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4.1 out of 5 stars329
4.1 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Ergonomic Wireless|Change
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on 17 October 2013
First the good points. On the surface of it the set feels like it is good quality - the keys are quiet yet feel solid, the mouse glides effortlessly and tracks perfectly on any surface I've tried. I also think they styling and ergonomics are really good. It doesn't look too geeky and covered in buttons yet has everything I need. Functionally both work flawlessly even with the USB dongle hidden away behind the computer and under the desk (unlike previous sets I've owned which need to be within line of sight to actually pick up a signal!).

However, it isn't perfect. The shiny plastic finish on top of the mouse is smooth to the touch but I find it constantly looks filthy with fingerprints and smears. But the biggest problem is that my keyboard like many others on here does not sit perfectly flat and wobbles slightly. This is easily solved with a business card under one of the feet but really detracts from the overall quality.
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on 22 October 2009
This keyboard works perfectly for me. It is even better than the previous version. Great extra functionality with the additional function keys which are taking a lot of clicking of the mouse away. It is very pleasing to the eye. Nice design and not as wide as its predecessor. It is also lighter. This is not for everybody important. I, however, use the keyboard on my lap when I sit on the settee with my feet up as I'm writing my books. I do like my comforts. The mouse which is supplied with this set, works perfectly on my settee without the use of any mouse pads.
Would I buy the same product again? Most definitely!
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on 18 January 2014
I work in IT and long hours at a keyboard mean I HAVE to have the right equipment. My Logitech wireless keyboard had developed an intermittent fault (only working when it felt like it) so I decided to treat myself to a new one and went back to Microsoft (had had a Natural one a few years ago).

Agree with other reviewers - Shift key is FAR too small. When you are touch typing at speed you keep catching the damned Caps Lock. And also agree that the old design was better, whereby the wrist rest skirt wrapped around more on the left outer edge.

I'm also going to have to find and study a user guide this weekend as the function keys are not remotely the same as my previous keyboard and so I'm all over the place. And the usb connection seems overly snug - bit of a pain when I'm switching between work and home machine.

But my big complaint is the mouse - which I've now chucked in the cupboard as a spare. First of all it contains 2 batteries (supplied) but I can find no way of switching it off (ditto the keyboard). As I use my mouse/keyboard for 10-11 hours a day the inability to power them off at night is going to waste the batteries quicker than is necessary. Unless I've missed something - the enclosed information was very poor and I'm going to have to look online. Ordinarily I don't mind using online guides but I'd started using it during the week and needed to get going - should have perhaps left it until the weekend.

But my main issue with the mouse is the size. I've only got small hands and, although when you pick the mouse up the buttons seem super sensitive, when my hand is at full stretch the angle of my fingertips means the buttons seem really hard to depress and, within an hour, my tendons were screaming at me and I switched back to my old mouse.

I'm visually comparing it to my Logitech mouse and it's probably about a cm wider and almost a cm higher. So whereas I can "cover" the Logitech mouse with my hand and have my fingers relaxed, I'm at full stretch with the Microsoft one.

I've had RSI in the past and have to be very careful to have suitable equipment or I end up with tendons like banjo strings and paying out for acupuncture. So, if you use your mouse a lot and have teeny paws, be careful which mouse you choose.
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on 15 May 2013
I'm an editor so spend all day using my keyboard and mouse - I need something which will take heavy use and not fall apart. The keyboard is comfortable to use and although some other reviewers have complained that the left shift key is a bit small, it is exactly the same size as the one on the Microsoft Wireless Laser 7000 Keyboard and mouse, which I'm replacing as it's worn out after two years heavy use. The mouse is comfortable and fits easily in the hand. Settings for click rate and pointer speed are easily changed.

Both keyboard and mouse take 2 x AA batteries each and these were included in the packaging. After that, I'd suggest switching to rechargeable ones if you're going to use either a lot. As soon as one battery is inserted into the mouse, the very bright blue light underneath comes on, risking dazzling the unwitting user. I will avoid doing that again - it's a very bright light.

So far the mouse has worked on all the surfaces I've tried: laminate, gel mouse mat and my jeans leg! It seems more responsive than my older laser mouse.

This is an excellent buy and I'd recommend it highly.
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on 13 April 2012
Found both the keyboard and mouse to be very tactile and well laid out, but very frustrated by the slow response, occasional letters being dropped and the imprecision of the mouse pointer. All of these also seem to deterioirate after signficant use - fine for first 15/20mins of a session but as body and computer heat warm up the desk area, especially where your wrist sits near the mouse, the responsivness definitely worsens and I have to try and adjust the poisitioning of myself at my desk. PC is located under the desk and its a normal Ikea wooden desk so trasnmission to wireless plug-in on back of PC shouldn't be an issue, but definitely gets worse, and trying to use after an hour is definitely very frustrating. Looks like I'll be reverting to a wired set-up. ;o(
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on 4 December 2014
***After about 1 year of use:

No major problems. Some lettering on certain keys 'faded' or worn away (however, these are the shift, A and S keys - which leads me to think a certain family member was gaming on it!?!?). No great problem as I know where the keys are!!!

Mouse: scroll wheel sticking - fixed with silicon spray

***After almost 2 years use:

Still working great, no further issues.

Mouse: ok, scroll wheel needs silicon occassionally.

*** General comments:
- Mouse is tough!!! Have dropped on hard floor several times!!
- Keyboard is tough (aside from issues above)
- Battery life is good.
- Escape key is small - awkward if needed frequently (like in AutoCAD, Windows, etc.).
- F-function keys are small also (F-lock status not on keyboard)
- All keys working ok.
- Would buy replacement keys if I could find them (!)
- Else, will buy again (unless there's a new version with bigger function keys!)
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on 4 January 2011
Very good keyboard. Lots of functions and easy to use. The compatible mouse is a joy.

Service from Amazon was excellent and delivery was in the time span stated, in spite of the Xmas rush.
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on 25 June 2013
I've had this Keyboard a few weeks now...

Initial thoughts Were mixed. Its a sleek design and Lots of great Media Keys...
However The Ergonomic keys takes some getting use to if you are a touch typer as the keys are elongated in places and shorter in others. So some misplaced strokes were about. However this does sort itself out as you get use to it.

However The Biggest Issue is that I keep finding that the keyboard does not register some key strokes... This Infuriates me... It can be working Fine but then I'll have a spell of a few minutes of me having to type stupid slow with longer key strokes to ensure the Letter is produced. I initially assumed it to be batteries as it is Wireless. But After a few weeks I have changed them twice and still happens. If i had not thrown away the product packaging it would have been sent back... instead I think I'll throw it out the window as I have ordered a different Keyboard now
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on 11 July 2013
Recommend. Don't hesitate to buy. Excellent.
A easy to use and stylish key board with a good number of keys pre-linked to items you use and you can also link up to your most used items (eg internet, email, photo folders, etc). Very easy to set up, was recognised straight away by my computer (using Windows 7). With battery warning indicator on key board, you'll never have it 'die' on you because you know it's time to replace the long-life use batteries. I particularly bought this key board and mouse because I have linked my computer to the tv and so I can now surf from tv using the extended range of the mouse. The TV is in a close by adjoining room and I can, for instance, sit in that room and, using the mouse, show my photographs on the computer onto the proper tele when we have visitors (maybe it's not so good for them, hope I don't bore them too much!).
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on 10 June 2010
I love this keyboard. Its nice, small and extremely well made. Although if your used to using Microsoft keyboards then you'll feel at home with this one. This keys are slightly out of place comparing to other keyboards. However i like the layout out even though i use these Microsoft keyboards all day in college, so i'm used to the change.

The mouse is great, very precise and accurate. You can see Microsoft done a excellent job in engineering this mouse. First optical then laser now blue track. The wireless is great too, very smooth and accurate and you'll never notice any lag what so ever.

Money wise i think its a bargain, not to mention the expensive keyboards logitech make which are nice but overpriced immensely. My last logitech was the 'Logitech Wave' and i loved the thing at first but got on my nerves after because i had so much lag with the mouse and keyboard and the receiver is less than a meter away from it! However the noise was unbearable, it's like the loudest keyboard ever. On the other hand this baby is so quiet i can hardly hear it. It's strange not hearing what i'm typing but i guess i'll have to get used to it. I think it's prob the best mouse and keyboard bundle you can get for this price. Microsoft has done a excellent job in this one.

The shortcut keys on the top are really good too. Although the 'logitech Wave' was better, it seems this keyboard can't pause or play songs just off the keyboard you need the music player open. However it works perfectly with Windows media player. I find this annoying but i'm still going to give it 5 stars because i don't use them that much anyway =)

Comparing this with my 'Logitech Wave' i would definitely pick this baby. Not to mention Logitech's terrible set point continuously running in the background taking up RAM. Don't worry though this keyboard has software but it doesn't run like set point. you only run it when you want to change a command etc.

Overall i am very happy with my product and would highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a new keyboard and mouse.
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