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4.6 out of 5 stars24
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Wanting a decent-sounding radio/ipod dock system for my bedside table, I read lots about the Vita range and decided to take the plunge with the R2i model. I've not been disappointed. Everything from the packaging and design, through to the quality of the finished product and the sound it produces oozes quality.

Easy to install and set up: you literally screw in the extendable aerial, plug the unit in and turn it on. From here the radio automatically finds and tunes in DAB stations. FM reception is a little disappointing I have to say - more hiss than radio where I live - but the DAB stations are fine. You can store 5 DAB and 5 FM stations on the presets - which is ample choice.

The slightly quirky controls on the roto-dial take a little getting used to, but it has a quality build to it and cycles through the menu choices pretty quickly once you get the hang of it. Ipod dock features are fine, although I'd agree with another reviewer that the enclosed docking mounts in clear plastic are a bit cheap looking at detract from the quality look of the Vita unit if you use them. Personally I've decided not to.

But how does it sound? By far the best small-box system sound I've heard to be honest. You can crank the volume up pretty high without any sense of distortion, and the treble and bass quality of audio and radio is very good indeed. The OFF setting for the EQ and 3D sound options works best in my opinion. The unmucked about with sound from the Vita R2i is plenty good enough.

Setting the alarm is easy enough via the clock menu options, and when turned to standby the display readout is reassuringly dim and not distracting - which is just as well as you can't manually change the brightness setting. But, with a simple, discrete readout of time and date (plus alarm indicator if set) it's fine.

The clean front panel is the big selling point for me. It looks wonderfully uncluttered, with just the on-off button, socket for headphones and one for aux input on display. And that's simply all you need. The unit even remembers the volume setting for headphones when you plug them in, and defaults to speaker setting when you take them out - pretty neat.

One small caveat though, for true lovers of British hi-fi. The Vita may be designed and styled in the UK, but it is built in China, something I wasn't aware of until I looked very closely at the box. Does it matter? Well, with sound this good, I don't think so.

One final recommendation. Check out the Vita website where you can buy reconditioned/ex-demo models from the across the range from the online Vita shop. My R2i was a re-conditioned model with a good discount I thought - but the product I received could pass for brand new. Packaging, instructions, remote, cables and the unit itself showed absolutely no signs of use - and the re-conditioned models all carry the company 2 year warranty. Certainly worth exploring!
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on 29 January 2010
This is really good. Good quality sound whether playing FM radio, from iPod or streaming Spotify from laptop via aux inputs on the back. Plenty of volume for parties. Really pleased with the choice.
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on 26 July 2010
As i only ever use my pod for music and i have no need of anything else but Radio i thought this DAB radio + pod dock would be ideal. I was a bit put off by the price as there are many more devices which do the same for a lot less. However i have a victorian cottage and the futuristic look of all of those other players really wouldn't be appropriate.
My choice has been vindicated. The unit is small, unobtrusive, easy to set up and use and has the most lovely warm sound and there is no need for seperate hubs and speakers as it's all contained in one very attractive unit. I plan on buying several others for other rooms in the house now...i had considered having a multi-room solution but these are so good that i am happy have one in each room i have a need for one and i can easily plug in a set of wi-fi speakers for the bathroom.
If i have one gripe and it is a very small one it is that the remote is quite small and is easily misplaced. That said is is very useable and that problem is combated by me making sure i put it back in the same place every time.
Bloody marvelous!!!!!!!!!!
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on 5 December 2011
I deliberated for a long time before deciding to buy this. Having looked at the B&W Zeppelin, Arcam rcube and offerings from Bose, I felt that the Vita R2i gave me the best balance between an Ipod dock and DAB radio functionality, the least compromise in audio quality and the most acceptable aesthetics (influence of other half). The DAB+ tuner is a good performer and has managed to remain stable in my dodgy radio reception area. Using an Ipod as source demonstrates its capabilities more particularly using higher bit rate tracks. Sound quality is excellent with a warmth and depth that belies such a small cabinet and reaches volumes capable of filling reasonable sized rooms. Like other similar products, stereo imagery isn't at the forefront of its delivery due to the spacing between speakers. A 3D sound setting extends the stage, albeit with mixed results on some tracks and I personally think these settings are best left alone. Build quality is very good and the tactile walnut finish has a more lasting feel than, say, the fabric shrouding to the Zeppelin.

Downsides? The credit card sized remote control is a bit low rent compared to the unit itself, although no more so than those from Bose and the rotary menu control isn't as intuitive to use as it could be.
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on 4 April 2012
This product is excellent, the sound is fantastic coming from quite a small machine.
The unit itself is very solid and well put together.

The only downside is the remote which is a bit flimsy and brings the overall review down to 4 stars.
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The Ruark 2i has exceeded my expectations in every way.
The build quality is high class and it looks stunning.
The sound is incredibly good; I considered buying the Bose at twice the price but struggle to believe that any radio can sound much better than this.
The stereo separation is noticeable which is amazing given the size of the R2i and the power available is awesome.
The menu system is intuitive, similar to Apple’s and set up took less than two minutes.
The display is crisp, clear and pleasing on the eye.
One small niggle to be aware of is the display has a very low level of illumination when in standby mode. This means that during the day the clock is almost unreadable unless you peer closely.
However you can press the OK button and the display lights up for a couple of seconds without switching the radio on.
The display is fine in a dark room, clearly readable but not so bright as to disturb.
In my opinion, provided that this radio is reliable and lasts a long time (And the build quality suggests that it will), it is terrific value for money and I would highly recommend it.
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on 9 July 2010
Well blow me down with a feather. It's a very good bit of kit. No pretentious long winded review is required.
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on 19 August 2012
I bought this Vita audio r2i from divineaudio, they had good price and good service, really fast. The device is amazing, sound is very good and the design is perfect for bedrooms and others rooms. The remote control is the only thing was not good, poor quality and confused bottoms. But i recommend because it have a wonderful design, powerful and incredible sound.
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on 13 January 2013
Bought for a kitchen/diner and wanted something with a bit of oomph sound-wise with nice looks. DAB also vital and the r2i came up as a runner after some research. I've had it for a week and am very impressed. Not that I could ever afford one but it feels like buying a Lotus (back in the day) or a TVR. Ruark are a small British outfit focusing on getting the main things right, so you don't really mind one or two short cuts for everything else.

Sound, sound and sound. It's the whole point of getting one of these.
Looks. Got the walnut one and am not disappointed.
Packaging. I'm not normally that bothered but the thing comes in a box with a carry handle and with a bag for carrying it around in. Seriously. Totally unnecessary but great at the same time.

Screen is ok but looks like one of cheaper components. I've no real problem with it but it isn't as classy as the rest of the unit. I wouldn't use this as a bedroom clock radio because of it.
Remote. Works ok for me, but could look a bit nicer I suppose.

Easy to set up, great DAB signal, and works well in all settings I've tried. Plays my old iPod classic without any problem. From reading other reviews it apparently won't play iPhones without the usual interference but doesn't promise otherwise. Will say it again: sound is why you buy this and it won't disappoint for the money. Very happy and I got it for 250 quid from Amazon which is a real bonus.
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on 28 December 2010
I bought the R2i after a some research into the product, great score on what hifi, pretty much all good from users comments on-line - with good reason - it's simple and elegant, with an old school, quality built feeling to it - feels like some love had gone into making it!

Sound-wise, it's clear, crisp and punchy, creating a nice sound that easily fills the room (unless you have a particularly BIG room), my only gripe would be that it feels a bit lacking in bass, although it certainly is there - I immediately tried it out with L.F.O. from LFO's Frequencies for it's speaker breaking ability, and while it didnt break the R2i, it didn't tremble the earth!

On a slight downside, the controls are a touch un-refined, and you kinda want to use the jog wheel as the main navigation, but the system insists you use the FF / RW buttons to move through the menu options, which also makes the remote a bit fiddly.

That aside, it's a beautiful thing which I heartily recommend!
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