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5.0 out of 5 stars Team Sonos, Second to None!
OMG!! My old system of stacks had died and I literally spent months researching various options to replace my old faithful. I liked the idea that the Sonos system would stream anywhere in the house and even play different music in different rooms, which would mean my wife could enjoy something different in one room while I was listening to something else in another room...
Published 17 months ago by Silex

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3.0 out of 5 stars Poor Spotify Integration
I purchased a Sonos Play 1 and Play 5 based on Sonos claims of Spotify integration as well as build quality. Sonos products are nice and well built with great sound quality for sure but they do not integrate well with Spotify at all.
The user must connect using the underwhelming Sonos app and then discover that the Spotify Artist Radio, Discover and Browse functions...
Published 16 months ago by Mr. Michael Moran

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140 of 144 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Team Sonos, Second to None!, 10 Dec. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
OMG!! My old system of stacks had died and I literally spent months researching various options to replace my old faithful. I liked the idea that the Sonos system would stream anywhere in the house and even play different music in different rooms, which would mean my wife could enjoy something different in one room while I was listening to something else in another room. But I must admit I was wary, technology and I are not terribly compatible, idiot proof usually makes me feel like... Well, an idiot!

All things carefully considered I decided to take the plunge and attempt to move with the times, after all I have a pretty extensive digital music library. I ordered a bridge and a Play 5. My order arrived swiftly and I downloaded the Sonos App, plugged everything in and... Nothing! The App repeatedly told me there was no Sonos system to connect to and I was left feeling like the afore mentioned techno idiot! After much messing about I decided to skip the bridge and connected directly to the Play 5 by plugging it straight into the router. Techno idiot no more! The sound was amazing, I was completely blown away.

The next day I phoned Sonos Support and explained my problem with the bridge. I have to say the Sonos Support Team are second to none, friendly, helpful, and the patience of saints - taking into account they were dealing with Techno Idiot! The bridge required a factory reset and a software upgrade which got everything going. Then they transferred my entire music library to the bridge for me, no short task. After an hour on the phone the system was up and running beautifully and I was in seventh heaven. An hour later the system crashed! I was more than disappointed, but next day I was back on the phone to the friendly support team who got me running again and explained that I might have to reset my router if it did it again. Resetting the router consisted of turning it off and then back on again and that was exactly what I had to do every day at least once.

After a week of this I was seriously thinking of packing the lot up and sending it back. An email to the Sonos CEO was swiftly answered and followed up with several telephone calls from a senior technician who was able to analyse my Sonos system and identify the problem, which I hasten to add was not down to the Sonos system at all, but my crappy BT Router. At this point I would expect most companies to wash their hands of the whole problem, after all it wasn't their doing, not so Sonos. Following the advice given I purchased an Apple Time Capsule (my choice, there were various options, but I'm a Mac user) and Sonos were back on the phone to set the whole system up for me. The sound quality is out of this world, the support is out of this world and I really cannot fault the Sonos Team. I am a total convert, having just placed an order for a second Play 5, there will be more Sonos purchases to follow over the next few months. If you have any doubts about taking the plunge, don't worry, Team Sonos will be there for you should things not go quite as well as you might have hoped - and trust me, they couldn't be much worse than my initial experience!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Delighted- it 'just works', 7 Sept. 2012
After looking at all sorts of options for streaming my music I settled on this.
I pulled the wireless bridge (sold seperately) out of the box, attached it to my router and plugged it in.
Next I plugged the play 5 in.
Next I downloaded the Sonos app from the AppStore to my iPad.
Next I opened the app and clicked on setup system.
Next I selected to add a component and held the button down on the wireless bridge for a few seconds.
Next I selected to add another component and pressed the buttons down on the play 5 for a few seconds and it connected.
The system is now fully set up. It just works. If I want to put up to 32 speakers in the house all I have to do is press add component, and hold down the button on the unit.
However you then want to get music onto it. I have Spotify premium ( 9.99 a month but so worth it) and so selected Spotify, entered my password and username and it works. Streaming millions of songs, instantly in 320k quality.
I could set it to share all my music on the computer in iTunes. All you have to do is click on the cog on The Sonos app, then on shares and select the public folder on the computer.
However, instead I bought a WD Mybook Live, plugged it into my router, copied the music to that and shared that folder in Sonos and it just plays it straight off this Nas drive.
The sound quality on the Play 5 is lovely. I upped the bass 2 notches and treble about 5 notches on the Sonos equaliser app. Sound is clear, nicely balanced and very detailed- this is top quality kit and the sound fills the average UK lounge no problem.
Apple could have made this kit- does not really need instructions, very well made, and again, it just works.
You get what you pay for.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Top Quality hampered by reliability, 30 April 2011
fallingforstars (West Yorkshire, UK) - See all my reviews
OK I think on balance, taking into account all the reviews, we can take it as a given that the Sonos S5 is something quite special. While I cannot disagree with the consensus of opinion why have I given it 4 stars instead of 5?

In a word RELIABILITY. I live in an average house in average conditions with no children and yet on three occasions have had to have replacement Sonos components within the guarantee period. This is too frequent an occurrence to be bad luck.

The first S5 suddenly lost its ability to produce any bass response within the first 6 months. After the usual factory reset it still failed to perform so I had to invoke a replacement unit within the warranty period.

The second problem occurred with the very expensive Sonos controller which developed a touch-screen fault. Part of the display failed to respond to touch commands. Once again I had to request a replacement.

The third occasion was the same problem as the first - the sudden inability to produce a bass response after 10 months of working flawlessly. This time the problem was suffered by my other S5 unit, located in a different part of the house and was purchased at a different retailer from the first.

So in summary - out of 4 Sonos components only the ZoneBridge has not let me down. Not a good track record is it?

These days manufacturers have their products 'Made in China' purely because it is cheaper and it vastly increases their profit margin. Unfortunately in my experience components have a much higher tendency to break down be it intermittent electrical faults, failure of rechargeable batteries or transformer failures. They just don't have the longevity expected of them.

Sonos are a very good company and have no hesitation in quickly responding and replacing faulty products. But what lifetime can I expect of these products? It doesn't bode well.

***** UPDATE 11 July 2011 - The replacement Controller 200 now refuses to hold its charge - although still under guarantee it is yet another instance of UNRELIABILITY that lets Sonos down.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing, 27 Feb. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Sonos PLAY:5 White - The Wireless Hi-Fi (formerly S5) (Electronics)
In a word - amazing. Without a doubt the best buy I have made in years. I hesitated for ages about whether to buy these or not, but eventually decided to take the plunge.
I have been a music lover for some 55 years, and over those years have had every type of music system imaginable (staring with a Dansette record player in 1959). Although I have never been able to afford the most expensive, I have always tried to buy the best my money could afford, and the Sonos 5 is, without a doubt, the best EVER. The sound that comes out of this unit is unlike anything I've ever had before. It's crystal clear, has plenty of volume (if you need it), and lots of depth - I am literally hearing subtle sounds in my music that I have never heard before.
Initial set-up and connection to my home network proved fast and easy. Connection to my digital music library on the file server proved a bit trickier, but a free phone call to Sonos Customer Service put me in touch with a very knowledgeable and extremely helpful young man who sorted my problem out very quickly - arguably the best customer service I've had in ages. Since I first got the system up and running in my lounge, I have purchased a second unit for the room I use as my home 'office', and, using the very fast search facility, I can now find and play any track literally within seconds using the free apps on my Android smartphone, my iPad or my PC.
If I have any criticism at all, it is that the apps would be better if they had more features and more options to customise the display (as they are, they do the job efficiently, but they are simplistic and lack several 'good to have' features). Two points for other potential buyers to note: (1) the search facility (obviously) relies on your digital music files being properly indexed (ie the MP3 tags need to have the right info in the right place), so if your files are not so organised (often the case with older stuff and compilation albums), you will need to get yourself an MP3 tag editor to put them right (I used the brilliant freeware program MP3Tag); and (2) although it wasn't a problem for me, I did discover on my 'travels' that the Sonos systems all have an index capacity limit of 65,000 tracks (though that won't be a problem unless you have more than, say, 4,000 albums) .
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4.0 out of 5 stars Easy to set up, reliable, good quality sound, 19 Dec. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I purchased a Sonos 5 (and the bridge of course) a few months ago and have been using it since. The system is really good overall. Easy to set up, easy to control via iphone, very reliable and fast in response to controls. The power of the Sonos 5 is impressive. I can use one of these units for a big party in the living room.

The quality of the sound is OK but not as good as I would hope for the price range of this unit. I have positioned the unit on top of a bookcase in the living room, approximately 30 cm away from the wall. The unit is not enclosed at all. I found the following issues:
i)The bass is over emphasized and I found myself taking it down by 4 notches below the middle point in the equalizer (5 notches either way of the middle point).
ii) I agree with other reviewers that the sound lacks a bit of 'warmth'. Difficult to articulate exactly what this means but it feels as if the mid range is perhaps a bit lacking. The equalizer does not include preset profiles... perhaps that would help a bit.

Overall a great sound but not 'perfect'. For this price range I was hoping for a bit more in terms of perceived sound quality. This is of course a subjective issue so other people may find Sonos' sound to be perfect.

Alternatives to Sonos exist and they come at a lower price. For example, you can set up numerous airplay zones (e.g. airport with a sound system attached) and following the latest update of the 'Remote' app (iphone), you can play music on multiple airplay devices (akin to sonos zones) in sync. Issues with wifi may occur though as you will be using the same network as your other wireless devices (e.g. laptop, iphone, etc). Not necessarily a problem but it might cause interruptions depending. The other disadvantage of this approach is that you don't get easy access to internet radio. You are restricted to the itunes radio stations which are (in my view) limited. The big plus of this approach is the considerably lower cost. It will however be more cumbersome to set up and get it working. Other pros and cons exist (difficult to cover here) but overall, Sonos is the easiest, most reliable and most user friendly solution to a complete wireless HiFi solution.

I am very happy overall and will buy Sonos again.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A brilliant purchase - put more music in your life, 13 Jan. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I was unclear to me whether the bridge was required or not - some people told me that I did need it, other people told me that I didn't. My Sonos speaker connected to my home wifi network easily and quickly WITHOUT a bridge.

This speaker is absolutely brilliant. I plugged it in, downloaded the Sonos app to my iphone, and the app guided me through the setup process. I registered my Spotify Premium account and my Amazon Music player account, and was playing music through the speaker within five minutes.

The sound really impressed me first of all. The bass is especially amazing, and overall sound quality is full and clear. The sound fills my living room and sounds awesome.

The speaker is also a lot smaller, but heavier than I expected it to be. It looks great, and feels well made and of good quality. You can also keep the Sonos system plugged in and switched on all the time. It sits silently until you tell it to play something.

The Play 5 also comes with an audio input cable for you to connect an ipod or other audio source.

An additional feature of the Sonos system is you can set up an alarm to play music when you want.

The first night we had the Sonos, we put off the TV and just sat and talked with some music on in the background for our toddler to listen to. Spotify has a lullaby album version of the songs from the movie Frozen, along with lots of other nursery rhymes for kids.
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5.0 out of 5 stars SONOS PLAY:5, 4 Jan. 2014
This review is from: Sonos PLAY:5 White - The Wireless Hi-Fi (formerly S5) (Electronics)
Like most reviews here, I am very pleased with my decision to move into the world of SONOS. I have been a long time BOSE fan with a number of their units in the house but I now wanted a system that I could stream around the house and link to my music collection that is increasingly becoming digital. SONOS is therefore the perfect solution for me.

I took delivery of the PLAY:5 on the New Years eve and had the unit, along with the bridge, up and running within 30 minutes. The free bridge offer was one of the things that did aid my decision.

The sound from the unit is incredibly rich, producing superb bass tones and picking up areas of sound that I had difficulty with, even the BOSE. Sound though is very subjective and is dependant upon both the listener and the environment in which one is listening, but suffice to say, it is a 10/10 from me.

I have also linked the the unit to my sky box through the line out facility on the PLAY:5. Adding a phono lead with the yellow and white plugs on one end into the sky box and the 3.5 jack on the other into the unit produces a wonderful sound from the TV without any of the delay suggested in other points, especially watching films, which we do, alot!. The controller through, which ever device you have, is great, fully adaptable and you can really personalise the system and here it is worth plating around with the controller app and getting to know the system.

I am now keen to add to the system, with probably a PLAY:1 and this is where the SONOS differs from the BOSE. Although they are both quality products, I feel it is unfair to compare the two directly as the two products that are often compared, are designed to provide music in different ways. The SONOS is not a sound dock, a single point of listening, it is a multi-room system that takes advantage of your wifi streaming capability and this is where it wins for me. Within our house, like most these days, we have a range of tablets and smartphones each with the 'one or the other' operating systems but the SONOS allows for this and makes for a controllable and adaptable environment. The next step, like most people I would suggest, who buy a streaming music system is to move into adding a NAS so that the music doesn't have to reply on a switched on computer.

Two other things that I must mention is the styling, the unit is modern, minimalist and has a well engineered appearance that nods towards Bauhaus influences. The PLAY:5 is weighty with a quality feel to it. The other thing worth mentioning is the support from the SONOS website and forums. Here is a wealth of knowledge available supported by other users and SONOS staff themselves that will answer probably all queries and conundrums concerning the system and set up and also information on developing a NAS.

I hope this feedback helps. It is my view and my view only. I only add a review when I feel I have something to add and in this case I felt compelled to feedback on a great product. If like me this is your first contact with SONOS, then all I can say is, do your research. Have a look at the system, have a listen in the various retailers that stock them and then make up your mind but I don't think you will be disappointed.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Living With My Sonos System, 29 Jan. 2012
A. D. Brown - See all my reviews
I've been building a Sonos system for 6 months and now have a Play 5, Play 3 and a Z90 (now called Connect) linked to my Hi-Fi by two Bridges. The music source is a Iomega Home Cloud NAS (excellent) linked through a wireless router. The three different unit choices are to do with room sizes, the Play 3 is fine in a small room, the Play 5 for a larger one. The Z90 has transformed my Hi Fi system. I had as a present an Arcam DAC which now sits between the Z90 and the Amp. This has really increased the warmth and openness of the sound and made my CD player redundant.

General pros are the great sound quality (for the price) and the brilliant functionality. Accessing your music wherever you are in the house, in any sequence, with play lists, radio and Spotify Premium also in the mix, creates a personal musical heaven. Also, set-up is easy IF the units are in range, hence why I needed two Bridges. The Z90 just couldn't pick up the Sonos wireless mesh without another strategically placed Bridge helping out.

A big job was ripping all the CD's (about 100) and this was my negative experience. I decided to get the best out of the system I should rip them into a lossless format (you'll need a lot a disk space, the Iomega NAS has 2TB) and chose Apple Lossless - big mistake. I don't know whether it was the Apple Codec (not) working with Sonos, or my ripping procedures (although I tried different hardware and settings combinations), but about every 7th or 8th track I would hear a 4-7 second digital stutter. Horrible, and at decent volumes enough to scare me (especially through headphones) and the dog. After isolating the problem I was faced with the pain of having to re-rip my CD collection. This time I chose Freerip using their FLAC codec, linked to MuvUnderCover for album artwork. A bit fiddly, but has worked a treat, and now the music is rock solid, as good as CDs (even better through the DAC).

In summary, I would not hesitate to recommend Sonos, it really does transform your music listening. And with a NAS drive you don't need your computer fired up, just turn the music on with your phone as you walk in through the door. Plus, if you want to raise your listening experience even further, use a lossless format (not Apple) played through a DAC with decent AMP and speakers to create a really decent Hi-Fi experience. Enjoy.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Believe the hype!, 21 Feb. 2011
I bought the Sonos S5 with a Zonebridge after seeing a favourable review on a repeat of the Gadget Show. I've had a Klipsch igroove for the last 2 years and was very happy with it, but having subscribed to Spotify I had started to consider a wireless speaker system to save me wiring up my laptop to the Klipsch. Then when I bought an iPhone 4 and heard about the free app that gave you control of the Sonos via the iPhone, it was a done deal.

Put simply the combination of the Sonos, an iPhone and either a Spotify or Napster subscription, is wireless music heaven. On top of this you have the ability to listen to your iTunes library wirelessly as well, again controlled by either your computer or your iPhone, or you can compile playlists from a combination of Spotify and iTunes together.

The Zonebridge seemed an essential purchase along with the S5 as I wanted to position my S5 some distance away from my router. Upon delivery I was up and running within 20 mins (half that time was taken up downloading an update). It really is as easy as that to set-up as the other reviewers have commented on. Straight away sound quality seemed a significant step-up from the Klipsch, and now that I've experimented with different treble and bass settings it seems even better. I enjoy my music with a quite bass heavy bias and it didn't take much of an increase on the equalizer before the Sonos was belting out perfect sounding and distortion free bass. After listening back to longstanding favourite tracks of mine what I also noticed was not previously before heard elements to the music on certain tracks, further elevating the Sonos well above the Klipsch.

I never even considered the Sonos controller as I'd heard the iPhone app was just as good. Using the iPhone you can either compile playlists on the fly or just select and play existing Spotify or iTunes playlists. The Sonos app will also play complete albums in track order which Spotify never does which is useful to know. You can search under artists, tracks or albums via the iPhone and once you've selected a track, you're asked if you want that track adding to your queue (ie, the playlist your compiling) or if you want it playing now or as next track. So you can insert tracks into existing playlists on the fly and then let the Sonos revert back to the playlist. The iPhone app also gives you full control of sound and the equalizer.

If streaming music from Spotify you don't need your PC or laptop switched on, however that's not the case if you're attempting to playback your iTunes library.

In the last week I've taken the plunge and bought a second S5 speaker and positioned it in a a separate room (all be it in an open plan room next to the lounge where my first speaker is). I've set-up both S5's to play the same music (you can set them up as stereo speakers and position them alongside each other as well) and sat in either room the sound is just amazing.

The Sonos may seem expensive compared with other systems but believe me it's worth every penny and you will not regret it one bit. Your biggest problem will be resisting the temptation to buy further S5's to add to your collection of speakers around your house.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazingly sophisticated thing, 8 Dec. 2013
Dennis Ryan (Fleet, Hampshire United Kingdom) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Sonos + Spotify = no more CDs! I have this device and the bridge to connect to the house network and what have you although it has its own Wi-Fi and won't take any bandwidth from the house network. I am now spending time creating Sonos playlists in Spotify. Now I need to get a couple of Play:3s for other parts of the house and I'm done. CDs are the bane of my life. We have hundreds of the things and play about 5% of them. The cure is Sonos. I will keep the "big" stuff for "big" classical music for now but will test the Sonos subwoofer in the New Year. Sonos is very iThing compatible and individual Plays can be operated using various iThings and different playlists at the same time. This = individual playlists for different music tastes. I've been through vinyl, reel-to-reel tape, cassettes, CDs and DVDs and I can say that Sonos is the future. God bless the internet!
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