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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars289
4.1 out of 5 stars
Package Quantity: 1|Style Name: KG79 Professional Burr|Change
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on 5 December 2010
Considering how much 'proper' burr grinders cost, I wasn't expecting perfection, but the positive review here encouraged me to go for this item on trust. I have to say I'm delighted and amazed at how good it is! It's neat, tidy and compact. Doesn't seem to make a mess with all the ground coffee captured neatly in a well sealed container. The adjustments for both the amount and coarseness of grind seem remarkably accurate and consistent from use to use. As for the reviewer that said the grind wasn't fine enough, well I'm amazed because I started out on the finest setting and the results seemed almost too fine, certainly as fine or finer that the Lavazza coffee I used to buy.

Anyway, I think this is and excellent bit of kit and great value for money, so highly recommended! I only held back one star because the small container makes it a bit tricky to transfer the ground coffee to the filter cup.

Oh and one last tip. Any stones in the beans will trash any burr grinder, but as stones are much heavier than beans, they will sink to the bottom of the bean container if given a little shake. So just make sure that you always pour that last few beans into a bowl and have a quick look through, rather than dumping the end of the tin or bag straight into your grinder.
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on 10 February 2011
This KG79 model replaced a standard chopper/blade grinder, suffice to say both types of grinder are leagues apart in effectiveness and efficiency. A decent burr grinder at this price is a great leap forward. No longer am I excavating the coffee from beneath the blades, or holding down the grind button for some approximate period to deliver the optimal grind. The affordable Delonghi burr grinder achieves great results without the user doing much work. You push the button and walk away! The beans are delivered from the top (hopper) via gravity to the spinning crushers. The burr method provides good uniformity of grind without spoiling the flavour with heat due to friction. A cup setting determines how much coffee is ground and then its turns off. The user can also just switch it off. The results are found in the bottom compartment and can be stored there or just emptied into your coffee tin if like me you bring your grind to work. This Delonghi grinder looks smart and is unobtrusive on the kitchen counter. It can produce a grind with a fineness more than enough for my delonghi EC330 espresso machine.

It is obviously distinct from the top of the market grinders in terms of build quality etc - its 1/10th of the price! None-the-less, remember that the perfect grinder is that which suits your espresso machine and your pocket. The Delonghi espresso machines are no Gaggia's, however with fresh beans they produce delicious espresso and cost much less. A top-spec espresso machine may indeed require an ultra fine and uniform coffee grind but at what cost and why? If taste and economic satisfaction are paramount than a good budget machine, coupled with this very satisfying Delonghi burr grinder, will deliver on all your espresso needs.

Update: Unfortunately, after 15 months of moderate use (10cups/week) the motor has ceased functioning. It was good while it lasted .... however, a short life span is disappointing.

In the long run it may be worth investing in a quality burr grinder to ensure a stronger build & longevity. Indeed many baristas encourage paying the same if not more for your grinder than the actual espresso machine. My low cost espresso machine is currently outliving my low cost burr grinder. My advice -> Don't Skimp on the Grinder!!
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on 6 May 2012
We bought this grinder to complement our De'Longhi Icona Espresso Machine. I unpacked the machine (it's a beauty!), washed up the removable parts in warm, soapy water and switched on the coffee maker. As I have never owned a burr grinder before, I sat down and thoroughly read the little instruction leaflet. The instructions were brief and, as I was to find out, incomplete in the extreme.

I measured out the coffee beans and, contrary to the instructions, I set the ground coffee coursness to midway between medium and fine. I selected the number of cups and started the grinder. I was surprised at the high, whiney sound it made - it didn't sound as though it was grinding the coffee; it sounded like it was beating it to death. When it was finished, I opened the bean hopper to discover that a substantial proportion of the beans were still whole and in the hopper. I looked at the ground coffee in the ground coffee container and was disappointed to see that the ground coffee was so course and irregular as to suggest that my unit was faulty. I went over the instructions again and measured out some more coffee and tried it again. Same result!

I checked the Amazon reviews because I remembered reading of a 'hack' that would sort the problem out. I got a screwdriver and an empty milk carton from the recycling bin and, reluctantly, prepared to hack my new coffee grinder. That's when I discovered that the upper burr was not engaged properly! Holy moley - no wonder the thing didn't work! I looked at the instructions again and now read the section on 'maintenance'. So here is how you set up your coffee grinder for first use:

- Remove the lid of the coffee bean hopper.
- Set the courseness selector dial (Fig. 5) to the fine position then take hold of the top of the burr of the upper mill with your fingers and turn clockwise then pull vertically to remove. (I didn't have to do this - the burr came away without turning!)
- to replace the upper burr, set the courseness selector dial (Fig. 5) to the coarse position, insert the burr and turn it once counter-clockwise.

The burr is now engaged and your coffee grinder is now ready for use.

I can't believe how wonderfully fine the grinder made my coffee beans. The sound of the grinder is a reassuring low growl and the cup of espresso I subsequently made was out of this world!
A fantastic machine!
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on 19 March 2011
First, shop around for this item. The Amazon price has increased dramatically!

Some reviews say this unit will not grind fine enough to make an espresso with a good crema. Mine was no exception. Rather than be annoyed and go into keyboard warrior mode, I thought about the problem and came up with a simple idea.

If the grind is not fine enough, it is because the burrs are not close enough together on the finest setting. Remedy:-
Remove the top burr as for cleaning.
Unscrew the three little star headed screws that hold the burr to the plastic holder.
From thin plastic (I used the side of a milk carton) make a washer to fit between the plastic holder and the top burr, easily done with nail scissors or craft knife.
Now re-fit the top burr.
Set the machine to "Coarse" and switch on, without coffee.
Slowly turn the grade control towards "Fine" and when you hear metal on metal (burr on burr), back off a millimetre or two.
Mark this position; it is your "Fine" setting now and will produce an excellent espresso.
Don't try to run any finer as you will wear out the burrs, but as long as the burrs are not touching, no harm will be done.
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on 11 January 2012
Right I want to open this review by saying I worked & managed in a coffee lounge for 8 years and currently own a De'Longhi Icona.

I was very aprehensive about buying this as I read the reviews posted on amazon and didn't fancy pulling it apart to get the right settings.

I took the punt and when it arrived got straight to work, its a very nicely designed unit, doesn't take up much space and makes as much noise as you'd expect for a grinder. I did my first batch on "Fine" the results were perfect and I straight away transfered it the Coffee machine. The resulting coffee was perfect.

Yes I don't have a Gaggia machine so can't say for that but for the De'Longhi Icona this is a perfectly good grinder.
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VINE VOICEon 21 December 2013
For donkeys years I have used a Krups blade "grinder" (in truth it is a chopper) but that finally started to misbehave.

To be fair it is the top rated coffee grinder on Amazon, but I desperately wanted to try a burr grinder to go with our Gaggia.

So, plenty of research here, and walking around the High Street, and I was none the wiser. It is clear that every single burr grinder produces mixed reviews unless you spend well over £100.

Of those in my budget, this was the cheapest, but on balance had the most positive reviews. At this price I thought I may as well try it. The footprint is quite neat compared to the competition, the design is simple and clean, and you can even get a 2 year guarantee when you buy it at a certain high street chain.

The results are incredibly good. I am mystified by those reviewers who couldn't get a fine enough grind. On the finest setting I had a Turkish fineness to the coffee.

My guess is production control is not so strict due to cost limits, so some of the machines may not be as finely adjusted as others - perhaps the equivalent of a Friday afternoon car. If you get one of those check out the reviews here that explain how to adjust the top burr to reduce the size of the grind.

The hoppers for the beans and the ground coffee are prone to static cling, but I feel that is inevitable, so a little care when cleaning is sensible. Just a bowl of warm soapy water is enough.

The container for the ground coffee is not huge, but then you shouldn't be doing more than you need for short term use anyway. The lid easily lifts off if you want to transfer the ground coffee into a tin (as we do) for storage.

I know it is early days, but given most of the negative reviews are complaints that the grind is not fine enough, I wanted to post my experience that that is not the case with our machine.

If you ae wondering whether to get a burr grinder then this is definitely well worth the £32 or so that it will cost you.
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on 14 November 2010
I use this with the Delongi Treviso espresso/cappuccino maker. There is one review which says the grind is not good enough for espresso. Well it's definitely good enough for very strong cappuccino. If you use the fine grind setting for the 2 cup setting, then the slow burr grind delivers a very fine grind and THAT aroma. This is a very good grinder + it automatically stops according to your cup setting. There is very little else on the burr grinder market at this price. So for all you espresso/cappuccino lovers this is the one. Love the coffee it produces.
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on 10 February 2011
Video review for the De'Longhi KG79 coffee bean grinder.
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on 14 June 2011
I opted for this grinder as it scores highly on customer reviews. I wanted a grinder that was of decent quality capable of grinding fresh coffee beans for an espresso machine (in my case a Gaggia Classic). The product certainly appears good quality and robust and on the face of it easy to use. A double safety mechanism means there is little risk to curious tiny fingers. However, I used the grinder 'as seen' from the box, plugged it in and filled with my favourite coffee beans. An espresso grind needs to be very fine however even with the grind selector dial turned all the way round to finest my coffee was far to course and gave a terrible end result.

There was no apparent way to fix this problem and it was extremely frustrating as it clearly markets itself for all coffee grind types. I tried various attempts to adjust the grinder cones however as previously mentioned this is a quality build product and is very very difficult to get into without running the risk of breaking the housing. But I was not to be beaten and I finally found the solution.

When the grind position is at its finest setting on the indicator dial, grip the top burr in your fingers preventing it from turning in any direction, then use a bit of force to turn the indicator dial a half turn around to the coarse setting, (the dial will click loudly however this does not appear to damage any part of the dial). Now release your grip on the top burr and then turn the indicator dial back to the fine setting. You have effectively tightened the burr cones by half a turn.

You can repeat this process as often as you want however just make sure that the burr cones are not touching as you'll knacker the burrs. I tested the grind and found an instant improvement in the quality of the grind. I now have a very good coffee grinder. Just a pity it took me 3 weeks and a lot of mucking around to figure it out.
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on 7 May 2014
I owned the krups equivalent of this grinder for nearly 4 years. It has worked flawlessly until it died, (Krups Expert GVX231) I had bought the krups off amazon and is a little cheaper than this, but the think was I didn't want to stay without my freshly grounded espresso while waiting for shipping. Since I had recently seen this grinder in a local store, and given it's review score on amazon I decided to get this instead. It was a little more expensive than amazon but I thought worth the immediate purchase for me.

So here's the review.
1. It doesn't' ground fine enough. If you put it at the most fine setting, it's maybe what you would get at about 50% of the setting in the krups. and to put it in perspective at the most fine setting, the result it's about what you would want your filter coffee to be. Not anywhere near espresso. It's USELESS for espresso.
2. I tried removing the top ground plate to see what was going on, that's when I started noticing similarities. The plastic parts between the krups and the delonghi are different, the burrs are identical. That is, same internal and external diameter, same mounting mechanism. The buttons that are there to ensure that the machine only runs if the top cover and the container are in place, are identical also ( dual push switches and groove on one of them). The only difference is the design of the looks, and the fact that it doesn't grind fine enough. I tried replacing the top ground plate from the krups to the delonghi and it worked!!!!! but the grind wasn't finer unfortunately so it's probably the bottom one that is more recessed in the De Longhi.

The De Longhi, probably comes out of the same factory or engineers as the krups. But the Krups machine obviously underwent more testing and they fine tuned the distance between the grinding plates, so you get much finer ( if you want it) ground coffee. The krups is also cheaper and at least in my case lasted 4 years without ever servicing it in any way.

Note: Updating this review. After about a week of consistent horrible grinds I decided to modify it so it can grind finer. While I was researching on line how to take it apart. I notice in a review of one of the directions that a guy tried to simply force-turn the dial that controls how fine the grind is until the plastic that stops it for turning breaks, and that worked. Took about 2 seconds broke with a lot less force than I expected, and now I can rotate pass the finest grind. I can rotate up until the grinding stones touch and I can get even finer grind than I want or that the krups could do. Finally, good coffee!. But still, don't buy this, get the krups, because you shouldn't have to break something to get it to work. And also, because now I don't know how many turns to the dial I've made The ideal grind by the way, is turning it pass the end and about 180 degrees more so you are back up to the middle setting ( although in reality you are 1.5 turns instead of 0.5) so it was waaaaaaay off before.
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