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4.9 out of 5 stars324
4.9 out of 5 stars
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This Dr Who boxed set has all the first four seasons of the 'new' Dr Who starting with 'Rose', when Rose Tyler first meets the 9th Doctor. Inside the lidded cardboard box there's four large [2cm wide] DVD cases, one for each season. There's Special Feature's on every DVD disc - these include audio commentaries [some episodes], in-vision commentaries [some episodes], and audio descriptions [all episodes]. The final DVD in each season is just the 'cut-down' BBC Confidentials. My son [13] and daughter [15] loathe these how-its-done bits with a passion - they want to believe it's real. They do however like the well produced and illustrated large colour booklet of Episode Guides [around 30 pages] thats included in the box.

This 23 DVD set has only English 5.1 audio with English (SDH/HoH) subtitles. There's 9h 27m [5 DVDs] of video in season 1, 11 hours in season 2 [6 DVDs], 9h 45 mins [6 DVDs] in season 3 and 11h 21 minutes [6 DVDs] in season 4. It's rated 12: 'suitable for over 12s only', which is a bit odd as preteens are often Dr Who's strongest fans, with the Doctor's rock-solid moralistic overtones striking a chord within them, although I suppose some episodes particularly 'Blink', 'Silence in the Library', 'The Empty Child', and 'The Unquiet Dead' are a bit scary for some under tens. However, this didn't stop my son at 9 loving the first season on BBC TV, although my daughter was moved to tears watching the emotionally charged 'Fathers Day'.

This 1-4 season set has just the three Christmas specials between the seasons: 'The Christmas Invasion', 'The Run-away-Bride', and 'Voyage of the Damned'. These Xmas specials are essential for continuity, hence their inclusion. The last episode in this set is 'Journey's End', the finale of season 4. The later tenth Doctor Season 4.5 specials: 'The Next Doctor', 'Planet of the Dead', 'The Waters of Mars' and the last two 'End of Time' Xmas 2009/NewYear 2010 finale episodes are not in this boxed set, and they have been released separately in a Complete Specials set, also with a load of extras. These first four seasons of Dr Who weren't filmed in hi-definition video (Dr Who went hi-def with the 'Planet of the Dead' special in 2009), so we haven't bothered upgrading to the expensive Doctor Who Blu-ray Box Set: Seasons 1-7, as video upscaling of our standard DVDs on DVD/Blu-ray players will give similar video quality to the Blu-rays for these earlier seasons.

So this series 1-4 DVD boxed set is a great collection of fifty-six Dr Who episodes, with a lot of extras dotted around on the DVDs like 'Davids video diary', 'On set with Billie Piper', 'The adventures of Captain Jack', plus out-takes and the 'children in need' specials, and very usefully it's all quite compact at 10x14x19.5 cm, easily 6*... For young Dr Who fans also check out the The Sarah Jane Adventures, and perhaps the BBC's Roman Mysteries as well that are quite sympathetic to this spin-off series. In fact I actually prefer The Sarah Jane Adventures to the excellent 'adult orientated' Torchwood, probably as Sarah Jane's ethos is far more in keeping with that of the Doctors.
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on 10 June 2010
As a relative newcomer to the Who-universe, I absolutely love this boxset. It's great for catching up with the 9th and 10th Doctor's adventures and to relive our favorite moments such as "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances," "Girl in the Fireplace," "Blink," and "Silence in the Library." Please note that although the description says the DVDs are coded in Region 2, it is actually in dual Regions 2 and 4 PAL so this is great news for viewers Down Under! They don't sell this as a boxset here in Australia and it would have cost a fair bit more money and effort to find and collect all the series 1-4 DVDs. Yes, as others have mentioned, the actual DVDs are in plastic cases and don't include the 2009 Doctor Who Specials (not really considered a "series" as such), but the outer box is fantastic (with the DW logo and TARDIS) and we get a booklet outlining each series/episode as well as commentaries from the producers/writers/actors. Much recommended and hope you enjoy the journey. Allons-y!
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on 12 April 2010
I won't go into the details of the actual episodes contained within this amazing boxed set - if you're reading this review, chances are you already know what a great series it is, but if not, just check out the many other brilliant reviewers on here, as they do it far better than I could.

I purchased this box set for just under £47 which, considering I was about to buy all four series boxed sets individually, is a great saving. Clearly this boxed set does not offer anything new to the fans who already own the individual series sets, but if you're new to Doctor Who like I am and looking to start your collection, then this is a perfect opportunity to own a slice of great British TV programming.

Some people have commented on the use of plastic DVD cases over the cardboard folders - I personally prefer the plastic versions contained in this set, as I find that cardboard cases tend to get a bit dogged eared after repeat viewings - and I certainly intend to give these DVDs many, many viewings! They're also more compact - about half the thickness of the individual cardboard cases, which is very welcome if you're short on shelf space. The box that contains the DVDs is deceptively small - almost of TARDIS-like proportions, the whole thing being roughly the same thickness as two of the cardboard individual series boxed sets. You also get a rather nice booklet which contains episode guides for all 4 series in one volume rather than four individual booklets.

So, anything bad about this boxed set? Definitely not! I'm still baffled by the decision to only offer cut down versions of the Doctor Who Confidential programmes, but at this price I'm not complaining!!
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on 6 August 2010
How better than to have this collection with all the episodes and Christmas Specials with many extras. A informative booklet is included but one of my favourite snippets is David Tennant's Video Diary driving up the M6 to switch on the Blackpool illuminations. The box set is well packaged and each season has its own case, each disc clearly stating which episode is to be found on it. The first series of course starts with Christopher Eccleston's Doctor meeting 'Rose' and the last episode of the fourth series sees 'Donna's' memory of her time in the Tardis wiped clear by David Tennant's Doctor to save her mind from destroying itself. There are also the Doctor Who Confidential's although unfortunately cut down from their original length. This set does not include the last time we see David Tennant as the tenth doctor (The Dead Planet, The Waters of Mars etc.) these are found on another set. I was sorry to see Christopher Eccleston leave after the First Series but we did get one of the best Doctors in David Tennant. I remember the very first Doctor Who, William Hartnell, but this new creation is just what the 'Doctor Ordered'. The episode 'Dalek' was brilliant, a very clever way of introducing the most famous of the Doctors enemies to a new audience. The 'Empty Child/The Doctor Dances' takes some beating. But there's never been a bad episode and the professionalism throughout the productions are the reason why this new Doctor Who is successful. I can enjoy watching this box set with my young nephew and grandson and relive the adventures again and again.
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on 25 February 2010
I've been a fan of the series for quite some time, something of a guilty pleasure. The individual box sets come with better and prettier presentation in their cardboard cases, however the plastic amaray that are supplied with this box set are far from a reason to avoid this box set. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and for the bargain price offered and I would advise any fan of the show to purchase without a second thought. OK so it doesn't include the specials (The next Doctor, Planet of the dead, Waters of Mars, End of Time) Neither do the individual series box sets. Don't give it a second thought- if your a fan this is the set for you. After buying my copy I purchased another 2 for gifts, both of which have been very, very well received.
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on 13 January 2012
This box set constitutes almost the complete saga of the Doctor at his peak in every respect. After 26 years of staggering through limited production budgets, barely credible special effects and a great deal of struggling to convert the drama to dialogue rather than action (which they couldn't really afford and couldn't make quite effective enough), and finally being cancelled and supposedly forgotten, the new Doctor's first 4 seasons constitute a massive epic storyline that takes us from the return of the Doctor (immediately after the end of the Time War in which Gallifrey is destroyed) when he is basically a freshly mustered out warrior, through his growth, development and maturity and (if you also obtain the year of "specials" that occupied the gap between series 4 and 5), eventual "death" (regeneration).

It is that very rare case where the character meets the actor in perfect symmetry. David Tennant's approach to the role (with producer Russel T. Davies' guidance and support) makes this a single, massive story arc, in which the Doctor deals with rage, falls in love, finds his charm, suffers pain and loss, assumes a virtual godhead and finally understands his own limitations.

While many of the tales are typical series "monster of the week" stories, the entire story arc continues to grow and develop throughout.

By the time you reach the approach of his regeneration your heart will be breaking and you will greive as if he had died.

Whenever I try to recommend the Doctor to anyone who hasn't a clue what I'm nattering on about, I always encourage them to start at Season 1, Episode 1 and go straight through to "The End of Time" in order to "get it". Those that have done so understand why I adore this show.

Now you can get most of that in one neat package. Loverly.
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on 24 November 2011
This product must rate as the best vaule for money that I have ever spent on Amazon ! - The DVD box set of 4 seasons came brilliantly packaged and exactly as advertised. One big box (good quality cardboard with good quality print) containing 4 individual plastic dvd box sets - each plastic box set containing 1 full season of Dr Who. The box set includes a programe and dvd guide pamphlet (well written and informative). I was so impressed with the value for money and packaging i wish i knew how to better let prospective buyers know how awesome this deal is!

This is seriously the best deal i have yet found on Amazon ! - so darn chuffed with my purchase I feel like the cat that got all the cream :-)

And just to top it all off - My set arrived 1 full week earlier then advertised and came all the way south of the Equator from the UK :-)
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on 25 December 2011
I got this as a Christmas present (today!). I knew I was getting it, and I was quiet excited, because it has all the special features on it that the individual box sets have, and I've only ever owned the individual releases, with the bare minimum. I was expecting it to be quiet big, but its a diddy thing! Saves A LOT of shelve space. A very good set. Buy THIS, not the individual box sets. This box set is exactly the same as what you would get if you did.

This box set also includes The Christmas Invasion, The Runnaway Bride, Voyage of the Dammned, A Doctor Who Confidential Cut-down for every episode, Time Crash, and the Doctor Who Music and Monsters concert.

I keep saying, Buy this, NOT the individual box sets, they are EXACTLY the same, it saves shelve space and looks amazing, and it is also CHEAPER.

Merry Christmas Everyone, and a Happy New Year 2012!
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on 10 August 2012
From the very first episode both myself and my family were fixasted and couldn't stop watching. You will be taken on a complete rollarcoaster of emotions, taken on a vast number of journeys and ulimately (especially if your a female) you will fall in love with the Dr himself! From the very beginning you become enthrawled by the Dr's relationship with Rose, their story is one of true but forbidden love. As the seasons progress you begin to feel the Dr's lonliness and heartache for all that he has lost, which is made possible by the fantastic and faultless acting of David Tennant from season 2. My family and i found ourselves laughing a great deal, hanging onto the edge of our seats with intensity and at moments crying into our hankies. In my opinion this box set is worth every penny i paid for it and i would recommend it to anyone. Although the end of season 4 isnt the end of David Tennant, there are 5 specials which consist of as follows: The New doctor, The planet of the Dead, The waters of mars and The End of Time part 1 & 2 (which is where our hearts shattered into a thousand pieces) that you will need to buy seprately but again worth every penny.

The only thing i would say though is if you have young children or older sensitive children please be aware that some of the episodes are scary and will end up giving them nightmares. Episodes such as The Weeping Angels, Slience in the Libary, The Dead Forest, The Satan Pit and Midnight are more intense and can implant some very frightening thoughts into a young mind, so please keep this in mind.

Apart from that all in all top marks.
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on 9 March 2012
Doctor Who: Series 1 - 4 Collection [DVD]
I can't praise this revitalised continuation of an old fan-favorite too much.
Russel T. Davies and crew has managed to reintroduce The Doctor for a new generation, a fresh take that nevertheless acknowledges the previous series, or "seasons" as we say these days.
That means Doctors 1 to 8 still happened, and are (more than) hinted at from time to time (ho ho, li'l pun there).
Eccelston is instantly likable as the ninth incarnation, different enough to be his own, yet clearly the same man, 'scuse me, timelord he always was. Quirky, clever, inventive and dangerous.
Rose, her mum, Mickey and other assorted characters that help flesh out the series are all well written and well chosen, you instantly see why Rose was chosen as a companion... yes, she's cute and pretty, but that's not the reason.
Resourceful, that's what she is, and she inspires her on/off/on/off boyfriend to become a proper hero, and her mum to show real bravery.
I recall the regeneration and all the hoolabaloo that followed (hasn't that always happened when the doctor changed?) and then the joy at discovering Doctor Number Ten holding his own to the ninth, and then push beyond.
The unforgettable Harriet Jones, the suffering but smart Martha Jones (no relation), the surprising return of Sarah Jane Smith (and K9!) and the sheer delight of Donna Noble - and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Four series of sheer mad fun in one box, what more could you want?
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