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Customer Reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 8 October 2010
I first purchased this game as a 2nd hand copy from ebay, I would like to warn people that all 2nd hand copies have been linked by the previous owner to their steam account which can be done only once so you wont be able to play them.

To the game, the game itself is such an imersive and frightening experience that had me quaking in my boot, from the low powered torch light bouncing off the walls of the Metro tunnels highlighting every shadow and making the experience truly scary.
The Nature of the game is highlighted in the fact that the ammo that you use too dispatch enemies is also used as currency, so you can have a really nice shiny gun but no ammo to fire it (dont worry you always have your knife)

The main dissapointment for me was the truly high specs of the game, long gone are the days when I would go out and buy a new computer just to play Halflife 2. I spend over 2 hours tweaking the game settings and display settings just so I could play but when I did it was truly worth the wait.

In short great game excellent replay vaule due to different endings, as well as game play style's (sneaky coward or gun hoe), you need a powerful computer to get the best out of the game but it is more than enjoyable with the lowest graphics settings.


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on 13 April 2010
Initially I had posted a less than favourable review on Metro 2033 - because of various frustrations I had while playing the game (lack of ammo, feeble weapons etc)

Any yet - even after posting that review - I was still drawn back to playing the game.

Why? Because of the compelling atmosphere and - once I got the hang of it - the total immersion.

After watching a few walkthrough videos of Metro2033, I began to appreciate what a great game this is - and also, what a quality game it is.

Some may say that it's a very linear game - and in a way it is. But it's based around adventuring in an underground Metro system where all tunnels have to lead somewhere - so that's totally logical.

It is also very story driven, so you don't find yourself getting sent on pointless side-quests; there are no go-here-and-get-that-then-bring-it-back-to-me-to-get-useless-reward scenarios here. You're continually scavenging for weapons and ammo - and when you arrive at secure Metro Stations, you're able to trade ammo and buy upgraded weapons etc.

In between stations - it's a fight for survival. It's a stark world portrayed in Metro 2033 - and living in it isn't easy. But that's how it should be in a game portraying post-nuclear Moscow - and the game's graphics, sounds and AI portray this beautifully.
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on 19 September 2012
This was an impluse buy for me as I was 'in-between' games.

I wasn't expecting much. An immersive first-person shooter. Something with some orginality.

And, this game delivered.

The setting is unusual - post-apoc Moscow. The scenario brings some new elements into play, such as different factions & of course the mutants. The levels are well-paces & atmospheric. The gun-play has the right feel & the upgrading system makes sense as you make your way through the levels.

Overall, it's a fun game which can be creepy at times. The drawback for me was that it was very much 'on the rails'. I know all games have an element of this but I came from playing Fallout3 New Vegas so I did miss this. At times, the game is so linear that you get to point and everyone stands around waiting for you to 'do something'.

The graphics look a little dated now but nothing wrong with that. The coding all seems robust so no crashes or glitches in my version.

So, nothing offensive in the game. It's a brave attempt to bring something new to the busy genre. The story was solid enough although I didn't find it that immersive....I cared about the characters but not that much. Still, a good game if you can get it at the right price & the over-kill of AK-47s is a big plus!
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on 21 June 2014
First of all, i wanted to reviewer know I am old PC gamer. Games like classic Doom, Quake, Medal of Honor, Duke Nukem, Counter-Strike 1.6 and Half-Life is my old past games that i have experience at that time. I'm also play a modern FPS such Bioshock, Crysis and many linear FPS or arena team based.

Easy to say, this game was masterpiece of new IP even it's adaptation from book novel. I have play lots FPS and this game was the most astonishing atmospheric feeling I haven experience in FPS gaming. The graphic, the animation movement that interact with equipment and the sound looks me feel like I'm in there. It's hard to explain but if you imagine how do you survive in the abandon underground tunnel that connected to each other to reach other survivor location. How it feel when nuclear war happens and poisoned air pollution affect from nuclear weapon in surface.

All equipment has great interact with you such, you need a gas mask, if you reach on the surface area and also you will need air filter to change every several minutes. You can look your hand watch if time has ready or you can hear you breath is become hard. The other equipment such flashlight, you must pull the battery charger into flashlight or your light become low. The weapon it self has feel 'heavy' each you shoot or reload. It's become realistic if you hard to reload during the monster straight to attack at your face.

The best thing about feel atmospheric was sound and graphic. Great combination either. It's really dark, nothing you can see if you don't open your flashlight, the smoke feel the oxygen is too low. Hard to breath. Depress and tension. One mission I remember was when I need to explode the tunnel to stop the monster horde from attacking at safe place, the explosion wave effect 'feel' the pressure come toward at you. It's different when explode something in the tunnel rather at surface. The sound of environment feel you watch every step you walk. Monster, ghost or bandits are ready to after you. Every 'kerk' sound and foot steps make you feel something behind you. Abandon stuff, corpses and wall or room full of dust feel it's being abandon long time and not touches by living thing.

Some say, the game is hard. Yes, this game is hard in standard shooter even you choose normal difficulty but it has reason to be hard. The monsters, yes hard to die if you shoot several time with shotgun bullet and the mechanic weapons seems like heavy and slow, yes, what do you aspect if you shoot using gun in WW2? Every bullet is gold. The most important thing in this game was bullets, some bullets that you can trade in the underground market using to get better weapon and the bullets in this game is precious. How do you feel when you not enough bullets fighting monster horde and try to find them what ever in situation. I'm struggle to find spare weapon or bullets every corpses to survive. Or med-kit.

I think this is the best FPS post-apocalypse game I haven experience. The original Bioshock is amazing but this game give me more environment suspense and the tension feel more realistic. I'm play with PC version with enhanced in direct 11. The only problem about this game is POV (Point of View). Glad I can change manually with txt. file data according helper in Steam Community.

And lastly, I just know IGN screw it up. Stupid reviewer doesn't know how to rate good game. PC version doesn't have graphics problem at all even glitches. This game must try if you love Bioshock or Singularity, Give a chance to new good IP game. I'll look at sequel, Metro Last Light.
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on 2 June 2012
You can activate this game on Steam by typing in the serial number from the game you receive in the post. You can then download it using Stream and thus bin the physical CD.

After that I just couldn't get into this game. Starting off wasn't much fun... the game doesn't handle remapping of keys that well so you get "Do this by pressing (UNDEFINED)" prompts. It also didn't like the "Use" key being bound to a mouse button. Poor first impression.

Had to disable DX11/Tessellations to get a good frame rate out of my 6850, but very little else. Even at that the mutants themselves looked like black rag dolls to me. The game is also quite dark and I got sick of them biting my ass as I tried to locate them.

I wouldn't say this game was scary the way Dead Space 2 was, nor did it look anywhere as near good as Crysis 2. If you're picking up older bargain games there are better ones to try first. I uninstalled this after about 2hrs playtime.
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on 24 June 2012
First of all, this game is fantastic. It places you in the constantly terrified shoes of Artyom, fighting to survive against some of the most terrifying creature you can think of (barring anything from Dead Space because that stuff is nightmare fuel). The weapons are fun to use, all of them carrying that retrofitted feel, and the way the currency works is spectacular in the experience. By making bullets your currency, it gets you to constantly think about ammo conservation, and to scavenge around at every single opportunity, just like the destitutes that inhabit the metro would.
My main problem, though, was that it simply did not work right with my screen. I have a widescreen monitor, and the game actually cuts off a large section either side, making it inhumanly wide. I fixed this with a mod, but this in turn forced me to read things with altered text - but despite this, if you allow for this 1 problem, the graphics are truly something to behold... and to lag. The game has horrible optimisation, and you need to tone down the amazing graphics just for it to work.
Overall, this game seems to use a large points pool for it's attributes, and seems to have shoved them all into fun, fear, atmosphere, beauty, and Russians, and seemed to ignore graphical usability entirely. But it has cheats, in that regard, so by and large, buy this game.
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on 29 January 2016
It's ok, decent atmosphere I guess but a disappointment after the stalker games which were developed by a lot of the same people. This is much more on rails, no random events or intelligent/independent AI. Shooting feels shonky. I never felt even vaguely sucked in as I totally did with Stalker. Still, it's got something about it that's different to your Western post apocalyptic games/shooters.
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on 4 May 2013
The concept of this game is very different, and the atmosphere is like nothing I have ever played before. Roaming dark tunnels with just your flashlight and a scarcity of ammo leaves you constantly on the edge, and you will never find yourself rushing to do anything without hesitation. If there's one thing this game gives 100% on, it's atmosphere. As for the story line, I cannot comment too extensively as I have not completed the game yet. However, there are a few twists and the concept of being underground and sometimes visiting the hostile but eerily silent surface is very enjoyable. The use of ammunition as a currency plays well too, and you really feel like you have to use your resources wisely as they come at a scarce cost.

Despite the advantages of this game however, there are so many flaws which I wish could be changed. The optimisation for graphics in this game is beyond poor. Unless you have a monster gaming PC that has a £300+ GPU and incredible CPU, you will struggle to run this game with any decent settings at a good frame rate. I myself have a new gaming PC from January, and even with my brand new and very expensive GPU I can't run this game comfortably with any good graphics settings. I have found a way of greatly improving FPS in my user settings, and I have created a downloadable version if anyone wishes to use my settings (it really does work).

Here is a link if you so wish, including instructions to apply the settings: [...]

The animations of characters in-game are pretty bad too, and this hugely affects the story line as characters don't feel 'real' when you're with them, and the voice acting can be a bit cheesy at times. Overall this game has much potential, but these negatives really let it down. Out of all games I've played, including Dead Space 1,2 and 3, Amnesia and Slender, this is by far the scariest I have played. There was a mission a few days ago that I played, where a mutated monster ran at me from behind, and I literally jumped out of my chair when this happened. The game is very good at creating jump scares, where you will be attacked when you least expect it, and when wearing surround sound headphones, hearing a mutant running at your from behind is extremely frightening!
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on 13 April 2015
Don't buy if you have steam and windows 8,I installed twice and it wouldn't run as it stated "missing file",steam is the biggest pile of crap to ever come out on a pc,if you buy a game on disk when you try and install it through steam it will only let you download the game and not install it from disk,I loved the time before steam came out!
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on 28 April 2010
Right First off I had no problems with steam or DX11.
The Spec im running on is
I7 920 (OC 3.5ghz)
OCZ (3x2GB) 2000mhz ddr3
XFX 5970 black edition
ASrock X58 Deluxe 3

Right I bought this game since its was DX11 and wanted see what looked liked:
The Graphics
Are superb I enjoyed the visual feel and quailty found it draws you due to the visual effect.
The Narrrative
The storyline wasnt bad, voice acting ok but they have alot character and felt imersed in the world and the motivations felt less forced.
Game Play
Well the rest of the game makes you feel like its a run and gun. Big mistake you are toughish but no health metre so hard to judge but that kinda works with system also no ammo counters but again works. The real problem is that your guns are pea shooters on basic monster I had to unload 5 shotgun shells at point blank on normal mode. The level design is fine if average for game play (not looks) weapons themselves quite cool if horribley underpowered.

So in summary let down dramicatly by being unenjoyable to play through the world itself is fun and character intresting driven by aleast a different story if not likable.
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