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4.1 out of 5 stars55
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 30 July 2014
This is a fantastic set of games. They are old by now but the campaigns are very well done. This box includes.

- Medal of Honor Allied Assault
- Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead
- Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough
- Medal of Honor Pacific Assault
- Medal of Honor Airborne
- 10th Anniversary soundtrack

Allied Assault is probably the best game here. The missions are thoroughly enjoyable - particularly the missions involving stealth/disguises. Pacific Assault is one of the few FPSs to have the war in the Pacific (the other notable one being Call of Duty World at War). Airborne focuses on non-linearity, so the missions can be completed in a number of ways. There is less missions than in the previous games. The final level is in my opinion one of the best in the series.
This game is a bargain for the many hours of playing it gives you!


Windows 7, 8 & 8.1:

Allied Assault/Pacific Assault: COMPATIBLE; although I recommend running the setup and game in compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service pack 3) and set to run as an administrator.
Airborne: COMPATIBLE; to work with Windows 7/8, you must uninstall any PhysX software on your PC. Then run the setup. Before you play the game, Google; nvidia physx driver, and install it and also Google; nvidia physx legacy driver and install it.

Windows 10:

Allied Assault: NOT COMPATIBLE; I have not managed to get Allied Assault running. I will update this review if I find a solution. A Windows 7/8/10 compatible version is available from a certain fantastic DRM-free retro games site.
Pacific Assault: COMPATIBLE; although I recommend running the setup and game in compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service pack 3) and set to run as an administrator. I don't know if this is just an issue for me but the setup would not accept the serial code until I inputed the digits using the numper pad.
Airborne: not yet tested
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on 22 September 2010
Excellent and cheap collect of:
MoH : Allied Assualt
MoH : Spearhead
MoH : Breakthrough
MoH : Pacific Assualt (Director's Edition)
MoH : Airborne

Note that to install Medal of Honor Airborne you must first use control panel to uninstall "Ageia Physx" software! Once MoH Airborne is installed go to the ageia physx website and download/install the latest version of ageia physx. (This was on a windows 7 PC with an ATI HD5770 graphics card - The MoH Airborne install dies early on if ageia physx software is already installed!!).
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on 31 October 2010
This is a great collection of all the Medal of Honor games ever released on PC, even though the franchise started on Playstation in 1999 the games went downhill in quality after Frontline on the PS2 in my opinion; however the PC games have stayed very strong in the last 10 years or so.

It simply has all five games that were made before the latest Medal of Honor (2010) you get:

Allied Assault
Pacific Assault (directors edition)

Plus a soundtrack compilation featuring some of Medal of Honor's best pieces

They are the original games repackaged into a box set essentially so if you missed a few of the games or you never touched them then it's a great way to instantly familiarise yourself with the franchise.

Unfortunately some of the bugs were not fixed in Allied Assault so (at least for me) it was a tad buggy. However I believe it was a windows 7 issue. I needed to disable the windows aero them for the game to launch other than that it ran fine apart from a couple of random crashes. The later games like Airborne and Pacific Assault run fine with no problems

The soundtrack is a good extra to have however i personally think it is missing some of the best tracks from the franchise (Arnhem from Frontline for example) however i know there is a limit of 80 minutes on a CD so all of the songs can't fit most of the best peices are there on the CD to name a few:

The main themes from Allied Assault, Airborne, Underground and Frontline
After the drop (frontline)
Escaping Gotha (the big finale level in frontline)
Escape from Casablanca (Underground)

Plus a few others, the 14 tracks make a good listen for about an hour or so

The soundtrack as certainly captured some of the more powerful and exciting moments from the franchise, if you like me have played all the games then you'll know that one of Medal of Honor's strengths is its soundtrack every game has had an amazing score that rivals any film

Great package for those who never played them all or want to have all the games in one box however if you own them all then you won't really be missing too much sadly.

If you are new to the games and like FPS games then it is worth buying
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on 30 November 2010
old but with a sense of pace, & tension that is sometimes given up for the superior graphics of some of the more modern game
at the price this is not just a bargain it is a steal
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on 4 May 2012
Back in the day when the Medal of honor name was a huge success. Allied Assault was the biggest FPS in its time. I'm one of those who love the WW2 genre, whereas others lost interest, which is why it's gone to a modern era, which i find tediously boring.

However, this anniversary edition for me, is the rise and fall of the medal of honor name.

Allied Assault + expansions - The original medal of honor starts with a bang, it's visuals are nothing special to look at NOW, but then it was a big stride. The story is spot on, almost identical to 'Saving private ryan' film, Ohama beach setting etc.. It would seem they got the map designs, and how the level pans out from the film, which is great! The expansions are a nice touch, though not offering a great deal, just expands on the allied advances, some nice levels and a little more depth

Pacific Assault - Takes you to the Pacific side of ww2. One thing you can tell straight away is, the visuals have been updated very well. Still pretty decent even now. Nicely, they've added a story for your character and his squad, which attaches you to the story better. With that said, the game play is littered with bugs, most annoyingly is shooting an enemy point blank, but the bullet not connecting, because of a log or something you're crouched next to, despite having the cursor far from the log. Also, i felt it was a case of, rumbling through a jungle, to clear out a camp, and repeat itself. The beggining to the game is fantastic! A nice insight to pearl harbor too. Starts off strong, ends pretty sour.

Airborne - What was to be their last WW2 game for the medal of honor series. It ended poorly for me. Love the idea of it being about Airborne. I loved Band of Brothers the series, and was quite looking forward to the idea of this. Unfortunately its again littered with bugs. The solider movements themselves look odd. The shooting is bland. Also what most annoys me, is how unrealistic it is. Having high class nazis, having to shoot them with hundreds of bullets before they eventually go down was a huge sour point for me, kills my interest.
Though they had an interesting idea for this, being that the AI is completely unique, and you can choose where to deploy, and it would never be the same if you was to deploy in that same area. Adds to the suprise to what could happen. Graphics are quite demanding for this, with many machines having issues installing and playing this. Be warned.

Soundtrack disc - A very nice touch. There are some really quality pieces on these games. A lot of it can give you goosebumps, very dramatic instruments, really adds to the year and setting of it all. Nice nice touch.

Overall i'd say it's a nice collection. Especially for Allied Assault, wondering where medal of honor started? Get it. Looking to refresh your brain from fps history, get it! like ww2 fps? GET IT!
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on 1 January 2011
The Medal of Honor 'series' is one of two names in world conflict FPS's Call of Duty is the other. Medal of Honor recreates with the most amazing historical detail some of the bloodiest battles across several campaigns/conflicts. I have followed the series since before Allied Assault was released and we had to make do with MOH Underground etc for the Playstation. This collection brings all of the PC games released up to and including Airborne.

Allied Assault takes you across world war 2 the game itself is dated in it's graphics and gameplay, however on a low-end system or even a netbook such as my compaq it is a fun addition to any collection. It also comes with two expansions, breakthrough and spearhead. Pacific Assault allows the player to venture across the pacific campaign, and I find it a much more fun game than AA. The final inclusion is Airborne and what a game it is! Airborne takes the player across missions actually fought by the airborne in ww2. Having completed the game I can say it can be one of the hardest games if you are not experienced in FPS games, this is of course on high difficulty.

Airborne brings a very definite new aspect to gaming... ie the parachuting into your mission. At the start of each mission and after dying you begin in the plane as part of the 'stick'. When you get to the final level 'Der Flakturm' the history buffs will notice it take some resemblance of the flak towers used by the Nazi's in ww2, however the game has obviously had to make this bigger and even more demonic. With about 5 Flak 43's and 3 or 4 Flak 40's housed inside the tower and the rest of the tower heavily defended you will be immersed in a truely epic mission. The game overall is a short one, however I find it to have great replay value.
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on 26 January 2012
taught I was on to a good thing when I received the game only 2 days after getting email to say it was dispatched and I live in Ireland so no complaints about the delivery installed Pacific Assault no problem and had a great time playing it even could use my Xbox controller,but then tried to install Airborne it just cuts off after a few seconds then installed Allied Assault it installed but it wont play so not impressed at all.Since I wrote the review I installed Windows 7 Ulitimite was using Windows 7 Home and the 2 games I was having trouble with work grand now.
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on 6 October 2010
I had a lot of fun playing these games and I made sure I played each one until the end. It's a great value pack for the money. These days, you can rarely buy a (new) top title game for under 20 pounds, much less a pack of 5 top games.
Not just that, there are a lot of missions in each one and some are quite long.

I would say the worst of the 5 games was pacific assault. I would give it a 5.5 out of 10. Because the game play and controls function a little too slow and inaccurate. Plus, there are a lot of cut scenes, that slow the flow of the missions. I felt like I was just watching videos and not in the middle of combat. I played this on multiple computers, including a highend i7 940 with 16GB RAM and 2,5 Gb Video running Vista Ult. 32 and 64 Bit and XP Pro. Each time it played the same way. There are a lot of complaints about Pacific Assault online too. You just have to be patient with that one title or you can skip it all together. The other 4 games were clearly better.

The graphics are not terrible when you consider that these games were made years ago. For example, MoH Allied Assault was released ca. 2002. MoH Airborne was released ca. 2007, which means, they probably began making it sometime during 2006. They are using typical graphics according to the time when they were made. If you play all the games in order, you will notice some improvements from game to game. They also did not claim to change the graphics in these games. So, I was completely satisfied with the collection as it is.
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on 7 December 2011
Well packaged with quick delivery and fantastic value for money.
Hours and hours of entertainment for dark winter evenings.
Works a treat on Windows 7.
I know it's not modern, but who cares! It's a classic.
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on 29 April 2013
I just played Medal of honor allied assault for now. The game is pure fun, the campaign mode is very rich and immersive, and the multiplayer is pure joy. I remember playing it as a kid, and the game still hook's me up in 2013. One of the greatest fps of all time! If you like fps, or have interest in the WWII period, do yourself a favor and buy this gem.
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