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3.2 out of 5 stars29
3.2 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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There's some really awesome performances in here. There's new to dvd releases alongside stuff they want you to buy again. And then there's some previously unreleased material in here too but, unfortunately, it's a major hit and miss affair. So, should you part with your hard earned and hand it over to the Banks, Collins, Rutherford & Gabriel retirement fund? I'll leave that decision up to you. I had the opportunity to purchase this box set during an Amazon sale for a nice price so I pounced. I was very interested in the new to dvd material, more on that later and while I'm at it apologies for the long review, there's a lot of content here.

If you don't own any of the three previously released live Genesis dvd's, here's where to get two of them (only one of which is still available new Live At Wembley Stadium [DVD] [2003]). The second previously issued title, "The Way We Walk" is no longer available outside this set and has been modified for this reissue (more details below). The third live dvd released, "Genesis - When in Rome - Live 2007 (3 DVDs)" is NOT included in this set but a slot and disc case have been included should you wish to place your Genesis live dvd's together in one box. All performances have newly mixed dts as well as Dolby surround soundtracks (except Live At Wembley, more on that below too). Going by the other Genesis box sets, which are awesome including the Live 1973 - 2007 (Audio CDs and NTSC format DVD) box, I sort of knew what this would look like. The Movie Box is packaged exactly the same as the previously issued audio sets and I must admit it's very strange having dvds in cd sized cases. Then again, if they made it a dvd sized box it wouldn't fit on the shelf next to the other four sets. Let's have a look at what's included...

First up we have "Three Sides Live" which is the same as the previously released VHS video. It's a tour film rather than a straight up concert so it's inter-cut with footage from life on the road and interviews with the band, manager and crew (which can also be accessed as separate videos from the menu). But, the really good stuff on this disc is 48 minutes of audio only content in glorious hi-res dts 96/24 or 5.1 Dolby if your system can't play dts. These seven bonus tracks, unlike their video equivalents in the film, are full length versions uninterrupted by interviews. So you get about two thirds of the "Three Sides Live" album in surround sound. Nice.

Next up, "The Mama Tour". This is also the same as the VHS but it's great to finally have it on dvd with a new 5.1 audio track. Unlike "Three Sides Live" this IS a straight up concert performance and although it's not the entire show, something is better than nothing right? There's a bonus feature included here too. Phil Collins, using the then new 1983 technology of a portable video recorder (read a brick sized video camera hooked by a cable to a 6kg portable betamax tape recorder in a shoulder bag, hasn't that technology come a long way?) decided to have a go at filming Genesis writing and recording their self titled album sometimes known as the Mama Album. It's genuine fly on the wall stuff and shows you how dull it can sometimes be working in the entertainment industry. Personally, I love this kind of stuff because I'm into how music was/is made.

The third dvd is the previously issued "Live at Wembley" first released on dvd in 2003. Unlike the other titles here this one is a straight re-release identical to it's 2003 cousin in all ways except it's cd sized artwork and case. I wouldn't mind having to purchase this title again if it had something extra as it didn't need a remaster. There's nothing new here. The set loses a star for making me buy this again.

The fourth dvd, "The Way We Walk", had also been available prior to this release though unlike "Live At Wembley" is no longer available. There are also a couple of major differences between the former release "Genesis - the Way We Walk Live in Concert [DVD] [1993]" and this reissue, some good, some not so. There was a lot of content in the 2001 version so it was spread out over two dvds which meant you had to change discs half way through the show. The extra content was thus. Multi-camera option for most of the show which means you can watch the concert from many different cameras by pressing the angle button on your dvd player's remote. There was also a commentary track for the entire concert with Tony, Mike & Phil. Extra interviews, a photo slide show and scans of the original tour programme. All of this extra content has been removed from the reissue which is now a single disc. The only plus we gain by having the show on one disc is a remastered dts surround sound-track. So putting the show on one disc makes it convenient not to change discs at half time and has upgraded sound but...ALL the bonus content is gone. The set loses another star for the removal of all the extra content at the expense of marginally better sound. The domino principle indeed!

In the next slot is the empty case and art work for "Genesis - When in Rome - Live 2007 (3 DVDs)". It's only a two disc case, the third disc featuring the "Come Rain or Shine" documentary has a slot inside the back cover of the box set's included contents/info book. Personally, I prefer the beautiful packaging for the When In Rome set and am leaving my dvd's in that case.

Unlike the audio boxes, The Movie Box has only one bonus dvd with the "Genesis-VH1 Behind The Music" documentary. Originally produced in 1999 it's been updated to include the 2007 reunion and with a running time of just over 43 minutes it's a little brief. If you're chasing archival video content, the audio box sets "Genesis 1970-1975 ,Genesis 1976 - 1982 [Hybrid SACD + DVD] , Genesis, 1983 - 1998 [Hybrid SACD + DVD]" are full of rare video including a couple of live shows.

So is The Movie Box worth the money? Maybe yes, maybe no. For me it was a lucky buy at a bargain price and considering most of the content is now only available here, it will probably become more of a worthy purchase over time. I'm almost a happy customer, but only just. That's all.

Post review update. Since this set was released "Three Sides Live" has been issued separately from the box on dvd or SD Blu-ray and "When In Rome" is out of print.
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on 23 January 2010
Any ounce of material, visual, audio etc. do with Genesis, I must have! That's how big of a fan I am! And of course that included the Movie Box. However, my flaws with it are as such:

- Even though I already have the Invisible Touch tour, I was pleased to now include Three Sides Live, Mama + Way We Walk to my collection. (even though I HATE how 3SL is put together being only 70% of concert footage left to watch after continous interrupted interviews + of course we all hate how no futher material is included on the Touch tour as extras!)
- I adore the Rome DVD package and would hate to separate it from it's main contents!
- I had only discovered today that the Way We Walk DVD doesn't have any of the extra features the normal one has such as the interviews + camera angle options! Hate to say it, but that made me feel cheated!

The only one I'm 100% happy with is the Mama Tour as along with it's fantastic concert, it includes the amazingly rare home footage of the self titled album being made, recorded, etc. plus following the on site shots of their video singles!
Plus even though the VH1 documentary seems rushed (though that is VH1 for you!) I'm happy it includes an up to date version.

So only three stars representing the 3SL, Way We Walk & Mama concerts, along with the home footage.

ps. may I suggest replacing any of the already purchased DVD's in the Box with our own discovered rare Genesis material easily found on line?
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on 5 May 2012
Like the other box sets or just the individual SACD/DVD releases, I bought this for the 5.1 surround sound mixes to play on my new home cinema system. Now, we all know that Three Sides Live is more like a documentary and so songs are annoyingly interrupted; that In The Cage is missing from Live at Wembley; and that The Way We Walk is now just on one disc (I actually like that - I don't need multiple camera angles); and yes, that the huge original When in Rome DVD case doesn't fit in this smaller cube-like box even though it was never EVER meant to, so I won't comment on those.

I'll just go to the thing I was disappointed at the most. The 5.1 surround mix on The Way We Walk is awful. This was the one I was looking forward to the most as well. Yes, I bought the Live box set in which The Way We Walk doesn't have a 5.1 surround mix (Only Genesis Live, Seconds Out and the bosun disc have DVDs in 5.1) so I bought this box set as well (as was Genesis's plan). In the 5.1 mix, the satellite speakers just contain crowd noise and reverberation. That's it! It's actually quite annoying after a short while. I'm better off playing the stereo audio CD and letting my AV receiver interpolate to all five speakers. Ah yes, this is also true for the Live in Wembley, but I wasn't so bothered about that discs.

Okay, a live recording in 5.1 cannot be as good as a studio recording. There are only five speakers and there are only five people up on stage. You won't get the rich layers of sound as you do in a studio creation. Still, the Three Sides Live and Mama Tour 5.1 mixes sound not too shabby, and in the Live box set, Seconds Out sounds great in 5.1, so it can be done. So yes, very disappointed with the 5.1 mix of Way We Walk.

So, to the positives. The Mama Tour shows Phil Collins at his funniest. His banter with the crowd it brilliant. You can see in subsequent tours that his enthusiasm seems to dwindle. The Mama Tour DVD contains the best In the Cage medley ever with the inclusion of In That Quiet Earth.

The best bit about Three Sides Live is the 45 minutes of audio tracks in 5.1. I guess the band felt they needed to make up for the tracks that were interrupted with documentary footage. Whodunnit! Yes, really annoying on the Abacab album, but live, you can actually have some fun with it.

Back to The Way We Walk - other than the 5.1 mix, it's still great for the visuals: the three big jumbotron (or whatever they're called) screens that come together to make one bigger screen. To me, concert videos are quite dull visually (I occasionally buy them for the music soundtrack) before such big visuals became commonly used and give you something to look at as well as something to listen to.

Okay, these few positives are more comments about the originally-released products and not about this compilation box set. So to complete my negative-sandwich: the bonus disc containing a VH1 documentary isn't much cop. It would be best suited as an extra feature on one of the main discs, just like what you find on their other SACD/DVD releases. The documentary is interesting in that in contains everyone from Anthony Phillips to Ray Wilson, but it is rushed and the background music is out of sync with the part of the band's history that the American voice over is discussing (eg, you can here tracks from Trick of the Tail when the film is on the Trespass era of the band). Like everyone else here reviewing this product, this bonus disc would have been much better had they included something new for the fans, such as a full concert not released before. Hey - maybe even something from the Calling All Stations tour.

So in short, 2.5 stars, and buy only if, like me, you are a big Genesis fan and have no children thus affording you a modest disposable income to spend on this product.

Genesis still rule!
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on 1 December 2009
So, the box is released, and it's out. So, is it as bad as we predicted?

Yes, unfortunately.

On the positive side, the 5.1 sound on TSL and Mama really rocks. But as expected, cutting in and out of interviews on TSL pretty much makes that release worthless, and some weird vocal overdubs on Phil's vocal on the Mama DVD doesn't help that release either. And don't even get me started on the video quality.

The IT DVD doesn't even play - what a joke. They re-release the DVD exactly similar to the old DVD, except the new one doesn't play.

TWWW DVD - doesn't really add anything to the old one, but at least now it's on one disc. Find the positive things where you can, eh?

Extras? Look that word up in the Genesis dictionary and you'll find it means 'foolish dreams'. The Behind The Music thing has a new chapter on the reunion tour (yawn) and instead some of the old parts have been reduced in length (lol). Give some, take some, indeed.

So basically, one star for the TSL audio extras, and another star for the MAMA audio, and then I'm almost subtracting a star for the incredibly poor value of this box.

I guess if you haven't got any of the old DVDs or VHS releases, it might be worth your money when it goes down in price. For oldtimers and dedicated fans (should there be any left - there seems to be a rapid runaway these days) it's just a rip-off.
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on 25 August 2012
I have waited a long time for this to come down in price since its 1st release, & at the current time of writing its at the best price iv'e seen it so far!! Its finally great to see the MAMA tour on dvd, it looks & sounds great i have to say, along with the THREE SIDES LIVE dvd. The additional documentary is very interesting too & these are the only good points of this collection. If like me, your a big fan of the group, then this is a must have as it now concludes the last few items that i wanted for my extensive collection...............

I am however saddened at the rest of the set, i read somewhere that the Genesis Live At Wembley dvd does'nt work....& guess what, it DOES'NT!!! I have both a TOTR blu-ray theatre system & a normal dvd player & the disc dont work on either!! This is quite bad & not acceptable, but what do you do?? Send the set back for a refund & lose the other great stuff!!??, its catch 22! Luckily i have both the "Live @ Wembley" & "The Way We Walk" dvd's already so at least i can have a proper working full set.............And speaking of "The Way We Walk" there are no extra's/info/camera angles on this single disc, which as another reviewer has said, is very naughty & you do feel cheated to a degree. I've kept my old disc's & put them in the box (a very nice, quality item) along with the single disc supplied so i get the best of both worlds!!!

The good stuff in this set is GREAT, but the rest is a real letdown im afraid.
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on 7 December 2009
... can someone tell me HOW my normal rectangular shaped DVD of "when in Rome" should FIT in a CUBE? This certainly works for "when in Europe" in the "Live box set" of course but... where is the mistake? Still in doubt if buying it or not.. too much "minusES" in this release... and YES of course in the past I bought already the single DVDs... :-)
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on 29 December 2009
Being a Genesis fan has made me get used to being ripped off a little bit, seeing as i've had the original cd's, then the "definitive edition" in 94, then the mini lp cd's a couple of years later, then the new box sets, means i've had four incarnations of the same album!!

This box set rounds out the reissues, surely there will never be another box set! I didnt want to buy the other "live" box set at first, but i found it on ebay for a stupid price (£45!) so i bought it, i got this box set for christmas, i probably wouldnt have bought it otherwise!

So how does this stack up? I think you have to be a little bit pragmatic, yes, both Three Sides Live and The Mama Tour DVD's arent the best picture quality, but say the words Hi Def back in 81? It just didnt exsist, so i think you have to take these for what they are, a good document of the band at the time, nothing more than that. What is good on the Mama DVD is the making of the "shapes" album, some very funny stuff on this, and it being a home movie shot by Phil (mainly) its a nice behind the scenes look at the band, and is again, decent quality, but you have to remember when it was made.

The Wembley Show, of course, this has been around for a few years now, and most people will have it. For those that dont this is arguably Genesis at their best, certainly at their most popular, sound and vision are good, and it represent the band very well. This show is the last one before the advent of big video screens and animations, ok, yes it does feel a duplication, of previous release material, but what were the CDs? I think if there had been more archive footage there would be less of a complaint. S

The Way We Walk captures a different Genesis, it captures them at a different stage, one where they spend a bit of cash and the screens enhance the stories being told through their songs, the audience for these gigs seem a bitstatic, being a seated audience, and a few times it feels like they are watching a movie, for the main the stick to the songs between 83-91, but the do drop back into older material, it is a good set, and at 2.5 hrs long Genesis have always been worth the money.

When in Rome, now for those who bought this DVD just last year, there is a nice CD case/booklet for you to put discs 1/2 in of the main show, i was surprised at this because it doesnt make it clear there will be a jewel case for you to put the discs in, so that means that When In Rome can well and truly become part of this set! Now, you could argue they could have done the same to Way We Walk & Wembley! But i think it makes more sense with WIR than those two.

The final "bonus" disc, isnt much of a bonus, but its there, of course there is so much more material they could have put on here, stuff from rehersals etc, in addition the bonus DVD also has space for the Documentary "Come Rain Or Shine, so you can well and truly fit all your Genesis DVD's into this one box.

I would recommend it for the completist, its a nice set, it rounds out what will surely be the final rerelease of the Genesis backcatalog. I think you need to know what you are buying and not expect the earth, for those of us who no longer use a VHS player, its nice to have Mama/3SL on DVD.

All in all is a good set, just dont expect groundbreaking.
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on 16 November 2009
I wish all reviews would be written after people actually experience an item. Reviews so far were written before the release date, that's even less than judging a book by its cover! In some cases it seems that a low amount of stars is aimed at the release policy of the record company, not the actual product. I'd give Virgin, the record company in the case of this beautiful Genesis box, 2 stars for their conservative policy: indeed more rarities could have been included in this box, and of course a lot of us fans have bought some of these DVD's already.

But I think we should review what we get, not what we don't get. And what we get here is 4 excellent concerts by this fabulous group! The artwork of the box is beautiful, the behind-the-scenes video from Phil about the making of the Genesis album very informative, audio and visual quality of the material is generally high also for the first concerts, considering the still primitive recording techniques from the early 80s.

Genesis is still one of the greatest bands, and one that has always stood up live very well. Excellent music, excellent performances by Phil, Tony, Mike, Daryl and Chester!
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on 7 February 2014
This is a superb collection with the Best Genesis shows. Invisible Touch has to be Genesis's best Album & Tour with the Way We Walk coming in a close 2nd. This shows Genesis through the Years 1981 - 2007 finishing with their reunion tour "Turn It On Again" the quality of the DVD's are great and the sound is brilliant. The only downside to this Box set is it claims to be Genesis tours from 1981 - 2007 if that's the case... Where the hell is 1997 "Calling All Stations" Tour this would be even better set if they had included the CAS tour... At least release the CAS tour seperately NOW!!
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on 27 October 2009
As a keen Genesis fan I'm delighted about this release. It brings 4 live concerts under one roof PLUS bonus features. For ME its a worthwhile purchase since I do not have three of the concerts, and only already having Invisible Touch, I think its worthwhile for me to buy, not to mention the extra features. However, I can see why other fans might be annoyed by the release since they probably have Invisible Touch plus The Way We Walk already. Another factor that may well also irk fans is the fact that When In Rome is missing, but this once again doesnt bother me this time since I already have. So, basically this is worthwhile release, but not for long-established Genesis fans.
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