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VINE VOICEon 21 January 2010
The Mac Mini is the cheapest way to experience computing the Apple way. As a convert to Apple these last two years (I run both Windows and OS X machines) I find the Mini to be the best file server and media player machine, even at Apple's price.

The machine itself is very small and very quiet. If you're looking for a machine to run all day this is something you can tuck out of the way in a cupboard somewhere with no worries about over heating or annoying background noise. It does have an external power supply, but the two together take up less room than an adult size shoe box.

Aside of using the Mini as a standard computer it has two further more specialised uses. First off, you can use it as an always-on household file server. When idling, it uses less than 25W of power - compared to a Windows desktop that will run at anywhere from 100W-150W. Power is likely to be the most expensive aspect of running a home file server, so the Mini easily pays for itself here - less than 1kw a day compared to 2.5-3.5kw - although you can get smaller form factor Windows machines. The way Apple achieves this is by using laptop components, but you won't notice this in day-to-day use. The second use is as a home media player - you can connect your Mini to your TV and use it for DVDs, online content and loads of other stuff - I recommend Boxee for this.

The Mini has a good range of ports - USB (5), FireWire (1), Gigabit Ethernet and two video ports, will take up to 4Gb of memory and comes with Bluetooth and Wifi. A standard Mini comes with a single 2.5" laptop drive of up to 500Gb, a DVD recorder and a copy of Snow Leopard. However Apple have now released a server version - two drives running as RAID, no internal DVD drive, and a copy of Snow Leopard Server.

With Apple, quality is usually flawless. However, Apple products do carry a price premium which is only partially offset by free support from the Genius Bar at the Apple stores, and the quality of hardware which means you should get a longer lifespan out of your Apple product than you would an equivalent generic PC or laptop. Highly recommended.
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on 16 April 2010
Immensely pleased with this little wonder box. I have just upgraded from a ten year old iMac so it is like changing from a Fiesta to a Ferrari! Snow Leopard is a great OS, more advanced than Panther obviously, but easy to understand if you have used the earlier systems. Can't think of any niggles except for having to buy an extra cable as the one supplied by Macintosh does not connect to my new Fujitsu monitor. Thus the fifth star is missing.Mac state than you can take your pick from the available Monitors, so should supply a variety of leads. I found a reasonably priced one at Neet cables. The Mac mini is expensive, but if it lasts as long as the iMac - not dead, but grinding to a halt now - it will be well worth the money. Recommended to enthusiast and amateur!
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on 4 June 2010
I recently decided to purchase a Mac Mini after my old Hewlett Parckard PC running Windows XP finally kicked the bucket.

I had been looking into purchasing a Mac for quite sometime as I had become a bit tired of constant problem with Windows XP, having to deal with viruses, crashing programs & constant needs for systems restores. Unfortunately I had also heard quite a few bad reports about Windows Vista.

Right when I was trying to decide wether to give Windows another try & buy a new PC with Windows Vista, the final nail in the coffin came when I was performing a routine HDD defragmentation when Windows decided to inexplicably crash, trashing my HDD in the process.

It was at that moment that I decided enough was enough for me with Windows & now might be a suitable time to look at switching to a Mac.

Luckily enough, there was a silver lining on this dark cloud as I had just received a Xmas bonus from work which I decided to put towards a new Mac.

Before making the final move into purchasing my first Mac, I decided to pop down to our local Apple Store & must say that the sales staff are absolutely brilliant. The first thing we did was to carry out a brief demonstration of OS Snow Leopard which comes installed on all Apple Macs, which I must say absolutely blew me away! After we had finnished the demonstration, the sales person asked me some questions such as if I had ever owned a Mac before & what I would generally be using it for! After explaining that I was switching from Windows to Mac, looking for a computer for general web browsing, e-mails & doing personal projects such as music & video blogging ect, I was recommended a Mac Mini as I already had the extra accessories needed such as lcd monitor, keyboard & mouse ect!

I have now owned my Mac Mini for just over 6 months now & have to say that my decision to jump in the Apple campus has been one of my best decisions in the past few year & I would definitely never look back.

Admittedly I was a bit apprehensive at first at the prospect of getting to grips with a new operating system, but the great thing about OS X Snow Leopard is that everything is just so simple & intuitive that working with has just become second nature & I have to take my hat off to Apple for creating such a beautiful operating system. If you need any further assistance with your Mac, you can opt to sign up for the One To One service to get tutoring by Apple Store specialist & if you take out an Applecare plan you also get unlimited access to Apple tech support guys who are just so friendly & helpful in all areas from machine setup, trouble shooting & program support.

OS X Snow Leopard just has so many great little touches like Expose, Spaces, Hot Corners to name a few which just make the user interaction experience so rich & fulfilling.

Another added bonus of buying a new Mac is that Apple are now bundling a free copy of their productivity suite iLife '09 with all Snow Leopard machine, which was a big bonus for me as this includes handy programs such as iWeb '09 for creating personal websites, iPhoto '09 for editing photos & creative galleries, iMovie '09 for video editing, iDVD '09 for burning movie projects to DVD. Also included on OS X Snow Leopard is iTunes '09 & Front Row which are great if you intend to use your Mac Mini as a media which I do from time to time using my Mini DVI to HDMI adapter to hook my Mac Mini to my HD TV when I fancy watching some movies.

Over all I would totally recommend an Mac Mini for anyone looking to switch from Windows to Mac & is looking for an affordable option.

As I mention in my review, OS X Snow Leopard & the bundled software which comes on the Mac cannot be faulted. Another good thing about the Mac Mini is that it is just so compact, stylish & looks great on any desktop without taking up to much room.

I really cannot praise this machine enough & will definitely purchase another Mac when it comes to upgrade again, although to be honest with you, OS X Snow Leopard runs so smoothly & hassle free that I don't think this will be for a good few years yet.

Awesome machine
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on 2 August 2010
Amazing bit of kit... super fast start up and silent running...
I bought it primarily for GarageBand '09 as i do a lot of music and had exhausted my old iMac running G/Band'06.
Now runs smoothinoxfluffyflora...
Bought the ViewSonic VA2213w 22" monitor to go with it. The mac came with the right lead... RGB i think, to connect to.
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on 13 June 2010
The mac mini is the best computer i have ever used i am currently using this with a studio display (Apple adc to dvi),Apple Magic Mouse,Apple Wireless Keyboard an i must say it works and looks brilliant dont hesitate just buy this.
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on 10 May 2010
when I first heard the name Mac Mini i thought it was a new sandwich from McDonald's, oh how wrong i was! OK so i didn't really think that, but what a brilliant piece of tech! The mac mini is very small and very powerful with great portability and economy. from pressing the on button to waiting for everything to load 100% it takes less than 30 seconds, which is much quicker than any windows machine I've ever used. It is almost completely silent, the fan is ultra quiet, the hard drive makes very little noise and the dvd drive is also silky smooth.

Now OK the price is a little ridiculous some might say, you don't get a mouse or a keyboard (but literally 99% of USB keyboards and mouses will work instantly) and you have to buy an adapter to make it work with HDMI or VGA but apart from that you do get what you pay for. The quality is spot on, and it works perfectly everytime. No problems, no bugs, no virus's... BINGO, it's a real winner.

Macs OS is so much more user friendly than other OS's I've used too, such as Ubuntu Linux, and windows 95 through to Windows 7. Everything looks prettier, it is smoother and faster and everything about it just feels so polished and reliable. It boasts ddr3 ram, a decent on board graphics card, and more than enough processor power for your day to day tasks. Adobe Photo shop runs brilliantly and it is a joy to use. 160GB hard drive may not be the biggest but portable hard drives are so cheap that this isn't even an issue anymore.

If you are getting fed up of buying anti virus's, firewalls, and doing more system restores than you'd ever imagined then it may be time to have a little play with a mac and see if it's for you. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, and windows is definitely better for gamers, but for everything else I feel the mac is much, much better.
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on 9 November 2009
The answer is yes. Another update for Apple's highly successful computers. For those who haven't got one (a mac) here's some of the advantages of this computer:

OS Never crashes.
It doesn't slow down with lots of applications on the computer.
It has Snow Leopard the best OS ever.
The dock bar at the bottom looks cool.
Same company who made the computer made the OS.
Most power saving computer.
Space saving.
It has front row which displays a video or picture in full and is controlled by a apple remote.
Customer service is good.
It has i-life which is a media (photo/music/video/web designing) editing software that comes with the computer.
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VINE VOICEon 25 February 2010
The reason I'm giving the Mac Mini only 1 star is this, it's a fantastic home computer, infact I couldn't recommend them high enough. Crash free, virus free, easy to use, starts up in under a minute with excellent operating software... BUT The bloomin' thing doesn't come with a VGA (you know, the one nearly every non mac screen has) to Mini DVI (the one that only mac seem to use).
So for £500 or so quid, you get a fantastic pc that doesn't connect to your screen! Come on Mac, include the darn adapter!
Update: I've just contacted Mac directly, complained and they're sending out a connector, but it should be in the box really.
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