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on 13 April 2010
I recently upgraded from a Toshiba laptop running Windows Vista. I do not regret buying this product at all. For a start, the MacBook takes less time to turn on (I've counted about 30 seconds) and less time to turn off (about 5 seconds). The MacBook also connects to the internet faster, loads web pages faster etc. Although I liked the design of Windows Vista, I also like the design of the Snow Leopard operating system. The systems are quite different but I found that it didn't take me very long to get used to the difference. At the bottom of the screen is the "dock", which does let you open your programmes faster and easier. You know their opening as their icon jumps up and down. I found this a nice design feature but no real advantage over Microsoft. Another big difference is the "menu" bar. Instead of being attached to the window like it used to be, the bar is permanently fixed to the top of the screen, so this may mean a lot of minimising to get the window you want which is behind the current one. Another feature you'll have to get used to is the keyboard. For example, the @ symbol is no longer to the right of the qwerty keyboard, but just above it on the number 2 button. You should also note that to click, you use the trackpad. There is no separate button to use to click. If you want to right click you have to use 2 fingers. Unfortunately it doesn't explain this well in the book that comes with the MacBook. If you've ever purchased a product from Apple before you'll know they don't use much packaging and their instructions booklet is very light. If you get stuck you will find yourself googling any questions you have. A feature I like about the MacBook is that it automatically spell checks everything you write, so if you used google as a spell checker before you no longer need to. Another feature I like is the Apple logo on the back of the screen lights up. This makes it more attractive but doesn't do anything for the operating system. If your buying the MacBook because it looks more stylish than Windows, then it is worth it as the design is far more elegant. If you're buying for performance then it's also worth it. The battery life claims to last 7 hours but I get a little over 4 while surfing the internet, listening to itunes, and a little less while charging my iPhone. If you have an iPhone there aren't that many advantages of having a Mac than Windows, the only thing I've noticed it is easier to transfer data between the two devices especially from the iPhone to the Mac. The iSight camera works very well and when I purchased my MacBook I also had iLife with it. iLife is great, when you open the programmes for the first time there are tutorials on how to use the software, and which appear every time unless you decided not to have them. iPhoto lets you organise photos via face, locations etc, however I have about 30 photos of myself on my Mac and only twice has the software recognised me in others. However the software does have the advantage of uploading photos to flickr and Facebook easily. I think the biggest issue that people are wondering about is compatibility issues. I have not used "Boot Camp", but I did have a problem installing a plug in which I needed to view a video format. Apart from that I have had no other compatibility issues. The best part I found about MacBook is the storage. Although I don't think my MacBook has more storage over my old laptop, it seems to have far much more memory. I think it is to do with the way in which it stores the information. With Windows it only seemed to go onto the default hard drive, while with Mac you have more opportunity to select where to save a file.
Overall I would recommend this product. I have nothing against Windows but I wanted to try something different. I've heard they are supposed to be better and I guess I'll find out. My last laptop lasted just over 2 years and I've asked around and MacBook is supposed to live at least 4 years. You may be looking at the specifications thinking they are not that good but the memory appears to be able to handle more data and although it's only a 2GB RAM it does not over heat that easily. If your in doubt over whether to buy one, try one out at your nearest computer retailer and ask any questions you have.
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on 12 January 2010
I spent ages trying to decide whether to go mac or not, and I can honnestly say its the best decision I've ever made computer wise. Ok Windows 7 is really well put together, and is a massive improvement on Vista (my parents run 7 at home), but the bottom line is the macbook performs faster at the tasks I use it for - faster at starting up, shutting down is amazing, literally click shutdown and before you can fold the screen down its already turned off! iTunes starts up MUCH quicker than on a PC, and the wifi connection is also stronger on macbooks than most pc laptops. The phenomenal battery life is also not to be overlooked. 7 hours battery is not an exaggeration - if you can bear to turn the brightness of the brilliant LED display down, you can easily get more than 8 hours of web browsing done - which is reason alone I feel to buy this laptop - I was travelling home from visiting a friend on the train the other day and watched 5 hours of dvds before I got bored and turned it off! It really is that impressive.
I did also purchase Microsoft Office, because I need to be able to work with pcs both at home and at uni, and I am inclined to say that I prefer Word on the mac!
So all in all, if you're on the border line and cant decide whether to buy one, I recommend you go see one in action - you'll be able to tell instantly that its a quality product, the unibody design is beautiful, and everything just works - right out of the box.
I love mine!
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on 12 March 2010
As a mac user for years, well since 1990, I know what to expect. I already own an iMac running Snow Leopard but thought an up to date MacBook would be good when out to review my photos as I took them.
I was amazed when initially switching on this MacBook that I was offered as an existing Mac user that I could set it up exactly as my iMac is set up. Just make sure they are using the same wireless router and press go. After about an hour ( I did go out in the meantime ) it was finished.
Now not only did it copy address book details, emails, applications etc but when I opened FireFox ( who doesn't use FireFox ? )not only had all my bookmark appeared but each tab opened exactly as I left it on the iMac. Even more to praise those clever people at Apple and wonder why any body still want to buy Microsoft stuff.
Mac computers are fun to own and use.
Mac OS X Snow Leopard: The Missing Manual
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on 25 March 2010
This laptop is nice and small easy to take around and not too heavy. It keeps up well on everyday tasks like internet and word. I bought logic 9 and it runs so smoothly on this mac. i love the overall design of the laptop, it looks so smooth. great to type on. the only thing thats bad about this mac is it doesn't have firewire but if you don't need it then this mac is for you :)
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on 28 May 2010
This is my first Mac and I absolutely love it, even though I still cannot find proper software to do my translations on it (even Apple geniuses were not able to advise!).

Love this machine, there's something very tactile about it :-)

BUT had to exchange the 1st MacBook - it had a screen fault where lines of pixels did not light properly. The Mac Genii stated it was a manufacturing fault and would replace the screen. Luckily the Amazon returns policy is much more user friendly!

However my replacement Mac...guess what...also has lines, well, ONE line... If it stays the same and does not change size/shape, I intend to keep this one.

The return procedure was simple enough but it's still a hassle - uninstalling, re-setting... I want to give 5 stars, of course, but then both times I got products with faulty screens.
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on 27 February 2010
I haven't bought a new Mac for 9 years, but had to upgrade my creaking, ageing Titanium PowerBook from 2001. Quite simply, this is an awesome machine (as I knew it would be!). With a more than adequate 2Gb RAM and 250Gb hard drive coupled with the 2.26Ghz dual processor, this little MacBook really delivers.

The thing that has impressed me most though was the speed with which it set-up and connected to the internet. It immediately found my wireless hub, I selected it and entered my password and that was it. The email was just as easy. I think I was online in about 2 minutes. Literally.

Apple consistently offer fantastic products which are designed right down to the last detail and this MacBook is no different.

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on 31 December 2009
If you are wondering if you should get this then please let me tell you, this macbook is fantastic !!

I got it with 4gb Ram and it's basically a white MacBook Pro !

You cannot go wrong if you buy this wonderful Laptop, plus it is beautiful as well.

10/10 best laptop ive ever had, and ive had 6 now.

Ps my first ever Mac.
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VINE VOICEon 16 April 2010
I used to scorn Apple products as being for smug geeks and people who paid for design. Well having finally broken and bought this, I am happy to be a smug geek who paid for design. Except I got so much more.

I've had my fair share of cheap PCs in my time and so at first glance £800 may seem a bit much. However, spec up a Dell or HP to something similar and you'll be paying around the same - maybe more - yet still won't get as good a machine. Everything works together beautifully and you get a lot of standard software that is designed to enhance your life and make things easier - thinking in particular here of the iLife '09 suite. Add to that n-standard wifi, a whole range of other connections, a backlit LCD screen that is incredibly clear and responsive, a long battery life (though not as long as Apple's spec, still long) and a polycarbonate unibody shell and you have yourself one sexy machine.

It's incredibly simple to set up and use; I was completely set up and online in about 15 minutes. It boots up really quickly too - pressing the ON key to being online is about 30 seconds, and even faster when waking up from "sleep" mode.

What really sold it for me was the comment of a friend who's been using Macs for 10 years - it's basically the same spec as his old Pro but cheaper.

I'm a happy convert and am never going back :)
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on 2 February 2010
As a former PC user this Apple laptop is a great and not-so-expensive choice to get introduced to the OSX world.

One of the best advantages I find on this great laptop is the durability of the battery and the ability to dim the screen light until it turns off, which keeps the computer running -to listen to music while you are away from the keyboard or if you are at a sunny place and don't need the screen light- which saves some battery. I've had this computer for 3 months now and the battery lasts an average of 3-4 hours writing mail, watching YouTube videos, designing in Fireworks, coding in Dreamweaver or listening to music on Spotify or

The only thing I don't like about it is that it is not enough powerful to work with big images or 3D, for example, the Adobe CS3 works great but CS4 can get quite laggy and irresponsive when working with big files. I haven't upgraded the RAM yet, guess this may help.
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on 12 December 2011
overheats and overpriced

the hardware is not that high quality for your money. the software is rather good though.

the lower casing of this is made of polycarbonate which leaks a chemical named biphesol A which has been found to cause hormone disruption and is has had a fair bit of bad press and is as a result being phased out nowadays

i'd opt for a second hand metal built macbook if there is a next time
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