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4.5 out of 5 stars53
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 1 July 2010
After a great debut and a very powerful second series, Sarah Jane and the gang return with yet another great series introducing new monsters, as well as bringing the tenth doctor returning to help his beloved Sarah Jane in a series that sadly lacks a good time slot, as this show is too good for only kids to see

Prisoner Of The Judoon - 4/5 - Arguably the weakest season opener thus far, but re-introduces the Judoon and also Androvax, a formidable enemy without any links to Doctor Who, but still an enjoyable adventure

The Mad Woman In The Attic - 5/5 - A different story with less emphasis on alien activity but more about human interaction and compassion, giving yet more character to Rani, a tense episode with good character development

The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith - 5/5 - This episode has it all with love, secrets, comedy, the Doctor and the return of Sarah's nemesis, the Trickster resulting in one of the best SJA episodes EVER

The Eternity Trap - 5/5 - The scariest adventure yet, set in a 'haunted' house and with the scary Erasmus Darkening as enemy who wouldn't love this - Perfect in every way

Mona Lisa's Revenge - 4/5 - A good episode but seems a little silly at times, though Suranne Jones is brill as the Mona Lisa, it seems to lack real impact but great to use K-9 more, and good that it's not just Sarah who always saves the world, giving the kids a chance to shine

The Gift - 4/5 - Introducing the Blathereen, relatives of the Slitheen may seem a bit of a cop-out as they look the same as the Slitheen, just a different colour but this is action packed enough with a great climax but seems to have been better as a mid-season episode, as better episodes have already been earlier on in the series

Overall, Series 3 builds on what has already been started in the past 2 seasons with great new enemies such as Androvax and Erasmus Darkening creating a fun packed, action filled episode. Roll of Series 4 with Matt Smith guest starring and battles against the formidable Shansheeth and Nightmare Man - I can't Wait
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on 1 February 2010
Hooray, the marvellous Sarah Jane Smith is back for a Third series of adventures. Rumours and hopes of a Fourth series are in the air at the moment but I am sure there will be due to the announced Fourth Torchwood series.

In this boxset we have Twelve episodes making up Six stories with Doctor Who monsters, the Judoon, Slitheen, and from the New Series Novel "The Monsters Inside", the Blathereen. Returning SJA villian The Trickster also returns along with a host of new aliens and monsters.

The cast returns and it shows that the Three young actors are going strong and know their characters. K-9 also returns which is a very nice treat and gets a good share of the action.

What this series is most notable for however, is the special apperance from departing Tenth Doctor, David Tennant. This is not widely known, but this was his last work as the Doctor and it shows. The final scene (although not the final scene he filmed) is almost directed at the viewer and is reminiscent of "The Hand Of Fear" scene only with the roles reversed. This, "Dreamland" and the Christmas BBC1 idents were dubbed the "Special Projects" in the gap year although an appearance by the Doctor has always been present since the beginning of the series.

I would rate this boxset 10/10. It is by far the best series yet of SJA. I would have preferred the episodes with the Doctor and "Dreamland" released with the specials boxset but never mind. Definitely worth the money.
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on 7 March 2010
When we sit down to watch this series, it's a real event. From the ages of 6 and up, the whole family can find something to enjoy in this series. The actors are wonderful, the storylines well done and the special effects and production is everything you expect from a quality BBC series.
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Sarah Jane Smith continues to save the planet whenever The Doctor is otherwise engaged - invaluable help provided by adopted genius son Luke, young neighbours streetwise Clyde and would-be reporter Rani, that awesome computer and the welcome return of K9. Six more two part adventures are guaranteed to give much enjoyment.

The first one perhaps rather less so - seemingly a trifle under-rehearsed and, to be honest, a bit silly. Rapidly though the season is back on form with exciting events in a derelict fairground, a haunted house (Donald Sumpter splendidly sinister) and an art gallery. Not least is that little matter of rapidly multiplying plants threatening to exterminate all human life....

Many highlights include a glimpse of 2059, a desperately lonely aged Rani forever regretting the great mistake she once made. Best moment of all? For many this may well occur at the end of episode five. Sarah Jane is about to marry. Suddenly - a dramatic intervention designed to make viewers sit up and give a great cheer.

No bonuses to speak of, but much to please - including Sam Watts' music which ideally complements. Sadly there are still those pre-credit spoilers that so irritate. Why not let us reflect on what we have seen, try to anticipate how things will work out? Such trailers do not whet the appetite but spoil the meal.

For three seasons this Doctor Who spin-off has delighted - Elisabeth Sladen ensuring it all works a treat. Mums and dads, perhaps even grandparents, enjoyed her Sarah Jane exploits over thirty years ago. Now she has a new generation of fans.

Great fun. Warmly recommended.
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on 19 April 2011
Have just heard the news that Elisabeth Sladen passed away this morning. I am in total shock and disbelief as she was a childhood idol and I suppose she had that air of invincibility. I have enjoyed her stand alone series of the Sarah Jabe Adventures very much and would recommend any of her work as she was a fine and charismatic actress and a very lovely lady too. She will be sorely missed not just by older fans but by a whole new generation of children who clearly adored her. I will definately be buying Series Three having already got one and two. Rest in Peace Elisabeth.
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on 22 December 2010
Sarah-Jane is good for three reasons.
a) Sarah-Jane was Doctor Who's greatest companion and a brilliant role model for everyone.
2) the stories are well put together, well acted and well written.
d) this is a spin-off of The greatest TV show on television.

In every series of Sarah-Jane there is always a welcome surprise and Season 3 is no exception. Season 1 had Sarah's backstory, season 2 had Sontarans and the Brigadier and this Season 3 has David Tennant as the Doctor! Just wait for Season 4!
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So glad to finally own the third series of this excellent show.

Elizabeth Sladen has only recently passed on while I write this so I am still very much missing her and thankful for all the wonderful joy she has brought to my life and so many others. Thankfully its all captured on these DVDs so we can go on enjoying her work as the best companion a doctor ever had.

K9 puts in a few appearances in this series too and there are some lovely comedic moments between Mr Smith and "the dog", LOL

Hope that what has been filmed of series 4 makes it to DVD too.

If your a Sarah Jane fan, you really aught to get Doctor Who: The Hand of Fear as she is very prominent in this set of episodes and they were her last, for a long time, in Doctor Who, but expect to cry like a baby when she leaves! Heartbreaking, LOL
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on 17 October 2010
The Sarah Jane Adventures returns for its best series yey. With old aliens; the Judoon (Doctor Who Series 3 and 4), The Trickster Sarah Jane's greatest enemy who sabtotages her wedding, new aliens in the veil who is in series 4 of SJA, eve and enarmus darkening.

The highlight is obviously the tenth Doctor appearing to save the day with out the TARDIS. The second is that K9 returns and features heavily. Elizabeth Sladen is getting better with each series and Luke, Clyde and Rani are not far behind.

Overall the best series yet, until series 4 is finished and well worth pre-ordering or buying. 100/100.
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on 12 February 2011
This is my favourite series so far. Not only does it have a guest appearance of the Doctor and the permanent return of K9 it has several engaging storylines that stretch more boundaries than the previous two. There is still al lot of light hearted comedy in the episodes, particularly the Judoon antics in "prisoner of the Judoon", but there are also some darker elements such as Rani becoming a bitter old hermit in "The Mad Woman in the Attic" and a death related teary ending for Sarah Jane in "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith". The series also signifies long term change for the characters, particularly Luke acting like a normal teenagr instead of a culture confused genius. Clearly the writers have realised that this programme has a large mature audience as well as a young CBBC audience.

Of course, the writers didn't do their research very well for "Mona Lisa's Revenge" because the Mona Lisa was destroyed in Dr Who "City of Death". This painting was a forgery made by Da Vinci at around the same time as the original so why the cockney talking italian fake claimed to know the secret behind Da Vinci's work I don't know.

If you like Dr Who or SJA I would definitly recommend this
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on 21 November 2009
Series 3 is the best series of Sarah Jane Adventures to date. This series features the return of the Trickster and the Slitheen. It also features the Slitheen's cousins the Blathereen. It also features the Judoon(the talking rhinos out of doctor who), a living Mona Lisa painting, an alien who can force people to play games against their will and the Doctor himself.
Contains episodes:
Prisoner of the Judoon Part 1 & 2
The mad woman in the attic Part 1 & 2
The wedding of Sarah Jane Smith Part 1 & 2(features the Doctor)
The eternity trap Part 1 & 2
Mona Lisa's revenge Part 1 & 2
The gift Part 1 & 2
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