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2.5 out of 5 stars34
2.5 out of 5 stars
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on 17 October 2009
I waited for the arrival of this DVD with eager anticipation. I have had the VHS "Chic Murray - A World Of His Own" for several years, and although it only plays for about 40 minutes, it is very good. This DVD plays for 75 minutes, so I expected a lot more rare comedy material. It starts off well with an interesting 20 minute tribute from friends and fellow comedians and has many funny clips. Next we have Chic doing a 6 minute stand-up routine in "Callum's Star Variety Show" much of which we have just seen in the tribute. Two more sketches from the same show with other comedians, one about football and the other with Chic dressed as a baby in a playpen are not very amusing. We then have a half-hour drama called "Sanctuary", set in a cafeteria with Chic playing a minor role. Finally we have a 10 minute programme with Chic being shown round Glasgow's Civic Hall - no humour here either. This cuts before the credits end to a few seconds of some children being interviewed in a school playground with no sound. As Chic is not seen, this appears not to belong on the DVD. To summarise, a good tribute and a funny stand-up routine, but the remaining 50 minutes are a waste of time and the editing is amateurish. If Scottish Television are responsible for this release, they should hang their heads in shame. We have yet to see the documentary that this unique comedian deserves. I will keep the VHS and the DVD is straight to Ebay!
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on 19 October 2009
Quite disgraceful. Of the four chapters of this DVD, the first comprised various 'talking heads' extolling the greatness of CM with extracts from his stage act. The second chapter was part of one of his stage acts (including the stage act excerpts in chapter one) also an extract from an excruciating sketch with other performers including CM who said/did very little. The third chapter was a short unfunny film in which CM took a minor part and ,again, said very little. The fourth and, mercifully, final chapter showed CM being given a tour (poorly filmed) of Glasgow's City Hall. Again, CM seemed lost for words.

I would feel embarrassed to give this appalling souvenir of a great comedian to my local charity shop.
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on 16 December 2009
I remember when I was a youngster watching TV footage with my late dad of Chic in his pomp. A true comic genius and now very sadly missed. I've seen very little of him since then and was eagerly looking forward to watching this, wishing dad could be here to see it with me

The bad news is that I watched it and it's very, very, very bad. There is barely any footage of Chic doing his stuff. Firstly a programmes where other Scottish comics (Johnny Beattie, Dorothy Paul, Rikki Fulton amongst them), reminisce about how good he was. This is interspersed with a few brief snippets of Chic but very few. To be fair to them the support do him justice but this is very weakly backed up by the brief flashes we get of Chic. I have to admit to one real guffaw and a couple of sniggers, but I'm embarrassed in the context of the rest of the disc to concede to even those.

The second programme was so like the first that I thought somehow it was being repeated in a different order and switched to the next title.

The third is an excruciatingly bad 70's TV play from STV in which Chic has a straight part for about a third of the length. I mean it's terrible, absolutely awful.

The fourth part is him having a tour around Glasgow City Chambers with someone who might be the janitor, this is truly appalling. Chic just mumbles a wee bit here and there as if he's somehow got wind of the whole scam that is this DVD, and is ashamed to be associated with it.

Toward the end the recording goes all wrong and the sound is miles behind the picture, I mean by about a minute or more. The whole thing then just breaks up with some school kids shown with no sound and stops with no titles or explanation, as if the tape went wrong and no one ever watched it to make sure it was OK.

It's a disgraceful exploitative shocker. On no account should you buy this DVD.
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on 29 November 2009
We already have the VHS "Chic Murray - A World Of His Own" and looked forward to this DVD to add to our collection. How disappointed we were. In fact there is very little of Chic Murray to be seen in this sorry effort. It began with some promise - famous (and not so famous) figures paying tribute , interspersed with clips of Chic on stage. Then the next section consisted of the same clips, followed by a dreadful piece of "drama" from STV in which Chic played a very small part. The whole was rounded off by a poorly shot piece of film showing Chic being shown round Glasgow City Chambers with no sound synchronisation and a bizarre (and soundless) end showing a group of school children.
We returned the DVD to the shop and received a refund.
We would not recommend this to anyone - "The Best Of Chic Murray"? - think not - shame on you STV for this overpriced effort!
Moira and Stewart Campbell
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on 21 October 2009
Mrs. P. Maud Skipton.North Yorks says:

I agree wholeheartedly with other reviewers on this.I awaited this release eagerly after a previous DVD release failed to materialise 2 years ago.The first "talking heads" was enjoyable enough but then all the clips we had just seen in between were shown again as Chic's stand up routine.I have seen other clips of Chic Murray so I know other performances exist.The sanctuary and Glasgow Civic Hall were a bit of a dead loss really and I feel I've been conned by the people responsible for this release.It will go into my collection but probably never be watched again
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on 19 October 2009
As others have said, this DVD is a real disappointment. Essentially what you get for your money is one example of his standup as part of a variety show which includes some thrown together sketches which make his role in that infamous hogmany show (not part of this DVD) seem like the pinnacle of polished entertainment by comparison. And that 2008 documentary, as others have said, leans very heavily on that same routine.

You do wonder whether this really was all that STV had access to. The short TV drama in which he features (you can hardly call it a film as it clearly dates from the days of the studio bound, shot on video, play) was written by playwright David Edgar but it's of the O. Henry story with a twist type, so even if you happen to be interested in Edgar's work don't expect too much. And it looks like STV have set up their cameras in the staff canteen; the only notable expense seems to have been the blown up photograph of the motorway outside.

I haven't seen the Murray documentary issued earlier on video, but I have heard two hour-long BBC radio 2 documentaries in recent years, one presented by Robbie Coltrane. From memory, both of these were far better than this STV job, with a wider range of talking heads, including the late Bob Monkhouse - but really what a comedian of Chic Murray's stature deserves is an extended documentary in the style of John Fisher's excellent Heroes of Comedy series featuring a range of clips covering his whole TV career. But I'd happily forgo that simply to have a comprehensive DVD of whatever examples of the Tall Droll's art remain. So what else, if anything, is in the STV archives - and what do the BBC have? And is it too much to hope sometime for a DVD which assembles whatever remains from both companies?
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on 17 October 2009
This is by far the most dreadful tribute dvd I have ever seen.
The unique humour of Chic Murray, which I have long admired,was almost impossible to spot in this sad concoction.
The compilers of this travesty should be ashamed of so misrepresenting this gifted artist. Extracts were repeated in an attempt to stretch out the thin material apparently available to them.
This DVD should either be withdrawn or clearly marked as an example of "how not to do it".
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on 25 February 2011
Like others, I can only agree with low ratings and the comments (re "The CM collection"). Seeing a Scottish comedian, Ron Dale,on a recent Amazon cruise (what a show-off), he made me think of Chic so I decided to check out what was available by him on tape/DVD when I got home. My first purchase, having by then read some reviews, was "A world of his own"....I enjoyed this,altho, like most people I really just want to see Chic "in action" ie performing...we already know he was a ground breaker etc. Today I found the DVD "The Collection" in a local charity shop....even at £1 I reckon it's a rip-off!!! I'm sure glad I did'nt spend any more, on-line or otherwise.
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on 25 December 2010
I was very sadly disappointed in this DVD. So much of it was amateurish in presentation and generally I thought it was an insult to the memory of one of Scotland's greatest comedians ever.
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on 4 January 2011
If this is the best of Chic Murray, then I wonder why he was rated so highly. It was too short and too repetitive. A great pity - don't buy. It doesn't do justice to a very fine comic.
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