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4.5 out of 5 stars401
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 16 September 2009
It is not the most amazing script ever written, you can imagine the end from the very beginning, but that is not what has made this one of the most popular movies this summer, it is just that the story is funny, sweet and makes you smile and feel good. How many movies can do that? We have Andrew, who is working like a slave to get the desired promotion and his boss, a she-devil called Margaret, who is so focused on her job that forgets that there is life outside the publishing house. Because of her possible deportation, she is forced to make the decision of marrying Andrew, as she is from Canada and needs to be allowed to work in the USA or she will lose the job she loves so much. That is the beginning of this journey, and it keeps getting better when the odd couple arrive to Alaska to met "his" parents and grannie. I won't tell much about the plot, as it is better to watch it. I just want to say that the main actors share a special chemistry in this film, something that makes the movie more enjoyable and the whole cast is brilliant and funny.
I do recommend it, may not be the best movie of the year, but it makes me feel good, sunnier, and I loved it.
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i'm awarding '5' stars even though i found much of the film predictable, it really is 'laugh-out-loud funny.
'Margaret' a no-nonsense business woman is on the verge of deportation, which would leave the guy she's just jilted as her replacement, her work is her life is at stake.
'Andrew' is her assistant who has ambitions of his own, however 'margaret' throws a giant shadow over his asperations.
'Margaret' comes up with a plan to dodge deportation, she demands that 'Andrew' marries her in exchange for promotion and a promise that his book would be published.
'Andrew' had planned to fly off to 'Alaska' to celebrate his Grandmothers 90th birthday, now it seems he has a travel companion.
They fly off to 'Andrew's' family home in alaska, this introduces 'Andrew's' diverse family members and friends, leading to much humour.
This is a very funny film with 'Sandra Bullock' and 'Ryan Reynolds' lighting up the screen with thier attempts to convince family
and friends, not forgetting the authorities that the romance is genuine.
There are some stunning scenary sequences. along the way.
Good Picture and Sound Quality throughout.
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The Proposal is directed by Anne Fletcher and written by Pete Chiarelli. It stars Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson and Betty White. Music is scored by Aaron Zigman and cinematography by Oliver Stapleton.

Bitch book company boss Margaret Tate (Bullock) bullies her assistant Andrew (Reynolds) into marrying her in order to maintain her visa status and avoid being deported from the US. With the authorities watching closely, the pair take off to Paxton's parents in Alaska to get to know each other and plot the sham wedding.

The rom-com, a very hard genre to get a film right in, and only really accessible to certain parts of the movie watching world. The Proposal is one of the better ones in recent times, primarily because the lead actors are so likable, they manage the impressive feat of lifting the standard scripting to heights it doesn't deserve. 12 years difference between Reynolds and Bullock (who still looks terrific), but it doesn't show, while the supporting players, operating out of a cranky family/small town dynamic, also offer up considerable moments of quality. Very appealing scenic cinematography by Stapleton too.

There's no surprises here, but there are good laughs and interesting scenarios, and if you are in the mood for a romantic pick me up, or having a date movie night, then this is a safe recommendation. The grumpy and loveless, suffice to say, need not apply. 7/10
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on 23 October 2009
It was a week with two good movies showing at our small local cinema and I assumed the other (The Time Traveller's Wife) would be the best. (It was very overhyped in my opinion, I soon became bored with it but my husband liked it.) We nearly didn't go to see The Proposal, but a relative was in Alaska just at that time and had been telling us about it, so I decided we might as well see this movie set partly in Alaska. After all, it was a comedy, so it should be watchable. In fact, I loved every moment of it. This was the first time I remember seeing Sandra Bullock and I'm now a firm fan. What a delightful, funny and entirely entertaining movie! I was completely hooked from the start.

Bullock's character is a Canadian needing to stay in the USA to keep the job she loves. She blackmails one of her staff into pretending they're engaged to be married, just so long as it takes for her papers to come through and he blackmails her for a work concession in return. Of course nothing goes quite as either of them intends, nor as the immigration officer expects either when he's highly suspicious of this "engagement" and absolutely determined to catch them out. Of course there's plenty of hilarious and sometimes poignant frustration as very everyone gets thwarted in whatever they're trying to achieve and of course the last scenes are hugely tense as whatever you want for everyone, you can't know if they'll get it. One to buy as soon as it's out! And my advice, watch anything else you haven't yet seen of Sandra's!
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on 6 July 2013
Betty White, the all-pro Snickers football star, is delightfully type cast as an over the top grandmother who plays the "death card" to get her way.

Sandra Bullock is an uptight Canadian whose visa has ran out so she blackmails her male secretary into marrying her. Ryan Reyonds plays the secretary. The Department of Immigration apparently is so caught up with our immigration problems that is has nothing better to do than hound Canadians with expired visas. They end up visiting his folks in Alaska, where Bullock is out of place.

As it turns out the secretary, whose income Bullock makes sport of, has a rich family which owns a town. Here she is accepted and made to feel as family, which of course makes her uncomfortable under the circumstances. What I liked was the guy who was the waiter, male exotic dancer, town store clerk, and the Justice of the Peace. Mary Steenburgen is a fine actress, however you couldn't tell by this movie as her lines were few, and Betty White stole every scene they were in.

5 star chick flick
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on 23 November 2009
Not an entirely beleivable plot - but very funny and one my daughters and I loved.

Sandra Bullock is hilarious, Ryan Reynolds is pleasing to the eye, and there is a satisfying roam through drama and disaster, reaching a pleasing ending.

We laughed out loud throughout - a proper girly film for these dark windy nights, when the world's a depressing place. The only other things you'll need are a box of chocs and a glass of wine - curl up on the sofa and enjoy.
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on 2 January 2010
I've read a lot of pretentious rubbish about this film but my wife and I really enjoyed it. I will start by saying that Sandra Bullock is amazing in this film, she really surprised us and the next big star performance in the film is the Alaskan scenery which is breathtaking - not that Reynolds was bad, just that he only has one 'face' - so my one big criticism is that it is difficult to see the change of emotion in the film. That aside, it is an enjoyable film, with a golden performance from Betty White as Gammy - easily the funniest character in the film. Get it and watch it with an open mind and you won't be disappointed.
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on 13 August 2010
This is a typical "easy" comedy. It has some good parts, but if I'd already seen it, I wouldn't buy the DVD, that's for sure. The plot is an easy guess from the start and some of the scenes are kind of "meant to be very funny", but end up pushing it too hard. I find the story rather slow in parts and I'm getting bored. I miss more substantial and witty dialogue. Would definitely like to see more of the character "Bob" (played by Aasif Mandvi), who appears at the beginning, as I find the main male character so blunt. I expected more from this film - maybe seen too many others like this one - so I was disappointed.
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on 17 September 2015
I thought this was a great, entertaining film! Throughout the movie, the witty banter between Margaret Tate, played by Sandra Bullock, and Andrew Paxton, played by Ryan Reynolds, allows for viewers to find humor in a somewhat realistic setting of an executive and her assistant entering into a relationship. The movie begins as Margaret Tate, the executive editor-in-chief of a book publishing company, finds herself in a bind because her visa was denied. Margaret, a native Canadian, will lose her job if she does not marry her executive assistant, Andrew.

For Andrew to accept her proposal, she must succumb to his every whim. This includes a trip to Andrew's family home, in Sitka, Alaska, for his grandmother's birthday. This trip includes Margaret meeting Andrew's extremely outgoing grandmother, his parents, and ex-girlfriend which leads to an awkward engagement party and wild strip show adding to the movie's humor. While on the trip, Margaret and Andrew must put up a pretense that they are madly in love with each other to protect themselves from the Immigration Department who has threatened to send Andrew to jail and deport Margaret if they are fibbing about their marriage.

A more sensitive side of Margaret is seen when Andrew's mother and grandmother take Margaret to try on her wedding dress. The dress which is a gift from Andrew's grandmother puts Margaret in tears because she finally cares about Andrew and wishes that she had the family relationship he has. Margaret and Andrew take on one final challenge with the immigration office before their marriage when Andrew's father tries to coerce them into admitting the marriage is a charade. Both deny the allegations but when the wedding day finally comes around, Margaret announces that the marriage was a fake in front of everyone because she does not want to ruin Andrew's future. In a clichéd but sweet moment, Andrew runs after Margaret, who has 24 hours to leave the US for Canada, but is unable to stop her plane. In a desperate last attempt, the movie ends with Andrew flying back to New York to get the woman he loves by proposing to her.

The movie is described as one that will amuse audiences of every age and become a movie must-have for future generations!
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All last year, I kept hearing how great The Proposal was. Yes, it was a traditional romantic comedy, but it was good despite that was what I was hearing. Well, last night I finally got a chance to sit down and watch only to be disappointed in it.

Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) has clawed her way to the top of the publishing world, and she has no intention of letting go. Those who work for her fear her, and that goes double for her assistant Andrew Paxton (Ryan Renolds).

But Margaret has a problem. She's living in New York on an expired visa. Then she comes up with the perfect idea on how to stay in this country - she'll bully Andrew into marrying her.

Unfortunately, the immigration official is a little suspicious of her sudden engagement, so to sell the engagement, Margaret flies off to Alaska with Andrew to meet his family. What will his family say to the whole thing? Will Andrew and Margaret's feelings for each other change?

Based pretty much on the premise and genre, I figured I knew where this film was going from the start, and I was right. However, there were a couple of surprises along the way that did catch me off guard and make me more interested in the outcome.

Unfortunately, the plot doesn't do what it could with the premise. Some of the sub-plots introduced to give the characters depth were dropped. Now I'm willing to admit that not resolving everything is more realistic than we would normally see in this genre (or most movies in general). However, instead of feeling like a creative choice, it just feels clumsy, like the writer dropped the ball or had too much stuff to try to deal with. It left me feeling unsatisfied.

Sadly, I never quite bought the romance either. I felt like we got to know Andrew pretty well by the time the movie was over, and I understood his motives and actions most of the way through. However, I never fully warmed up to Margaret. She was so cold and mean in the beginning that even the moments meant to soften her didn't go far enough. Or maybe I would have bought those moments if they had lasted into the next scene. Plus the chemistry between Ryan and Sandra was only so-so. To completely buy everything that Andrew does, I needed something more.

With a collection of comedy vets in the cast, I can't fault any of the performances, even by the leads. Despite the lacking chemistry, I did feel that Sandra and Ryan were putting in good performances. And they shone in some of the zanier scenes. Likewise, Mary Steenberg was great as Andrew's mom. Craig T. Nelson was a bit more serious as Andrew's dad, but he provided the right degree of menace when called for and comedy when needed. It was Betty White who stole the show as Andrew's 90 year old grandmother. That woman is a master of comedy, and she proved it again by being the best thing in this movie.

Some of the comedy came from putting the characters in awkward situations, which doesn't always work for me. However, I did find several scenes that were pretty funny, especially before the action switched from New York. And watching Margaret battle a dog and an eagle was funny.

While The Proposal isn't the great romantic comedy that I had heard it was, it was amusing and enjoyable. This isn't something to rush out to watch, but if you happen to catch it, it's not a bad way to spend a couple of hours.
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