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3.8 out of 5 stars61
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 31 October 2001
I've read all of Jane Green's books and enjoyed them all so when I saw this new one I bought it fast. I wasn't disappointed. It is by far the best she has written and I was sorry to finish it. It was very realistic and reflected different women's feelings and thoughts about having a family extremely well: women who have had children will relate to it, as will those that prefer a career. I could relate to all of the characters in some way and it was just amazing how true to life they all were. I think it showed that life isn't always a bowl of cherries and there are ups and downs in any relationship, sometimes they that can be worked through and sometimes they can't. I don't want to give anything away so I just suggest you go out and read it!
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on 22 January 2002
I am a big Jane Green fan and rushed out to buy it. I'm in my mid-20s and have no interest in babies or marriage but still enjoyed it. I liked Maeve's character the best, perhaps because Jane Green is best at writing in the first person. But then I hit Sam's story at the end and felt equally moved - by the end of the book I felt Jane Green had covered a satisfying array of themes and ideas on babies.
I didn't think this was as brilliant as Bookends. Bookends was a very special book that made me laugh and cry. I didn't feel this was written with quite the same love and enthusiasm as Bookends; Babyville seemed to have been written in a bit of a rush. But I don't want to put anyone off buying it as it's still a great read!
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on 4 November 2002
I agree with some of the other reviewers that the reader does not have to put in much effort to finish this book. Unfortunately I also got the sense that not a lot of effort had been put in by the author. Most of the story is clichéd, the dialogue is often embarrassingly wooden and I was irritated by the one-sided view presented of pregnancy and early motherhood – not all of women become forgetful hormonal demons! It was sloppily edited too. Two of the characters (Jill and Sam) are supposed to have swapped advice on their pregnancies, but given the age difference between their children, this does not seem likely. Key details are left out of the trite ‘happily ever after’ ending, like whether Chris ever finds out what happened between his wife and his best client’s husband.
This is disappointing, because certain parts of the book are engaging and Green is a good story teller, even if she does rely heavily on things magically falling into place – real life rarely intrudes on her characters. (For example two characters move to London and New York, cities notorious for having expensive and hard to find rentals, yet both immediately find perfect accommodation). However, I was gripped by the story of Sam and her post natal misery, which is finally exploded in an authentically horrible scene where she is publicly humiliated by her almost-lover and his wife – via the baby monitor! The other characters were a little two-dimensional, but I enjoyed reading their stories anyway.
Babyville is not a taxing read. If Green had put a bit more thought into it, it might have also been a memorable one.
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on 12 December 2004
This book along with ALL other Green books have been a source of endless entertainment and thought provoking. This book takes you to different people's circumstances with a view of their relationships, their wanting and dealing with children. The book is true to life and you are drawn into it from the offset. What a read, another fine performance by Ms Green.
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on 6 January 2004
I absolutely LOVED Mr Maybe and was equally besotted with this one...At first, I thought it was goin to be one of those sentimental, romanticised views of babies, but it was anything but! It was so refreshing for someone to write about the truly hard job of having a baby. I still want one in the future but this has made me think twice about the responsibility of it all. I simply couldn't put it down. Just read it!
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on 4 January 2002
I was a bit dubious when I began reading this book as I don't have any children and thought Jane Green and babies? But after reading this book twice, I would highly recommend it to anybody. It's based on three women, Julia Maeve and Sam whose lives are all affected in some way by baby making and each other. I found it hard to warm to Julia, as she seemed to be a misery and definately stuck in a rut trying to have a baby and being unhappy with her partner Mark. She leaves the story early and we move on to Maeve.
Maeve, I could easily identify with and have as a friend, as she comes accross as independent, sassy and fun! She finds herself in the predicament that she falls pregnant totally unexpectantly and have to learn to cope with whatever decision she makes re the future.
The third subject is Sam, whose character I loved. Sam's story starts after she has her baby the wonderful George, who is the apple of his mother's eye, and she is fusses over constantly and makes tonnes of baby food and freezes it in ice cube trays.....(madness!) She finds mothermood so difficult, coping with other mothers, and stays in her pajamas all day. Her husband doesn't understand where his outgoing fun loving wife has gone, and their frustration with each other starts to take it's toll until.... I won'tgo any further but I'd highly recommend this read. I enjoyed how Jane Green gently brushes their three lifes against each other.
If this hasn't convinvce you, here's one last attempt to convert all those who actually have had babies. I watched my best friend reading this who has a two year old, with tears of laugher rolling down her face, and hearing her say, I went through that, or I know how she feels, so it is realistic and to the point.
Well done Jane! Five stars
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on 5 October 2001
In this book her characters are more grown up and have real jobs. They can pay the rent and the shopping trips are fewer. They face real problems and have to deal with life-changing moments. But, it is still full of humor and fun!
I have just finished reading Part 2 and I am finding that I can't put this book down. It was
really hard to get through the first section with Julia. She is a self-centered brat and I have no idea what Mark found in her. But, if you can get through her, the book gets SO much better.
I would love to be a little like Maeve or have a friend like her. She has charm, guts, and she makes me smile. And I am very anxious to get to Sam. I am sure that I will be done with this in the next day.
If you are a fan, pick up this book. I live in the US, and I have to pick up all my brit books off of this site. It was definitely worth the price and the postage. Enjoy! I am giving it 4 stars only because of the beginning.
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on 25 January 2002
I bought this book whilst pregnant with the thought of reading it during the last few weeks of waiting for my little one to arrive. However, he had other ideas as he was a few weeks early, so have only just got round to reading it, and even in my shattered and bleary eyed state found it impossible to put down before bedtime!
After reading Sam's chapter I'm convinced that Jane Green has been spying in my kitchen and eavesdropping on conversations I've had with my hubby! I too have offered him pureed vegetables when he's complained that I only ever cook for Jack these days, and that the freezer is overflowing with ice cubes of food in bags!
Highly recommended!
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on 24 March 2007
This novel by Jane Green is one of her funniest! It will have you laughing from start to finish! A real gem to any woman who is thinking about having a baby, pregnant or had a baby in her life time! A great insight to a womans mind when she is going through the stages of starting a family with that witty Jane Green twist! A must read!!
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on 15 May 2007
This is the first Jane Green book I have read and I loved it. I agree with the previous comment about the stories not being finished before you move onto the next person, but all the loose ends do get tied up and all your questions get answered, as you fill in some of the blanks of Julia's story whilst reading about Maeve and then you learn more about Maeve and Julia whilst reading about Sam. Loved each of the separate stories and think they could have worked as books in their own right.

Read this if you're a new mum, thinking of starting a family, pregnant or have no desire to start a family right now! Whatever your situation you will love it.
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