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VINE VOICEon 25 March 2003
With “Daredevil” being possibly the most faithful comic book motion picture adaptation to date, it is fitting that “Daredevil –The Album” is perhaps the most appropriate soundtrack to film ever produced.
The songs stand out in the picture and I quickly found that I wasn’t the only person who noticed it. Never have I heard so many people heap so much praise on a soundtrack after seeing a film. The praise is well deserved too as the artists involved seem to have put a lot of work into this project and just about every song has a very obvious significance to the film’s storyline and characters.
“Nickelback”, “Saliva”, “Moby” and “Rob Zombie” seem to have been guaranteed the lion’s share of action fantasy movie soundtrack work over recent years and their appearance here is of no surprise to me. By now I would have expected their songs to be a little “conveyor belt”, but this is not the case. Their entries are very memorable, particularly Zombie’s collaborative piece with “Drowning Pool”, “The Man Without Fear.” The title says it all and it is a worthy fast-paced tribute to the Daredevil character. However, it is tracks like Fuel’s “I Won’t Back Down” and newcomer Evanescene’s fantastic “Bring me Back to Life” that are the real gems on this album. In fact it is this latter track, used to accompany Elektra’s training sequence, which will probably prompt most fans of the film to buy the soundtrack.
There are few weak tracks on the album; although some of the songs played by less well known artists (in Britain at least) may seem to lack any individual charm (there are some obvious “Manic Street Preachers” and “Greenday” clones on it). Having said this, they provide enough musical diversity to make the album entertaining to listen to as a whole.
I recommend the album to most rock fans that enjoy diversity of styles and certainly to any fans of the film. With any luck “Daredevil - The Album” is a sign of the style soundtracks will take. The soundtrack’s attention to detail is a welcome relief from the “Music inspired by” and other weakly associated movie soundtracks.
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on 3 March 2004
I first bought this album because i liked some of the music i heard on the film, and soon discoverd it would become one of the best albums i have in my c.d collection, a compelling array of masterful songs performed by some of the greatest bands in the world. I had never heard of several of the bands when i bought it, Feul Reevis Chevelle Finger 11 to name a few, but soon realised how good these were not only that it features great songs from bands i already loved Saliva with bleed for me utter brilliance and the blend of Rob Zombie and Drowning Pool(r.i.p) sheer genius as soon as i listened to this album once through i knew i wouldnt be able to take it out of my c.d player for a long time and 4 or so months on it is still in there. It appears to me if you want to listen so some great music this is the album for you any fans of evanesence, saliva, The calling or 12 stones or (not featured on the album) Trapt and even Incubus and certainly Creed fans will love this.
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on 23 December 2003
Having not seen the film i was purely attracted to it after hearing 'Bring me to life' but after listening to the whole soundtrack i was amazed at the content. As a result of this i have bough albums by most of the artists. Admittidly there are a few tracks that dont seem to go, 'evening rain' and 'daredevil theme'are different to the nu-metal influences from the rest of the tracks. In particular, 'Won't back down' 'bleed for me' 'simple lies' and 'go' stand out.
If you want a great album to get a taste of new bands then this is the album to get, even if you dont like a particular artist i can confidently say that you will not be dissappointed.
Everyone should have a copy of this soundtrack im still listening to it after 6 months thats gotta say something hasnt it?
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on 27 December 2003
The first thing i said after i left the cinema, after seeing Daredevil was: 'well that was crap, but the soundtrack was great!' So imagine my delight when the official soundtrack came out and included all the brilliant songs from Daredevil!! Evanescence's songs are fabulous (everyone knows 'Bring Me To Life', and indeed this CD inspired me to buy their album). But there are other wonders: Finger Elevn, Fuel. So many great songs, perfect for that 'I'm really pissed off, where's my rock music' mood. So, my advice is bypass the film and get the soundtrack, it's great!
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on 20 August 2011
Wow, I just bought and downloaded the album: pure indy cool quality rock and some smooth songs (of Evanescence). Also, the songs Won't back Down and The Man Without Fear are awesome for training! Yeah baby! It is an underrated album. I worked in five countries within the past twenty eight years and I can confirm that this album for fun, is a must!!!!!!
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on 20 April 2013
I got this soundtrack along with the Punisher and the Scorpion King, this is by far the best, 20 tracks, most of them more than easy to go back to or fit into a playlist, especially the 5th and 6th by Nickelback and Drowning Pool & Rob Zombie, just love it!
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on 20 February 2003
There are some fantastic songs on this album. It's a real mix of thrashin' rock and acoustic genius. There's something to satisfy your every moodswing, and for the full effect it's best to keep the volume up. Some tracks should come with a warning for those with sensitive ears though. The combination of artists is phenomenal, including Nickelback and Moby to name but a few. I'm afraid it lost a star for a couple of extensive eardrum assaults in places, but there really is a bit of everything on this soundtrack and it's well worth the investment!
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on 28 June 2015
I am still a fan of the film even in hindsight and comparing it to the other superhero films that are being made today. It has a great soundtrack and this cd is worth getting if you like it.
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on 13 September 2013
A good compilation of artists and music variety (within the rock genre).
A few tracks I'm not mad keen on, but 20 tracks worth listening to.
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on 5 May 2003
One of THE moments in the "Daredevil" movie is definitely the scene where Evanescence's "My Immortal" kicks in (yup, included on the soundtrack). Now, all the points go to them for the amazing single "Bring Me To Life" of course, but "My Immortal" is quite different: piano-accompanied beauty instead of nu-metal riffing, ever with with the haunting vocals of Amy Lee. Go see the movie (IF it's still showing in a cinema near you - or else wait for the DVD). Still, both tracks are the best you'll find here.
The tracks by Fuel, Saliva, Nickelback, Drowning Pool feat. Rob Zombie (now, THAT's a cartoon character), Boysetsfire and Endo are also worth hearing. The track by The Calling was pretty obvious: big-styled ballad. I've never liked this band, so I'm kind of biased on their inclusion here; if you liked, say, Aerosmith's "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" from the "Armageddon" soundtrack, you'll like this. Although I expected some quality from Moby, he disappoints: it's a pretty boring track. And I think he knows. It sounds a bit like he said to the producer at the end of recording it: "Will this do?"
And honestly: when I heard Chevelle's "Until You're Reformed" I thought Lou Barlow gave up Sebadoh and The Folk Implosion to sing in an emo-core band, but I was wrong!
In all, all of the tracks are worth a spin and I do not regret buying the soundtrack album. People who buy this to expect a very pop-oriented soundtrack will most likely be disappointed by the inclusion of a lot of not-so-commercial/catchy sounding songs, and will end up feeling bored in the process of listening to this album. Hard rock fans could be put off by the "Daredevil theme" and the tracks from Moby, The Calling et al.
But persevere and you'll end up finding some gems on this.
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