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4.8 out of 5 stars340
4.8 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 29 November 2010
Let me be up front about this - I love Red Dwarf, even the last couple of series had their share of great moments. So the chance of replacing all the VHS sets (that took up a whole book shelf) with a box set no larger than a 3xVHS box was irresistable. And it does what it says on the box - it's just the shows! Of course I would like to see the extras, but at my age with two young kids I don't know when I'd ever have time to watch them. And the shows themselves are great and it's good to have them on a digital format now. So for the sake of space and economy I was very happy to buy this package and get exactly what I expected/wanted:)
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on 8 January 2010
All the Episodes from ALL Series of Red Dwarf. I had all the series on VHS and now replaced with this DVD collection.

Red Dwarf - Just the Shows is ideal for ANYONE with a good sense of humour. TIMELESS Fun... I was addicted to this series when the first episode "The End" was first shown on TV in the late 1980's. I can watch it over and over again and never get bored and much like Black Adder in life there is always the opportunity to quote lines from the show...
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on 23 May 2011
Having grown up watching the mid-series (IV, V and VI) in the early nineties on the BBC, I picked this box set up having foolishly lent all my individual series remasters to someone from uni I haven't seen since.

Presentation is a bit grotty and cheap looking in regards to the title menus, but that's totally acceptable at the price. It was quite refreshing to watch the original transfers, it certainly added to the charm knowing you're watching the 'original' cuts.

As a brief rundown of the quality of the series, they follow a trajectory moving from character comedy more into situational comedy as more money was made available. Series 1 and 2 focus more on close knit character humour (with brilliant writing for the burgeoning relationship between Lister and Rimmer, especially in the fantastic 'Thanks for the Memory'), through series 3 and 4 where the concepts and ideas began to be developed a bit more as Starbug allowed travel to other settings (plus, pleasingly, character development of the Cat from marginal - I'd forgotten quite how marginal in the first series - to a major player, along with the welcome addition of Kryten).

I personally feel RD peaked in series V and VI, where the writing was sharp as a tack and some of the ideas and settings fantastic. All 4 characters are well developed and there is a brilliant 'cockpit' dynamic with quick pacing and superb banter between all. Hardly a dud episode in those 2 series, but many classics, Quarantine, Back to Reality, Legion and Gunmen of the Apocalypse probably the best.

To be honest, upon recent rewatching, it struck me quite how atrocious series VII and VIII are. Series VII has some nice conceptual ideas, for example in Tikka to Ride, the season opener, but the humour once Rimmer departs is very flat and Kryten goes from being wonderfully dry and cynical in the preceding 2 series (I feel he owns Series V) to some squeaky, irritating and frankly irrational character who seems to suffer from a complete personality reset and emerges wholly unfunny and quite embarrassing. Kochanski tries her hardest, but the cast are working with substandard material and it shows. Season VIII suffers similarly, although Chris Barrie is back (which saves it from being a complete car crash). Some of the episodes in Season VII and VIII are utterly dire, so be warned.

High Points: Future Echoes, Thanks for the Memory, Queeg, Marooned, The Last Day, Justice, Most of Series V and VI
Low Points: Series VII and VIII almost without exception, sadly (Tikka to Ride and Cassandra can make a case). A couple of duds from the earlier series like Body Swap and DNA which whilst not being atrocious, aren't up to the high standards of that around them.
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on 12 January 2011
I assume you know what Red Dwarf is if you are looking at getting this so i'll forgo a story explantation.

Just the Shows contains the 52 shows from the first 8 seasons of Red Dwarf and combines Jest the Shows 1 & 2. The episodes are the original unremastered edits so there are some errors on the transfers of the earlier episodes which include warping and lines. These are for the most part only to be expected for such an old program.

The remastered versions of the earlier episodes had them cut down to 16:9 and lost much of the frame. It's good to see the whole frame even though there are black bars on a widescreen monitor. These transfer includes the original intros and small one liners that were "americanised/internationalised" in some later versions (ie Felicity Kendal's Bottom referenced instead of Marilyn Monroe's).

The only pity is that it does not include the extended and remastered versions from season 7 which were definate inmprovements. It does not have the combined episodes of 8 ie. the 2 shows from 'Pete' combined as on the season 8 dvd. I had some trouble removing them. The whole box is about the size of 4 standard dvd cases back to front.

The box set presentation is good with episodes descriptions and one disc for seasons 1 - 6 and two for 7 and 8. The menu's consist of a main page listing the episodes and subtitle options: on or off. There are also chapters for each episode. These are nice easy menu's that however for navigation and not filled with as much junk as the standard season dvd's

The pictures in the menu are terrible though and i don't know hat they were thinking using them. Something like the bodysnatcher collection might have been better or even the artwork from the original videos.

All in all i'm happy with this. I would have liked however the extended and complete stories from 7 and 8 rather than the original broadcasts. I would have liked better pictures in the menus as well.

Delivery was 1 day earlier than estimated and they arrived in excellent condition.
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on 28 September 2010
This package is exactly what it claims to be. Nothing more and nothing less...just the shows. Quality is excellent and real value for money! If you are a fan of Red Dwarf like me and want to revisit the series I can't think of a better way to do it. The dry wit and wonderful characterizations are always evident and because the sets were always intended to look tacky if will never date. Loved it!
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on 4 May 2012
What a value for money purchase, all the Red Dwarf series for under 20 quid, this is such a giveaway. When I unpacked the DVD's, I felt like I was stealing something, I paid less and I got more. All Red Dwarf fans this is a must buy especially at that price. Thanks Amazon for bringing this wonderful product at a dream price. The DVDs are absolutely and amazingly funny, full of good humour, creative and intelligent, enjoy Holly, Rimmer, Lister and Kryten in all their shows for under 20 quid, Red Dwarf has never been more accessible to everyone. You'd think you are buying stolen goods but you are not, it really has gone down to that price.
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on 26 September 2012
Hi , I bought this set for myself to remind me of all the fun I had watching them when I was a teenager . Im 42 now. It's a fantastic set to own at outstanding value . I recommend grabbing some beer one night when the kids have gone to bed and sticking these on. What I really love is the way this iconic comedy evolves from standard early sitcom sets to very cool scenes and effects later in the series .
The jokes , pranks and story lines are timeless. I'm now addicted all over again. I think there is a bit of Dave Lister in all of us. Love it. Great value as stated and prompt delivery. Thank you very much.
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on 25 September 2010
Well what can I say? I ordered this as a treat for myself around a month ago; myself being a huge fan of the show. They're all here; every episode (bar the 'Back to Earth' trilogy) and as usual; the sharp wit and antics of the show, in having all the episodes to watch, has made me fall in love with it all over again.

If you're a fan of Red Dwarf, then it's a serious must have - as it will fail to disappoint!
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You're one of two things. You've never seen Red Dwarf? Welcome to a twisted future where humanity is dead (except, maybe, Lister. Maybe? Hudzen-10 seemed to think he wasn't... human, I mean.), where Lister the space-bum is kept sane by the hologrammatic epitome of tosserishness that is Rimmer, complemented (or not) by the vainglorious creature that evolved from the ship's cat and a frankly defective mechanoid picked up from a crashed spaceship, AKA Kryten. Oh, and the ship's computer has gone senile, just to help things along. And then changes sex!

Of course, if you have seen Red Dwarf, why are you even reading this? Series 1-8, just the shows (there's a separate DVD of smeg-ups). Buy it; they were hilarious at broadcast, and haven't aged at all!
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on 29 August 2014
A good price, but the transfer process hasn't been kind. the first four series especially are pretty poor quality visually, very pixelated and blurred. For me it detracted from my enjoyment, but conversely my son aged 11, thought it added to the 'spacey atmosphere' so there you go. If you're expecting nice clear DVD /HD quality you'll be disappointed. Show is still as funny mind you, so if you're a fan wanting to update your VHS to DVD you might not mind.
I am watching on a 48" HDTV, so maybe my expectations have gone up, or maybe it is just poor quality.
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