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4.5 out of 5 stars610
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 3 February 2014
We bought this DSi for our granddaughter's birthday/ Christmas present. When we gave it to her, we discovered that it was a model licensed for sale in USA, Canada and Sout America. As such, it meant that we could not log into anything but the Nintendo US website for any updates or additionla software, which meant everything was paid in dollars! Also we discovered that if a game was licensed for Europe, it would not play on the DSi. We contatced Technology Mart by email, and received a quick response which said they would investigate, and then asked us to return it to them for replacement, assuring us that their DSis were all usable in the UK. We returned it, and it was replaced by an identical model, i,e, licensed for the USA, Canada, and South America, with all the same problems. Another round of email communication drew from them the promise to refund the whole cost, including the 2 lots of return postage, when they had received the DSi back. It took nearly 2 weeks and a reminder before a refund was made through Amazon Marketplace, but without the postage. All further emails as king about the postage have been ignored, and 3 weeks or so after the basic price refund I am still waiting!
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Our granddaughter is a very pretty and dainty girl who had quietly eyed her 3 brothers Nintendo DSi's without hardly ever being allowed to get her hands on them - you know what young boys are like when it comes to the noble art of sharing with their little sister! So when she got a console for her 8th birthday she was delighted and I am not quite certain what games she has but her both assures us they are much more lady-like than her siblings 'biff-bang-wallop' variety of gratuitous violence and the like.

We got her console in pink, as it is her favourite colour and to ensure the machine is not commandeered by her brothers when they can't find theirs, as boys would not be seen dead with a girly pink one! The choice of present and colour have been a great success and something she has had and will I am certain continue to get a lot of pleasure from.

Much has been said in the reviews here extolling the technical virtues by those far more capable of doing so than myself but from our perspective we are delighted with the purchase and with its quality and entertainment value.
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on 30 December 2013
My daughter is delighted with this Nintendo DSi - it is exactly as described by the seller, i.e. like new, in perfect condition, in the original box. The five stars are for the actual product. In terms of delivery service, I would only give the seller 1 star. I ordered the DSi on 27 November and, despite following up with the seller several times, it only reached me on December 27th so too late for Christmas.
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on 27 March 2013
I bought this for my daughter as a birthday present and she has absolutely loved it. She enjoys the variety of games that are available to play on the DSi and the internet access is really useful! Great purchase!
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on 17 August 2009
Well, having gone through alot of trouble trying to get a DSi, I hoped it would be worth it. And it defineately was! The problem I always had with the old versions of the DS was that it was just a games console, nothing else, it jus played games. That's why I spent time trying to find games that were like tools (e.g.the web browser game you could buy). But the DSi has met my expectations.

It's cameras may be low res, but do we expect them to be 10 megapixel super cameras? No, they're just for fun, and that's what some people are finding hard to grasp, the DSi is for enjoyment.

The DSiware was slow to load most of the time, as was the bowser, but it was very useful for good games like Wario snapped or apps lke Flipnote Studio. A problem I found though was that you couldn't link your WiiWare account with your DSiware account, so you had to buy separate points, but this won't be a problem for people who don't own a Wii.

I was dissapointed by the internet, as it didn't use a 3G connection or special Nintendo hotspot connection, but an extra cost would probably be added if this was the case. On the other hand, the wi-fi is easy to use if you are connecting to a free hotspot like McDonalds and your wi-fi at home is also simple to log on to, you can get surfing in a couple of minutes.

Overall, this is a brilliant update from the previous DS's, and next up will probaby be a DS with video recording and software for it. But this is perfect for me, being just 11 years old and just wanting to play around with photos and sounds for fun. Well Done Nintendo!
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on 4 April 2009
I have forever looked at the DS Lite's title screen and felt disappointed about how little it could do. Now, the DSi has everything you ever wanted.

The DSi is a bit longer and a bit thinner, but you wouldn't notice. The matte finish is much better than the glossy finish of the DS Lite, as there will be no more finger prints, but it is prone to becoming dirty. The screens are 0.25 inches bigger, which may not sound like a lot, but it is definitely noticable when you step from the DS lite to the DSi. There is no more GBA slot, but that doesn't really matter. The volume controls are now buttons, which is much better for keeping sound quiet in public areas, but not so much so that YOU can't hear it. There is now a power button on the inside that can also return to the menu. The speakers are better and louder when you want it. There is a 0.3 MP camera next to the microphone on the inside of the hinge and one on the outside. The stylus is longer and fatter. There is an SD Card slot aswell for photos and music. Internally, there is a faster processor which games in the future will utilise.

The Wii-like menu looks very nice and is easy to use. Game cards can now be hotswapped (changed without having to turn off the system). The DSi Shop allows you to download games or DSiWare, of which there are inceasing numbers all the time, as well as the brilliant, free DSi Web Browser, which is much faster and better than expected, but cannot run Flash unfortunately. When you first log on the the DSi Shop, you get 1,000 free points (offer until march 2010 I think).

The DSi camera is only 0.3 MP, but that is enough for use on the console. There are some fun effects you can add too like Distortion Lens, Colour Pad, Mirror etc. The camera has face recognition for some effects, and there will be DSi exclusive games coming out in the future that use this feature. DSi Sound is another good program, allowing you to record sounds and play with them. More importantly, music on the SD card can be played with some fun equaliser graphics, and be slowed down and speeded up if, say, it was a learn a language CD and you wanted to slow the words down. I takes AAC files which means that you can put on your iTunes collection (but you must convert it in iTunes first). There your old favourites too: Picto Chat and DS Download Play. And remember, there is a huge library of great DS games, that this will still play (except Guitar Hero due to the GBA slot)

This is a great console. If you have already have a DS Lite, it is a little expensive to upgrade, and I would wait to the prices come down. If not, i would fully recomend it and say that it is better than the iPod Touch and PSP.
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on 13 October 2010
I purchased my dsi after previously owning ds lite and playing it until it no longer worked. I really enjoyed the variety of games I could play on my ds so I needed a new one to replace and went for the dsi in red.

The dsi for those of you who don't know is a handheld games console made by nintendo. The games come on little cartridges which which slot neatly into the back of the console and vary from adventure games, puzzle games, football games, cooking games, health games basically every kind of game you can think of most of the games available to play on the wii are also available on the ds. The ds also has its own games specifically deigned for it.

The dsi is a rectangular shape which you open by flicking a little switch at the front once its open inside you will find 2 3.25-inch screen one in the top bit one which is touch screen in the bottom (imagine you are opening a book ). It also has two 0.3 megapixel cameras one which faces you as you play and one on the back of the console the mega pixel quality is not high put is ok as an added feature and there are fun programmes you can play like taking pictures of you and friends and seeing how 'related' you are. The sound quality is good most games can be played with or without sound I usually play without to save annoying other people lol though you can put earphones if you want to. It also has a SD memory card slot you can save picures onto although you probably won't need this as you can save 421 picures onto the console itself and it saves the pictures in a album and on a calender so you can see when you took it.

The dsi is slightly thiner than my previous ds lite but has a bigger clearer screen. Another feature is dsi sound which allows you to record yourself then play with the sounds you make you can also play your own music this isn't really a feature I use but for sound fans it could be fun.

The dsi also has as shop where games and applications can be downloaded through wifi connection.

When playing a game the dsi is controlled by either a stylus which is like the little pen you get with touch screen phones these days or you can use the arrow controllers and 'x'y'a'b' buttons similar to a playstation and xbox pad which can be found inside the console or the the L and R keys found on each corner each game needs to be controlled in different ways but don't worry its quick to pick up as you go along.

I can definatley recommend the dsi over the ds lite as it's extra features including camera make it more fun you are also able to use the console for general internet browsing access which adds to the entertainment value of the console. The wide variety of games available for the console also means I constantly have something to keep me entertained. I am 26 years old and especially enjoy the challenging puzzle games such as professor Layton and Jewel quest I also like the cooking step by step guides and have found using the walk with me game where my steps are monitored daily and then downloaded on to by dsi to be motivational in getting me to move more. The dsi has something for all ages it's something the whole family can enjoy.
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on 15 October 2009
My grandson aged 7 desperately wanted this for his birthday and has been thrilled with it ever since. However his Dad tells me that he is not totally obsessed by it as with other computer games because it is educational and non-violent and needs some brain input. So it has been much appreciated by both children and adults.
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on 22 August 2011
I just got the Nintendo Dsi even though I bought a Nintendo 3DS recently and here are my views:-

Nintendo DSi:-

There's just no denying the fact that this console is indeed the best way to play the large library of DS games available.Yes, you get the 3DS for only £25 more at the time of writing this review, but playing DS games on 3DS is not ideal, which Ill explain later in the comparison.If you want to play the DS games which are available on the market right now like mario, pokemon, mario kart etc in the way it is meant to be played, then get the Nintendo Dsi.This has larger screens than its predecessor Ds Lite(which is no longer in production), and also comes with features like Dsi store, flipnote studio and 2 cameras(one at the front and one at the back).Overall this unit has excellent build quality with black matt finish which keeps the fingerprints away.

Please bear in mind that if you are a fan of Gameboy Advance, then you might be disappointed with this because it does not have a GBA slot like the DS Lite and hence cannot play old GBA games.But, in this day and age, I dont think it matters to too many people out there

To conclude, this is a solid unit and the best way to play DS games ,a long with added features like 2 cameras and the DSi store

Nintendo 3DS:-

No, this is not a 3D DS. It is the 3DS which is infact much more pwerful than the nintendo DSiTthe 3D is just the icing on the cake.The 3DS which costs just £25 more has it's advantages and disadvantages.It's a solidly built console ,heavier than the Nintendo Dsi but looks nicer.

Many people have been complaining about headaches because of the 3D,let me assure you that after spending more than 2 months on the console, a short sighthed person like me have had no problems at all, and yes the 3D adds to your gameplay experience.You can feel the depth of the games like PES 2011, ridge racer and yes this is indeed something new which you have never experienced before.If however, you are uncomfortable with the 3D, there is a 3D slider which you can always slide down and switch off the 3D.

The games available for the 3DS are much more graphically intense than the DS.Let me assure you that this is no DS. This is the next generation console and it also comes with a circle analogue pad for precision control.

What are the disadvantage then?well, the lack of software titles presently on the market.However, this is bound to change.The recent price drop has increased sales and hence developers are back on board with the 3DS. Games like Mario 3d, Mario Kart 3D, Paper Mario 3D, Luigis Mansion 2 etc are just around the corner, to be releases in December and early 2012.

Also, I must point out again that playing Ds games on the 3DS is not ideal because there are black bars running on the side of the top screenm and the image is blurry compared to DSi.However, if you havent owned a DSi before, you wont notice this.

So which one to choose?

Quite frankly, the 3DS if you dont mind a slightly blurry DS games and waiting few months for the 3DS games.

The Dsi if you want to play DS games ONLY and dont care too much about 3D.

If you are a gamer, like me, you would take both.
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on 8 April 2009
I bought my Nintendo DSi white console on Friday [launch date] from somewhere else and I can say I love it. I've taken several photos and had fun using the software to distort my face. My back catalog of games work brill especially now they are played on bigger screens. I had to take 2 games back that required the GBA slot as they is no GBA slot in this console but who cares I never played on them. I've downloaded the web browser after the first update for my dsi and I like that too. I bought plenty of accessories being - a new car charger, flip and play case, USB charge cable and some game cases.

Parents some advice - If your children are asking for a DS, if they are under 9 years old then the DS Lite would be a better option but if your children are over 9 years old then the DSi is perfect. Just make sure you put restrictions on.
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