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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 6 August 2010
I love this box set. All the episodes are great, and even though I've already seen them all before, I wanted to purchase them on DVD because I love to watch them and they are so good. I also enjoyed watching Series One again, as I last the episodest in 2005 when I was seven, and they aren't usually repeated on T.V. However, I paid extra for the boxset to arrive within two days, but it came in four days. But I'm not bothered as long as they arrived. So I got the boxset on Monday 2nd August and now, on Friday, I finished Series One yesterday and will watch three or four episodes of Series Two tonight. Anyway, with that aside, here is my proper review, based on what I've already seen before:

Series One - 7/10: This isn't my favourite series, but watching it for the second time I really enjoyed it. Christopher Eccleston isn't my favourite Doctor, but I still thought he was very good in the role.

Series Two - 9/10: This is probably my favourite series, and David Tennant is my favourite Doctor. All the episodes are really good and enjoyable, and Billie Piper as Rose is my favourite companion.

Series Three - 8/10: I like this series a lot, and John Simm is fantastic as the Master.

Series Four - 9/10: This is great, Catherine Tate makes a good companion, and Russell T Davies is a brilliant writer.

Just on a sidenote, even though the Specials and Series 5 aren't in the box, I give the Specials a 10/10 and Series 5 an 8/10. Matt Smith is great as the Doctor and Steven Moffat is an excellent writer.


I am watching the DVDs with my best friend Desroy, and he wanted me to add in how much he loves them too, as much as I do.

By Tom the Grawp-Meister
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on 18 December 2011
Highly entertaining, i wont give any plotrs away:
This was the first time I ever saw Catherine Tate and she is brilliant - wish she had been in more episodes, the year with her was just like the good old Dr Whos i grew up, adventures into over worlds, solving problems, facing the baddies. Great stuff.

The other years were brilliant too, Billie Piper and Martha JOnes - pity Martha only did one year as well, really glad she has kept being cameos in Torchwood etc since.

The Doctors here are wonderful.

If you liked Dr Who as you grew up in the seventies as I did, I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.
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on 10 August 2012
From the very first episode both myself and my family were fixasted and couldn't stop watching. You will be taken on a complete rollarcoaster of emotions, taken on a vast number of journeys and ulimately (especially if your a female) you will fall in love with the Dr himself! From the very beginning you become enthrawled by the Dr's relationship with Rose, their story is one of true but forbidden love. As the seasons progress you begin to feel the Dr's lonliness and heartache for all that he has lost, which is made possible by the fantastic and faultless acting of David Tennant from season 2. My family and i found ourselves laughing a great deal, hanging onto the edge of our seats with intensity and at moments crying into our hankies. In my opinion this box set is worth every penny i paid for it and i would recommend it to anyone. Although the end of season 4 isnt the end of David Tennant, there are 5 specials which consist of as follows: The New doctor, The planet of the Dead, The waters of mars and The End of Time part 1 & 2 (which is where our hearts shattered into a thousand pieces) that you will need to buy seprately but again worth every penny.

The only thing i would say though is if you have young children or older sensitive children please be aware that some of the episodes are scary and will end up giving them nightmares. Episodes such as The Weeping Angels, Slience in the Libary, The Dead Forest, The Satan Pit and Midnight are more intense and can implant some very frightening thoughts into a young mind, so please keep this in mind.

Apart from that all in all top marks.
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on 7 January 2010
This review comes from someone who was never a Doctor Who fan.
In fact, up until the modern series i couldn't understand why this character was so famous as i had bought a couple of dvds from the old Doctor Who episodes and altough i enjoyed them i wasn't crazy about it enough to buy more.
Then, one day i saw a couple of random episodes from this new version first series and i loved it.
I loved it not just because of the characters but for the wacky sense of humor and amazing graphic style wich gave the show a very unique personality.
Above all i was really suprised by the variety and amazing imagination in the stories. What i love the most in this series is the fact that one episode can be set in Victorian England and the next can be a story about an alien planet millions of years in the future. And all this without breaking the sense of continuity either in the style of the stories or in the way characters are presented.
Another thing that fascinated me, was the way in wich the show balances a wacky style of humor with just plain human drama like if this was the most easy thing to do. It's amazing. And the characters really connect to the viewer.
When the first new Doctor was gone, i thought the series would not just be the same, but then the new one came in the second series and by the end of the first episode i couldn't even remembered he was a new guy.
I've seen many sci-fi in my life. I love Space 1999, Babylon 5, Firefly and the new Battlestar Galactica, but i think i had never seen anything like this new Doctor Who. This is trully an original product that should be checked out by anybody who's interested in really good sci-fi.
Specialy if you were never familiar with this character or don't even particulary liked it before this new series.
And this is the box to buy.
Graphicaly and in size the package is just perfect. Excelent design and surprisingly the whole 4 seasons are packed as a very small box wich is perfect to pack along with any dvd colection. You can even use this box as a decorative object if you like.
I cannot reccomend this box more. I cannot imagine anyone interested in good science fiction not grabbing this product right away. Specialy if you don't even know what Dr Who is all about.
Just get it.
It's brilliant.
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on 21 October 2009
It's neat that they would put all 4 series of the new Doctor Who in a box set like this, but I have to question the validity of it when we're not through with David Tennant's tenure as the Doctor. Would it not have been more complete if they had packaged this with all the 2009 specials as well, especially considering that the BBC are numbering the specials as season 4 episodes...hmm.

Most die hard fans will have bought the 4 box sets already too I imagine, but for new comers this would be a good priced accessible way to meet the new Doctor(s) prior to the arrival of the new new new Doctor next year.
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on 23 February 2011
I'll start by saying that I am not a person who has been a fan of Doctor Who forever. Not that I didn't like it, just that I never saw much of it. So, I guess I'm part of the crowd this revival was intended to grab. And it definitely did grab me.

This set contains the first four seasons of the 2005 revival of the classic show, Doctor Who. As someone who wanted to get into Doctor Who, this was a fantastic purchase. Being an Australian, British television is as expensive as sin for me to buy locally... it would have cost me the same to buy one season at the store as it did to buy this entire set here on So the value is amazing.

The show itself is great... with a fantastic blend of adventure, comedy, drama, horror, etc. It's just an all around great show. After watching all four seasons, I am now craving more... and now have the specials and the whole Torchwood set on their way to me as we speak! And I'll be checking out some of the older stuff very soon as well.
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on 18 April 2012
This item is perfect, it is beautifully presented and perfect entertainment. A must for any Whovian. The episodes are all there (except for the specials, but this is clearly mentioned). I found it a fantastic and wonderful experience watching all those episodes again. I believe it is the best that TV can offer seeing Doctor Who back on the screens and it has only improved with the better budgets. If you enjoy science fiction and can't wait to be a kid again, this is great. There is action, adventure, phsychology and drama all rolled into these CD's and to top all that off, they are great viewing. The stories are well told and the acting good to excellent. The only minor issue is the tendancy to kill off female characters. Doctor Who: Series 1 - 4 Collection [DVD]
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on 12 March 2012
This boxset is amazing it was well worth the money. The boxset even comes with a little episode guide booklet. This was worth spending my Christmas money on! It has ALL the episodes from Rose to Journey's End! That works out about 55 episodes in total, if my calculations are correct!
review image
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on 10 August 2015
Dr Who Series 1-4, I've been watching these for some time and you can't get bored, the box set is brilliant and a must have for all those that love the 10th Doctor.

It's brilliant and so far I've had no issues with the quality, it arrived promptly and was packaged well, only downer I would put on this, is not directed at the seller but more at the senseless Security at the courier company whom I assume stuck a knife along the top of the box to get rid of the tape to open it because upon opening it the top of the box-set had a very fine line scratched on it from one side to another which matched the opening of the box it was placed in, other than that it was packaged well and nothing was misplaced.


Mr. K
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on 9 March 2012
Doctor Who: Series 1 - 4 Collection [DVD]
I can't praise this revitalised continuation of an old fan-favorite too much.
Russel T. Davies and crew has managed to reintroduce The Doctor for a new generation, a fresh take that nevertheless acknowledges the previous series, or "seasons" as we say these days.
That means Doctors 1 to 8 still happened, and are (more than) hinted at from time to time (ho ho, li'l pun there).
Eccelston is instantly likable as the ninth incarnation, different enough to be his own, yet clearly the same man, 'scuse me, timelord he always was. Quirky, clever, inventive and dangerous.
Rose, her mum, Mickey and other assorted characters that help flesh out the series are all well written and well chosen, you instantly see why Rose was chosen as a companion... yes, she's cute and pretty, but that's not the reason.
Resourceful, that's what she is, and she inspires her on/off/on/off boyfriend to become a proper hero, and her mum to show real bravery.
I recall the regeneration and all the hoolabaloo that followed (hasn't that always happened when the doctor changed?) and then the joy at discovering Doctor Number Ten holding his own to the ninth, and then push beyond.
The unforgettable Harriet Jones, the suffering but smart Martha Jones (no relation), the surprising return of Sarah Jane Smith (and K9!) and the sheer delight of Donna Noble - and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Four series of sheer mad fun in one box, what more could you want?
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