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on 24 May 2010
This is the new 2010 macbook edition, I decided to get this after using a 17 inch HP monster laptop for nearly 3 years, the HP is a hog it was massively heavy for a laptop weighing roughly 5 kg and had about 2 hours of battery life with the screen brightness low, so going into the final year of uni I deemed it was time for an upgrade something that could be used much more practically than the hulk HP.
This is the first time I have owned an apple computer, having always had windows in the past but after my friend convinced me that Macbooks were the way to go, I decided to take his advice and I am very happy to say that the macbook is brilliant.
I was worried about using the OS X would take a lot of getting used to but after a few hours it became second nature and very intuitive, it is great, it is lightning fast for everything I use it for, which is mainly word processing, web- browsing and a bit of gaming when sitting on the train etc. Another great thing about the macs is that itunes runs far far faster, the macbook can open and update itunes faster than my quad-core pc. There are plenty of great things that tie in for the mac e.g. finding specific applications that do certain things are much easier to find, for example lyrics in itunes is simple with the mac,just download a app off the apple website but finding something that autonomously does the same for windows is next to impossible.
The processor in it is a core2duo clocked at 2.4 Ghz so its fast enough for all the normal activities, the RAM at purchase is 2GB of DDR3, with the option of upgrading to 4GB if desired. The graphics card is quite good also, I have noticed that macbooks never really have the higher end cards in them but for a laptop the Nvidia 320M is very respectable and has the nice added feature of purevideo for HD decoding. The battery is excellent, it took some getting used to, I was so used to always needing my charger with me no matter where I brought my old laptop but with the macbook I rarely charge the battery, its excellent, I can quite comfortably getting about 9 hours of juice out of it before I would have to charge it.
Overall it is very difficult to find any kind of fault in, the only thing I would have liked is more usb ports, but that is a trivial concern really as I can just get a adapter to add the extra ones that i would like.
Really if you are thinking about getting a new laptop I can't stress enough how good compared to the competition it is, its super fast, its reliable, the screen is excellent, the battery is amazing and the snow leopard operating system is excellent to use and is tremendously versatile.
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on 3 September 2010
After having toyed with the idea of having a macbook for a while (and trying to justify the price in my head!) I decided to go for it. I'd looked at loads of other laptops to buy but in the end i bit the bullet and got what i really wanted. So so pleased I did. This is like no other computer i have used just WORKS and it works well. The time from turning on the power to being on the internet is less than a minute, it's very very fast despite having many gigs worth of video, photos and music and the software included is easy to use. All in all the whole computer is just a joy to use and going back onto Windows laptops is nowhere near as fun.
The only thing i would say is having been a windows user for a good decade and being used to how it works, the way a mac works is quite different. It took me about 2 weeks of playing around and looking at plenty of video tutorials to really get to grips with my mac but now i know what to do it just comes as second nature.
If you are in two minds as to what to do, just go for wont regret it!
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on 15 June 2010
Thought what the hell and purchased one to replace a clapped out 3 year old Dell laptop used mainly for surfing the net in front of the telly. It worked straight out of the box, located our wireless network and was up and running in less than 10 minutes. I have been using PCs for over 20 years and was therefore nervous about converting to an entirely new platform but the whole Mac "experience" has been almost entirely painless. I say almost because I struggled transferring my I-Tunes library, however after an online tutorial even managed to sort this out without too much hassle. The pre-loaded software is more lifstyle orientated than the standard offer from Microsoft, with I-Tunes, Garageband, I-movie etc already installed but everything is superbly designed and very straightforward to use - it really does feel as if a holistic approach has been taken to the design and functionality of every component (which is refreshing after 20 years of crashes and compatibility issues). The most impressive thing for me is the speed of switching it on, logging on and getting on line, which takes seconds as opposed to minutes on our old laptop. Also the wireless connection seems to be rock-steady which is a major plus as the wireless connection to our previous laptop would drop out continually. Highly recommended (even though the Apple Store is second only to Vegas). Now looking forward to replacing our desktop PC with an Imac...
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on 4 September 2010
It is difficult to find keen prices for Apple products, but Amazon is one retailer that continues to offer end of line models that reduce significantly in price. After several months of dithering over buying another Mac (I have an older desktop iMac) I finally caved in when the price of the Macbook seemed right. The iMac is my home library for everything that I value, and the Macbook enables me to roam the house and continue the Mac experience. I have a Dell 13 inch laptop,(which drove me mad with Vista) which I upgraded to Windows 7. It's better than Vista for me, but it seems to take an age to start up or shut down everything. If you want a complete computer experience (I am still very much a relative novice) you need to have a foot in both camps. Macs will be user friendly and fast,but there are still things that Pc's will do that Macs won't. I just keep finding myself drawn back by default to the Mac.
I knew what I was buying when I bought the Macbook, but the service from Amazon was very fast; only a couple of days on Super Saver delivery.
I can highly recommend this product, although if you are already a Mac user I'm preaching to the converted (mostly!).
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on 28 September 2010
My old PC died last year, and not wanting the compatibility problems encountered with Vista, I bought a 2nd hand Dell laptop. It was nice and dinky, but it quickly got very sluggish, and it died too. I'd always been impressed with the workmanship and reputation of Macs, so I took the plunge, very bravely I thought for a 49 year old woman - who had been using PCs since the pre-Window era - when we still talked in kB! So I chose the MacBook, as it was the lowest price of the range. It hasn't let me down. The quality of the keyboard, the case etc give a lovely feel - you just know it's going to last for years. And the power supply, so well designed - with a shorter cord for when you sitting close to a socket, and an extension with the best catch I've ever seen - there's no way it could be disconnected.
But the real beauty is when you switch it on - it powers up sooo quickly (and shuts down quickly). You have to get your head used to a different way of working - I thought I would have to search for a printer driver, and was wondering where I'd put the disc which came with the printer - but no need, as soon as I plugged in the printer cable, it searched the net and found the right driver. I was very impressed with the in-built accessibility features, such as the Voice Over function. There are a couple of features I don't like - the address book - too small, i.e. not enough data fields show up, and it's not easy to select an addressee to send an email too. I am driven mad by how ridiculously difficult it is to save a document into a specific folder - surely you don't have to save them all into "documents" then get into Finder and move the icon into the folder, and then sub-folder and further sub-folder, etc. guess I am expecting it to work like a PC. I have given up trying to import emails from Outlook Express, and just decided to start afresh. iPhoto is fantastic, and I love the way I've been able to load all my CDs into iTunes. I just know the more I use it, the more I'll really get into it.
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on 1 February 2011
I got a Macbook for my girlfriend as a gift this summer. She was totally thrilled with it and loved the simplicity of Snow Leopard and all the fun a style that come with Apple products.

Sadly after around a week of use it developed an intermittent fault with the power button and would sometimes not turn on. It was not very regular so she ignored it until we got back to uni in Manchester and could take it to the Apple store. Around a month after she got it, I picked it up and noticed that the hinges at the back were both cracked!!! I googled this and found out its a very common problem that has happened with a lot of the Polycarbonate (white) Macbooks for years.

When we got back to uni I booked an appointment at my local store at the genius bar and took it in for them to look at it. To their credit they booked it in for a repair and had it fixed by the end of the day with a new lid and hinge mechanism and a new power button.

So to sum up its a good machine to use but they do seem to have some odd faults that many experience so buy Applecare because you will need it, or better still buy the 13" Macbook Pro to avoid the Polycarbonate cracking problem. It makes me wonder why they still make it out of this material!
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on 28 September 2010
I have been using a Mac for a few years, so I knew what I was looking for. As usual with Mac all my hopes were fulfilled! My old Mac was an iBook (out of date)so the speed and efficiency of the MacBook came as a joy. I think the Snow Leopard operating system is the best you can get - I've used a PC and found it clunky and complicated. I've installed a few things from CDs; on the CD you get instructions for installation for Windows, in one case over 60 pages, and in this case the OS X instructions took 7 pages! Mac does most of it for you, and this goes right through the system - it's easy and user friendly, so you don't have to think about systems - you think about what you're doing.
This Mac has a thing called a Magic Trackpad built in - it's brilliant (and addictive!). You can buy a Laptop much cheaper, but my advice is - don't! And by the way, Macs don't get viruses......Apple Macbook White 13" 2.4GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo, 2Gb, 250Gb, NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics, up to 10 hour battery life)
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on 17 June 2011
I first got tangled up in the debate, whats best MAC verse PC. This was at college some years back and as I was still deciding on my career route, I kept an open mind.
having travelled and worked and met many good people I knew I would have to find a computer eventually, so with two feet first and a design degree well embarked I bought a Mac! since then? I lOVE LOVE LOVE MAC.

If anyone is in two minds about a computer to purchase don't be, macbooks are so easy to use, there fun to look at and a great conversation piece, anyone who is starting out with technology? Macs firmly secure a great head-start even before you have switched on the on button.

Dont listen to the doubters, macS are brilliant and as a fashion designer Macs has made my life so much more easier. but this macbook would suit all ages, and all types!

Lastly mac deserve to be treated with respect, they are durable but carless handling would damage anything. The service at the genius bar at the apple store is second to none, no matter how big or small a question,so fantastic Mac!
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on 2 May 2015
I've just purchased one of these (2nd hand), it has upgraded spec: 4gb ram. I had a couple of concerns when purchasing:

- Would it really laggy when running the most recent apple software?
- Would the battery be rubbish after 6 years of running?
(essentially - would it be better than the £400 windows laptop I was using)

In answer to this...
It's fantastic. The latest OS X runs perfectly, there's no lag at all. The battery is equal to the 2yr old Windows laptop I was using, lasts around 2-3hrs. Cheap replacement batteries are easy to get hold of and changing them doesn't seem too difficult (lots of youtube vids about). I'm over the moon with the laptop, it's great value for money at £269. The polycarbonate finish feels quality. The build feels solid. The screen is crisp and clear as well as evenly lit giving an impressive display.

I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone - though if you go for 2GB it may be worth upgrading the RAM - I'm not sure the 2GB would cope with the latest OS.
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on 6 November 2010
just a short review

Excellent service from Amazon, supersaver delivery took 2 days and @ £740 a steal

The Macbook itself is superb, my first mac and I'm totally converted, bye bye my 3 PC's
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