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4.7 out of 5 stars467
4.7 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 25 September 2013
This 16 DVD set is the same set as the previous release with the same artwork. The only difference is the packaging. The box is much slimmer and stands upright. The discs themselves are exactly the same.
It is a fabulous set though. Here we get the complete nine series of the hit comedy all in one place. Allo Allo was such a fantastic comedy series with strong originality.

Rene Artois owns a café in a northern French town during world war two. Helping him is his wife Edith and shapely waitresses Yvette and Maria. Rene has to pander to the needs of the occupying German forces. And at the same time try to do his bit in helping allied air men evade capture.
This seems like yet another world war two series, but it is actually a great comedy dig at all of the over the top and over serious programmes on the subject.
The series has brilliant characters such as the Nazis Colonel Von Strohm, clumsy Captain Geering, gay Lt Gruber, limping Gestapo officer Herr Flick and his sidekick Von Smallhausen and of course Helga of whom Herr Flick makes kinky demands of affection.
The Germans should be predictably nasty evil bad guys but they are actually just the occupying force that are just as much loveable buffoons as the British or French. They are just great characters.

The café is also a safe house for two gormless British air men Fairfax and Carstairs who end up hiding in ridiculous places. These two are also buffoons with equally stereotyped World war two British accents and the series is a great send up.
The series is a farce and Rene is reluctant to help the air men but he is pushed on by the French resistance and the Resistance leader Michelle who offers one of the shows many catchphrases "Listen very carefully I will say this only once"
At the beginning of each episode Rene talks to camera (to us) updating us on the plot so far. The series acts like a continuing serial and the highly exaggerated plots include Rene coping with the airmen and being reluctant to sabotage the German efforts to steal a priceless painting known as the "Fallen Madonna with the big boobies" by Van Clomp.
Also present is the brilliant character inept British secret agent Officer Crabtree disguised as a Gendarme. He has a terrible understanding of the French Language that translates into a warped English with examples like "Good Moaning".
Around the central plot line there are other plots such as the steamy affairs between Rene, Yvette, Maria and Mimi. Also there is the so called death of Rene and Rene pretending to be his brother and then having to re marry Edith.
Other characters offer laughter such as Edith's Mother the bed ridden Fanny who often is out of bed and her beau, aging forger and resistance fighter Leclarc. Also there is the undertaker Monsieur Alphonse who has a "dicky ticker" and a "earse with a small orse".
There are long running jokes such as Edith's terrible singing that forces staff and customers to stuff their ears with cheese, Lt Gruber's advances to Rene and the secret radio to London hidden under Fanny's bed that Rene uses under the call sign Nighthawk. (the series got its name from the opening words of a call to London allo allo). Then there are the moments when Edith catches Rene in an uncompromising position with Yvette, Maria or Mimi which results in Rene saying "you stupid woman" and then in typical farce style coming up with an elaborate explanation as to why he has his arms around the waitresses.
The show has much innuendo and was criticised for bad taste in its innuendo and its use of the subject matter the Second world war. But the innuendo is funny and the humour is slapstick farce of the highest order. Also the show sends up over the top World war two dramas more than the cruelty of the war. It is a send up of all the typical aspects of the era and its subsequent endless serious based TV dramas on the subject. The British, the French and the Germans are all equally buffoons and they are all excellent characters. The show is particularly a send up of the earlier serious World war two drama Secret Army.

I love all the characters, even the Germans. the show is full of strong characterisations that make the show so memorable. The show is funny and entertaining and one of the best British comedies created by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft.
The nine series over sixteen discs offers many episodes to get through and it is good throughout and never seems to get bad.
Note. If you do buy this series I recommend that when you get to the end of series seven don't rush to go to disc one of series eight. First go to the last disc of the entire set (final disc series nine) There you will find a Christmas special that you should watch first for story continuity. Then go back to disc one of series eight and continue to series nine and back to that final disc. They have stupidly put this Christmas special on to the end of the set as a bonus but the story continuity between series seven and eight is somewhat lost without seeing it in the correct order.
Also of note there are no subtitles for the hard of hearing on series one and two but there are subtitles on series three to nine.
You cannot go wrong with this classic masterpiece of comedy.
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on 29 October 2015
I have now purchased four of these box sets and they all have manufacturing defects on some of the discs and will not play. I have made Amazon aware of this but they continue to sell it. Although this is a lovely box set, ideal as a gift or any fan of the classic series, and at a great price, I advise anyone purchasing this to check the discs thoroughly before throwing away the packaging.
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on 19 May 2011
I have to agree with other reviews that the box set is a let-down as regards info. The Christmas 1991 Special should have been between Series 7 & 8, but was shoved on the end of Series 9. Without a listing of episodes, I thought this one had been missed, only to find it when I viewed the last disc. Other than that, it was great to actually see the whole series in proper order for the first time. It made the storylines a lot clearer.
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on 27 December 2009
Firstly the show itself is 5 stars for sure, The box set here is at best 2 stars for the following reasons.

The show is amazing a true classic and worth its money, That's is not the issue at all.

The quality of the box is pretty poor and is basically just the previous single sets thrown together in a new red box. There is no information on each section in the box to say what discs are in them, Which just makes it feel cheap and lazy.

There are no extras despite the fact the US version gets lots of extras on it, Why we can not have them here is anyone's guess.

I would recommend buying this for the series as the show will for sure make you laugh, But do not expect anything more than the series because you will not be getting it.
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Allo Allo was one of the greatest achievements for the writers David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd, who also bought us "Dads Army", "Hi De Hi", "You Rang M'Lord" & "Are You Being Served" - which if you like Allo Allo, you may want to try these series too.

Broadcast from 1982 to 1992 and after a whopping 85 episodes, Allo Allo is still a regular visitor on our TV screens with BBC1 still showing it every now and again!

During the 1970's the BBC made a fantastic war drama called "Secret Army" which showed a cafe owner in Belgium at the helm of a resistence group helping British and Allied airmen to escape back to Britain. This was a serious drama and was extremely popular even in the former occupied countries. It was this programme which inspired Allo Allo and gave the writers the idea of making a comical series about the war. They did this very succesfully with "Dads Army" in the 1960's when people were still affected by the war, but this time around they aimed at being less politcially correct!

The plot is ever so simple which is probably what makes it work, we follow the very strange life of Rene Artois a cafe owner in a small town in occupied France during World War 2. He lives with his tone deaf wife, her mother and two gorgeous waitress' with whom he is having an affair with, except no-one knows about the other!! He becomes unwittingly involved with helping the resistence fight the Germans and he also has to hide two British airmen in his cafe which is a hotspot for the local German Commander to visit!!! The Germans are shown to be completely incompetant which is hilarious!! the British are shown to have some wacky ideas, none of which really work and the French are portrayed as hapless locals who havent got a clue what they are doing!

The best thing about Allo Allo is that it was recently broadcast in Germany and it was a great success which goes to show how clever the writing was. It never offended anybody even though it was close at times!!

The down side is this poor boxset. It doesnt contain anything different to the individual series releases' and in fact the discs are the same but thrown together in very cheap cardboard sleeves and chucked into a display box which looks lovely until you look inside! Allo Allo, is one of our greatest sitcoms which is loved all around the world, particually in America and it should have had a proper boxset made with a booklet especially considering the RRP is £99.99!!

However, this should not put you off buying this set as the content alone is worth 5 stars!!
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on 24 October 2015
Visible defects on at least one disc, that disc wouldn't play properly. Ordered a replacement, same problem. This item should be withdrawn until this issue is sorted. If you have bought this early for Christmas, please take the time to check that yours is not part of the bad batch.
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on 8 September 2014
Got this for our anniversary ... wife loves it.

Allo Allo ran on BBC TV from 1982 to 1992 ( longer than WW2 ). It was a comedy designed was not to make fun of the war but was a spoof on the '70s British TV series 'Secret Army'.

The story is set in a small-town café in Nazi-occupied France during World War II'

Hilary Minster, who played General von Klinkerhoffen, also appeared (as Hauptmann Muller). Richard Marner (Col. von Strohm) and Guy Siner (Lt. Grüber) plus John D. Collins (Flying Officer Fairfax) also played small roles in Secret Army.

The series writer David Croft claims the inspiration for Officer Crabtree, the policeman (played by Arthur Bostrom) who speaks spectacularly bad French, came from Edward Heath, former British Prime Minister, who spoke French with a broad English accent. In real life, Arthur Bostrom speaks French fluently.

A great collection ... get yourself a glass of wine, some bits of cheese for your ears and enjoy !
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I have to say that the area where I live is seriously getting me down at the moment. Sometimes I need some laughs. And laughs have never emerged more than they have since I got Allo Allo a few months ago. This show happens to be even funnier than a lot of the so called giants of comedy like The Two Ronnies or Only Fools and Horses, which in my opinion often contained episodes that barely had a laugh in them, whereas Allo Allo hasn't whatsoever.

It is a superbly funny (of the side aching variety) tale of the happenings of Rene Artois and his café. I have been in stitches with this programme. It also has far far less of filthy language rubbish that infects so many so called modern comedies these days. Instead we have the absolutely side splitting performance from Arthur Bostrom who has to be noted for his Good Moaning. The English idiot who thinks he can speak French has to be one of the best comical characters ever made for TV in my opinion. But with the comedy it is not just limited to Arthur Bostrom, as we have some side aching scenes with Richard Gibson as Herr Otto Flick and frankly some of the disgooses adopted by this guy and his underling Von Smallhausen are total hilarity. And the rest of the cast is of first class standard. Gorden Kaye is flawless as the café owner Rene, Carmen Silvera I also always love for being in my favourite TV show ever, Doctor Who, and the same goes for Hilary Minster and Guy Siner. And then we have the added bonus of Kenneth Connor, who always was a fine comedic actor. And Kirsten Cooke should be applauded for her "Listen very carefully I shall say zis only wence" which is another brilliantly funny performance and character.

And this series is very rare, in that the whole series maintains the laughter throughout ever single season and episode. It doesn't have lags and wains and highs and lows. The comedy is thick flowing and great.

I do believe the real French resistance must have hardy, never giving up and trying whatever to free their country. Whilst it surely wouldn't ever have been humorous, what I like about this show is it also shows this group of people as one that just never gave up, no matter what happened, which I'm sure has to have at least a little basis in fact.

So I cant really fault this comedy gem of a series. If you need to rest at the end of a hard day at work or whatever, then this is the series to watch.

With regards to the packaging though, it is not great. The dvds keep falling all over the place if you don't hold the case horizontally! But aside from this, the show itself is flawless good humour.
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on 20 August 2015
Prior to buying this I read some mixed reviews on here with some saying that all the episodes aren't in order. I find that to be partially true. The 1991 christmas special, "A bun in the oven", is at the end of series 9 so you would have to view this first before viewing series 8.
The wording on the DVD boxset is misleading however, because with all of the combined series, the pilot and the two christmas episodes, puts the total content to 85 episodes and not 84 as described. Nonetheless I find this to be a bargain boxset for what there is available to watch on the set.
'Allo 'Allo has always been one of my favourites since I was a child but haven't seen every episode and have been eager to catch up to see episodes I have missed.

René Artois is a cafe owner in Nazi occupied France and must help the French Resistance to hide two British airmen who were shot down over France. With the help of his cafe staff and tone deaf wife, Edith, he must hide the airmen in the cafe in the hope that they will soon be gone, but almost every episode turns out to be a failure of returning the airmen back to Britain.

I was disappointed that there was no episode guide in this boxset like there is with other BBC comedy series, but having watched the entire set I can't help but think someone else could have put in a quick guide in a review for the benefit of potential buyers.
I have done just that.

Series 1 & 2 (dvd 1)
The British are coming (pilot)
The British 'ave come
Pigeon post
Saville Row to the rescue
The execution

Series 1 & 2 (dvd 2)
The funeral
Red Nick's colonel
The dance of Hitler youth
Six big boobies (series 2 onwards)

Series 1 & 2 (dvd 3)
The wooing of widow Artois
The poloceman cometh
Swiftly and with style
The duel
Herr Flick's revenge

Series 3 & 4 (dvd 1)
Christmas Special 1 (1985) - The Gâteau from the Château
The nicked knockwurst
Gruber does some mincing
The sausage in the wardrobe

Series 3 & 4 (dvd2)
Flight of fancy
Pretty maids all in a row
The great un-escape
Prisoners of war (series 4 onwards)
Camp dance

Series 3 & 4 (dvd 3)
Good staff are hard to find
The flying nun
The sausages in the trousers
The jet-propelled mother-in-law

Series 5 - Volume 1 (dvd 1)
Desperate doings in the dungeon
The camera in the potato
Dinner with the general
The dreaded circular saw
Otherwise engaged
A marriage of inconvenience
No hiding place

Series 5 - Volume 1 (dvd 2)
The arrival of the homing duck
Watch the birdie
René - Under an assumed nose
The confusion of the generals
Who's for the vatican
Ribbing the bonk

Series 5 - Volume 2 (dvd 1)
The reluctant millionaires
A duck for launch
The exploding bedpan
Going like a bomb
Money to burn
Puddings can go off
Landmarks for London

Series 5 - Volume 2 (dvd 2)
Flight to Geneva
Train of events
An Enigma variation
Wedding bloss
Down the drain
All in disgeese

Series 6 & 7 (dvd 1)
Desperate doings in the graveyard
The gestapo for the high jump
The Nouvion oars
The nicked airmen
The airmen de-nicked
The crooked fences

Series 6 & 7 (dvd 2)
Crabtree's podgeon pist
Rising to the occasion
A quiet honeymoon (series 7 onwards)
An almighty bang
Fleeing monks
Up the crick without a piddle

Series 6 & 7 (dvd 3)
The gestapo ruins a picnic
The spirit of Nouvion
Leg it to Spain
Prior engagements
Soup and sausage
René of the gypsies

Series 8 & 9 (dvd 1)
Arousing suspicions
A woman never lies
Hitler's last heil
Awful wedded wife
Firing squahed

Series 8 & 9 (dvd 2)
A fishful of Francs
Swan song
Gone with the windmill (Series 9 onwards)
A tour de france
Dead man marching

Series 8 & 9 (dvd 3)
A fishy sendoff
A winkle in time
Christmas special 2 (1991) - A bun in the oven
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on 28 December 2009
A lot of fun for family and friends. The situations and dialogues are brilliantly played. Highly recommended.
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