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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars851
4.3 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Mouse Dish|Change
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on 28 December 2010
I gave four stars because I expected a GBP 50 laser mouse to be perfect. It is not. In the following review, I will try to give a comprehensive (not long though) list of the ups and downs.

Stylish design, excellent workmanship.
Good battery life: even after 3 days of moderate use, it indicates that the batteries (the original ones provided) are at 100% charge level. You can use regular AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries, but there are also some special Magic Mouse ones. UPDATE: Over the past 20 months I used up four a pairs of AA batteries.
Touch control is fast and accurate, the same being true for the laser. (You can even play Call of Duty multiplayer with this rodent.)
Extremely large control surface: you can use the whole area from the Apple logo (this is approximately 3 quarters of the curved surface).
Good third party application support (just google it). You can program about 30 different controls, touch and click as well.
Usable with all computers sporting a bluetooth adapter, however you cannot use swipe controls in Windows without additional third party software. Please note that I have no information on usability under Linux.
I did not experience any inexplicable cursor movements reported by other reviewers here.

Tracking is really slow, even with maximum tracking speed I find the response subpar. I had to lift the mouse to navigate the cursor through the screen of my 13-inch MBP. Good news is, there is a solution: just download any free Magic Mouse control program and increase tracking speed beyond the OS X default scope. (Tracking speed is not an issue when the mouse is used with Windows.) UPDATE: Tracking speed is not an issue from OS X Lion and above.
It is indeed uncomfortable to use the mouse as a regular one e.g. click at the front edge. However, there is no such issue if you use the surface at around the middle. Thanks to its responsiveness there is no problem clicking or scrolling from the middle area: no more repetitive stress injury!

UPDATE: Ok, I see many people do not get how this mouse works, and therefore give negative reviews. Let us say, that you have a MBP, place all your fingers but your index finger on the track pad, then try to navigate with you index finger (this was just an example I tried myself, any other finger would work). Voila, it works, you can also tap to click. Same idea with the Magic Mouse, you REST your fingers on the surface and use the one needed. I usually rest 3 fingers on it: index finger (left click), middle finger (scroll), ring finger (right click). As long as you rest your fingers, you are OK, if you fidget while using a touch mouse, well, good luck finding one that will tell when you are fidgeting.

All in all it is a great product and I recommend it. But it deserves only 4 stars, because you have to adapt to it.
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on 12 February 2010
I've been a Mac user since 1985 - I've been using the Magic Mouse since Christmas 2009 as a replacement to my 'old' Mighty Mouse. I don't want to give a detailed review as such as that has already been covered very well here. But I would like to point out a problem that has as good as stopped me using this mouse, returning to my old, non-bluetooth mighty mouse.

I've found this mouse to be good for general use ie. surfing, scrolling through picture folders etc, but using it for what you might call 'proper' computer work like spreadsheets, Word, and even editing information in iTunes had driven me to distraction. The problem comes when you want to edit text, by highlighting, editing and clicking off, or to somewhere else on the page. Because the mouse is so sensitive to the touch of a finger you can easily find that your edited text (which may have just taken the last couple of minutes to prepare) disappears the moment you're fingers leave the keyboard and return to the mouse. The slightest touch of the finger clears all that previous work if you are not very, VERY careful.

I thought that this may just be a thing to get used to (it does after all need a little practice) but after a couple of months constant use (and constant frustration) this mouse has found itself in the drawer, which is a shame because other than that I really like it. I think the way this mouse works is certainly the way ahead, but Apple need to do a far better job of it than this!

I would also like to point out that the batteries supplied lasted from Christmas day, to the end of January (barely five weeks)
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on 26 February 2011
I ordered this mouse as a replacement for my wired Apple Mighty Mouse.

One of the big advantages of this mouse is that scrolling is via the touch sensitive surface - there are no moving parts, (like tiny scroll balls) to get caked up and stop working. Once you've set up the left and right buttons, these work really well and when you click the mouse the whole top surface tilts down a faction and makes a 'click' sound.

Using it feels very intuitive and natural and the design of the mouse as well as it's weight is pretty much perfect, at least for me.

One thing that does take some getting used to is the very fact that it is so touch sensitive and responsive. I'm a long time Mac user, (so not a newbie to any degree) but I did find it was very sensitive and it took me a few days to get used to it. Having said this, now, I'd never go back to an old style scroll wheel mouse, this feels so good you'll wonder why anyone actually used them.

The one thing I did do to improve the functionality of the mouse was to download BetterTouchTool which let's you modify the area that is touch sensitive and adds some more configuration options. This was especially useful to be able to create a non-sensitive area on the mouse's upper surface which makes it slightly more use friendly if you're someone who's hand tends to linger on the mouse. Having said this, it's still eminently useable without third party software.

Overall it's a delight to use and comes well recommended. It does need a light touch which can take some getting used to, but where I used to get occasional hand cramp, now I get none.

Get one, you won't regret it.
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on 9 December 2009
I ordered my Magic Mouse direct from Apple and it took quite a while to be delivered; over 1 week. However, it comes complete with 2x AA batteries, stored in a very slick plastic box where it is held in place with clear sticky tabs. Pairing was done in about 10 seconds after which searching for an Apple software update took about another 5 minutes.

I run the last of the G5 PPC iMacs, so I can only go as far as Leopard on the operating system. Some of the scrolling options are slightly limited compared with the Intel processor iMacs and Snow Leopard, in that the vertical scrolling has no 'weight' behind it, allowing the list or image to freewheel for a moment or two. I flick my finger and the image moves with my finger, just like a scroll wheel.

It is low and smooth and has seemingly caused some to comment that their hands become cramped, especially since they have to hold the mouse with thumb and finger to stop it scooting around the table top. To avoid this I placed my mouse on a mouse pad with a fabric weave top layer and all is well. I have had no hand cramp luckily but you do need to remember this is now a finger-tip controlled mouse, not a grab and shove. It is not somewhere to park your right hand (or left) with it tucked away moulded to your every hand crease and wrinkle. This needs a newer light touch and it works very well.

The top plastic layer is hinged internally at about where the Apple symbol is. Thus when you click the mouse the whole top surface moves a fraction of a millimetre with a positive 'click' sound and feel. In this respect it is like an 'ordinary' mouse. It feels quite weighty, which was a pleasant surprise, and all the better for it. Once the software has updated itself, the 'surface' can be enabled for scrolling and swiping. It is very intuitive, rather like the earlier mighty mouse with its miniature scroll-ball but this has the added feature of two finger swiping for backwards and forwards movements through pictures or web pages.

I enabled the 'secondary key' function, which is Windows speak for the right mouse button and then loaded a simply wonderful free add-on called On My Command (OMC), which lists a whole spread of scripts that, in effect, make the right-click feature the same as Windows. Copy and Paste are now simple mouse functions only; no more faffing about with Command-C and Command-V. With this and the new finger scroll movements I have found a simply beautiful elegant computer interface.

I recommend it. Get used to it, it's worth it, believe me.
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on 29 July 2014
Apple Magic Mouse is all Apple products well-designed device though because of several small drawbacks would be more recommended as occasional, than mouse to be used on everyday basis.

Apple Magic Mouse comes together with new iMac desktop computers, though for seasoned users can be purchased separately.

Speaking first about the good things, it’s known that Apple products are unmatched on this field and this one is not any different than others – Magic Mouse is beautifully designed mouse (still keeping Apple classic style) which will attract attention wherever you use it.

Mouse is powered with two AA batteries without which its weight is around 330 g – adequate even for those younger or with smaller hands. The mouse is white and smooth without buttons on top side, while on back side the only thing that distracts the smoothness is battery cover, switch to shut off power and light that indicates mouse operation or battery protection mode in which mouse will enter if not used for some time.

The Magic Mouse will connect via Bluetooth, but unfortunately will only work Mac OS X version 10.5.8 or later, while PC is not supported. It must be admitted that Magic Mouse is even better than plug n’ play because only thing you have to do is put it next to Mac and in few seconds automatically you’ll be able to use it.

Mouse features standard laser sensor which is good because it allows its usage on almost every surface except reflecting ones such as mirrors or glass. Also it would be equally usable for both left- and right-handed users.

The Magic Mouse greatest feature is its multi-touch ability which allows user to use whole surface of the mouse for swiping, for both two main buttons but also using single or two fingers for scrolling in every direction whether you use it while browsing, reading or looking pictures. On the other hand what is lacking is the ability to reassign the actions of finger swipes therefore you can’t make custom commands to start program or stop executing by swiping which automatically means the mouse cannot be included in the category of highly configurable devices, thus the audience to which it addresses is decreased.

Therefore, as a conclusion, if you are plan to use it only on Mac, not spend too much time in front of screen and the design is important to you, don’t look further. On the other hand if you are more demanding user, I would not recommend it because for money you can get better devices, supporting both major platforms, mostly from Logitech, who will not tire your hand so much due to better ergonomics.
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on 18 August 2013
Bought this mouse as a replacement for my old Mighty Mouse (trackball sadly stopped working after many years of use). I wrongly assumed that due to the ergonomic nature of several other Apple products I own that this mouse would be the same. Unfortunately this is the most uncomfortable mouse I've ever used; it has un-smoothed edges and very little curvature for the length of the mouse. This means that when I am using it my hand has to be either stretched out flat over the top of it, which causes issues with the touch functionality, or bent over the top of it with no support. The mouse is very thin too, meaning that the aforementioned un-smoothed edges are a constant annoyance. These gripes may not annoy a casual user, however when I am working on my mac for many hours at a time it becomes incredibly annoying and painful on my hand and wrist; I also concede that the size of the users hand is a factor in the ergonomics of a mouse; however I have another mouse that is even smaller than the Magic Mouse, and it provides me with no discomfort at all due to its smooth edges and curved surface.

I would not have posted quite such a low scoring review, however my Magic Mouse has now started regularly disconnecting from my Mac for no reason at all; there are no other devices in range that could affect the connectivity of the mouse.

The advice I would offer to any prospective buyer would be to spend half as much on a different mouse, the ability to horizontally scroll soon looses its appeal when the rest of the design is so uncomfortable.
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on 1 October 2012
After using this mouse for my Macbook pro I would say that this mouse may be more hassle than its worth for laptop usage- whilst at first it was comforting to be able to program things like a right click after migrating from a Windows it soon became evident to me that you could achieve a lot more with the trackpad without having to go to the effort of moving to another room in order to find a flat surface to set up on (unless of course your PC sits on a desk, in which case this is invalid).

Adding to this, there are a few functionality issues which contribute to the hassle factor- namely how sensitive the mouse surface is. When simpy resting your fingers on the surface in some programs may activate the gesture for the scrolling or other gestures, which can be very inconvenient, and I often find that I am activating gesture that I dont want to use. Also whilst this is a more specific issue, there seems to be no way to rectify the fact that the mouse scrolls with only one finger, not two like the trackpad, hence when I go to click the mouse, if my fingertip slips or I happen to roll my finger over slightly this may again activate a gesture.

I have tried options such as the program MagicPrefs and trying to calibrate the sensitivity differently but to no avail, and from the research I have done into this seems to be that many other users have.

Apart from this the mouse is a very slick gadget- good cursor tracking, many things about it are responsive and crisp, far more so than on Windows and of course it is an aesthetic marvel;not to mention the myriad of gestures you can program in especially with the aforementioned MagicPrefs program. Please take into account however that the way I use my Macbook (at the moment mainly for an art course) means my usage is erratic and maybe slightly unconventional compared to other users, hence my views may be different to others.
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on 17 December 2012
I'm a bit of an Apple fan but I really don't like this mouse at all. It's a great idea to be able to use gestures directly on a mouse but the size, shape and weight of this mouse makes it very difficult to use gestures on it.

In my opinion, it's not wide enough for gestures, it rocks from side to side due to its shape and it moves too easily due to being light when you want to make a gesture. As a conventional mouse and being able to click almost anywhere, it works quite well but for gestures, I just can't use it properly. I also find my fingers ache after a while of trying to use it for gestures due to trying to use the same had to stop it moving and make a gesture.

The magic trackpad (different Apple product) works really well for gestures and to move a mouse cursor. I had to buy that to replace this mouse.

[Later] I've now had the Magic Mouse for 2 months and while it is great for casual use, I just can't use it properly for serious work, eg program editing. I had to switch off gestures (one of its selling points) because often I'd put my hand on the mouse to use it and a gesture would slide the screen or whatever. I also found it very poor when trying to scroll the screen.

While I know from reading other reviews that some people love it, it's not for me for serious text editing work. I've now bought a more conventional bluetooth mouse that has a scroll wheel and works brilliantly with my macbook pro.
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on 3 July 2013
This is the second Magic Mouse I've had and they have both had the same connection issues. Have trawled the forums and it seems to come down to one or both of two things:
1. Interference from other blue tooth devises.
2. Design floor in the battery compartment.
The first issue I haven't resolved yet, the second issue depends on the make of batteries you use - people seem to have differing success with various makes of batteries, but the only way to fix it is either experiment with lots of makes of batteries to see which suits your mouse - or jam bits of paper/tin foil in the battery compartment to pad it out.
Not brilliant for a device that cost this much!
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on 13 March 2016
Where to begin? First of all it has taken me a long time (and I'm talking about years here) to get used to this mouse.

I have gone back to a logitech mouse and then back the apple a few times to be fair so it maybe that's why it has taken me longer than it should to get used to it!

When I first bought this mouse I found it deeply uncomfortable to use. Over time (long time) I have gradually changed the way I use it. The secret is not to use like a normal mouse, resting your palm on it. To move it around you just need the hold it lightly on the sides with your thumb and little finger - your other fingers are then in the ideal 'scrolling' position. It takes time and persistence but one day, it suddenly starts to make sense.

Another issue at first was horizontal scrolling - way to sensitive for me - especially in spreadsheets. Download Magic Prefs (free) and disable this (and at the same time speed up the tracking!) and that's another improvement.

Of course, it looks fantastic and is innovative in that Apple way, but for the price you'd expect that.

So not a 5 star review - one time I have grown to like using this mouse but with the following caveats:

- I needed a 3rd party non-apple utility to make it work for me (disable horizontal scrolling etc.)
- The battery life could be better
- It very occasionally loses bluetooth connectivity
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