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4.3 out of 5 stars499
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 11 January 2012
I have had a problem with fungal outbreaks on my back and chest, despite several attempts with cream from the doctors it always returned until I tried sulphur soap, I have tried a couple of different types, all of which have worked but this is by far my preferable choice for both product quality and price.
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on 17 February 2015
I've only just started using this but so far it does a fantastic job of clearing all the crap off my teenage face (oils, dirt, dead skin, and so forth) and it's too soon to comment on whether or not it helps my moderate acne but I will update my review if it does a good job, which it seems like it will!

Naturally you will need to use this in conjunction with a good moisturiser, although I'm not sure why so many people knock it for that as I don't know of any effective skin products below £30 that don't dry out your face a bit. It is also worth mentioning that while this soap is very good for the skin on your face, be extra careful as getting so much as the tiniest bit into your eye (even when mixed with water) is like losing a water fight in which your opponent's weapon is loaded with undiluted hydrochloric acid. No, seriously, don't get this stuff in your eye. They're still watering as I write this review.

Overall, seems good and I will hopefully have more praises to sing further down the line. Four stars as they could have at least ATTEMPTED to tame the potent stench of smouldering farts. I might update it to 5 if it works miracles for my skin.

UPDATE 07/03/15: I thought I'd get used to it. However, nearly three weeks later, my face, bathroom, pillow and wash cloth all still reek of volcanic bum cakes, as strong as ever. You really don't get used to the smell of sulphur! So far the soap has definitely improved my face - I get a lot less small spots and as previously stated, it keeps my oiliness at bay and "mattifies" the skin quite nicely for a few hours at least - however it has done no favours in terms of reducing marks and I still get a fair few mountainous whiteheads. It also did nothing to clear my blackheads, although they are slightly easier to remove after applying this. Sadly not effective enough to win back the star lost to the odour of a food-poisoned Minotaur on laxatives.

If, like myself, you can tolerate such a smell then I would definitely recommend buying this soap (particularly if you have oily skin), but otherwise it's not worth the gagging.
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on 22 December 2014
My 17 year old son has been prescribed potions,lotions and antibiotics for his acne with no real success. This soap is amazing he uses it morning and night and is acne free after one month. We've just ordered a second bar.
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on 15 January 2016
I've never written an Amazon review before but I wanted others to know how this product helped me so maybe it could help them. I'm 27, female, and have suffered from acne since I was about 16. The only thing that has ever actually helped my skin was birth control (I feel like I've tried every topical treatment known to man). I have not taken bc in about 2 years, however, because of pregnancy/nursing/wanting my hormones to go back to normal after giving birth. I wanted to see how my skin would react to all of the hormonal changes before going back on the pill and this product, combined with an adult acne treatment I also purchased on Amazon, saved me. I was hesitant to go back on the pill for a few reasons but was so fed up with my skin that I was about to make an appt with my doctor. I saw this soap and figured I had nothing to lose and it would be the last thing I tried before making that appointment. It is amazing. Sure, it doesn't smell good but it's honestly not that bad. I've used a Kate Somerville product that had a far more potent sulphuric smell that stained my pillowcases. This one isn't as strong. I use a garnier makeup removing facewash before to get all the makeup off and then I use this, followed by an Origins moisturizer and then the adult acne cream mentioned above. I have not had clear skin like this...ever (besides the years I was taking bc.) Moisturizer is key, since it is a little drying. Sorry for the long review but I needed to state all the facts before explaining how this product worked for me.
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on 26 May 2016
I bought this as I'm having problems with my armpits! Every summer I get a rash which I think is along the lines of sweat rash/ folliculitis and yes I am going to go to the doctors but I've been trying lots of things to try and help myself.
I'm very clean and like to wash my arms at least twice a day but shaving everyday was making me sore esp if I've been getting quite sweaty.
I do tend to sweat a lot under my arms even though I'm a 33 yr old woman who is meant to have beautiful dry unsweaty arms lol. well anyway day 2 and I think I can already see a slight improvement, the soap itself is a very big bar and I sliced it in half to make it last a bit longer.
I was expecting it to smell really bad but the bar itself smells quite pleasant with only a vague sulphur smell.
When applying to my arms, it lathers really really well and it's meant to be good to leave it soak for a minute or two if poss.
So when washed off it leaves skin feeling very clean and it does smell a little. I would describe it as a little like a matchbox smell- not as strong but still there.
When dried I used sanex antiperspirant and all afternoon I could just about still smell the matchbox if I took a sneaky sniff under my pit.
My husband hasn't complained and the smell is not awful and not enough to make me stop using it as it's lovely to wash with and I hope will make my pits a little less sore.
So don't not buy it for fear of the smell. Id tether smell slightly like a matchbox than have sore armpits.
I shall update soon

Update; I've been using this just over a week and it's really helping my armpit skin, I would recommend cutting it into 4 instead of 2 though as the block goes a bit gritty and if you're using it on sensitive skin it can hurt.
Also re the matchbox smell, I'm not sure if I've just got used to it but I can't smell it on me after application of antiperspirant.
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on 24 July 2013
I have suffered from bad acne since I was a teenager. I have tried every cream out there, I ever tried antibiotics pills with no success. In recent years the red or black spots(I'm indian so the spots are black) turned into nodule which means that I suffer from cystic acne. I bought this soap two months ago and after the first months it was gone by 60%. I do take regular pictures to monitor my progress and i can tell you that this is a miracle soap. Now all I have are light scars that are starting to fade away, no bumps, nothing. I occasionally(during my period) have an outbreak that can lead to a big nasty nodule but the soap clears it in a week or so.
It's the cheapest and more efficient treatment out there. I don't know if It's reasonable to stop it once the acne is completely clear or if it's better to continue to avoid seeing it come back. I'll update my review after I stop.
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on 19 December 2015
Got to be upfront, it stinks when applied but credit where credit is due this actually does work. Would recommend you buy it but be prepared for the downside of a bad smell for a few hours
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on 19 March 2014
It dried my skin and made it out of wack. Will not buy again. It kills bacteria yes but it removes all natural oils from skin. Use ph neutral soap 5,5 instead
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on 8 August 2015
Despite what some of the reviews may say this soap DOES have a strange smell. It's not unpleasant as such it's just not exactly fresh. However it does lather up nicely and I've had compliments on my skin since using. I bought it to help the psoriasis on my arms, it helped a little, but I also used it on my face and it was great.
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on 8 April 2016
I used this soap on my head against seborhea. It's okay, but do smell a lot, so do not wash your hair right before going out in public. To me personally the smell i okay and I do not consider it strong. I have hard water, so this is a minus when using this product, as it leaves residue in the hair.
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