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3.5 out of 5 stars12
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 16 June 2010
Good collection. But don't be fooled into thinking that in this "New" Boxset contains the Uncut version of Fulci's Zombie Flesh Eaters - as it's the old "Extreme version" with very small, and Un-noticeable (probably to anyone who sees this film for the first time) - snips with 2 seconds to the eye splinter scene, and about 10 secs to the zombies feasting on Paola Menards body. All thanks to the opressive censors hands at the BBFC! Why they didn't pass this Uncut back in '99 puzzells me.
The other movies contained in this set, well - Zombie Flesh Eaters 2: this print is shortened with dialog, I recommend that you obtain the US disc under the original title of Zombi 3, from shriek show/media blasters as it is the longest known version available.
Zombie Flesh Eaters 3: A very nice print of aka Zombi 4: Afterdeath, in nice PAL quality and with a nice slight LBX ratio of approx - 1.66, although their is aparrently a longer version out their with extra dialog scenes, this still makes for a good edition.
Zombi Holocaust (as an extra disc) is the same as the old Stonevision Ent. release.
I'm not saying to avoid this collection, because I usually have more than one version of a good horror/cult title in my collection.
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on 16 March 2016
I see the 1st zombie flesheaters on tv and thought it was a good well done movie for its time,makeup & gore wise & worth getting for my collection.So decided to go for the complete boxset,having watched them all now.I can honest say no1 movie is the best of the bunch by far a classic i would say,sadly no2 totally ignores where no1 ended,could have been another classic,but its totally not,the terrible acting & bad storyline made this a bad movie for me i must say and also for some strange reason when hoards of zombies appeared they sounded more like a hoard of cats meowing when they approached,very strange sound for zombies thats for sure.no3 was yet again another bad movie with terrible acting & storyline,its like those 2 movies where nothing to do with the people who made the best 1st movie.real shame.the 4th bonus disc movie they decide to go back to basics,this is an ok movie with better acting and storyline.watchable anyway.
Really sad no2 & 3 movies even made it into this collection & genre,they are so unrelated to the 1st movie im not sure what happened there,there budget must have been from the pound shop including staff members for actors thats how bad the acting was in those 2 movies shockingly bad with totally unrelated storylines,i found it a real struggle sitting the whole way through those 2 movies thats for sure,hehe,lol
Why did the 2nd movie not start where the 1st movie ended im so confused by this decission to ignore where the 1st movie ended,could have been another classic movie with zombie hoards making there way to new york with chaotic results,that would have been a great movie and related storyline wise. Overall this boxset is a still a good price for 4 movies. but by far the best movies are the 1st and 4th movies,with best actors & actresses. JUST BUY THE 1ST MOVIE OR JUST GET THIS COMPLETE SET,ITS WELL WORTH A LAUGH ANYWAY.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 September 2015
I love this box-set and the first Zombie flesh eaters is by far the best film out of the four, and I know the rest of the films aren't the best, plus the picture quality is very poor, but they are still worth a watch and if you love blood, gore, and people being ripped into two, then this box-set is for you.
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on 25 January 2012
While I got this primarily for Zombi 2/Zombie Flesheaters, this is a great good-value-for-money boxset...yeah sure it gets a bit daft by the (unrelated) 'Zombie Flesheaters 3', or After Death, but Zombi 3/Zombie Flesheaters 2 is a decent enough sequel despite Fulci not being that involved due to illness (and despite the presence of running zombies), and the icing on the cake is surely the 'bonus disc', which includes Zombie Holocaust or 'Dr Butcher M.D.', a somehwat daft but still brilliant cannibal/zombie film hybrid with a Harvey Keitel-lookalike mad scientist all in all an excellent boxset, featuring one of the greatest zombie films of all time, Zombi 2. If only Dawn of the Dead had special effects as decent as this unofficial Italian sequel
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on 5 December 2010
This set has four films in it. Really you are better off just buying a copy of Zombie Flesh Eaters on its own, because the other three films range from marginal to completely unwatchable. Zombie Flesh Eaters it a pretty decent gore movie. Citizen Kane it is not, but to its credit, it is not the disgusting unwarchable film that I emagined when I have heard about it. Yes, the eye gaging scene it brutal, but apart from that. It is just a normal zombie film with a couple of really memorable scenes in it. The second movie- Zombie Flesh Eaters II is awful. It is like watching a karate film with guys with zombie masks on. They don't even bother putting make up on some of the zombie's feet or hands. They break all sorts of rules suchj as, zombies can't talk! The acting is pretty bad. It is unrelated to the first film as well. The third movie- Zombie Fleash Eaters III is actually so bad that it is unwatchable. I don't know how it ever got made. I am not saying that it was disgusting or over the top, it is just a really badly made film in every sense of the word and,, again has no connection at all to the other films. The fourth film- Zombie Holocaust was better then the other two, but wasn't great either. The remarkable thing is the title. This is a cannibal film, not a zombie film. You don't even see any zombies until the end. I honestly thought that they had put the wrong film in the case. There are some gorey and scary moments and it follows a narrative at least, but it is still only marginally good.

Final Verdict:
Zombie Flesh Eaters: 7/10
Zombie Flesh Eaters II: 3/10
Zombie Flesh Eaters III: 1/10
Zombie Holocaust: 4/10
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on 7 April 2015
Great boxset Zombie Flesh eaters and Zombie Holocaust are classics zfe 2 and 3 are ok worth a look now sit back and prepare to be disgusted but happy at the same time. lights, cameras, action and guts.
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on 3 April 2012
Now, this right here is what is known as a "mixed bag". On the one hand you have zombie flesh eaters (total classic, showing its age a little, but if you're remotely into video nasties or zombie flicks you should cherish it like your firstborn, except with more love.), but on the other hand, you have zombie flesh eaters three, which is the worst film ever made, and can be rightfully considered a crime against mankind. The other two films fit somewhere in the middle. Zombie Holocaust is campy and grisly enough to be a good laugh, but has a bewildering lack of zombies in it - loads of cannibals, but not many zombies. Where are they? Do zombies have biscuit breaks? To be fair that's really just nitpicking though - it's a fun film with some great gore and you'll recognise a few of the actors from the infinitely superior zombie flesh eaters. Zombie Flesh Eaters two on the other hand is a bit of an anomaly. Depending on where you stand on the whole "so good it's bad" approach to films, you'll either want to make passionate love to the disk or people's elbow drop yourself in the face like the Rock self harming. It's a horrendous mess of atrocious acting, the least scary soundtrack known to man, rubbish zombies, crap dialogue, something that could be a plot if it made sense, and what i am forced to assume is kung fu fighting (seriously, these zombies are spry, rigor mortis being what it is and all). I personally think it's the most unintentionally hysterical film of all time, only improved by good friends and beers, but if you're more in favour of the serious side of zombie cinema, you won't regard it as such an unintentional masterpiece. All in all, if i lost this, i'd rebuy it in a second, if only for three of the four films on offer. It showcases a variety of what makes zombies so great, from the serious, genuinely creepy zombie flesh eaters, to the campy hilarity of its sequel, to the crossover potential with other nasties. Give it a go, you'll find at least something to love here.
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on 11 June 2013
excellent collection of dvd's wich includes a bonus dvd.
whats disapointing the fact that all the dvds are all videscreen versions,as i prefer all my dvds to be in full screen,as my brother has showed me a trick in wich i can now view all widescreen dvds in full screen view.
all 3 films are quite good and full of gore,i love watching zombie dvds and other horror films.
the best ones to watch would be all the banned ones.
zombie hollocust is the extra dvd wich comes with the set,that film isnt to bad,but its not that scarry at all.
i dont know if the original versions were available in full screen or widescreen version,as ive got this box set myself,as my brother bought if from hmv in swansea around 2010,and if you buy them sepretly,you would end up spending more money just to buy all 3 dvds,so i would say go for the box set.
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on 20 November 2014
Best Zombie films by far
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on 16 February 2016
Excellent condition!
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