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on 6 October 2009
When I started playing video games I preferred PC games... they are easy to control with mouse and keyboard and I never felt comfortable with console gamepads... eventually I grew old, stopped playing games as they need more patience to play through and complete... then one fine day after tedious office hours I just ordered this PS3 from Amazon without thinking twice (well... without thinking anything)... Amazon delivery was fast as usual... got Resistance 2, Hawx and pacific rift... as soon as I switched in on... IT JUST BLEW MY MIND ... Blu-ray, HD output and high quality audio... I immerged into the world of game again... finished Hawx and Resistance 2 within one week... now I feel like I am young again... it's not only about games... I can stream my media contents from my PC... but the best part I liked about this (well it is true with all consoles) you switch on the TV and press the PS logo on the controller... you are ready to go... frag some aliens or shoot down your enemy in a dog fight over Rio!... its your choice... and hundreds of titles to choose from.

Highly recommended for those who want hassle free, fun fill and pure gamming pleasure and entertainment AIO...
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I previously owned the 80GB "fat" Playstation since December '08, but had nothing but trouble with it - three breakdowns, three refurb machines in replacement. It's no secret that the original 60GB models obviously contain better quality components, when Sony didn't consider profit margin.

The first thing you'll notice with this new model is the much smaller packaging, which I believe is a good move in itself as ridiculously large boxing only harms the environment through many different ways. The contents, however, is still the same as the previous generation Playstation 3;

- Console
- 1 x Control Pad (Built in rechargeable battery, charged via the USB cable, SixAxis Motion Sensor built in)
- 1 x USB cable
- 1 x Scart cable
- 1 x Scart block
- Power Cable (Now a 'kettle' lead due to the lower power consumption)
- Manual/leaflets

The pictures you'll see of the console do it absolutely no justice - beautiful is an understatement. While it's so much thinner, the surface area remains about the same, so the console has an almost 'squashed' look. The 'cut out' effect used near the disc drive gives the console a much simpler look that, to me, is more modern, and the reduction of exterior components gives it a neater look. Once in operation the fan noise is a tad quieter, but this depends on what you're doing. If the console is Idle, it no longer whirls up, and its almost silent when just sitting there. Naturally, the fans will whirl up during intense operations, but since such situations were relatively quiet anyway, I have absolutely no issue with the noise it makes.

A nice silver PS badge replaces the previous one above the disc drive, with no axis function. The Power/Disc buttons are no longer touch-sensitive, but to be frank I never understood why a games console needs touch-buttons anyway. They are now click-buttons that give a nice backlight glow when in operation. All the LED lights remain, though the power and disc (green/red and blue) lights are now smaller and directly above each button. During operation in dim light, it looks quite striking.

The PS3 contains a standard 2.5 inch Hard Drive that is easily replaceable - a screw and flap are all that need taking away. 2.5 inch Hard Drives are very cheap these days, so it's fantastic Sony offer you the easiest and cheapest option (the Xbox can only use Microsoft's Hard Drives with a specific moulded shape). Only thing I would say regarding I/O is that the only 2 USB ports are at the front, so you have the cables from an EyeCamera or other permanent peripherals on view which is annoying.

After using this on launch day, System OS 3.0 wasn't pre-installed on the console like Sony promised which was disappointing, but I expect newer consoles may have it installed ready. The new operating system, however, is a joy to use and picks up on many flaws of the old whilst adding new fantastic features, such as a dedicated BBC iPlayer program, Facebook posting, and lots more. Sony should really do a better job marketing these features.

The PS3 provides a fantastic interface and options for DVD and Blu-Ray playback - even better with the additional Remote Control. On our 27" wide TV, the results are stunning - it's such a shame that standard definition DVD's are, relatively, in a mid life cycle. What's most appreciative about the technology is that some of the older films we've bought (upscaled to HD using original cinema film) provide a whole new experience. 2001: Space Odyssey looks like it was filmed yesterday, while Disney Blu-Rays provide beautifully flawless artwork - almost as if they were modelled on a computer. Given Sony have done such a poor job marketing Blu-Ray, Disney have squeezed all the life out it it.

Finally, games. I'll get to the point - I'm not a "hardcore" gamer (the apparent term for considering it a hobby), but the reason I originally got the PS3 was because of the value games from different sources, such as Downloads from the FREE internet service 'Playstation Network' (built in Wi-Fi), and of course Disc. Contrary to popular belief, the PS3 and Xbox 360 actually both have strengths of their own. While the PS3's CPU processor (the brain, named 'Cell') is quite superior to the Xbox 360, the GPU (the graphics chipset, an RSX model) is actually inferior to the Xbox 360's.

Have I noticed a difference? No, not enough to start arguing. Both the PS3 and 360 offer unbelievable graphics, and we should be grateful for the age we live in.

I'll just point out that their is NO HDMI cable included in the box. If you want to use the console in High Definition, you will need to buy HDMI cable separately. If you're moving from an older PS3, back-up your PS1 game data individually (Press triangle above the save file, then Copy), as Copyright issues prevent them from being backed-up. Do the same for your original PS3 game saves for peace of mind! Also note that Game Content can't be copied over due to similar legal issues - you'll need to re-download them.

So why not 5 Stars? The price. Whilst I'm a firm believer that a Blu-Ray player and a games console that utilises this technology is a bargain at this price, not everyone is comfortable paying this, which is very understandable. And for the price, it would have been nice if Sony learnt from Microsoft and included cheap essentials, such as a HDMI cable, an ethernet cable, or even both. Instead, such accessories as the official headset, remote control, or keypad remain expensive extras which I feel is wrong. But if you accept that you're getting two pieces of technology which quite easily transform your entertainment, then you'll appreciate this is a wonderful machine that's now in better shape (excuse the pun) than ever.

I even remember the Sega Saturn costing £399 back in the early 90's...
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on 24 November 2009
Good Points:
- Free online
- Incredible graphics
- Nearly silent
- Looks very sleek and modern
- Great games
- Built in Blu Ray
- Upscales DVDs
- MUCH more reliable than the Xbox 360 and less noisey
- Great buy!
Bad Points:
- Can run very hot, but can be cured by giving it some airspace

Overall it is a great console, definately worth buying!
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on 21 November 2009
i purchased the ps3 slim console on release and like all the playstations before it never fails to impress
the plus sides are;
compared to a few years ago now it is roughly half price, the argument of price was always against it as 400 quid at launch is a lot of money for most people,sony built this console to be a 'multimedia' machine and does just that,with built in wireless capability,hdmi for the highest definition,free access online and constant firmware upgrades this is by far worth the 250 price tag,it feels tough and well built like the ps2 before and is very quiet even when the cooling fan kicks in,now it has been released for 3 years the games have come a long way in terms of graphics and sound and with the ps3's extra proccessing power and developers pushing this technology we are seeing it setting it apart from the competition, especially sonys exclusives which are getting big scores from all critics.
last is the blu-ray player, now at 250 quid you are getting the future of home entertainment built in and the ability of upscaling your dvd collection to near blu-ray quality simply if you have a hd-tv this will do it all..

the negatives?
although sony ps3 doesnt have quite the amount of 'content' and 'features' with the online store as microsofts xbox360 does but the online playing experiance is exactly the same with both, and always being updated will only get better with apps like facebook,twitter and sky tv coming soon.
the only other gripe i had with the console package is the lack of a free hdmi cable, this is essential for the hd world and being only a mere 5 quid would be a nice gesture from sony.
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on 30 March 2010
I'm sure you all know about the competition between the PS3 and the Xbox 360, so I'll try to shed a little light on my opinion about how it fairs, and also if I think the PS3 is worth getting either way.

Pros: iPlayer, some amazing exclusive games (Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, 3D Dot Game Racers, Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet, Motorstorm, God of War 3), Blu-ray, free multiplayer, built-in wireless adapter.

Cons: Lack of backwards compatibility (as far as I know they've removed how much of it it actually had), Playstation Network - I'm finding it a bit slow and unstable, but that could be down to using it wirelessly.

Controllers: Very nice; triggers are easy enough to get used to (although I do actually prefer the Xbox 360 ones), fits nicely into my hands, analogue sticks are more sensitive than the 360's but you get used to them too.

PS3 vs. Xbox 360: I think it's down to personal preference really (I own both of them now). PS3 has the free multiplayer, Blu-ray and, in my opinion, better exclusives games...but Xbox Live is better in my opinion (and I don't necessarily mean lag in online games) and if you're buying it for a child/teenager then you might want to get them an Xbox 360 because they'll have more chance of finding friends to play with online (but to be sure of that you'd have to ask them which their friends have).
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on 2 September 2009
Being a long time PC gamer, I decided to switch over to the PS3 for my gaming needs, for various reasons. Having a friend with the original model, I have wanted to invest for a while, but the price put me off. So when the slim appeared at an affordable price point for me, I decided to grab one. These are my thoughts after a few days of using it:

The actual unit is smaller than I thought it would be, but looks much better than internet pictures make out. The finish doesn't look tacky or cheap, instead the matt finish combined with some chrome and mirror finishing gives the unit a very sophisticated look. Also, it coordinates very well with the piano black finish of my HDTV. The buttons are physical buttons, which take a very light touch to trigger and give a satisfying high-tech style tone of confirmation, without being annoying. The unit does give off some audible sound at first, but that seems to fade away within a couple of minutes. It does make a lot of audible sound when loading games from a disc, but it's only very brief to be a real annoyance.

The unit uses a wireless Bluetooth controller, which is a great advantage as there is no need to be limited by a cable. I plan on buying the Bluetooth remote (not essential-joy pad works) for operating it's Blu-Ray and DVD player, as the control pad's shoulder buttons are triggered easily when resting it on the coffee table.

The on-board menu/operating system is easy to use and guides you through the initial set up with ease. It also looks nice with animated backgrounds and wallpapers, more of which are available from the Playstation Network store (some of which are free).

It's easy to set up, although connecting it wirelessly took some time, but that was due to the configuration of my household router not the PS3 itself. One gripe I have is that the hard disk and wireless activity lights are hidden under the front shelf of the unit, and can be difficult to see when I am sitting at a distance on my couch. Again, not a major gripe, and to a lot of people not a gripe at all, but I like to know when it's actually doing something.

I have only been able to test it with one game so far, Batman Arkham Asylum, and using this on a 1080p HDTV looks fantastic! The picture is sharp, vibrant and the graphics are very detailed and all-round excellent! I have also played a couple of demos which were downloaded from the PSN Store, and again, the graphics have been excellent and the whole experience very enjoyable.

The Blu-Rayer player is great and looks fantastic if you have a HDTV o connect it too. The only downside at the moment is that Blu-Ray movies are more expensive than DVD's. The unit also handles DVD's very well, up-scalling them better than some Samsung and Toshiba up-scaling DVD players I have seen. This will give your DVD's some extra life and I have been wanting to watch some old DVD's again, simply for the new picture experience. Saying that though, I plan on buying Blu-Rays from now on, but less so than DVD's, due to the price difference. You may be able to find them at a good price on Amazon Marketplace in the future.

Some people have complained that there are not as many games on this as the 360, but you have to consider some other factors too. The playstation 3 has a long life ahead of it. At the time of writing this, there are some excellent looking titles planned for release, including, Batman Arkham Asylum, Assassins Creed 2, Dirt 2, Tekken 6, Uncharted 2 and God of War 3. Most of those are also available ion the 360, except for God of War and Uncharted 2. There are also going to be a huge amount of games, which I can't list here in entirety. The future of this console looks great, so take the complaints of impatient whingers with a few grains of salt.

There are also some great titles already, including, little big planet, Killzone2, Metal Gear Solid 4 , Street Fighter, Fallout 3, Uncharted and so on.

I look forward o playing more games in the future, using the new BBC iPlayer support, watching downloaded videos, playing music and browsing the internet from the comfort of my living room.
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I finally took the plunge and bought the ps3 slim( i already have an xbox 360,but was interested in some of the exclusive games like wipeout and little big planet and the forthcoming gran turismo 5) I went for this 120 gb model ,120 gb being plenty for me as i only plan to have some music and games on there.Very easy to set up straight out the box ,apart from the wireless internet this really tried my patience,Ive owned psps and ds's and they were so easy to link up to my wireless router this ps3 werent having any of it ,after 2 days of trying everything ,i gave up and bought a wired cable ,not as ideal but at least im online phew!the controller is very nice a lot lighter than i expected (being used to xbox controller),my second niggle was the charging cable you get is far too short ,id like to have my controller charging as i play on my sofa but being this short i have to sit on my hard wood floor close to the tv.Overall id definately recommend this machine,better than xbox? maybe graphics wise they look the same to me,some of the ps3 games i played were only outputting 720p ,while xbox is the full 1080.Online I think microsoft may just have the edge although the playstation network is free.
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on 29 October 2009
Look, I hail from the days of Nintendo Nintendos and Sega Megadrives. To me, a console exists so that I can play games in my spare time. Over the years, companies have strived to offer more from this medium to entice the hard earned cash from our wallets and thus, we've reached an age where your console is no longer just a means of playing games. Consoles today are presented as media stations. I can play DVDs and blu rays, browse the internet, download vids, games, demos etc and chat to my friends, all via one piece of equipment. It's quite something when I think about it; this kind of progress in entertainment has occurred in the time it's taken me to age by about 20 years! Yet, in the same period we still haven't quite solved the issue of renewable energy, human and animal rights abuse and a whole myriad of other, more pressing issues. Ah, the power of our great imaginary god (money. And the other guy)!

So, what about the PS3 specifically? What is it about this console that makes it any different to the others? It's quite simple, actually: Blu Ray. I don't care about game exclusivity (except maybe Gears of War 3) or devotion to a company based on some rudimentary geographical location. I simply want to get as much as possible for as little as possible. I could get a blu ray separately but that's is the thing. Why do that when I can just get a console that does both?

I've had this baby for a Month now and it does absolutely everything I want it to do. It plays my DVDs and games. I couldn't ask for more, frankly. Blu rays and Games alike look great on my HD tv and I like not having to pay for an online service (although I appreciate that there are perks that go along with the costs associated with certain competitors, though I couldn't name them off the top of my head!)

There are a couple of things that frustrate me, although it's not necessarily a PS3 'fault' as such.

First, almost every game I've played required an install and an update download. Not entirely Sony's fault, although I've recently moved to a house with a decidedly slow internet service and as such sometimes I have to wait overnight before I can actually play a game (if I want it to have the latest updates of course!). What I'm saying is, don't expect to get a game home and play it straight away. You may have to wait just a short while as it adds all the little bits the developers apparently forgot to stick in when they were busy delaying the game for another Month for 'polishing' purposes.

The other gripe is, while some downloads (eg. demos) can be downloaded in the background while you play (slower than if you just leave the system alone, mind!), updates require you to go and read a book, cure cancer... anything. Just leave the system and your internet connection alone until it's done!

The third and final of my couple of gripes is this; I'm not sure how big a deal this is, but I'm sure that due to the more compact size of the PS3, there's a lot more heat being generated in a much smaller space. The table and wall at the back of the box gets very hot indeed, despite my having it on a suitably sized coffee table with more than enough space all around. It worried me to the extent that I actually have a small fan running along the back to help dissipate some of the heat!

Finally, I used to own an Xbox 360 and I just want to say something on this issue. I really don't think I've made a wrong decision in choosing the PS3 this time round. I'm not sure if I see any immediate benefit either. In the end, 3 things persuaded me that I wanted the PS3:

1. In the long run (or foreseeable future at least!) owning a PS3 is actually cheaper, when you consider peripherals and payments required to get online with the 360.

2. I can not express in words how satisfying it is to be able to play online and not have to tolerate the incessant whining of kids, all of whom, usually, are clearly far too young to be playing the game (mentally if not chronologically!)

3. Have I mentioned blu ray?

All in all, I'm very happy with this purchase. Can I, in all honesty, recommend this over any other console? For me, the answer is a yes, although I can't say you'd be missing out on much if you got the Xbox 360 unless you don't have a blu ray player and value that sort of thing. Simply ask yourself, what do you want your console to do for you?

What I can also say is this. If you approach life with an open, rational mind and are capable of existing without forming asinine alliances with 3rd parties that neither acknowledge you as a person, nor care as much about the fact you were ever born as they do about how much money you can give them, then I can tell you it's unlikely you'll be disappointed with Sony's offering if you take the plunge!

I'm not entirely sure if I could really deduct any marks. I get everything I want from this product and more. Maybe I'm just too easily pleased? Maybe I should be demanding even more from my entertainment centre? I mean, I know that when I had Gillette Mach 3 I thought all my shaving prayers had been answered right up until they turned it up to 11 and released the even more multi-bladed Gillette super fusion for only a nominal increase in price. Now, I know for a fact that I definitely have the best shaving experience this time. I'll have to peruse on this, but in the meantime I'm going to play a little Madden 10, rather sadly pretend I'm Batman (excellent game by any standard, just like the revamped movies!) and ultimately wait for MW2 for the pc, because that's what this is all really about. I just needed a way to waste the hours and days while I waited for the next instalment of what is essentially the perfect online FPS experience, on the best platform for gaming! ;o)

Happy gaming! Or watching DVDs. Or chatting to your friends. Whatever, just go away now.

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on 22 June 2010
The first one I got had a dodgy heatsink & fan or something because it was in danger of burning through the desk as soon as it was switched on.
The replacement was fine though, much cooler, much quieter and I'm 100% happy with it. Amazon were nice enough to respond quickly to my problem, so kudos there.

If you're shopping for a PS3 try and get one of the newer model slims-
CECH-2103A or B. The 1 is the important bit.
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on 24 March 2010
I have owned the PS3 for 3 years now having had the origional 60GB model, which unfortunatley after trouble free service broke down on me so I purchased this new slim model to replace it.
Firstly the only real difference I find is the obvious one, its looks.
Its not as imposing as my last PS3 but the pics don't do it justice, it is a great looking bit of kit.
It runs as quiet as my 60GB & keeps pretty cool.
There are so many features to the PS3 many of which have already been mentioned.
I use it mainly for gaming & Blu-ray movies but I really like the free online & PS Store where you can download games, movies (in HD) & free game demos so you can try before you buy on most titles.
There is a free built in social networking game called HOME which can be fun, as well as Vidzone for downloading music videos, again all free to use!
Some of the exclusive games coming out now are superb, with graphics & game play never seen before on any other console.
Another exciting addition coming soon is the playstation move, a new motion sensitive controller which is set to completley change the gaming experience.
There are regular software updates & there is always something new to be had from this console.
Over the last 3 years I have seen the PS3 evolve & advance in many ways and there is still much more to come.
All in all this is the best gadget you will own, I would recommend connecting to a 1080p HD TV with a decent HDMI cable (which isn't supplied)for the best results & to really appreciate the quality of this system.....once you watch Blu ray you will never go back, even though it up scales standard DVD's to HD quality.
I love this console (sad I know)& if I could would be on it 24/ need one in your life so buy!
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