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4.3 out of 5 stars289
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 27 March 2012
I am so happy to have purchased this product. My only regret is not having purchased one earlier.

Now, epiltion might not be for everyone, for some simply shaving may be the best answer.

But if you are like me, someone who has strong dark hair with fast re-growth then eplilation might help.
For example if I were to shave my legs in the morning by the evening I would have stubble. Repeatedly shaving my legs gave me rashes and really itchy skin, I hated it!
I tried waxing, which was not for me, as I didn't like having to wait for weeks for most of the hair to be long enough. Also every time I went to my salon it seemed ever more expensive! Plus I felt embarrassed revealing what I thought was more like the legs of a chimpanzee to this perfect beautician!

In my opinion, what makes this epiltor stand out from the rest (now I have tried a few!) is the fact that it is portable, has a light! (genius) and it works!

The first time you use it, I'm not gonna lie, it HURTS!!! (as with all epilators) but the second time it just tickles! seriously! Remember I have strong dark hair too. So if you are a lucky lady who has lighter blond leg hair, then it probably won't hurt much at all.

As for achieving completely smooth legs ... If you have strong growth then this might be near impossible. Mainly because each hair on your body grows at different rates! It's impossible to expect to epilate every single hair on your legs in one go, making your legs completely silky smooth! But they will be smoother than shaving.

But what I did, was after the first OUCH! time, I kept on epiltating every other day for about about a month. By doing this you will get the slower growing hair. And another brilliant thing about this product is that it does get those little hairs.

You also save on water and time! When I used to shave my legs, I did it in the shower to try and minimize shaving rashes, which used loads more water and time.

I know this sounds cheesy but I'm actually looking forward to my beach holiday. My partner likes this product too as I don't have sand paper legs in bed anymore. This product also eliminates dark stubble that lays under the skin. I use it under my arms and don't get that horrid dark shadow that you get if you shave there.

The only thing that you need to look out for is ingrowing hair that can be really annoying and can scar. But unfortunately ingrowing hair is something that can happen with epilation. But if you exfoliate (dry exfoliation is best) then this helps to minimize it.

So there you go, here are my experiences using this amazing product.
I did read up about it before buying it as it is expensive and there are some reports about the poor quality battery life. I have not experienced this problem with mine. I have had this product for about 4 months and have used it a lot. The battery last for about 40 minutes which I find is ample time to do both legs. The instructions say that the battery time is 40 mins so I can't see any reason to complain there.
Don't buy this wonderful Braun Silk-epil from the large chemist chain that start with a word which you may wear on your feet ... Terribly over priced!!!

I would definitely recommend this product.
From a satisfied customer
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on 22 July 2010
Very painful first time I used it but good product, does the job and hurts a lot less second time round. If your new to depilating, stick with it, the results are worth it.
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on 24 July 2012
I share the pain of those who used elipators a long time ago and thought they could not willingly go through the pain again. It is way more civilised now.

I am pretty sure that there is no pain free epilation but there is tolerable epilation. I bought this product today and I moved from leg hair to an underarm hair experiment in under 30 minutes.

After reading others' histories I would like to share the results:+

It will probably hurt more if you have thick, maybe black hairs. Reduce the pain by shaving them down and catching them when they are shorter after a week of regrowth.

It hurts more the first time you do it, not because you are not used to the shock (more like a shock than a pain) but because you have a lot more hairs to pull out than you will ever have to pull out again if you keep up the regime. The first time is the worst. Childsplay after that. Smaller number of hairs equals plucking your eyebrows level of discomfort. not much, in other words.

Way less painfull than waxing. The snag is that it is easier to accept pain than to do it to yourself so it takes a leap of persitence. I think that this is the hard thing. It is much less painful though.

Work your way up. This product has 2 fittings and 2 settings. Use the least invasive hair ripper on the slowest setting to get rid of the forest. Then refine. you WILL be looking smug when you have the number 4 - highest speed with closest action. Pretty much no hairs left by then and you are the terminator.

Finally, and most importantly. Do not start with the hairy shins. Do start off with the fleshy calves with fewer hairs and more fat. It will encourage you.

Having passed on these practical tips I can only say that I will never wax or shave again. My legs feel so great and smooth I keep stroking them. Saving a fortune on painful waxing or useless shaving. I am a convert.
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on 9 September 2010
Being a bit of a danger with a razor and finding waxing expensive I thought I would give an epilator a go and that a good brand would be the best way forward. Having just had a baby and been unable to reach my legs for a while I have really rather long hairs, much longer than the 2 - 5mm length the instructions recommended - couldn't be bothered to shave and wait for the recommended length I went ahead anyway. I was worried about the pain, but I must be really thick skinned because it doesn't hurt at all (admittedly I have only tried it on legs) the lighter the touch the more of a tingle I got. It was grim, but fascinating seeing the huge amounts of hair when cleaning it!

I have got a lot of ingrowing hairs now and am not sure whether this is something to do with my technique (I didn't stretch the skin as I was epilating) anyway I have bought an exfoliating mitt to see if using that helps.

Have yet to try on wet legs and it is quite time consuming, but will certainly keep using it and expect to get much quicker as I get more experienced.

I don't find my legs silky smooth after, but have never found that regardless of any hair removal techniques, so was not disappointed by that; although the grain of sand claim is just not happening on my legs, but I didn't buy the product on that basis so again not disappointed.

Overall very pleased.
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on 12 September 2010
Had an old style epiltor from braun - it hurt and took forever to use, never once managed to get both legs done. It was on a mains plug too, I just got fed up after a couple of hours of pain, with very little in the way of results. I was a bit suspicious that this was the same sort of thing, just in a shinier package - but I was wrong. It is absolutely fantastic. Epliation has obviously come a long way in the past few years. I never imagined I'd be able to epilate my underarms, but with this I can!.

If an area is a little painful (e.g. underarms) just use it in water, when the skin's softened a little, and you can use it with shave gel. It's a little uncomfortable, but still palatable.

I'm so glad I bought this - haven't waxed or used a razor since, so it's saving me the cost of those.

The front light seemed like a style detail, until I actually used it - it enables you to see every little hair, so you can still epilate perfectly without having to go back and examine the results under strong light so works even in the dark.

It comes with all the attachments you'll ever need, including one for small areas, like eyebrows, a shaving/trimming feature for bikini line.

Would highly recommend this.

Couldn't think of any improvements to this at all, it's everything you'll need.
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on 31 October 2010
I brought the first one of a year ago, then I started having problems with the battery. I got in touch with customer services, very helpful. They sent me a replacement but after a few months this battery has gone the same. I charge for 1hr and after using for less than 5 mins it started flashing red and died. I am going to buy the next model up and hopefully this will work better.

*update: This is the 3rd one I have sent back and after another replacement its faulty again. I'm now researching for a different product.
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on 17 September 2010
I have been epilating for some years now and i have got to say this epilator is brilliant!! The best one i've tried. I was a bit sceptical about the removal of very short hairs but it does remove the shortest of hairs,so no more waiting a couple of weeks for them to grow. The best thing about it for me is that is so much less painful than my old one!! even less pain when you use it wet. It is alot quieter too. It comes with an attachment for under arms and bikini which again i found really easy to use. My legs etc were alot smoother for longer using this epilator.
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on 16 April 2012
Now, let's be honest. Despite this being called a female grooming tool men are using these too. And let's be honest, the warnings about what body parts you should use them on are ignored. I bought my first epilator from Braun roughly 3-4 years ago, being slightly ahead of the curve with gentlemens hair removal. I had for a while tried using wax strips and tweezers and shaving but I was never satisfied with the results. There would always be some patch somewhere that you missed and that patch was the only thing that mattered. Tweezing would take far too long, waxing is insane, and shaving is out of the question, no one likes leg (or anywhere else) stubble. Epilating is the perfect balance between the three. You get the quick results of waxing, with the effectiveness of tweezing and the smooth feeling of shaving. If that line doesn't sell this product I don't know what will. The epilator is extremely easy to use and removes even the most stubborn and tiny hairs, leaving perfectly smooth skin.
Some words of advice:
-Epilating is painful, but it's something you become entirely numb to with time.
-Do NOT use the film shaver given with the 7681, unless you want to suffer the endless ingrown hairs.
-Buy an exfoliator and use it with every shower, some hairs will become ingrown.
-Be careful, some bits and pieces can get caught and it is not like being hugged by kittens made of marshmellows.
-Use it every time you shower. It is unbelievably easy to maintain your hairlessness.
-Keep it charged. Despite the epilators being able to run for at least 15 minutes after the red light has started flashing, nothing is worse than a half finished mankini.
Braun does a great job of bathroom electronics and as far as I am concerned, their epilators are the best available. I bought this one to replace my previous one which I would use at least 4 times a week for the past 3-4 years simply because the battery started failing and even though I could still get about 20 minutes of use out of it, I enjoy my gadgets being up to date. The additional heads, especially the facial head, are great for areas that need detail and precision, like between eyebrows and the top of the nose.
This is a great product and as far as I am concerned this is the only hair removal tool that matters.
EDIT: Since buying this on the 16th April 2012 (today being the 25th May 2012), I have charged it only twice, with the one time being the original charge. I use it every time I shower, so roughly 5 times a week, for about 5 minutes. I give this as an indication to the incredible battery life this product has.
UPDATE: Since buying this I have discovered that the most likely part to fail is the battery which is a sad case. All three of my Braun epilators lasted roughly 1 year and then the battery died, and would only provide about 2 minutes of run time for countless hours of charging. Braun should provide a battery replacement service. I have since moved onto using a battery and corded Remington which is a great product and better value. Check out my review on that!
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on 8 March 2011
this epilator is very effective. i have used epilators before but this seems much less painful. It only takes a short time to charge up - about an hour or so and you are ready to go. the light is also very useful. the reason i have given it 4/5 stars is that I find the on/off switch rather fiddly. for smooth legs personally i would recommend epilating once every two weeks. for me i prefer to do it every 2 weeks to have reasonably smooth legs all the time as my hair growth is rather quick. i would recommend this product.
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on 4 August 2010
When I got sick of the waiting in between waxes, I decided to try an epilator. I figured it was probably an idea to go for the best one, and that the wet/dry capability was the most useful feature. I am more than aware of what a wimp I am, and it was going to pinch a little.
I was pleasantly surprised. The "grain of sand" claim is a little out there, but the epilation is great. The best feature turned out to be the light, believe it or not! It really helps. It works great in the shower, and the detatchable heads really do make have different . Also, don't hold it too tightly when you're using it! All in all, I really recommend it. It only loses a point because it doesn't work while it's plugged in.
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