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4.1 out of 5 stars39
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 3 December 2013
I was about to buy a new set of earphones as I was down to my last 2 ear pieces. I wanted more isolation. Somehow I came across these, read the reviews and gave them a go.
I have tried them on the tube and on planes the isolation is brilliant. I use the large size isolation plus and find them as comfortable if not more so than the stock ear pieces that came with the ear phones.
One small negative, they do attract dirt like a lint roller. So unlike me keep them in a case or expect to spend more cas on replacements.
You do have to squidge them before placing them in your ear, but it takes a couple of seconds once u r use to it. Plus this is why they are so effective.
If you are an isolation freak like myself these are a must!
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on 16 August 2015
In-ear headphones are loved or loathed. What camp you fall in to seems to always be about whether you can find a good seal in-ear. You don't get better than Comply tips for seal or comfort. Developed for aircraft pilots originally. They'd have to use them for long stretches in a very noisy environment I'd imagine! So anyone with in-ear headphones should at least consider Comply tips to get the absolute most out of their listening experience. Headphones in the £100+ range are often shipped with Comply Tips as standard.

You have to check which type fits your headphones, and I like the these TX- ones with the earwax guards, as not all headphones have mesh at the end of the aperture and cleaning at that end can therefore be a nightmare! And these are the most noise isolating in the range which is perfect for travel but not safe for exercise out and about!

I see a couple of reviewers weren't too happy with the sizing. I use the Large ones. I've owned so many headphones and tried so many different types of tips. I'm almost universally a Large in one ear and a medium in the other. The Comply tip sizing is the same, I don't find them unusually small. They're more forgiving though so that's why I use Large in the ear which is more of a Medium! I find it just fine. Other types would not be so forgiving.

Regardless of what type of tips used, the sound quality difference when you find the right fit for that tip-type means I always take the time to find what works. And you do get mixed packs to trial. I did that first time I bought them to be sure. One reviewer here said at times when he took his headphones out it left the Comply tips in his ear - only to be extracted using a precision tool. Scary! Because they're so soft I wonder if that reviewer is trying to stuff a tip far too big in to his lug, expecting to feel a fit that exerts more pressure than you get with Comply Foam tips? They expand as they warm up too. The whole point of these is that they feel soft and don't put the pressure on your ear that you get from other tips. That's why I can have them in for hours and still feel no discomfort. For that gent I'd suggest trying a medium and then give them a full minute to expand to your body heat . How's that?

Another reviewer bemoaned their durability. Comply do offer sport tips which are more rugged apparently. Not tried them.

But again form fits function here. It's that very quality of softness that provides such a good, comfortable seal. Knowing that they're vulnerable to physical damage means I just ensure I store my headphones in their hard case rather than leaving them lying. So for me not a big deal.The few that have degraded a little just prompted me that it was time ti bin them and move onto the next pair anyway.

These are dispoable tips by the way! So surely no one buying them would expect them to last for ever? I'd imagine given bacterial infection possibilities I wouldn't want to try. Comply's advice is to use a clean cloth, damp with water, if you ever need to clean them - no alcohol disinfectant. They also suggest you replace them every 3 months.

There's no question to me that they enhance your listening experience. I can rest my head against the window in a train, or lie on a pillow for hours, and not feel any discomfort. The great seal, and therefore increase in sound quality that this provides, is significantly better than any of the multitude of other tips I've tried. For my current £80 Denon AH-C400's, but also for cheaper phones I've owned in the past too.

So whether you think Comply Foam Tips are worth it comes down to whether or not you think the benefit in listening experience is worth it relative to the cost of disposable tips. For me it's a no brainer if you've spent more than £60 on your in-ears. You're just not getting their full sound quality potential otherwise, and if you listen to tunes for any extended period these t'ings offer peerless comfort.

Worth a trial or you'll never know what you're missing!
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on 27 September 2013
I bought these to replace the stock collection of ear-buds that came with the Shure 535 IEMs. These were causing me ears such great discomfort that I couldn't wear them for more than 30 minutes, regardless of the type ear-bud I used. I had even considered selling my 535s so I could go back to over-ear headphones, but then I stumbled onto these.
They are fantastic. The comfort is so good I can't even feel them in my ears. Sound isolation is fair. I can listen to my music without being distracted by pain and ear-ache. :)

Downsides are the price and 'life' of the buds. They last about a month.
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on 12 July 2014
i agree with previous reviews about the sizing, its just too small.
But my issue was they didnt last, i got about 4 days of use out of the bud before they tore, After getting nearly 24 months out of my shure e535 original buds (with constant cleaning) i was a bit suprised that these didnt last week let alone a month.
At the time of purchase i couldnt get hold of the shures, but now they are available ive re ordered.

I found these buds isolated ok, but because they were too small i couldnt get the seal so the bass was really naff. The buds as well felt very dry in comparison to shures which made them very un comfy to wear and eventually irrated my inner ear (unlike my shures did).
Avoid if you have used the shures as they are far superiour and cheaper (21.99 for 10 as opposed to 19.99 for 6).
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on 12 September 2013
A bit overpriced, but you get three pairs of foam buds, and they just make such a massive difference to your listening pleasure. On the tube, you can zone out all the idiots effortlessly, and in the office, you can't even hear your phone ring :0)
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on 26 March 2015
I'd been tempted by these tips for some time as you only ever hear good things about them. The reality was extremely disappointing. The things are abnormally fragile. All of mine have disintegrated in a matter of weeks after starting to use them. It starts with a few cracks but escalates to complete failure of the material. When fully intact and inserted they do provide excellent isolation and the wax guard is a great idea. I would not buy again though. With the fragile nature of the material and it's complete dislike of water (if it's raining and you have to remove a bud to talk to someone keep it covered with your hand) I can't recommend. The standard Shure supplied foam tips are as good sound wise and much stronger.
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on 31 July 2011
I was having great trouble hearing the bass using the standard supply eartips with my Klipsch Image S4i Earphones and had tried numerous silicone replacements - these however are what I should have bought in the first place - I wear them about 6 hours a day without any discomfort and the sounds are bright crisp and clear and the Bass output is monumentally better - buy these , you wont regret it!
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on 29 December 2012
The rubber tips that come with most headphones do not stay in my ears and therefore these are a god-send. Once they have expanded in your ear cavity, they are not going anywhere. They also keep out background noise and so result in requiring lower volume and lastly, bass is as pure as you like.

Highly recommended for anyone using in-ear headphones.
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on 23 September 2015
I bought a set of these a couple of years back and the new ones are now shorter. This concerned me before I tried them, but I needn't have worried. They're still as comfortable and isolating as ever.
If you don't get on with silicone tips (they never seem to fit me), these are for you.
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on 28 February 2013
These buds are comfortable however I don't believe I have ordered the correct size and will try to order the larger size although wneh looking for these I was struggling to get them in stock with ear guards.

I can use these all day without discomfort and the sound is still good.
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