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3.5 out of 5 stars89
3.5 out of 5 stars
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 12 November 2011
I bought this for my 3GS and found it to be reasonably useful as a dock for charging. One poor feature implementation that surprised me is that phone calls are not routed through the line-out into my car stereo, so it was a step back for me in those terms as I was used to having a headphone out cable going into the aux socket.

Since getting the iPhone 4S, things have gone downhill rapidly. Naturally I had lost the 'adapter'. I put that word in quotes, as an adapter conjures up in my mind something that allows you to connect a device that doesn't natively connect. The TomTom 'adapter' is plastic shim with some glue on it. Henceforth, I shall refer to it as a shim.

I contacted TomTom support to request a new shim, and they sent me one free of charge. Can't fault their service anyway. And it works, providing I take the thin plastic case off my device. I'm not about to do that. It would still be worth keeping though for long journeys. The last journey I made where I needed the GPS, I managed to jam the phone into the cradle, plug in a dock connector from the lighter socket and the headphone out to the aux in. It kind of worked, but I was using the TomTom cradle simple as a holding device.

I just switched cases on the phone to see if it would fit with a Speck case. It didn't. But while I was messing around with it, I dropped the shim and now it's lost. I think it has fallen down a vent on the dashboard. So now I'm stuck with a piece of plastic that I can jam my phone into. Eighty quid is heck of a lot of money for that.

My verdict: overpriced and poorly designed. Avoid.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 15 October 2011
I have been using TOMTOM for my iPhone now and its working like a dream, You would think the official TomTom car kit would be a great extension on their product. But no.

The fact that you need an adapter to make it work with in IPhone 4 must say enough. I been reading reviews about the TOMTOM car kit and there are more users with the same problem for the iPhone 4. The problem lies in the foot of the connector. Once you insert the phone and move it back to lock it on the top the connector moves back and engages the connection to the iPhone. Unfortunately the iPhone 4 is slimmer than the 3gs and doesn't pushes the connector far back enough to make the connector to work. Even with the adapter mine didn't go far back enough to make the cradle to work. My partners 3GS did work without any problems but if you want to swap between them it means you will have to remove the adapter and attach it every time you swap it and it is easy to loose.

Also a big downside is that you will have to remove the cover which is protecting your precious iPhone otherwise it will not fit. But once you got it to work it works without any problems. I found different one now (MIO iPhone gps car kit) which does the same and doesn't require any adapters for different phones and you don't have to remove the cover from your iPhone. And if apple is going to change the iPhones designs in the future it will be very likely it will still fit. So I will try that one soon, but this TOMTOM official iPhone car kit is not worth the money.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 8 January 2011
Have just bought a Tom Tom kit and thought I should share my experience. Very quick delivery and couldn't wait to get started. The kit was easy to install but I had real difficulties pairing my iPhone 4. I spent several frustrating hours with my phone constantly searching for devices without success. I was resigned to the fact I may have to return the car kit when I tried a friends iPhone 4 with my new kit. Their phone found the car kit straight away. After much head scratching it dawned on me that my friends phone did not have a cover. I had tried my phone in the car kit but had left on the free case I ordered when I bought the phone (this was to help with the signal problems that left handers like my self were supposed to experience). Anyway to cut a long story short it would seem that you have to remove any casing before the phone will sit correctly in the cradle. It may be an obvious thing but if you are a bit of a novice like me it may save you a few frustrating minutes/hours. Not that impressed by the sound quality but once up and running it does the job. Have to say though that if I realised the car kit was bluetooth and not hard wired I may not have bought it.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 21 October 2011
I was a bit skeptical about a car kit for my new iPhone 4S, Specifically: Would it drop off the windscreen? Would I be able to hear it? Would it be too fiddly to use?

As it turns out, it performed perfectly. It is well designed and a cinch to install.
The combination is almost as good as a dedicated TomTom device, the down sides being that having a heavy phone suckered onto an inverted glass surface is always going to be a bit precarious.

I am using TomTom's own satnav software, so did not see any warnings about 'App not installed' that other reviewers mention.

On the plus side, the volume and clarity of the audio instructions were great - the software takes care of fading out the music.
I still have to test the audio out socket with the in-car radio.
The cradle's built in GPS aerial is a sure improvement over the iPhone's.

So why not five stars? Well the price for a start compared with a stand alone unit it is a bit much.
Also, I keep my iPhone in a protective case, which needs to be removed when fitting it into the cradle.

My main criticism would be of the TomTom software, which is a lot more fiddly on the iPhone, than it is on a dedicated device.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 3 November 2010
I own this item as well as another mount (Modern-Tech In-Car Windscreen Suction Holder/ Mount for Apple iPhone 4) for traveling. The TomTom car kit does exactly what it promises to deliver: It charges the phone while traveling and the built-in speaker is nice and clear.

However, I have now also used the cheap low-tech alternative solution and must say it's really not all that different. Yes, you have to make do with the phone's built-in speaker but I found that sufficient. I've also had no problems with GPS signal reception.

Sure, you don't have to manually plug in a cable each time you connect and it's a nice overall presentation. I'm just not so convinced anymore it's worth more than 10 times the price of one of those simple alternative phone car mounts. If in doubt, spend £10 on a cheaper car holder/charger and see if that serves your needs just as well.
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on 10 March 2010
Having tried a variety of solutions, including the FM radio type holders which transmit through the radio, the Tom Tom holder is my preference. The ones that play through the radio did not work with my Toyota Verso very well because the aerial on the car is at the back and the signal pumped out by the device gave a poor performance on transferring the music from the iPhone. The sat nav instructions faired better but the microphone left callers with poor clarity. Enter the Tom Tom, I prefer being able to use my car radio independently as the other system made this impossible so it was on to a winner from the start. If you want to play your iPhone music there is a wired connection built into the holder, you do have to buy a lead and your car audio has to have an appropriate jack. The performance is good all round and callers say that they can hear me very clearly. I recommend this product to all who need to use their phones in the car and the navigation system is the best out there. Good Product.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 13 January 2011
I really dithered before buying this, as it seemed very expensive - and it is! I think it is overpriced, but I cannot deny it upgrades the capabilities of the iPhone as a satnav ... when it works, that is. The problem is that TomTom may have miscalculated the thickness of the iPhone 4 when designing the modification "fix". My first cradle worked initially, but then worked intermittently, refusing to dock, amplify and even charge after a handful of uses. I returned it and got another one that did not work at all ... nothing, not even a charge. I returned this too. Only then did I see a number of threads on the internet on the topic. The problem seems to be in some cases that the rocker switch (which is effectively the on/off button) is not pushed back far enough with the iPhone 4 adapter. Add something like a credit card or business card between the back of the phone and the switch and it works ... well it does for me at least, perfectly. I wasn't sure I wanted to have to cobble together a "fix" like this to make an already expensive cradle work, but for me the quality and functionality of the product just about makes this worthwhile, but not ideal - I have tried other cradles, but this one amplifies the instructions well and also provides a good Bluetooth connection for hands-free calls. If you have a compatible jack, you can play back songs through your car stereo too (I don't have this). I can't comment on the GPS amplification, as I have not had any problems with reception.
The cradle itself is rock-solid and compact - unlike many cheaper ones.
Overall, I like this, but it is overpriced, even without the problem with the additional "fix" hence only 3 stars - I don't think this affects iPhone 3 users.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 2 June 2010
This is solid practical piece of kit and funcitions as it should but no more than that. I struggle to see where the value is for such a premium cost accessory. Can't help but feel have been ripped of by paying this amount just to make sure the Nav works as it should on my iphone!!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 25 October 2010
Some reviews slag this off as a rip of plastic holder. OK, its not exciting and you wonder what you are paying for when you look at it. I think although probably £10 to £20 overpriced but it does the job and I don't know of any cheaper alternatives for the iPhone.

Build quality is good and it attaches in the perfect position on my windscreen for viewing the iPhone GPS app of choice (I use Co-Pilot live, you don't have to buy the TomTom app although an annoying message comes up each time its plugged in asking if you want to download it from iTunes).

The unit includes a GPS booster which seems to work well although I haven't yet used it in tricky situations.

The Bluetooth connectivity is great and hands free phone calls work fine too, in fact better then when I had a car stereo with a microphone inbuilt.

Playing the iPod also works well although with the phone in landscape mode one can't access the music easily. This is the fault of the iphone not the holder. Don't try fiddling when driving, it is not a good safe option!

I got this for the GPS, hands free and music playing functions. It does all this well and I am pleased with the purchase.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 18 July 2011
Im just in the process of getting a refund as the Tom Tom holder for iphone 4 was damaged on arrival. The holder suction pad screw mechanism was broke so therefore I couldnt attatch the unit to the windscreen. Also, if the unit wasnt damaged, you will need to fit an adaptor for the iphone to fit the cradle correctly. Even if the unit had arrived in perfect condition It would have still got 1 star as it is not perfect for iphone 4, and at nearly £80, in my opinion its an awful buy.
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