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4.3 out of 5 stars157
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 29 October 2009
To start off with, I am not a huge Robbie fan, so this is an unbiased review. Secondly, I felt I had to post my comments to counter the negative remarks that have been made by other "reviewers" who have yet to hear the album! I've had access to a preview copy of the new CD and have to say that I really like it, in fact I can't stop playing it at the moment! In my opinion this marks a return to form for Robbie, more in line with his older material (Angels, Feel, Millennium, etc.). The main difference between this new CD and his older works would be the fact that he had dropped the cheesy "cheeky boy" act and seems to be taking a much more mature approach to his music.

The album leans more towards reflective ballads and gentle pop with about 3 upbeat tracks in between but nothing as high energy as "Let Me Entertain You" or "Rock DJ". Don't get me wrong, tracks like "Do You Mind", "Difficult for Weirdos" will still get you bopping around in the kitchen and are great fun but this is a more mature sound which shows that Robbie is growing along with his audience and he really gives us something that we can connect with. Trevor Horn's production is excellent, delivering a very rich layered sound with plenty of orchestration. The two tracks with a more "electronic" sound, ("Last Days of Disco" and "Difficult For Weirdos") would easily fit on to any Pet Shop Boys album but work equally well on this CD. I love the track "Bodies" and there are loads more stand out tracks on the album that will no doubt be future singles, such as "Morning Sun" and "Decepticon", both of which are excellent.

Definitely worth a listen whether you are a Robbie fan or not and highly recommended if you are a fan of well produced pop music.
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on 21 October 2009
Normally I have no time for reviews written before the release of an album. But I've just listened to a number of the new tracks from this album on a live radio broadcast and they were absolutely incredible. I've gone from 'I might buy it but I don't know' to 'Give me this album NOW!' If you were wavering rest assured the boy is back with avengance.
Two weeks on and track by track:
Morning Sun - beautiful opener and the lyrics make a lot of sense when you know it was written following the death of Michael Jackson
Bodies - sorry Rob but I wasn't convinced it was even a grower. However, it sits a lot more comfortably in the context of the album and I really like it now.
You Know Me - good sing along but not the best choice of single (IMHO)
Blasphemy - gripped me totally on the Electric Proms broadcast and is still beautiful 100 plays later
Do You Mind - fun - I love the performance on this. For dancing round the kitchen
Last Days of Disco - Never got the Pet Shop Boys thing but this is gradually getting to me
Somewhere - Cute vignette (is that how you spell it?)
Deceptacon - To plagerise a newspaper reviewer this is a 'Languid sigh' of a song and now my favourite Robbie ever. Just gorgeous (and to those critical of the lyrics think on "I am the walrus coocoocachoo..........")
Starstruck - Yes! yes! and yes again! Should have been the second single.
Difficult for Weirdoes - See Last Days of Disco
Superblind - Didn't even notice it first play through but now think it's stunning. Rob at his falsetto best.
Won't Do That - a bit cheesy but if he wrote it for me I wouldn't mind one bit (Ayda's a lucky lady!)
On a final note - the production is excellent. Lovely orchestrations but not over done to the point that all the soul is missing. Buy it? Certainly. Welcome back, Rob.
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on 25 January 2010
As an avid Robbie fan, I'm bound to be somewhat biased. I guess it's no great surprise to say that I love this album and can't stop playing it.

Robbie is often criticised as being talentless, which I think is untrue. He may not be the best singer in the charts, but he's certainly not the worst. Robbie's real talent isn't with singing, or even songwriting (at which he's excellent) - it's entertaining. A Robbie Williams album is generally mediocre, but Robbie Williams live is outstanding. He has an undeniable talent for performing.

And that's what this album does; it entertains you. Every time "Bodies" comes on you can picture him strolling through the desert, and when "You Know Me" starts up an inevitable image of him mucking his lines up on the X-Factor appears. If you don't love that, you don't get Robbie Williams, and there's no point in you buying his albums.

If you're not a Robbie hater or lover, however, and are torn over whether or not to buy this album - get it. That's all I can say. All the tracks are great: every time the next one starts I find myself thinking, "oh, I love this song." It's somehow funky and mellow at the same time and makes great background music. Five stars.
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on 9 November 2009
I'll be honest and say I'm a big Robbie fan anyway, but I am also realistic and can see (or hear!) Rudebox wasn't exactly his finest moment... I got this CD today and I have to say I was wondering what I was going to hear - but I needn't have worried! This is definitely Robbie back to his best, from the first track Morning Sun, which is a lovely opener and a good sign of what is to come, through the first single Bodies and then the great new single You Know Me (an anthem in waiting I think!) each song is individual with good strong lyrics. I loved the song Deceptacon (a bit moody) but there wasn't one track I flipped past on my first (or second, or third) listen.

If you thought Robbie was a has been think again - I would say this album is equally as good as his earlier one Escapology and the electronics of Rudebox are gone.

The CD case on this deluxe edition is cool aswell, being like a hardback book with the song lyrics on the pages. There are some great photos of the man himself and the CD tucks in the front cover and the DVD in the back one. Might have been nice if this had had a case of its own to protect the paper, but I guess you can't have everything :-)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 April 2015
Leaving Take That was quite possibly the best thing Robbie Williams could have ever done for himself. The man has gone onto become a house hold name, one of biggest figures in pop music, and has made a string of consistently brilliant studio albums. His eighth, released in 2009, might possibly his best to date.

'Reality Killed the Video Star' is made up of songs of a variety of different styles and songs, pop, rock, dance, big and bold, reflective and slow, sometimes witty - it could be described as Robbie Williams' definitive album in many ways.

Things open up with one of my favourite Robbie songs, the deep and mellow 'Morning Sun' (written after the death of Michael Jackson), and quickly moves into the feel-good pop of the smash hit single 'Bodies', followed by the soulful 'You Know Me', and then the addictive, glam-rock-esque 'Do You Mind', always something different.

With well crafted songs, great production, and a good mix of wonderful ballads and fun tracks to make you want to get up and dance, 'Reality Killed the Video Star' is a great musical experience every time I slip the album on. Choose not to buy this one, and you'll be missing out on a modern classic.
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VINE VOICEon 9 November 2011
Some of Robbie's albums previous felt dialed in with a mix of great songs and ones that you felt were just thrown in there. And then there was the fine line that he walked between confidence and arrogance that came through in his songs.

This album take a much more measured approach with huge introspection and a growing maturity to both the lyrics and mix of songs. Trevor Horn's production adds some great touches to all of the songs and you can feel his influence nudging Robbie to produce some real standout songs.

Some tracks hit you quickly when listening such as Morning Sun, others; such as the first single 'Bodies', really do grow on you after several listens. There are the mix of ballads and sing a longs as well as a couple of more electronic numbers.

Perhaps unfairly overlooked, I feel that this is his most complete offering.
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on 9 November 2009
I was never a fan of Take That in the early days but ever since Angels was a huge fan. Went to see him live in Milton Keynes and was blown away. However after the RudeBox fiasco, I felt embarrassed for him and although I really wanted to like RudeBox, actually only listened to it once all the way through as I kept cringing thinking what was he doing with that Tin Tin man!

However - this album is true to the Robbie that everyone knows and loves. A lot of the tracks are similar to what was found on Life Thru a Lens. There is a distinct 80's feel about a lot of the ballads and a couple definitely have an influence of Wham/George Michael. There is also a couple of tracks which sound like the new Kylie sound as well as the heartfelt lyrics we know him for.
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on 10 November 2009
It was a treat for me to play this album for the first time & find that Robbie has clearly moved on from the safe bets of the Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers era where the likes of Angels & Feel which were great in their day but had begun to sound tired & jaded... I think Reality Killed The Vdeo Star is totally refreshing & Robbies best album to date.
It contains such wonderful ballads as Morning Sun, Deceptacon & Superblind & the fabulous upbeat Electro/Disco tracks like Difficult For Weirdos, Starstruck, Last Days Of Disco & the brilliant Do You Mind.
Absolutely fantastic to hear Robbie once again back at his best & bringing us something completely new.
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on 20 November 2009
This album is brilliant, Robbie back to his best! loving Do you Mind, Blasphemy and the two singles, Bodies and You Know Me. Thought Last Days of Disco sounded a bit like something from Rudebox, which isn't a bad thing. Good overall album and Robbie is back, can't wait till he tours!!
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on 9 November 2009
Having just heard the new Cd on the first liten i have to say robbie is Back! the sound is a more mature , the songs are well crafted production is great and bombastic. tracks like Blasphemy ,last days of disco and differcult for weirdose really stand out on first listen
this cd is a real grower and will be on cds players for a long time
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