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4.3 out of 5 stars335
4.3 out of 5 stars
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182 of 184 people found the following review helpful
on 18 November 2010
I don't do many reviews of stuff I've bought but I've got one of these and so has a friend at my camera club and - in complete contrast to the original reviewer - we've both been extremely pleased with them so I feel I need to do it justice.

I've used it with my Canon EOS450D with lenses up to 300mm length and my friend has used it with his Nikon D90, he even tried it with a hefty medium format camera and was very impressed that it was able to handle that combination steadily. I've used it indoors at camera club nights and outdoors on long walks its light weight made a huge difference compared to the other tripod I used to lug about. No more aching arms or shoulders !

I even used it on the streets of London at night without it getting in anyone's way, the quick release was really useful when doing this. The only problem I found was a vibration when exposed to a strong wind but I dropped the legs a bit and hung my camera bag from the hook, hey presto a 6-second exposure of the buildings near the Thames at night came out nice and sharp with the flow of the water appearing just as it should - I've uploaded a crop of that to the user pictures.

I really appreciate the ability to vary the angle of the legs because I often find myself in a confined space (at the side of a waterfall or on rocks at the seaside for example) where I can't get the legs of a standard tripod to spread wide enough to be stable. I used to have to lug a heavy "profesional" tripod around to do that before. There's a subtle feature I like too, the locking clamps for the legs have been arranged so that all clamps can be locked or unlocked from the closed leg position at the same time with just one hand, makes setting up and taking down the tripod loads quicker and easier !

At this price I can only give it full marks as its great value for money.
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69 of 70 people found the following review helpful
on 28 July 2011
I just started out in photography with my Canon 550d + 18-135mm and I was looking for a tripod to buy. Like many beginners also posting on the photography forums, I wanted a decent good value tripod to play about with and take the occasional picture but every time someone asks this in the forums they are told that nothing below £100 is good value in a tripod.

I decided to just try some tripods out on my own. The first one I bought was the Hama Star 63 @ £15.62 from amazon. This was heavy and long and I am not sure how long the joints would have held up for although they seemed like pretty tough plastic. I returned this because of the size and weight.

I then purchased the Hama Compact Traveller Pro after seeing these reviews on youtube.

This tripod feels great. I am not going to give a full review as I think the videos above seem to cover it quite well.

I went into Jes**ps and Ja**bs (UK photography stores) to compare these tripods to a few Gitzos and Manfrottos they had on display and in my view I really don't see why those tripods are almost three times the price.

The Hama Compact Traveller Pro -
- The quality of the materials feels the same as the Gitzo (except the carbon fibre models which feel lighter and stronger). The legs and ball socket and knobs are all aluminium.
- The joints move in the same smooth way.
- The ball head moves smoothly and is also strong enough to hold my camera at any angle (I have no doubt this would hold my camera with a lens double the weight of mine, it's very strong), No movement at all. Pushing down on the tip of my lens to move the ball head I would be more worried about breaking the lens or the tripod mount hole in my camera.
- There are options to open the legs wider and to mount the camera upside down under the tripod legs for macro etc.
- The tripod is sturdy! On solid ground and the tripod extended to my eye height (I am 5'9) and camera mounted there is very little horizontal movement in the tripod.
- It is fairly light (1370 g) and folds to a small size (52 cm)

For photographers just starting out in the UK this is definitely the tripod to buy. A famous big supermarket Tes**s has mispriced this item and mixed it up with the model below this (Hama Traveller Mini Pro Tripod). So this tripod has only been priced at £18.12 + £5 delivery. Which makes it extremely good value. No `collect in store' though.

Do not buy the cheap ones at around £25 from Jes**ps and Ja**bs, they are very poor quality and not strong enough to hold larger cameras.

Anyway I hope this helps people starting out with Tripods.
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93 of 95 people found the following review helpful
on 2 February 2011
Hama produce a range of budget accessories for photographers and video shooters. Their range of tripods are very popular as they are well built for the price and have all the basic functions expected of any tripod. The sort of features that appear on the Giottis and Manfrottos, which professionals insist upon, are often absent on budget equipment or the budget version is a pale reflection. This is where the Traveller Compact Pro is different.

Constructed from lightweight but robust materials the Traveller Compact Pro looks and feels like a very good piece of engineering. It is more compact than the budget tripods by some measure due to the additional leg section. The leg adjusters are robust and tight fitting. The telescopic leg sections slide out easily. The legs are fitted with retractable spikes and rubber feet at one end and alloy leg positioners at the other, designed to allow for a normal or splayed leg position. The QR Ball head is a high quality item suitable for loads up to 3 Kg (DSLR with Battery Grip & budget 300mm Zoom).

The removable central pillar is slid into position manually and has a detachable hooked section, which enables the pillar to be inverted allowing birds eye shots of close up subjects. This is one of the tripods best features as it opens up a world of possibilities when shooting macro. The replaceable steel hook is sturdy enough to hold a sizeable camera bag (tested to 5Kg), to produce a very sturdy platform, for all but gale force conditions. I wouldn't go any larger than a 5Kg bag when at full height, especially on a smooth or slippery surface as the thin lower leg sections may not take the weight. Reducing the leg length by a section would create a stronger leg and therefore heavier ballasts would be possible for extreme conditions. It is a matter of using a bit of good sense when applying loads to the hook but the design is well engineered and highly specc'ed to withstand all but the most abusive demands. The central pillar is also adjustable in length as it is in two sections. The lower section can be removed completely and the hook refitted to the upper section. This allows for the tripod to be stabilised with ballast in low level positions say with just 1 or 2 legs sections extended.

The ball head is well designed and unlike one reviewer I find the ball tension to be highly adjustable. Certainly not a simple tight or loose function. The test I used to judge this was to twist the ball whilst tightening the lever until the whole head & central pillar turned in the tripod. I made sure the pillar was tightened to a point where it would be difficult to turn the head without holding the tripod steady. When I did this I could adjust the ball tension very finely. As with any mechanical device there are always limits. If one mounts a camera and heavy lens whilst adjusting the head then more care is needed. Ideally, one should remove the camera, make the adjustment, then refit said camera. The QR adaptor is of excellent quality and has a brass safety lever to prevent accidental release. So if one does leave the camera on the head when adjusting position and the ball slips loose, the camera will not fall to the ground. Th QR platform also has a circular spirit level, which works just as well in the inverted position but is difficult to read in this position without lying down beneath it.

The general finish in a tough gun metal grey paint with warm touch soft rubber grips is very nice indeed. Not sure how long the logos on the rubber grips will last but as it may be stored in it's own heavy duty water resistant zippered carry bag they should last a good while. All nuts and bolts are black chromed hexagonal fasteners, and is a sign of high quality in my view. Even the hidden small cross head screw used to hold the hook in place is black chrome. That speaks volumes about the quality. I can assure you that if there were corners to be cut then that is where it would be made.

Overall an excellent item, which at [...] is at the upper end of the budget alloy tripods but is still well worth it. At [...] it is an absolute bargain and if it didn't have the feel that it will last for many years without damage I would have bought 2.
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on 30 January 2012
After reading all the positive reviews here i went and purchased it. Basically used it twice since purchase. 3rd time i went to use it little plastic lock on the leg snapped - broke off. Now i was very careful with this and i look after all my equipment but it looks like to me that plastic lock was either faulty or there are serious quality control issues in Hama tripods.. Return period has already expired and i can't return it back. I know it was affordable but surely i should be able to use it more than 3 times....
Cheap but wish i purchased something with better reputation. On the end there is no such a thing as cheap , you pay for what you get.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 26 November 2011
Overview and positives:

This tripod is of a good quality overall, the best features are the ball head, reversible centre post, foam protectors, feet, paint finish and the legs angles which can be adjusted.

The ball head is great, the lock might not be as good as the very expensive tripods but it seems to hold my gripped 550D + Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II lens without moving too much after settling.

I like the secure lock addition for the mounting plate - a great idea.

The option to switch the feet from grass spikes to rubber just by turning is a great idea and very useful.

The foam padding is great, much more comfortable to hold and it does keep the cold away from your hands.

Weight/size is also great, very compact as the name suggests.

The height is more than enough - very good.

Price - A lot less than most!


The biggest problem I had with this tripod is the fact that my gripped 550D + 70-200mm Canon lens (you mount to the lens) does not clip onto the tripod, without first rotating the lens collar out of the way of the tripod head. Otherwise the head will hit the camera grip. This means it does take a fair bit longer to attach/deattach my camera from the tripod.

When you mount directly to the camera body as with smaller lenses there is no problem.

Mine arrived with a ripped carry bag and a few loose bolts. I fixed these by applying loctite and tightening them up.

Not too solid - again with bigger lens this tripod does take time to settle down, a good few seconds, and it does wobble a little unless the surface is perfect. I find I have to use a remote shutter otherwise pictures will be blurred.

Please note I have no doubts about it being secure, I trust it to hold my camera gear.

Overall I would recommend this, but not to anyone with a bigger lens than the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 7 December 2013
The Hama Traveller compact tripod is exceptionally good value for money and significantly outperforms my Manfrotto 785B which is also a lightweight travel tripod... costing more than twice the price of the Hama.

The Hama is nice and sturdy for it's weight, which again is not significantly different than the Manfrotto 785B and extends to a very comfortable working height for me at 6ft3". The Hama is a little longer than the Manfrotto when collapsed perhaps by virtue of it's three extending legs compared to four on the Manfrotto.

The ball head is perfectly functional, if a little clunky and industrial. It is the one obviously heavy part of the Hama tripod. The good news is the head is removable (undo the small allen head bolt in the side of the ball head unit, pull it off and what remains behind simply unscrews) and reveals a standard tripod/ball head mounting screw underneath so that you can fit another head if you have one. I fitted a more compact and lightweight Joby ball head.

Don't let the fact this tripod is priced well below that from the big names put you off, it really delivers the goods and makes you wonder how the big names can justify their prices.

Oh and don't forget you get a tripod carry bag in the box too.
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35 of 37 people found the following review helpful
on 9 November 2010
As soon as I saw and felt this tripod, I knew it was good so bought one straight away. My dad wanted to keep it when I showed it to him, so I had to buy myself another, then my dads friend wanted one, so again I was left without one for a while. Everybody who has seen it wants one, and that in itself is testement to how good it is.

As expected it is small and lightweight and comes complete with a suitable carry bag. It is solidly built and comfortable to carry due to the padding on the upper legs. The head is a ball and socket type which allows for very flexible movement, and the single locking screw tightens it up very well. The quick release mechanism has been really well thought out with a small locking lever to ensure you do not accidentally release the plate.

The legs can be used normally, or by turning a simple device at the top of each leg can be spread much wider for very low angle, and extra stability. The central column can be split and half removed to accomodate that low angle, and can also be inverted so that the camera hangs below the legs.

I use it mainly indoors photographing models that I have made and painted, and for this purpose it is more practical than the larger, heavier tripods which don't always allow for such a low viewpoint. It is very good as a lightweight travel tripod, but I still prefer to use a much heavier duty one if I am shooting with long exposure times or in windy conditions, but that of course depends on the practicalities of taking a heavy or light tripod to a location. Where space and weight needs to be taken into account, this is perfect.
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19 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on 6 April 2011
Best £[] I've ever spent on photographic equipment! (Ok, so I got it elsewhere (a well known British supermarket) for that)

I've had this exact tripod for quite a time now and it still hasn't failed me.
Certainly haven't ever had any problems with it, and when I lost the camera mounting bracket Hama even sent me a new one for free (nice guys).
I used to have a Tripod from a well-known Italian name - Which was badly made and flimsy as hell. This on the other hand is (strangely I must admit) well made - Although I guess that's German quality for ya :)

The ball head is solid metal and looks like it was made in a panzer factory, the legs are pretty much the same and the only thing I'd change would be the hanger on the bottom which is a little flimsy, although it still holds my entire camera bag.
I Use it with my MkII 5D and a variety of telephoto's and it takes the weight without budging and the leg spikes also help in this regard.

**I've put a photo above so that you can see for yourself what it can hold - Camera: 5D MkII w/Battery Grip + My camera bag w/70-200+100-400+50mm x2 (and loads of other little camera bits).
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33 of 35 people found the following review helpful
on 16 November 2011
After reading all the good reviews for this tripod I have to admit I was disappointed when I got my hands on this.
Build quality is reasonably good- I liked the head, all metal well made but the leg locking clips seem a bit flimsy and
these are what failed on both my other tripods. My main concerns were with stability- if you raise the central column any length
it starts to get noticably wobbly and the thinnest leg sections are really too thin and flimsy for me- so I've exchanged it for something
more heavy duty. But for the money it's ok- to my way of thinking though- price isn't much of a reassurance if you have wobbly shots or
your new camera ends up on the floor.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 9 April 2012
The first thing to say about this tripod is that it seemed great for the first couple of days. Sturdy and tough. However, within the first week of purchase the tripod head broke off. I hadn't done anything rough with it or manhandled it in any way. Also, my SLR is not even very heavy. On inspection, the thread of the screw holding everything in place had completely fallen apart and one of the metal ridges that holds it in the right place had simply snapped off. The only reason that I didn't return it straight away is that I thought it may still be salvageable by using some araldite, unfortunately it soon broke again. There was a long pause between it breaking and my trying to fix it which is why I'm only just now writing this review. The bottom line is, bits of it were falling off in quite a few places, it just doesn't seem to be made very well. If it didn't break so quickly then I would be writing that it is a great tripod as I was certainly satisfied while it did work. Broke far too quickly and for no apparent reason though.
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