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on 22 May 2010
I bought this printer after reading various positive reviews, including the ones here. I wanted a printer that would be reasonably good at printing photos and which I could print to from computers running both Windows and Linux. It came down to a choice between this and a similarly priced model from HP. I wish I'd chosen the HP one, having had five years of good service from our previous HP printer. However, I chose this printer because, as well as the features I've already mentioned, it had individual colour cartridges and offered double-sided printing. It should be less wasteful to run. So, what's wrong with it?

First, let's be clear, text documents print well, fast and sharp - but surely that's the bare minimum to be expected from a printer. Photo printing is very poor: the prints are much darker than they appear on screen, so a lot of colour and detail is lost in darker areas of pictures. Otherwise, it over-saturates the colours: a pastel pink will appear as Barbie pink. I've printed from different computers and it's the same from all of them: it's not that I've used an unusually bright screen. What's worse, if you're using Windows, there's no way to lighten the prints: the options just don't provide any way to adjust the brightness and colour. The Lexmark software for Windows just doesn't give any scope for these adjustments - which is funny, because the Linux drivers do! So, if you use Linux you can roughly calibrate the printer for much better results. However, before Linux users get smug, if you're using Linux there's no double-sided printing. On Windows there is.

The double-sided printing might not be what you expect, though: you have to turn the paper around by hand to print on the second side, although it works so that it will print all of the odd-numbered pages first, then you turn the whole lot around (and upside down) and press OK to print all of the even numbers. If the document only has two pages, and you want to print on two sides of just one sheet of paper, you're out of luck because after printing the odd-numbered pages (just page 1 in this case), the printer prints an extra page with an arrow and instructions telling the user to put the printed page back in the printer the other way around and upside down. So two pieces of paper will be used anyway: you might as well just print one-sided.

Oh well! Isn't it handy that it's wireless? For text documents, it is - though, obviously, having to manually turn the paper around for two-sided printing removes the advantage of being able to print from a distance. But I've tried printing A4-sized photos wirelessly, and it's so, so slow to print: it takes around 12 minutes (Yes, 12 minutes - that's not a mistake) to print a single photo to A4 size over the wireless connection. Over the USB lead it's much quicker: about one minute. This isn't because our wireless network is slow: I could upload the same photo (from a 10MP DSLR) to Flickr many times over in the time it takes the printer to produce it's horrible darkened version of the photo.

I tried updating the firmware, and nothing improved. So, would I recommend this printer? No! No! No!
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This Lexmark printer is a great entry level printer for your home or small office that has an adequate array of features and is quick and easy to set up. Although this is a wireless printer this also comes with wires to link it up to your computer if you need to and it is backwards compatible with old operating systems, as well as Window 7. This also comes with full ink so you are ready to print from the word go and don't have to shell out for extra cartridges as an additional start-up cost. The installation disc is easy to use and runs you through the whole connecting up of the printer and installation process very quickly and easily. This prints at a good speed (approx 33 pages per minute) and the colours are clear and well balanced. This also comes with a 3 year guarantee once you have registered it with Lexmark themselves and this is uncomplicated to do online. The scanner is easy to use and although slightly small compared to other scanners in all-in-one printers, you can still scan A4 size with ease. There is also software included to use with the scanner. There is an eco-button so you can print of both sides of the page, thereby saving paper and money and the memory card slots makes it quick and efficient to print off photos. All in all this is a good home printer and has all the features you could want at an affordable price and as an added bonus the replacement cartridges aren't extortionate either and the life time running costs should be lower than some other comparable printers on the market.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 19 March 2011
This printer is truly awful. Although the quality of the prints is ok, the ink cartridges run out after every 20 prints, there are 4 of them and they are not cheap. It even uses up the 3 colour ink cartridges when you are just printing in black. And the only thing you'll be doing more often than buying new ink cartridges is clearing paper jams which happen all the time.

In addition, if you don't use it for a couple of days when you do come to use it it starts printing in wierd colours and the only way to clear it is use the clean print head function which uses up about a tenth of an ink cartridge.

In my humble opinion this printer is little more than an expensive ink selling con.

It would be cheaper to burn some money and use the ashes to scribe on the paper whatever it is you want to print.

Shame on Lexmark for producing this garbage and shame on Amazon for selling it.
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on 27 January 2011
Drinks ink. Expensive cartridges. Constant alignment problem never solved. Wireless useless. Paper loading aweful. What else is there is to say?
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on 7 December 2011
Will not print (or even scan) without ink (reported- may be some left but not recognised) in all cartridges. Deliberate, won't accept refils or alternative cartridges. Runs out of ink incredibly quickly, even large capacity cartridges. Wifi signal intermittent at best but trivial in comparison.

Have a nearly new printer (was £50 reduced from £100) and new black cartridge (£25) that's going in the bin tomorrow because I don't want to throw another £45 on colour cartridges to print black pages or scan. Deceptive business- I'm boycotting Lexmark.
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on 22 March 2011
If you want a printer to quickly print up notes and letters for personal use and the quality doesn't matter, then this might do the trick; more than that, and I would say this is not right for you. I've had mine for three weeks and already I've been through one black ink cartridge, after no more than 80 sheets of text. The print quality is now uneven and streaky even using the Best quality print setting, high quality paper and after deep cleaning three times (which uses up all the colour cartridges too...) I wouldn't now use it for business letters or for any kind of professional communication. A great disappointment, even for the money.
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on 28 April 2011
Whilst I am not saying avoid, if you get a good one it works great as the print speed is excellent and indeed looks the business, solidly built with a number of useful features and installs quickly on a BT wireless system.
Now the bad side, having had 2 of these due to faults developing I would have to say it is a poor printer. Print reliability in colour and paper chewing issues are the main culprits, however the front flap on the first one I had would not go back to its space saving flat position due to the mechanism jamming.
The replacement cartridges are also on the expensive side and do not last very long.
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on 30 December 2013
When we first got this printer about 2 years ago it was absolutely fine and worked great.

Over time it appears to have got worse and worse in regards to simply printing ANYTHING at all.

We are now at a point where you can manage to print one document, but when trying to print a second or third the printer will do absolutely nothing. It gives the impression that it is going to react but doesn't.

A very clear indication that the document is not going to print is because the provided Lexmark Printing Software Suit does not kick into action.

When printing it should launch a "Lexmark" progress bar. If this does not happen, you know right away that it won't work and you end up with a printer job which cannot be cleared, deleted or removed from the printer queue.

The job will sit in the queue as "deleting" permanently and you are unable to send anymore work through!

It does sometimes do a second print if you change from using the networked (Wi-Fi) connection to the USB connection but this is rare. As someone who is experienced in IT and works on a helpline offering support for similar issues here looks to be no way to actually fix or prevent this.

- My Lemark software and drivers were up to date and I am using Windows 7 which is also up to date.
- You get the same result on both a USB connection and Wi-Fi.

Connecting to the printer via the IP Address and clearing the printer spool makes no difference as the issue appears to be that the document is not sent to the printer to start with and I suspect this is an issue with the Lexmark software provided not working and sending it over.

You find yourself in a insane situation of having to restart you entire PC/Laptop and turn of the printer on-and-off just to get ONE document printed each time.
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on 20 January 2011
It truly is the best printer you will buy. The installation process takes literally 2 minutes (i connected it to 3 laptops), connects to your router wirelessly, has an sd card slot, quick and great quality pictures. The printer goes on standby when your not using it and the great thing about it is that you dont have to go upstairs to turn the printer on, just click print on your pc and it will automatically come out of standby. Comes with warrenty. I think the best buy i've done on Amazon. Highly reccomended!
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on 10 August 2010
Its a decent printer, but it has plenty of flaws. It prints rather quickly, and the inkheads that it uses seem very good. Despite its flaws it does what you want it to do when you get it to work.

Pros: Software updates, easy to set up on mac (probably because its a mac), prints a page quickly, basic and easy to use, good support from lexmark.

Cons: Slow start up, takes too long 'preparing' to print when you haven't used it in a while, hard to set up on windows (bad setup software), basic screen (there is a touch screen version), slightly noisy.
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