of operation of broadband dongles with regard to consistency of received signal.
If, like me, you buy one just for use on holiday, check the area coverage maps of the providers to make sure you will have some kind of signal.

If people need to get a broadband dongle outside and in the clear at a holiday location, consider getting a fibreglass fishing rod blank when you get a 5m USB lead. You can get 5m ones for about £7 and they telescope down to about 750mm length. Poke it out of the window, or tape it to the side of the caravan/balcony rail. A bit heath-robinson but lightweight and cheap....cover the dongle in a plastic bag to keep the rain off.
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on 3 March 2010
This cable allows you to position your printer or other USB device e.g. external hard disk more than 5m from your PC. I wasn't aware of the limit for USB signals down a conventional cable before, but this active cable works fine.
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on 18 November 2011
I bought this to use with a web cam, and it works great with no loss of picture quality. A plain cable produces a slow, jerky picture, and the active repeater in this cable solves the problem.
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on 14 March 2012
I bought this cable because I was having problems when printing over USB to my printer on the other side of the room. I found out that data can only travel for 4m over USB before timing errors and data loss occurs. To fix this you need an ACTIVE USB extension which uses power to boost the signal rather than a standard PASSIVE extender which doesn't use power and therefore doesn't work as well over 4m. The item arrived on time and i just simply replaced my passive extender with this active one and the problem was solved, I could print again! One thing to know though is the item that arrives isn't the same as the one in the default image but the one in the second image. It is a black cable rather than clear and the box in the middle of the cable on the clear one is actually built in to the female USB port. This cable is actually better looking and and has a better design than the clear one. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
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on 10 July 2011
Despite the item not being as in picture, it worked perfectly and helped me get a better wireless signal/connection from my wireless network usb stick. I attached it to my PC then ran a normal usb 5m extension cable 5m USB 2.0 Extension Cable A Male to A Female High Speed 480Mbps and it boosted signal/connection to maximum.
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on 4 February 2011
This product allows you to extend the Kinect sensor. Connection is via the USB connection on the XBOX360,as well as using the power cable supplied to give the sensor some power.Works a treat and no problems.
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on 17 December 2010
Works well. Only trouble was I ordered it because it appears white/silver in the picture, but it was black when it turned up. Otherwise great!
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on 11 February 2013
Works perfectly, I connected this with another extension cable 5m and the USB devices are working properly without loss of data or any other issue. The device is recognized as an HUB by the MIcrosoft Operating System so there is no need to install drivers.
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on 17 September 2011
Its cheap and does exactly what it says it does, I got it to extend the USB connector from my HD PVR to my computer, it worked so I'm happy, but I'm sure there's better one's out there if you want to spend a little extra money.
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