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VINE VOICEon 19 June 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I totally have to agree with the other review here. I Received these a couple of days ago and they are such fantastic quality.

I know some may think the price is expensive, but if you love music it is well worth it. They are a lot bigger than I thought they were going to be, and seem very well built.

I use these every day now, the quality of the sound is so crisp, and they go really loud. I had an ipod dock before, and that is going in the trash now I have these!

I have had a lot of speakers before but would 100% recommend these to anyone!
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on 23 September 2011
About the sound, it's great, but there's a continuous electrical hum. When music runs you won't hear it but when there's no sound I've to shut the system down to get rid of this. But the lenght of the cable are really short. By placing the sub under the desk, it's only possible to reach one of the speaker. The other side of the monitor is too far...

To answer another review I have to say that the SVHS extension cable WILL NOT WORK

It's the good connector and you'll be able to wire it but the sound will be completely awfull. It's due to the fact that the SVHS and audio wire are not the same. With video cable you only pass signal. With audio cable you pass signal AND power. So it doesn't work as you need a better wire.

After the try with SVHS I finaly extended my speaker wires by unmounting the speakers, unsolder the cable from the speaker and extending it with classic audio wire by resoldering everything together. Like this it's perfect :D
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
These are wonderful speakers - I'm not an audiophile, and have never paid more than £50 for a pair of speakers in my life. As such, not noticing much of a difference between those and the £10 sets you get free with boxes of cornflakes, I concluded that there wouldn't be any real point in paying more. These speakers however eloquently express just how wrong I was. The sound they give off is beautifully clear, with real definition for both the low bass and high treble registers - there's a lot of nuance in the songs I tested these with that just goes missing with cheaper speakers. The sound they give off is rich, mellow and while it won't blow the doors off in terms of max volume, the range is considerable and the high end is satisfactorily meaty. You can never get them so loud that they are genuinely uncomfortable to listen to, but then that's probably not a thing that people really want to do anyway.

Consider me a convert to the argument for high end speakers.
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on 6 June 2012
I purchaced this because of the other reviews commenting on the clarity and quality of the sound these produce, and because of the stlyish design. Having looked around at various reviews on the net, some were very positive and some were not. Those that weren't mentioned:

- too pricy for the quality of sound
- bass weak and distorts at high volume
- high end too harsh and tinny while the mid range is weak and almost not present
- cables are too short
- speakers hiss when no input is fed to them

Unfortunately I would have to agree with all these comments now that I have purchased this product. I was expecting better quality of sound for the price. Yes the sound is clear because of the high end being very sharp, so for films or music which has been recorded with too much base then the voice/high end clarity is very good. But then there is no real mid range no matter what you try.
The base only seems to come on at moderate volume and I can only here it when sat back on the sofa. At my desk all you can here is the treble, its like having a 2 rather than a 2.1 sound system. The base clarity is also a bit limited and does seem to distort. For such a large unit I was expecting much more.
Short cables make the options on speaker placement limited and the hiss when on but not in use shows there is some interference in the system. I would expect this from a cheap system, but not one costing £150!
To me it seems to lack any form of rich 'volumous' sounds that fill the room. Instead it sounds tinny and lacking in a deep, clear and powerful base.
Others mentioned the controller being difficult to set to the desired volume which I would also agree with.

Overall this system isn't that bad but it definitely doesn't value its price tag. I am sure you could find much better 2.1 systems for much less than this.
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VINE VOICEon 17 December 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This attractive speaker system consists of two attractive small speakers and one very large woofer. There is also a circular control panel which doubles as a headphone and AUX jacks.

The speakers are made of clear plastic but don't look cheap. I placed mine on either side of my television with the woofer on the floor and they look really attractive. Unfortunately, I did find that the leads aren't particularly long and it was quite a struggle to get the speakers to reach where I wanted them to go. I've noticed that another reviewer has suggested a cable to extend the speakers reach and I'll probably try this as the cables included are just too short in my opinion.

The speakers are very easy to set up and you can easily plug in your computer or iPod to get a good sound. And what a good sound it is. I cranked the noise all the way up and almost blew the roof off my house it was so loud. Very impressive. As well as the sheer volume, the sound overall was pleasant with just the right about of treble and bass achievable using the adjustments on the control panel.

One thing I did note was that when I plugged the speakers into my telly, I got an audible hum. I found it too irritating to watch TV or a film using the speakers as the main sound although perhaps I would get used to it. My telly is new but not top of the range so perhaps this is the cause. Or I do have a large number of other devices in the area of my telly and the speaker system so maybe it's simply interference. Whatever it is, this was the only occasion where I got a humming noise regardless of what level I put the sound at. This is not my main use of the speaker so it doesn't bother me overmuch but it might someone else.

Despite the television humming, I really liked this speaker system. It was easy to assemble, looks fabulous and really packs a punch when listening to music. 4 stars and recommended.
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on 31 January 2012
I've owned these speakers a few months now and so far there have been no major issues (or even minor ones for that matter).

For a high-end 2.1 set-up, you'll find it virtually impossible to beat these at their price range. The bass and treble on this is fantastic and the ability to control bass, treble and volume all from the remote is fantastic. They have an elegant design, if a little large for most small rooms to accommodate.

There are also no real issues with the length of the cable Altec Lansing provide. It's not long, but it's not short unless you want to place your speakers on the other side of the room...

The only negative comment I could give these speakers would be the excessive sound created by electrical interference (especially when the treble is turned up). It is only audible when the room is quiet as such but it can be annoying at the best of times. However, most speakers will succumb to such interference so it is not really the fault of the manufacturer.

Regardless, these speakers are fantastic considering the 2 years manufacturer warranty. The only reason they didn't get the 5 stars is because of size, interference and their non-sale price.
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on 29 April 2011
Altec Lansing Expressionist Ultra MX6021 2.1 Speaker System - 200 Watt Awesome just Awesome i dont use my HiFi anymore i just play music from my computer coz these bad boys fill the house with a fantastic crisp sound !! a must in my eyes and 2.1 baby no tryin to hide speakers everywere like with 5.1 speakers !! buy them or just be jealous of those who have them !!
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on 11 January 2012
Fantastic little system, had a 5.1 logitech from back in the day which recently packed up. Room isnt really big enough to merit another 5.1 system and after much searching settled on this. Arrived quickly (2 days with standard delivery) set up was simple and after playing around with the slightly fiddly control knob set the bass and treble up nicely. One thing that stands out is the sound, very sharp with fantastic range, even an improvement on my old system which was THX certified and more volume than I will need unless I get fed up with my room having windows in which case I think I'll crank it up to max. There is a slight hiss when it should be silent which I can understand could get slightly irritating if you live in a house that is completely silent and you enjoy watching horror films late at night but I can barely notice it over my pc fan anyways and doesn't bother me in the slightest. Very happy with it all in all and would recommend as a great pc speaker set.
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on 29 September 2011
Update: (Rating 4)
Using this one for 9 months and today (March) I found out that the system turns off automatically when i put it on full volume, both on the computer and the speaker system.

Old: (Rating 5)
Using this one for 4 months and trust me this 200 watts monster rocks my 3 storey house! Only 2 speakers so less trouble of wires and nice looking too. Highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 2 July 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
If you want a VERY LOUD set of speakers for playing games or listening to films on your PC then I wouldn't particularly recommend these. Turning the volume up above moderate levels quickly produces sound distortion from the woofer - surprisingly so given its enormous size!

However, if you want speakers for listening at modest levels, perhaps whilst doing some other PC task, then you will not be disappointed by the clear and detailed sound these produce. Levels can be turned up enough to fill an ordinary sized room with decent sound and even draw complaints about the noise from housemates! I certainly found the sound to be of an enjoyably high quality for a wide variety of genres from Classical, Jazz and Contemporary music.

In addition to the great sound the speakers themselves are very stylish to look at with a cool and contemporary design. The woofer is GINORMOUS though, and will not go under many desks - leading to another problem, the length of the leads to the speakers and control unit. With the woofer placed next to my PC tower unit on the floor next to my desk the speakers leads were not quite long enough to place the units either side of the monitor. There is an easy way round this which is to purchase two of these cables SVHS/S-Video Male to Female Extension Cable - 1m available on Amazon for well under a fiver. These will give you the extra flexibility you need - though frankly this would not be needed if Altec Lansing had made the leads a decent length in the first place!

The control unit, which controls volume, treble and bass and has an aux input for an MP3 player, will easily sit on your desk or perhaps on the top of your PC tower and again is a cool and modern design with some nice flashing lights to show its operation. It isn't the easiest way of controlling volume, however, and it is easy to overshoot up or down when adjusting.

So, a few faults, which I can easily forgive because of the sound quality and the cool design. If you don't need VERY LOUD sound levels and you can accommodate the size of the woofer unit then I think you will be delighted with these.
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