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4.2 out of 5 stars48
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 2 November 2009
Ok, Ignore the negative reviews. This is Slayer's best album in years, I realise that's a cliche but they have really made the effort this time.

Their recent output hasn't been the best, God Hates us all had a few moments, Christ Illusion was pure dirt and it's fair to say my expectations for this were quite low. So it was a pleasant surprise to find myself being blown away by the album; and it hasn't left the CD player since.

The album opens with the title track; very atmospheric introduction complete with military style snare drumming (Lombardos performance throughout the album is phenomenal)before heading into more familiar thrash metal territory, however the difference here is there are a couple of quite effective groove sections before heading into a spoken word mid section, the track then picks up for the finale by revisiting the verses only this time 10 times as intense. A truely epic track at almost 6 minutes.

Unit 731 - Incredibaly fast + agressive track dealing with some scary subject matter. Musically this reminds me of some of the more punkish elements of the Reign in Blood album, the track is short and relentless.

Snuff - Another fast numbner, opening with a string of solos recalling Captor Of Sin, Verse is mid paced, along the lines of Epidemic, before the song opens up with some fantastic riffing for the chorus.

Beauty through order - this is Slayer at their most atmospheric, think Divine Intervention, Dead Skin Mask, Spill the Blood. Great clean singing from Araya and there are numerous shifts in mood and tempo in this one. I hope they make a video for this.

Hate Worldwide - Another Kerry King effort, this one recalls Black Magic and deals with familiar satanic themes. King has come in for criticism over his songwriting abilities over the years but this must rate as one of his best, the lyrics are a little silly but there is no denying the savagry of the track and the vocal delivery!

Public Display of Dismemberment - Another fast one, awesome breakdown at the 1.
50 mark! Enough said.

Human Strain - Mines territory similar to Beauty Through Order, great crunchy chorus and a very eerie mid sectionconsidering the subject matter.

Americon - One of the weakest tracks on the album, it's in similar vein to Cast Down from "God Hates Us All" musically, however it's nowhere near as bad and at less than three minutes it doesn't outstay its welcome.

Psycopathy Red - Everyones's heard this one by now, absolutely ferocious track, strongly recalling Spirit In Black and the Reign In Blood era but without sounding like a rehash.

Playing with Dolls - Another very atmospheric/eerie track, Araya again adopting clean sung vocals, very memorable chourus and deeply distrubing lyrics.

Not Of This God - The albums other filler, they could have finished out the album with Playing With Dolls, there is nothing wrong with this track per say, but it would probably be more at home on Christ Illusion.

Overall a welcome return to form, the production is awesome too. Very natural sounding. If you like Slayer this will blow you away, if not I doubt it's going to change your opinion.
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on 14 November 2009
Things you need to know about me. I worship Slayer from Reign in Blood to Seasons in the Abyss. Since then they have made the odd good track but nothing really has inspired me. Even last years Christ Illusion with DL back behind the drums I found it boring and I lost interest very quickly. I don't just like metal and it never bothered me too much that Slayer lost their way. I am not a blinkered Slayer fan who just likes metal so therefore is giving out 5 gold stars just because they turn up to the studio.

Things you need to know about this album. Araya gives the best vocal performance since Seasons and this is why WPB is easily their best since then, one of the main reasons why I loved Slayer was Arayas voice, it's back and I love it! Hanneman makes an effort to write excellent songs, this in turn makes Kerry King write better songs as he needs to up his game. Araya also has song writing credits, and I believe this is why this album is top-notch. Also a lot of songs they work on together just like they did on SITA. Every song maybe the age old Slayer material but here it is attacked with vitality and energy.

The production! This is under a lot of scrutiny since Mr Fieldman produced Death Magnetic. For me Death Magnetics production was inferior and I maybe no audiophille but I didn't like it at all. Funny that when I played this album (vinyl version) this was forefront of my mind. And to be honest I think I gave it too much thought which did cloud my judgment on the first few listens. Don't worry about it. Yes I have to turn my bass dial up to thicken the sound but after a few listens you start to appreciate this album for what it is. And that is Slayer on top-form. And that ladies and gentlemen is a reason to celebrate.
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on 6 December 2009
Slayer maintain their position as the most consistently exciting metal band with 'World Painted Blood'. There is no lack of energy anywhere (Psychopathy Red,and Not of this God for example, gallop along in true Slayer style). The riffs from Kerry King are new and executed with precision throughout the entire album, as are the drums- Dave Lombardo never, ever disappoints. The rhythm and bass very noticeably complementing the rest. The vocals from Tom Araya are perfect, spitting and venomous in places, for communicating the various messages in the lyrics which are incisive and political in the extreme ('Americon'). Slayer have not held back and the whole album reeks of professionalism; it should be held up as an educational tool for all you metal bands out there.
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World Painted Blood is the 11th studio album from the American Thrash Metal band Slayer; released in late 2009 this was the second studio album recorded after the band reunited with original Dave Lombardo.

This forty minute record finds the band split pretty much down the middle between straight forward no thrills thrash songs and groove-orientated songs, with some of each kind featuring slow atmospheric intros.

Tracks like `Psychopathy Red,' `Snuff,' and `Hate Worldwide,' deliver the trademark Slayer pounding sound, while `Beauty Through Order,' and `Playing With Dolls,' are more menacing numbers which break up the album from being all speed.

The album has taken a fair amount of criticism for its production job and for a perceived laziness, lack of variety or lack of new ideas. This is something you'll have to try for yourself as the same standard of musicianship and aggression Slayer always delver is present on the record but the album met with mixed reviews anyway.

If you are a Slayer fan I recommend that you pick up a copy and give it a good few listens before dismissing it all together. Tracks like `Not Of This God,' and `Americon,' provide enough new spins on the Slayer formula to warrant at least a curiosity listen and the rest of the album delivers what you normally want from Slayer.

My advice is that you try this before buying it. At first, I personally wasn't overly keen on the album but it is a grower and now I am fairly fond of it. Certainly, World Painted Blood is not Slayer's best album, will never be hailed as a classic and is not the best place for new fans to start; however neither is it devoid of value as some hyperbolic reviewers would have you believe.
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on 9 December 2009
No need here for a long winded, rambling review. This album is simple, pure, speed metal workout from Slayer.
This album is entertaining because there is no bull. You can put it on and just enjoy it for what it is; fast, heavy and fun. Slayer have not tried too hard to make something different and have preferred just to let themselves go and unleash their creative frustrations by creating an album which is pretty much pastiche.
Dave Lombardo is in absolutely top form and the production is excellent.
Don't expect anything different but it does exactly what it says on the tin. Superb.
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on 21 July 2010

Fantastic album. Just amazing.
I've owned the deluxe edition for a good few weeks now and I must have listened to it through about 12 times. I own all the other albums, loved Reign in Blood, Christ Illusion, and really loved God Hates us All. But from the opinion of a true fan I can say that this is their undisputed best. Psychopathy Red is class, as are tracks like Americon and Human Strain. (The title track is the best though) The entire it.
If you're a Slayer fan, a music fan, or just a flat out metal fan, do yourself a favour and buy this album. You won't regret it...hopefully.

The DVD though? It's okay I suppose.
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on 17 September 2014
Slayer decided to return to Eb flat tuning for this album as opoposed to the C# and Drop B of their previous effort in probably an attempt to recapture their classic early thrash sound and bring back the crunch of their classic 'Regin In Blood' as opposed to the sludge of their last 3 albums.
Dave Lombardo is back again on this album and as recent events have unfolded this may well be his last ever Slayer record as he has (again) left the band under a dark cloud, if that's the case, he's gone out in style!
The opening title track is instantly reminiscient of 1980's Slayer, slow, ominous, doomy guitar harmonies give way to an upbeat thrash riff. The breakdown reminds me a lot of the 'Angel Of Death' interlude.
'Unit 731' is one of the band's fastest and shortest songs since 'Dittohead' and sonds VERY much like 'Criminally Insane' on 'Reign In Blood' in some if the riffs but is overall a quicker song.
'Snuff' is another typically heavy and provocative Slayer song with very dark lyrics.
'Americon' bangs into life with an almost catchy stop start riff and has a very memorbale Slayer chorus and verse and typically Politician-baiting lyrics e.g. 'It's all about the mother******* oil.'
'Hate Worldwide' encapsulates Slayer's career of spreading their message and unique sound for 30 odd years and is fittingly an album highlight.
'Public Display of Dismemberment' is one of my personal favourites and is great song to get you motivated.
'Playing With Dolls' has a very effective fast / slow dynamic and an eerie riff to accompany it.
The album's artwork is also worth mentioning as it is quite superb and is one of the few Slayer albums where its side casing isn't covered in the traditional white American Recordings template.
I remember Metal Hammer dubbing this album as Slayer's 'New Reign in Blood' and one listen of 'Unit 731' will make you think you are actually listening to it! Whilst it doesn't reach the speed, ferocity and sheer quality of that landmark album, it is another slice of post-Millenium awesomeness from arguably the most extreme thrash band ever and a welcome addition to the band's fans and any metal heads' collection.
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on 24 January 2010
Reading the interviews prior to this album's release I waited in anticipation to hear this album and what can I say? The last Slayer album I played so much was Reign In Blood when I bought that back in 1987. Their albums after that were great but the interest diminished to just the thrashier tracks I liked, but this? WOW!! from the first track World Painted Blood it just builds with a ferocity that pins you to the wall. Unit 731; Hate Worldwide; Public Display Of Dismemberment, Psycopathy Red and Not Of This God just blow me away. I would say that these tracks are some of the best tracks that Slayer have ever recorded; probably better than some of the RIB tracks and that's saying something. There are a couple of slower tracks such as Playing With Dolls and Americon which are okay but one track that really got me was Beauty Through Order which you think is another slow plodder but half way through...BANG!! I would liken it to a jet fighter taxying to the runway threshold and then lighting up the afterburners for a full power takeoff.
Some people have been critical of the production but I have no problems with it at all as over production doesn't suit Slayer at all - imagine Bob Rock producing them?
Just listen to those drum fills in Unit 731, fantastic! My only criticism is Tom's vocals on Psycopathy Red; I think they have been tweaked as there is no way he can scream that high and it is evident when you listen to it but do you really care?
Considering their age (Dave Lombardo,44; Jeff and Kerry,45 and Tom,48) you'd think they would be mellowing out but no way, they can show bands half their age how it's done.
I hope their next album is as good as this.
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on 7 December 2009
I have all of Slayers albums I like Slayer alot and I generally agree some of the middle time work is not as good but I think generally they just tried to not be stale and did sometihng a little bit different I personally thnk god hates us all and christ illusion where pretty good albums. God hates us all I think was better than christ illusion. Anyway. this album seems to be a pretty good return to form although like one guy said the riffs are lazy and in places tehy do sound like they have been rehashed form older songs but Slayer have been around for 20 years and guitarist generally play in the same style so you expect it really, I think the First track is really good even my furiend Roy who isn't a big metal fan turned it up in the car and drove side ways left and right in the car and was headbanging while driving We both thought it was strangley catchy the way the vocals go over the riffs in a sort of rythmic collage type thing it was cool, Also I think some of the sololead guitar work on this album has to be some of the most cheesy but inventive work Lead wise I have heard from anyband in a while full of Squeeling its cool.
Track two Unit 731 is brutal like dittohead but slightly slower Its also cool it just generally made Roy go nuts in teh car which is a good sign if even a non metal fan can go nuts to it then it must be a good album. I think it is a nice return to form lieka modern version of Reign in blood maybe a bit less complex on the riffs it does seem to be all the first four frets on the top string type riffs but thats otai. for the first time sometimes I struggle to hear toms Vocals which is the first time that has happened. but yes I think it is a nice return to form hopefully they will make another wild album and call LIONSAUR's REVENGE maybe next year. it would be good.

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on 21 October 2009
Slayer are one of those bands that when they release an album, even if it is on a sunday morning you will get yourself down to local record retailer to make sure you have a copy as soon as the doors open, true the dedication of fans with Slayer is extraordinary, many of which have been with the band since the 1980"s as well as many younger audiences finding out what the fuss is all about. With "World painted blood" they will find out much of what slayer is about by for by the most part 10-12 brutal songs.

And this album is brutal just like the rest of their "for the most part" sublime catalogue, however this time with "World painted blood' similarly with their previous opus "Christ illusion" slayer have incorporated some of their older 80"s sound here to compliment their new album greatly and to be fair it works, similarly the production is dealt with a caretake attitude even if it does sound different to what we have been used to recently by them.

Many of the songs here draw at least an influence from past glories "Playng with dolls" is a great spooky atmospheric track and i can vividly recall a seasons in the abyss vibe, but it's a good track none-the-less, ''Americon, Phychopathy red and Unit 731" hark back to the best slices from "Divine intervention" with some some speedy and vicious/intense chorus lines, in any case those three have a real good strong hook that just seems to draw you in, both are undoubtably one of, if not the best tracks here without a doubt, elsewhere "Snuff" is another speed-by-numbers song which will have you on the edge of your seat during its play.

However the title track and perhaps "Hate worldwide and public display of dismemberment" could be the more distinctly weaker of Slayers material, incorporating perhaps the ideas Slayer are less known for but don't do as well, some of the thick groove sludges from "Diabolus and god hates us all" make an occasional appearance but thankfully are provided in the right doses to give the album a bit of diversity and flex, there is also a punk twang evident in close inspection here which i personally see as a plus.

On a technical level there's nothing perhaps out of this world, and a bit more clarity with the drums wouldn't have gone a miss, and perhaps Tom's voice could have had a bit more variation, maybe a few more speedy riffs in the songs could well have made this an amazing release however this outing have easily matched the greatness of "Christ Illusion" but does fall some what short of their classic three, nevertheless it's a great album, and a competent song base is really what counts, still lets face it with Slayer you either love 'em or hate 'em and if your the former your still going to buy this album when it's finally released in a week or so. (So Recommended.) .................. 3.75/5 great stuff!
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