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on 18 January 2012
There's two ways of viewing this product, the first is that it's an inexpensive set of bluetooth headphones, which are pretty comfortable, have great battery life, decent enough sound quality and work great with the iPhone 4. So for me, wearing this outside for walks / runs to listen to music is great, the bluetooth works great, never had any drops in audio, and being able to change track, pause, volume control on the device is so much more convenient than playing with a touch screen.

The second way (the bad points), is that they do feel cheap, the audio quality is good (not great), the headphones lack any kind of form factor adjustments. These are all fine to me thanks to the price. The only deal breaker, which thankfully doesn't apply to me, depends on how you use these headphones. Now this may be inherent to all bluetooth headsets, or maybe the fault of these headphones, but there's lag. Probably <500ms lag between the device playing the sound and the headphones blurting them to my ear. This makes watching videos on my laptop and iPhone painful (especially if people are visibly talking), but if it's just music you're interested in, for the price I'd say this is definitely a good product to go for.
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on 2 August 2010
To be honest I didn't expect much for the price but having just bought an iPod Touch I wanted to be able to listen to music whilst working in the garden. My current wired pair of over-the-ear cans end up getting tangled with tools or in bushes nearly every time I use them and it can be painful when they accidentally get pulled off or you hang yourself with the cord! They were also quite expensive so there was always the risk of damaging them.

This pair paired first time without fuss, they're quite comfortable and the sound quality is surprisingly good - good enough for me to have just ordered a second pair for the wife to use in the gym. I particularly like the built-in volume control and the option to pause the music if required.

They also paired first time and functioned correctly with my Nokia phone, although I doubt I'll ever bother to use them with that, I just wanted to see if it would work!

Fully charged batteries will last for 20 hours according to the box which I think is pretty good but I've yet to test that claim.

Overall, 5 stars - well worth the money.
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on 18 August 2011
I have owned the 7dayshop Bluetooth headphones for approximately two years now and feel it's about time I put a review up on Amazon. For the first couple of weeks, I treated my new headphones with great care keeping them in their carry pouch. I then started to be a bit more rough with them (they were only cheap after all) but still the headphones performed like day 1. The last couple of months, the headphones have been bouncing around loose in the bottom of my bag and they have been thrown in the boot of the car. Each time I come back to use them, they work perfectly.

I have successfully connected them to my Itouch, iPhone, iPad, galaxy tab, htc desire, each one effortlessly. Then there's the battery.. I lost the charger six months ago, each time I hold the on button, I expect a depleted battery, but it keeps on turning on. I'm determined to drain this damn battery, but it just keeps coming back for more (wish my smartphone batteries lasted as long). The sound quality is superb for headphones at this price, I'm no sound expert, but they don't sound any different to my Sennheiser inner ear buds. There are controls for track skip forward and backward and volume on the right earpiece. A double click of the middle button on the right earpiece activates the voice control on your phone (when available). The pads on each earpiece are nice and soft and are comfortable on the ear and haven't ripped like other headphones I have owned. They also fold up into a nice compact size to put on your pocket.

There is one thing my headphones don't excel at and that is when they are used during a call. The person on the other end has great difficulty hearing me, they complain that there is too much background noise. I'm not sure if this is just my pair, as other reviews mention the headphones being fine for making calls.

I wouldn't hesitate buying these, if I were on the lookout for some bluetooth headphones. I hope they make a new version with a better quality microphone, this product would then easily be 5 stars.
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on 9 April 2010
Worked first time with my iPhone 3G, PS3 and laptop. I use them at work with my iPhone. Sound quality is fine. Equal to my far more expensive wired pair. I walked all over the open plan office with the iPhone on the desk and did not lose connection. A range of over 30ft. Comfy enough to wear for several hours and has easily withstood being in my handbag for three weeks (which means they must be tough). Highly recommended for the price.
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on 17 March 2010
It is a well designed great product. Having said that it cannot fit in professional category.
If you would like to have a cable free environment in front of your computer, it suits very well.

Couple of things about its technical capabilities;
- It has a Bluetooth Class 2 transciver, hence its theoretical limit is 10m, in other words can only work 5m to 7m away from the paired transmitter in reality. If there is obstruction on the way, the link drops.

- It supports Advanced Audio Distribution (A2DP) profile. Means high quality stereo audio playback, of course audio reproduction depends on speakers performace, which is not bad and subjective. Advance Audio Distribution feature works with the transceiver supports Bluetooth 2.0+EDR and above. So, need to be sure your laptop, or dongle on the source side support this.

- Forward, Backward buttons are ineffective when listening to music on the browser, Firefox, from Grooveshark. Sure, it is application related issue. My colleague has purchased one to use with Spotify. The buttons work with Spotfy application on Firefox.

Have tried with Tesco's Technica cheap and cheerful Bluetooth dongle which only works with Headset profile. The result is mono and low quality sound. Hence, again you need to be sure, your source side supports Bluetooth 2.0+EDR and above as mentioned.

It works with HP ProBook 4510s laptop with Windows 7 very well. Normally, the speakers of the laptop are muted. Press the multifunction button of the headset to wake it up. It connects to the laptop and register itself as a main audio output. Windows 7 diverts the audio output to it and remembers its speaker settings as well. This is great!

Works with Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android smart phone perfectly...

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on 13 April 2012
I have had these headphones for over a week now and for the most part they are very good:

1) Great battery life - they last all day no problem for both calls and listening to music.
2) Work with iPhone, Windows, Mac very well
3) Play pause buttons and volume buttons work well
4) Good sound quality

1) The microphone is a bit quiet with callers struggling to hear me especially in open spaces
2) The audio is very non-private with others around able to hear the audio quite easily

All in all, these are a good set of headphones for the money and I will keep using them although when it comes to longer calls I will have a spare wired set in reserve, just in case.
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on 18 February 2010
OK so I got this two days ago and at first it baffled me. It did not WANT to be recognized by any of my devices. When it finally did connect to my laptop the sound was soo bad.. I had to tweak setting in VLC to fix video sounds (still get static) and iTunes feels like radio what with all the static. Max range for me was less than 5m from laptop.
My phone the W995 couldn't even find it at first and I put them right next to each other to connect. Once it was added tho connection was instantaneous. Sound is pretty good from the phone. Bass was bassy and trebles were high. Problems: Sound skips if the phone moves too fast (don't know if its the phones fault or the headphone) I was running and I gave up cuz the sound came and went with every step.
Phone calls. Voice is clear according to friends I called from the phone even in a crowded environment with background noise. I haven't been able to fine tune the voice command function (honestly I haven't been able to find it even)

Body is very plasticky and seems like a little roughness can see it coming apart in my hands. Comfortable otherwise.

Verdict. Good value for money. But needs compromise in the quality area.

[EDIT: Instructions for easy pairing]
I had a reall problem with this.
They are already on discoverable.. Read the manual.
Press the center button for 7 seconds. A red LED will start flashing.
For phones>
Go on your phone and find 'handsfree' and search. it will find the headphone and simply connect.
For PC/laptops
Go bluetooth devices. Search. when you find it, add it. my Passkey was '0000'. must be the same for you. and youre set up.
to turn off simply press the center botton for 3-4 seconds. Red LED flashes once and its off.
Hope this helps.
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on 7 April 2011
These are the second set of bluetooth headphones I've had, having previously used a more expensive (But still cheap) pair from Zoom, and while they were £20 cheaper they were much better then that pair, and considering the price, a fantastic purchase.

Using them on my Mac, PC and iPhone I was most supprised to find that not only does the audio work on the iPhone, but the voice controls and other headset features all work, which my previous pair refused to do.

There are some minor issues, at full volume the noise bleeds a fair amount, but they also muffle external sound really well, so it depends on how much you care about people around you, and I do get the occasional minor skip, but only once every hour or so, and again, much improved on the previous set of headphones I've owned.

Battery life is also fantastic, and I get 2 full days use out of them, and only charge them once a week using frequently.

Given the price of them compared to other sets, you really can't go wrong with these.
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on 7 January 2013
The R7 Headphones were purchased specifically to use with the Kindle Fire HD. Paired readily and work perfectly. I left the Kindle downstairs and could hear my music perfectly all through the house via the headphones. Good sound quality and comfortable on my ears and I love that the 'headband' does not rest over your head but at the back of the neck. I changed tracks with no problem. I viewed a movie and had no problems and no time lag. I'm very pleased with them and very speedy delivery .
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on 14 June 2012
I agree with all the other reviews on these Headsets but thought I would add my experience with them.
I wear two digital hearing aids which means they are set up for my individual hearing loss so I usually use an iLoop to listen to music so it comes through the hearing aids, therefore I get ALL the sounds as they should be.
The problem with the iLoop, and other headsets I have tried is the cord. When digging on the allotment or doing a bit of DIY it tangles up. Thought I would give these a try with my new iPod and they exceeded anything that has been written about them. They are brilliant.
Forgot to mention I also wear glasses and even with those on I can still hear music perfectly well through these headsets and my hearing aids.
The downside is they come with a high Prat Factor because I've been caught singing and jigging about, with these on, and haven't heard people passing by!!! Hum
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