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on 28 February 2010
This eReader is easy to use and feels nice to hold. It isn't backlit so is more like a book to read and doesn't give eye strain. I've been able to upload ebooks, my word docs, music and photos onto it.

As someone who writes I was hoping it would annotate actually on the document but it doesn't. However the memo section means you can at least write notes about a section of your own work that you might want to review on the computer later. The memo doesn't upload onto the computer though.

I've also discovered you're better saving a word doc in 22pt font if you want to have any chance of reading it (the 12 pt font I usually use is tiny lol).

Overall it does what I expected and I'm able to review my work whilst out and about. The case comes seperately unfortuately.
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on 28 December 2009
iRiver eBook Reader - Electronic Book Reader
I bought the iRiver Story e reader for myself and have been using it for a few days only. I like the style and feel of the reader. It has the features I expected. It did not come with an SD card. The manual recommends a Sandisk or Transcend card. There is no mains charger but the reader charges automatically if you connect it to a computer with the usb lead. Contrary to another review I read, my iRiver Story displays Adobe / pdf files perfectly and I have read a couple of ebooks on it already. The screen is approx 9 x 12 cm so text on A4 documents is going to appear smaller and good reading eyesight is necessary. A portrait / landscape button enables you to rotate the document 90 degrees enlarging the image so you can read half a page at a time. There is a zoom button but it only has 4 steps. A slider would be better to fit the image to the screen. E readers are great for reading books when the computer is not switched on. I use it at meal times and while in bed. The iRiver also makes a great mp3 music player which I tested with a pair of Pioneer headphones. There are volume buttons on the keyboard.
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on 18 March 2010
After narrowing it down to a choice between the Sony Touch and the Iriver Story, I have just bought the Iriver, and so far, so good.

I like the fact that you can buy e-books from a variety of publishers and read them on this machine, rather than being tied to a specific (supported) publisher.

The delay when changing a page is not too drastic, and the all-black intermediate screen is not particularly distracting. The text is readable (you can not change the depth of tone), but even using the zoom key, the letters still seem very small if the file does not allow for reflow.

I do agree with some of the points that the other reviewer's have made, including:

I would have liked a printed instruction manual included as you can not read a page in the manual at the same time as carring out the instructions! Also you have to move through the 50 page manual to find the part you are interested in each time (not particularly a quick operation even when you hold down the </> keys as this can be a little hit and miss).
The page in the instruction manual that details how to download from your computer is not clear, as it shows what appears to be part of a screen dump (tiny picture) and states you need to copy, click and drag your required file, but not where too. I am not computer illiterate, but it did take me a while to figure it out. If the manufacturer felt it necessary to give clear instructions on how to change a page (and they do, despite the fact if you could not navigate between the pages you would not be reading the instructions on how to!), they should give detailed instructions on performing the more complex actions such as downloading onto the machine.

The manual tells you to download Iriver plus4 software (for music files) from the Iriver web site, but this web site is awfull. To download from the site you need to log in, but so far I can not find any way of creating a log-in account.

I have found that when I connect to the computer through the USB cable that the Icon for the ereader does not always appear in 'My Compter' and I have to disconnect and try again.

Having said all that, this reader does what I bought it for - it allows me to read e-books away from the computer. So overall, a positive review.
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on 30 January 2010
Within 15 mins of taking it out of the box I was reading my first E book on it. Think Like a lot of people I was a bit nervous of the price but I did promise myself one the only thing was, which one to buy. After reading the reviews on Amazon I settled for the IRiver book reader. One thing I liked was long battery life and no messy software its easy just put your e books on an SD card it will read your folders, and navigation is simple, (it will take up to 32gig) according to the instructions and away you go. Menu's are are fairly simple and I can and will recommend it to my friends. only problem I have now is keeping my daughter off it. Might have to buy her one .
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on 22 April 2010
I've had this for 48-hours now and I have to say I am pretty satisified.

PDF Support.

This reader does a very good job of displaying PDF files. Unfortunately most PDF (that I have) are Letter or A4 size. The device tries to display them on it's screen which is less then half that size and results in tiny, tiny text that is unreadable. You can turn the display 90 degrees (Portrait to Landscape) and that helps. You can also zoom PDF to cut out the white space around the text (but not in Landscape mode). I found neither of these very good. You can also turn off/on the 'reflow' option. This splits the text so that it fits in the display and easily readable but this is very ugly. I don't know what that will do to images in a PDF, crop them I expect. However, I took a Google Doc file, changed the font to size 20 and exported it to PDF and onto the Iriver Story and it looked fantastic. So in summary; The problem isn't the device, it's the format of the PDF document you try and display, The Iriver has a lot of tricks to help but they don't usually cut it.

Incidentally, I found a way around this. The Calibre Book Management App (free ware, Mac, PC, Linux). Lovely user interface, very intuitive and did a fantastic job of converting my PDF files to EPUB format, which display perfectly on the Iriver.

Text Support.

Lovely display font, good spacing and 4 levels of zoom but WHY OH WHY can it not wrap lines on the white space!!! Instead it wraps at column 51 (in smallest font mode) and cuts words in half. After all the support that went into PDF display, this is very poor. This is the one thing I really don't like about this device.

EPUB Support.

Perfect, sublime, glorious. If I must grumble (and I must), it would be nice to have a zoom size between the smallest and the middle (4 levels, like for plain Text).

Page refresh speed is good and the controls are a little slow but okay once you get used to them. Another annoying thing is that some genius put the user manual actually on the device. You have to already work out how to flip pages to find the section that tells you how to flip pages. Maybe it's an intelligence test or something.

Transferring files (ebooks/MP3s/etc..) is dead easy. Hook it up via USB and select 'external disk drive'. It will pop up as a new drive on your PC and then you just drag and drop the files you want. When you disconnect, the device will automatically update it's database and order them by title for you.

I like it and it will save me a lot of space in my suitcase when I go on holiday (barring volcanic activity, of course).
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on 17 March 2010
This items comes well-packaged. One cable for transferring and charging, so no unnecessary wires to go here, there and everywhere. Holds well in the hand, and is very easy to navigate. I swithered about buying an e-book reader, and therefore took a long time in researching nearly everything which is on the market. This is a fantastic buy, and I would recommend it.

UPDATE JUNE 2011 .... in January the iriver story began to continually freeze and wouldn't reset. I sent it to Germany for repair. I had to pay for them to look at it and they also said I would have to pay extra since I had loaded firmware onto it. I refused since the 'help' section on their website recommends doing this before sending it for repair. It was returned to me and seemed to be ok. Come mid-June and the same thing has happened. Apparently this is a common fault and is mentioned in the FAQ section of the site. Customer service leaves a lot to be desired.
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on 30 May 2010
I would agree with a lot of the previous reviewers. I too was disappointed with the poor viewing of PDF's but after using Calibre Management to converting all my files and ebooks to epub format, everything uploads so easily.
Battery life is good and I can easily read a few hours every day without having to charge for a couple of weeks. Page turn seems a bit slow, but you get to used to it.
Would recommend getting a good cover for it as the screen is very much a dust magnet.
Only one small gripe - the power slider to turn the device off requires you to hold it in place for too long berfore it finally kicks in.
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on 12 April 2011
Bought this model in March 2010 and it developed serious problems, rendering it unusable the week after my one year warranty ran out. I suspect something is wrong with the e-ink, as it either fails to show up when the device is turned on (I have to tap the screen firmly a few times to rectify this) or it shows up in horizontal stripes that flicker when a page is turned, but don't go away. After about 15-20 minutes of use, even tapping the screen doesn't work and the e-ink remains MIA for hours. Resetting, upgrading the firmware, and charging did nothing to help.

Additionally, there appears to be zero support from iRiver. Their latest firmware upgrade on their OFFICIAL WEBSITE is corrupted. It reads as "invalid firmware" on the Story. Their customer service is non-existent. I will have to send my ebook reader to them at my own expense and wait for them to see if it can be fixed. Then, because it broke a week after the warranty ran out (despite being treated with the utmost care), I will have to pay what they quote me or 20 Euros to have it shipped back to me. It take 2-4 weeks for this once they receive it.

Had I known that my ebook reader was going to die a week after the warranty and that I wouldn't be able to get any kind of customer support from the company, I wouldn't have purchased this one. I'd have gone with something from a company that doesn't abandon its products shortly after releasing them. Really disappointed.
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on 16 May 2010
Whilst I am happy with this product, I do notice that it can be quite temperamental. Carrying a paper clip around to reset is quite vital. When it works, it is great but it is quite frustrating to have to reset when the page freezes. I am not sure if this is a firmware or a software (ebook) issue.

There is no intuitive software to load up books but if you are used to Windows, then it should be quite straightforward.
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on 27 July 2010
After much research into various ereaders, I opted for the iriver. I was slightly perturbed by some reviews on Amazon stating it was not user-friendly. However, I found it wonderfully straighforward, straight out of the box. Within minutes I was able to download and transfer numerous ebooks (in various formats) to the device. The user interface is pretty intuitive - just playing around with it for a few minutes is enough to get a good feel of how to use it. The display is excellent, and its 6" screen is like having a regular small-format paperbook at hand. The weight and feel of the device is very nice - ergonomic and easy, encouraging reading as one would when holding a book. For reading classics (most available for free) this is perfect. Provided I can buy some new books in epub format, I suspect I'll pretty soon do away with old fashion print editions all together!
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