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Customer Reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars59
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 26 September 2010
I can see why some people didn't like the fact that it doesn't focus on only one or two characters but I liked that, made it more like an insight into a performing arts school which obviously is what the film is meant to be about.

I enjoyed trying to link the characters to the ones on stage or in the old film however if you think it is going to be the same as the stage version or the previous film then maybe this isn't the film for you, it is about PA and the students but thats about as far as the comparisons go, storylines, characters etc are completely different.

I would have liked more songs but overall I enjoyed watching it, though it probably won't be one I would watch again.
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on 7 February 2010
Now I may be a cynical man appoaching middle age, but I was also a boy that grew up loving the original series. So having a teeneage daughter who has enjoyed (obsessed) the high school musical phenomena (I certainly don't understand it) I thought I would go in open minded and give it a go.
This film is neither the old fame (gritty) nor HSM (lighter than helium) and as such fails on many levels to have any real impact or identity.
The purpose of a film like this is surely to have a rites of passage type feel, something you enjoy watching the story of the individuals, the building of the characters, both sharing the journey and growing with the character you identify the most with.
Even when one of the characters came close to suicide it was hard to care that much.
The teachers are by far the stand out performances in this, which is a shame as you would expect to see "the next big thing" shining through.
The songs and dance are lack lustre and a bit generic, not catchy or memorable.
All in all the best word to describe this film is "meh"
You can watch it, it will pass time, but it will not blow you away, or leave you caring that much either way.
The highlight of the film; One of the students becoming a muppet on sesame street, one would presume she is a character actress rather than a method.
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on 1 October 2011
Shallow and cliched, annoying and trite. Absolutely a million miles away from the Fame TV series (the early seasons that is) and an insult to the original movie.
Why did they make it? Well it probably seemed like a good idea to begin with but half way through production they all must have realised it was a lost cause! None of the characters seem real and the acting is pretty poor like they are trying too hard to impress or something. In fact the whole movie was surreal with reactions to events and problems being totally pretentious and unreal.
Like the title of this review says the show at the end is the only thing worth watching and that's saying something. If you had anything to do with this film don't be sad because there are hundreds of films just as bad and even the TV series had some terribly cringe worthy episodes too. This film certainly puts the lid on the coffin of the Fame thing for good lets move on shall we.
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on 13 October 2010
Fame, the 80s movie was fantastic, Fame the tv series was very good.
This Fame not so much, it is slow, long and boring.
The music is average, and the dancing ... noting exceptional!
Too many characters. Too many storylines.
Not convincing. I don't believe in these characters and how they develop over the years.
Such a disappointment.
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VINE VOICEon 11 November 2011
really why why why? this is such an atrocious film that even at a penny I feel ripped off. The film in no way takes into account the Step Up. Save the Dance. High School Musical or even Glee that burst out as children (and grandchildren) of the original Fame film which was adrenalin fuelled with the promise of a new hope for the future. This one looks more dated than that original one. The "new"(??) fame has dated dance routines, hip hop music, come on please how dated is that. The performances are uninspiring, the story (or lack of it) gives no actor a chance to develop his/her character. This is so disgraceful a mess I can only assume that nobody involved will be including it on their CV.
Kelsey Grammar has the grace to look embarrassed and Megan Mullally at least gets to sing a song but the whole thing makes it the most depressing film of the 21st century so far. What had once been a beacon of hope for the performing arts has been reduced to a bleak wino's drunken fantasy. AVOID at all costs, wish I had
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on 15 December 2009
I completely agree with the first review, I did enjoy the film, but the amount of characters just annoyed me constantly. The film focused mainly of about 5 characters, but on a whole about 10. This meant there was no chance to develop ANY of the characters storylines properley, and so nothing actually happened. I enjoyed the singing, dancing and acting, and if you like these sort of singing/dancing films then you will probably like Fame, but all throughout the movie I found myself wanting something to happen, some action or twist in the plot; there was nothing. What's more, the only minor twists in the film were so predictable, I barely even registered them.

I gave this film a 3 because I did enjoy it for the singing and dancing, and my friend loved it, but to me nothing happened, and there were way too many main characters to produce an interesting storyline.
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on 13 October 2013
My grandaughter is nine years old and music mad. Plays piano, into all kinds of music. She loved this DVD as she is also mad about dance in all shapes.
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Fame extended dance version
Purchased this most recently , as I am a fan of the series Fame , and had purchased one of the series on DVD .
This is a good film, but what really let it down was the poor acting , and some really poor film sets as well .
really the film itself, was all over the place, dances here and there , vocals that ranged from emotive , to happy and a really up and down story line confusing , pitchy , and sometimes quite annoying too ....
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on 13 December 2011
I've known the classical version of Fame and the series of the 80's. They were really good and although a dance film, still there was a bit of story. Here, with this version unfortunately, it's a flatline. Nobody in this version of the film could ever compete with the performences of Leroy, Bruno, Coco, etc. They were talented kids with character. In the 2009 version, I have to say that the characters are shallow. Not a very good remake I must say.
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on 8 April 2013
Brought this as i thought i hadn't watched it before.. but turns i did.. and the reason the i didn't remember? It was so bad thats why. The acting is really below par and the story line is pretty bad. Nothing or none of the characters really gripped me at all in the film, very dissapointed after loving he original. But hey didn't cost much, so not much wasted
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