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4.6 out of 5 stars325
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 30 October 2009
I received this in the post today even though its not supposed to be released for another couple of weeks or so (nice one Amazon)

But all I can say about this album is that its truly amazing it does exactly what it says on the tin its their "Greatest Hits" which even if your an avid Foos fan like myself or even an occasional rocker this album is a must, the new songs "Wheels" and "Word Forward" are true songs in the style of Foo and are amazing, it even contains a nice acoustic version of "Everlong" which is a nice little treat.

As this is the Deluxe Version it also contains the DVD with all their music videos on it, so the times of browsing YouTube for your favourite Foo Fighter video are over, all in good DVD quality and as again contains a few extras from their live shows.
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on 12 November 2009
Pure and simply this is a great listen where a band has not tried to include too many tracks to please everyone but the pick of the crop from each album. I must confess to not being an avid fan - I bought the first album and despite liking every single I've heard, never got round to buying another one till now - but may be that makes me more objective - I can simply say I thoroughly enjoy every song on this album! I especially love the new song 'Wheels' and if I was to make one gripe, that would be the omission of 'I'll stick around', simply as it was their first hit single and a notable hit that introduced Foo Fighters to the world (and a darn good song).

The deluxe edition is nicely packaged too and I have been thoroughly enjoying revisiting some of their videos ('Learning to Fly' is still hilarious and 'Everlong' artfully spooky and nightmarish) and appreciating some rarer footage -'Times like These' acoustic and 'Skin and Bones' live.

I am now much closer to being a fan of this band and that is one goal of every greatest hits surely - the truly converted already have all the albums!
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on 2 November 2009
This short but sweet Greatest Hits compilation features some of the most memorable songs from Dave Grohl and co. They have been fairly ruthless in choosing the songs which they deem worthy of this compilation, but when you look at the songs you can see that they are some of the best. The only real puzzler is the absence of DOA from the track list. All the other hit singles are here, Big Me, Everlong, Monkey Wrench, My Hero, Breakout, Times Like These, All My Life and Best Of You. These are essential tracks to delve into for newbies to the band, and will provide the basis for further the band's expansive back catalogue. (Which will be rewarding because there are many other great songs that are not present on this album.)

As for previously converted Foo fans, there are a few goodies on here for us too. Two new tracks Word Forward and Wheels, an acoustic version of Everlong, and the track Skin and Bones, only previously officially available on the Skin and Bones live album. (Although if you don't fancy forking out on a whole load of old tracks just to hear a few new ones, maybe you're best off buying them separately on Amazon MP3 or iTunes.
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on 3 November 2009
A must buy for fans with the cd comprising 16 tracks and a really good mix from the band's history.Included is a sublime acoustic version of Everlong,Learn To Fly,the adrenalin rush that is The Pretender,Monkey wrench and the fantastic Times Like These.Sure there could be another 16 and my only quibble would be the omission of Come Alive.
However the dvd is a real bonus - I know you can see them on you-tube,etc but there is a lot of fun to be had from the continuous play of 20+ videos with Dave and the guys(and assorted pals)having some real fun with themselves and the promo video format -got to smile with J Black on Low and Learn to Fly,Everlong is a really clever vid,All My Life is a cute sendup of their boundless energy and The Pretender sends a thrill every time I see it.
Excellent Value.
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on 2 November 2009
Despite the greatest hits being long overdue (foo fighters have had so many hit singles and seem to have been around forever) there's quite a few shockin omissions on this set. Alongside the previous reviewers flagged up 'walking after you' there's 'i'll stick around', 'for all the cows', 'stacked actors', 'DOA', 'have it all', 'let it die', 'The One' and 'no way back' that don't appear here. The dvd is also somewhat of a dissapointment for me also. It seems that the band have tried to fill the gaps left by the above omissions on the cd side. Contrary to what the below reviewer has said there are several music videos missing including- 'this is a call', 'breakout', 'generator', 'the one', 'no way back' 'have it all' and 'let it die'. Some of which had less then great videos or have been played to death on tv ('have it all' was just a cut and paste of the foos live shows of the time and i've seen 'breakout' countless times on tv) but it would have been nice for it to have been comprehensive. perhaps i missed the point and want a singles collection rather then a greatest hits record but this could easily have been stretched out to 2 disks with some key album tracks added for good measure; especially for such a maasive band. I'll be buying this for the 2 excellent new butch vig produced recordings ('wheels' and 'word forward') anyway but i expected a lot more from these guys. Still it's a good place to start for those unaquainted with the foos great music and gives a taste of the best this band has to offer. I'm already missing them and hope their 'long break' don't last all that long.
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on 4 November 2009
Dave Grohl is easily one of the biggest musical icons for an entire generation based on his time with Nirvana as their drummer, to eventually forming Foo Fighters after Kurt Kobain's demise. So here we are, 14 years and 6 albums later, and they have finally decided to put out a greatest hits package.

This deluxe greatest hits package detailing the history of the band includes a 16 track CD, 14 of which are taken from the bands back catalogue (although Everlong appears twice, with both the original and an acoustic version), with two brand new tracks, and a 21 track DVD of videos and live performances. It is of course worth remembering that this is a greatest hits package, and not a best songs package, which is why there are no album tracks present.

Some of the tracks on the DVD are simply a video or a live performance of songs that are already on the CD, but there are several that some might say were missing from the main CD, such as Next Year, Resolve, DOA, and Low amongst others, which provides the incentive for picking up this deluxe package. The only truly notable exception from the entire package is The One, but I can understand the reasons for not including it due to the nature of its release in this country as it remains a collectors item. Including it on a greatest hits package would tarnish the value for anyone lucky enough to have one of the very few copies released on these shores.

As for the package itself, it comes as a small book rather than a normal plastic CD case, with the CD and DVD slotted inside the front and back covers respectively. The book itself simply contains various pictures and bits of lyrics from down the years, with a message from Dave Grohl at the end. All in all, I would say the DVD, and the book are worth shelling out the extra few pounds for if you want what is virtually the definitive collection of the bands singles back catalogue in an attractive package.

Of course, this is not the end of the band, they will continue into the future, and this release will merely become a 'story so far' item, but if they're going to wait another 14 years before putting out the next greatest hits chapter, it'd be more than worth it for now. Here's to the next chapter then, and let us hope it's just as good.
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on 8 September 2011
How can you fault this collection? All the Foos biggest and best moments, along with a couple of new songs which, to be fair, aren't the greatest tunes they've ever written and are superfluous here. But who can argue with the classics like 'Everlong', 'Best Of You', 'Monkey Wrench' et al? I am more of a casual fan of the Foos, I lost interest after 'The Colour and The Shape' back at the beginning of the noughties as I believe they are now just fodder for the radio 1 crowd. But its still good to have some Foo Fighters in your collection and this is the perfect place to start.
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on 9 November 2009
I think the trouble bands face when they release a 'Greatest Hits' album, is pleasing everyone. There are so many great Foo's songs to choose from, some for very personal reasons, some because you've seen them live and liked them even more or whatever. Lez Zep - Mothership is a good example, it's filled with awesome songs, but the true fans wanted more. So with this album some people have commented that some of their 'best' tunes has been omitted and I'd totally agree with that. However, this albums appears to focus on their more well known work i.e singles that have done well in the charts.

I have all their albums already, so buying this seemed a little pointless, however I wanted all their videos so I didn't have to trawl through YouTube any time I felt like watching them in terrible quality. So this deluxe version ticks that box quite nicely. There's also the added bonus of the new single 'Wheels', so overall all the tidbits add up for me.

The only thing that annoys me slightly is this release just seems like a chance to cash in while the Foos are on an extended and well earned break, but hey they've brought me years of head thrashing, throat hurting joy and fun, so who cares!
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on 18 December 2009
Ah, the lucrative Christmas best of market. As the year draws to a close, it's a time of reflection for pop stars the world over. 'Do I have enough hits to put out a saleable best of?" they inevitably ask themselves. "It's been at least a year since the last greatest hits..."

To be fair to the Foos, they've held fire on the best of for a reassuring length of time. The downside of this is that their by now comprehensive body of work is too much to be well represented on a single disc comp. For even a casual Foos fan such as myself, songs I consider to be well known hits are missing: DOA, Next Year, The One, Walking After You. This is best considered as a taster rather than as the definitive Foos, and I'm sure Sony don't mind an additional incentive for people to purchase more of the band's back catalogue.

It's a minor quibble, but I also don't care for the Department of Corrections style photos in the booklet, where every guitarist prior to Chris Shiflett has been airbrushed out of existence. In the case of someone like Pat Smear, who is obviously on good enough terms with the band to appear during their recent VH1 Storytellers set, it just seems rude.

Of course the most important thing is the quality of the music that's here and like the best Greatest Hits, it really brings home to you what a quality act Foo Fighters are. From their earlier, turbo charged power pop like Monkey Wrench and the obviously Nirvana inspired Big Me; to the Stadium ready riff monsters, (Best of Me, All My Life, The Pretender) that have made Dave Grohl the closest we have to a post-Woodstock Rock God; you'll be air guitaring your way through the Boxing Day hangover and beyond.
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on 31 October 2009
Well who would have thunk it?! 13 years since the demise of Nirvana and inception of the first album, grunge's very own Ringo and his merry men have done well to elevate the Foo Fighters from performing to rammed-packed festival tents to stadium rock-god status, and well deserved too!

What we have here are cleverly crafted rock songs contained with pop sensibilities. Avid fans will be familiar with the tracklisting, therefore, may find that this compilation offers nothing new with exception of two new songs. Unfortunately the two new songs 'Wheels' and 'Word Forward' come across as standard MOR rock affairs which do not stand in the same esteem compared to the likes of 'All My Life', 'Breakout' and 'Monkey Wrench'. Nevertheless this album will serve as a great introduction for new listeners or ideal for casual listeners. There are some notable omissions such as 'DOA', 'The One' and 'I'll Stick Around' which reflect some of the band's best work. However, this is being marketed as a 'Greatest Hits' package as opposed to a 'Best of'. For that, you will need to invest in the band's first three albums: 'S/T', 'The Colour and the Shape' and 'There is Nothing Left To Lose' followed by their most recent opus 'Echoes, Silence,Patience & Grace'. A must-buy indeed!

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