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3.6 out of 5 stars173
3.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 December 2012
I was pleasantly surprised by this little known film. "Pandorum" has a pretty strong and quite original scenario and contains numerous twists and surprises, which are not as obvious as in most SF B-movies.

The story takes place on board of the giant spaceship "Elysium", which was send in XXII century in the first interstellar manned mission in history, towards an Earth-like exoplanet called Tanis, which without any doubt harbors life. The voyage will take 123 years, so most of "Elysium" passengers hibernate during the travel - successive teams of crewmen are awakened and then put to sleep again, each giving two years of their lifetime for the travel. This film tells the story of the fifth shift.

It begins when lieutenant Payton (Denis Quaid) and corporal Bower (Ben Foster) wake up, just to realize that their predecessors are not there, that the ship is damaged, that they can not raise anybody on the interphone and that SOMETHING is roaming the corridors outside. After this rather uncomfortable start they will have to figure out what the heck happened and what to do next, beginning with finding a way to exit the chamber in which they woke up...)))

Those are the first two-three minutes of film and about the rest I will say no more, but let's stress it again - the scenario is pretty solid and certainly original. I watched the DVD in one go, because the story is really interesting and the tension and uncertainty are maintained until the end. The interiors of the "Elysium" are pretty well designed and even if light is scarce during most of the film (a pretty clever idea by the way) we quickly realise that this thing is ENORMOUS. The difficult and perilous trek through the gigantic spaceship reminded me a little of classical Brian Aldiss SF novel "Non-stop" (but just to be clear, here the solution of the mystery is different than in this book).

By looking at the cover you certainly realise that at one moment another human being, a girl named Nadia (Antje Traue, a young German actress in her first Hollywood film), will appear and she is an interesting character. She also holds some clues about what happened to "Elysium".

Now, this film has also some elements which make it rather impossible to rate it five stars. The exact nature of SOMETHING that roams the corridors is one of them. It gives the occasion to some honest action scenes, but frankly, to my personal taste it pulled this film down a little. Also, the idea that in XXII century Earth will have a human population of 24 billion people and therefore will not be able to sustain human life anymore, this is such a cliché...

But those weaker elements notwithstanding I liked this film a lot, much, much more than I expected and I believe it is one of the best and most original SF B-movies of those last years. Recommended wholeheartedly to all SF aficionados!
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on 26 March 2011
'Pandorum' is actually pretty good. Yes its not totally original but what is these days? Basing pretty much the entire film on a spaceship with failing power is going to include plenty of dim and dark corridors so comparisons with other films such as the Alien franchise and Event Horizon are always going to spring to mind.

Mixing it up by placing cannibals on a spaceship works fairly well. Couple that with the fact that because the Humans all appear to have woken from stasis at different times means they are fighting each other as well as the 'baddies' The acting and special effects are good and there are a couple of neat twists near the end.

It never quite lives up to the opening 30 minutes which is very entertaining because you're not quite sure which way the film is going to go but all in all it is a worthwhile addiditon to anyone who's a fan of Science Fiction and Horror.
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Right from the start this film had my attention. It had one of the most exciting and intriguing opening 10 minutes I've seen, and then before you know it you're sucked into the nightmare world that is the film Pandorum.

I thought there was much to admire about this movie. The acting was excellent, the set design perfect, the special effects were spectacular and the creatue make-up satisfyingly gruesome. Even the end credits look great and are worth watching.

The supporting cast were just as strong as the main characters in the film - and fight fans will recognise Strike Force champion Cung Lee, famous for breaking Frank Shamrock's arm. There's also the Beautiful Antje Traue. And throughout the film the many sets provide a visualy varying vista and helps give the space ship Elysium (the setting for the film) a suitably vast feel.

The strongest thing about Pandorum though, by far, is the story. I found it both tense and intriguing and pretty soon I was hooked. I found it unfolded at the perfect pace, with questions being answered and new mysteries and elements added at just the right time. Cleverly though, it's been woven into a film that packs plenty of action too.

If I had one critiscm, it would be that in the final scenes during the film's climax, the storyline gets a little convoluted and leaves you a bit confused - but with a little creative thought you can figure it out. The BluRay transfer is excellent quality which is essential with Sci Fi, although it is a little light on extras with the usual behind the scenes documentary, director's commentary, and still gallery only.

Essentially a SciFi-horror, Pandorum offers a cerebral storyline which cleverly mixes elements of a mystery thriller with classic Science fiction and plenty of action. In my humble opinion, this film is recommended. A+
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on 10 March 2011
Previously I didn't know of this film until I was recommended it. I was very impressed every aspect of it from the sci fi theme to the horror and I found some parts quite amusing :)
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on 10 October 2009
Pandorum is ultimately a beautifully choreographed game of cat & mouse between human and monster around an enormous, abandoned space ship. If I didn't know otherwise, I'd say that it's probably an adaptation of some kind of best selling video game. In fact, the best thing about Pandorum is that it's totally unique.

What begins with two characters awaking from cryogenic chambers, having completely lost their memories, soon turns into something I can only describe as a brilliantly tense cross between Neil Marshall's classic The Descent and Frank Vestiel's more recent Eden Log.

Director Christian Alvart not only appears to be a master in tension-building, but has a fabulously witty sense of humor. Those tied up within the film's complexities probably won't notice this, but there are definitely some sly jokes mixed in with the scares.

In conclusion, there's some very good acting on show here as well as a great few twists waiting for you within the final 10 minutes. It's not the next Alien and critics won't be friends with it, but it's certainly a very good evening's entertainment.
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on 26 February 2011
I Have to firstly put all of you who are STILL HUNG UP ON ALIEN BEING THE BEST SCI-FI HORROR OF ALL TIME IN YOUR PLACE - GET OVER IT ALREADY, IT WAS THIRTY YEARS AGO. OK now having got that sorted out I GENUINELY havre to say that I was suitably careful during my watching it not to jump to any major decisions too soon, even though it had me sat up & on the edge of my seat within the first 5 minutes. I waited respectfully till the end, which quite frankly blew me away, as I FEEL IT DELIVERED ONE OF THE MOST ORIGINAL POWER FINISHES THAT I HAVE SEEN IN MANY YEARS. A NEW cult sci-fi/horror for a new millennium. Alien is a totally different kettle of horror anyway, and PANDORUM, offers EVERYTHING!! I mean you get it all with this movie, stunning visuals, the suspense was the best "RAZOR SHARP TALONS APPEARING THROUGH YOUR SEAT AND SHREDDING EVERY NERVE IN YOUR SPINE" That I've experienced in YEARS!! The soundtrack was flawless, the cinematography was faultless AND it manages to keep you guessing right to the very last MINUTES. ONE OF THE BEST FILMS I OWN< & I@VE GOT OVER A THOUSAND< JUDGE ON THAT?
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on 5 September 2011
Essentially a very good sci-fi.It had a good script that contained some interesting surprises,especially the ending.However,if the horror aspect had been modified and not so extreme I believe it could be one of the best sci-fi films ever made.
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Dennis Quaid gives another great performance as in "Legion " more recently, well supported here by Ben foster. its all about Dennis and Ben coming out of a time sleep to wake up on their space station and to find its been taken over by alien creatures. full of suspense and twists and a non stop entertaining piece of Sci-fi.its edge of the seat stuff alright.Is there anyone else on board ? and can anyone stop the creatures from taking over, is there any escape ? a film which shows you don't have to have a big glossy production to make a good movie.
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on 1 February 2010
After reading a couple of reviews before watching this film I was aware that it was going to be a bit of a mash-up of other Sci-Fi/Horror films. Two films in particular that spring to mind when watching are Alien and Event Horizon, although Pandorum is not up to their standards (two five star films in my opinion) due to its unoriginality, it is a very exciting and entertaining movie. The best praise I can give it is that even though I was watching it in a room full of people I still felt alone and isolated. Ben Foster was the standout in the cast but I also enjoyed Cam Gigandet's performance.

My only complaint is with the bad guys. I would of liked for them to have a little less screen time, because I find it creepier when a bit is left to the imagination, for example Jaws is scarier when you don't see the shark but you just hear the music and see the legs kicking underwater.

All in all it was a good movie which had me on the edge of my seat throughout and it looks very good in HD.
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on 25 November 2009
Pandorum is a science fiction horror set in space. Two crew members aboard the colonisation ship Elysium awake from statis to find themselves locked in their room and no one responding. Pandorum follows events as they find out that something else is aboard the ship with them.

On seeing this movie I was left with goosebumps, It scared me, intrigued me and left me in awe. I would encourage you to see this movie without reading to much into it and be surprised by it's twists, turns and breathtaking pace.

The Set design is a work of art with clearly a lot of thought gone into every item from shaving to weaponry.
The script is perfectly acted and casting is spot on with every character enhancing the feel of the movie.

Initially the film feels a little like aliens or event horizon, dark and lonely however as the film progresses it does lose a touch of this feeling of utter isolation and hopelessness as it moves faster.

I must admit the film does become a little confusing at the end however this is short lived and doesn't distract from the movie.

Summary: A great movie that will please the majority of film goer's. This film never lets up and leaves you talking about it.

Note: Don't listen to the 'expert' reviews that put this film down, whilst some of their points are valid (ie the fact it can be a little confusing in places) the movie is an enjoyable and worthwhile watch. One I'm sure you'd recommend.
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