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4.7 out of 5 stars43
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 9 September 2009
In 80's tv dominated by mega bucks and shoulder pad soaps, this pulp inspired series was like a breath of fresh air. It was set in the South Pacific in the late thirties on a fictional chain of islands split between the French and the Japanese. The "Gold Monkey" was a bar run by the sophisticated and well dodgy "Bon Chance" Louie. Played by Roddy McDowall (apart from pilot episode), he was a former member of the French Foreign Legion and inmate of Devil's Island. Other colourful characters included Jake Cutter, pilot of the Goose flying boat, and his alcoholic co-pilot Corky. His other side-kick was a one-eyed dog who appeared to understand several languages. Love interest was provided for Jake in the form of Sarah - torch singer and American spy. Another spy was Rev. Tenboom who worked for the Nazis, but had more interest in the local maidens than his German masters. The Eurasian Princess Koji was a villain in the classic "Dragon Lady" mode who had an army that appeared to be from another century, including a samurai called Todo.

If unashamed escapism is your thing, you could do a lot worse than check out this excellent piece of tongue in cheek adventure.
Messin' About Fan.
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on 19 November 2009
I have fond memories of watching this cool show on BBC1 in 1982, so I'm fanatically impressed with the wonderful Fabulous Films for acquiring the DVD rights to Tales Of The Gold Monkey. They have produced a beautiful DVD box set for this show, the menus alone are amazing even before you actually watch an episode. Also included is a detailed booklet with information about each episode. Disk six has some extra bonus material including a documentary with key people on the show talking about their experiences during the production. Excellent purchase.
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on 4 June 2010
I absolutely adored this series when I was a kid and was so excited when I saw it was finally out on DVD and it didn't disappoint. It is pure escapism, very much in the Indianna Jones mode. Other reviewers have given brilliant synopses of the series so I won't bother with that, I'll just say although this box set appears to have a hefty price tag it's got good detail, good quality, lots of nice extras and a kind of souvenir booklet with more depth on each episode. Good buy.
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on 12 October 2011
I expected to be disappointed by very B quality viewing. I have often got old DVDs or films only to think...uh...why did I like this the first time round?
NOT the case here. The quality is great. They may well be "B" film stories and the fight scenes are definitely "theatrical" as someone else wrote, but it's GREAT. Really Great stuff. If you are a fan of "pulp" type novels and fiction or even the modern equivalent like say Hellboy graphic novels, then get this DVD. It has it all. Evil Nazis up to no good, a "goodish" nazi, a cruel and super sexy evil princess, the various "good girl" hotties and interviews with the cast presently, many years later.
Don Bellisario still makes the best stuff, like NCIS and this shows why. Oh and yeah...this Gold Monkey stuff PRE_dated Indiana Jones, so THERE Steven Spielberg!
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on 23 November 2011
A much more innocent age of action adventure. No lurid violence, no swearing, no explicit sex, no extreme horror. Just good old fashioned daring-do and near scrapes with the good guys getting the upper hand in the end.

Likeable cast, especially the dog, not too daft storylines - good easy watching to settle down to. Don't expect great special effects - there weren't any in those days. You're expected to not mind the low-tech effects and engage a little imagination to make it come alive.

For a likeable adventure series and for buck per hour of watching its a good buy.
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on 4 January 2010
If you are looking for historical accuracy in your viewing then forget this item but if all you want is pure escapist fun then this is for you. Its corny and lacks quality of line but that is also what makes this fun to watch and forget reality. For me it is about remembering life when it was simpler and fun to be alive.
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on 2 March 2015
Tales of the Gold Monkey (1982) is my favourite childhood TV series. I used to watch Tales every week when it was aired on BBC in 1982. I was twelve years old and wanted Cutter's ''Goose'', a Grumman Goose amphibian which he flew between the Pacific Islands where each adventure unfolded. I also loved Goose's outfit, the US army officer's summer service cap and the leather jacket. Let's face it, Goose was cool, cooler even than Indiana Jones, another of my favourites. I was disappointed to say the least when Tales was cancelled after one season. No more weekly evening adventures (!) Anyway, this box set, the complete season (1982-3) is superb and the TV show has held up well after all these years. Now I can watch it again and again and remember the days when I was Goose during the summer holidays. If you loved Tales, this box set will not disappoint. Stars:
Stephen Collins as Jake Cutter
Jeff MacKay as Corky
Marta DuBois as Princess Koji
John Calvin as Reverend Willie Tenboom
John Fujioka as Todo
Roddy McDowall as Bon Chance Louie
Caitlin O'Heaney as Sarah Stickney White
Les Jankey as Gushie the Waiter
Leo the Dog as Jack
Created by Donald P Bellisario, stock footage of the ''Goose'' and the name ''Gushie'' later made appearances in his show Quantum Leap, the latter being one of the Quantum Leap project team. Bit of useless trivia there for the die hard fans.
Buy and Enjoy!
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on 24 August 2011
My husband has been after this series for a while and I have to say we waited until the price dropped quite a bit as I was concerned about the rose coloured glasses effect having watched this originally in our teens. However it's aged remarkably well, apart from the pretty bad special effects inherent in an 80's production and the rather daft storylines it is still fun. Our 11 year old daughter loves it which is both a sign that it's fairly robust while also indicating its intellectual level. If you liked it before you probably still will.
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on 9 March 2016
Blast from the past - I had not watched this from since the time it appeared on UK TV. I remember really enjoying it then & to be honest its still fun to watch now although showing its age in terms of tackiness & '80's style series material. It could of done with a much better clean up with regards to the picture & sound....with today's technology its possible to make '50's films look like they were shot last week so was a tad disappointed from that point of view. I guess the show just didn't warrant that level of attention by the studio or the quality of the film used in the day just doesn't clean up well.
The set itself is well up to par & some effort has been made here. Its a 6-disc set with a nice colourful booklet....just a word of warning though the spindles that hold the floating disc trays inside the case are very easily broken as are the lugs of the trays themselves that fit into the spindles. I got my set 2nd hand & they broke in transit (£1.99 to replace & is a 24 mm spine box not the 22 mm I bought which meant I had to shave a mm or so off both the slip cover edges for it to slide in.......).
Anyway the stories are still amusing & am currently working my way through the series.....if you were a fan before then its worth having another look - I always liked the little dog!
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on 11 September 2013
I loved this as a kid, but as an adult I did not know why, just that the old me knew the young me loved this. But now having watched it again the old me wants to tell the really old me, yet to come, watch this again sometime when you cannot remember why you liked this in the first place. Its the things that are not the greatest that make this a great watch the CGI.. well there is none its all physical effects, stock footage and camera work. Its does not attempt to tell a complicated moral story and in fact is quite un-PC in many places but if you take it for an adventure story told from the view point of someone who wrote this without ever doing any research or fact checking but wanted to have something that was cool for it day and is now first class adventure cheese... its great.
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