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on 24 March 2010
I purchased this as a replacement for my previous Daewoo microwave oven, which recently stopped working after over six years of trouble-free service. With the previous Daewoo being so dependable, I didn't even consider replacing it with anything other than a microwave oven by Daewoo, so I purchased the most up-to-date version of the model I had owned previously.
Not only has it proved to be extremely dependable, it is the best looking microwave I have ever owned. It has a brushed stainless steel front, with a black cabinet (top and sides). The inside is also stainless steel for ease of cleaning. The front panel is attractively set out, and easy to understand. It's not a big microwave, at just 20 litres, but with a small kitchen I'd rather have the extra worktop space. While cooking, the light is not particularly bright, but definitely bright enough to see if your reheated coffee is boiling over! I don't use the oven for any fancy cooking, but it makes great scrambled eggs and porridge. Also perfect for simple tasks like reheating soup, beans etc and for defrosting.
If this oven lasts even half as long as its predecessor, then I'll be delighted. If you're looking for an attractive, simple to use microwave oven that doesn't take up half your kitchen, then go for this one. You won't be disappointed.
Further to my original post... It's now March 2013, three years, almost to the day, since I purchased this microwave back in March 2010. I hate to tempt fate, but I'm delighted to say that I have not had a single issue with it during that period. Apart from a few cosmetic imperfections, due to wear and tear, it has continued to function perfectly. I'm now wondering if it will beat my previous Daewoo microwave for longevity, which kept going, trouble-free, for six years. Fingers crossed that I'll be back here in March 2016 with confirmation of a new record. Highly recommended!
It's now March 2014, and after four years of daily use I'm happy to report that our Daewoo microwave is still working perfectly. Apart from the previously mentioned cosmetic wear and tear (which is slight, and to be expected) we haven't experienced a single problem with the oven since the day we purchased it. Needless to say, I continue to highly recommend it!
Here I go again... March 2015 and still going strong. This is a Duracell Bunny of a microwave. Only a year to go before it equals the life of my previous Daewoo microwave which lasted six years. A fantastic product.
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on 13 November 2012
I got the Daewoo Daewoo KOR6N7RS 20 litre 800 watt Touch Control Solo Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel Microwave oven a few weeks ago and it's been working perfectly so far. I picked this one for its stainless steel interior. My previous microwave was a cheap one, and although it gave me good service it was rusting away under the turntable, so I thought that I'd better replace it before it rusted through. Its interior was just painted steel. This Stainless Steel Daewoo is a definite upgrade. It arrived on time, in perfect condition and was `up and running' in a few minutes. It's really easy to use with its simply laid out control panel and it looks great in the kitchen (better than its photo); a professional looking piece of kit. I'm well Chuffed! PS. The warranty documents took a couple of weeks to arrive after I registered on-line, but that's OK.
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on 7 April 2011
a good product works well,easy to operate. it must be set on a mat as it skids about when opening the door.otherwise a good buy.
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on 22 April 2013
We were disappointed with previous microwave which had a painted inner as it blistered in a few months and the insurance we had wouldn't compensate because they said it was cosmetic and as comet supplied it I couldn't, get them to replace it either.
So, I wanted a microwave with a stainless steel interior which isn't easy to find as a lot of adverts describe the ovens as stainless but they actually refer to the outside, not the inner.
This microwave does have a stainless steel inner, looks good and performs well so I,m very pleased with it
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on 23 February 2013
This micro wave is very easy to use all the settings are done by turning the large dial on the face panel and two buttons one for on and one for off,as it has a stainless internal oven there is no paint to peel off the linings so it should last only thing i found annoying was as the outer cover is very thin metal it viberated and made it very noisy,what i did was take the cover off very easy to do 3 screws and put silicone tubing around the top and around the edges and it almost silent.
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on 18 January 2013
We like this microwave, but after a few days it developed a screeching and buzzing noise in use and the turntable stopped working at times. Four days later it is awaiting collection tomorrow. No replacement was available as it is said to be 'out of stock' so a refund is authorised. So I come on here to find another only to find that the item IS in stock and amazingly it is now around £9 cheaper.

I do think Amazon is a good place to shop but as retailer and mail order specialist of many years experience I cannot see why it beyond them to mail me and ask me to switch the refund to a replacement to save the sale. Anyway I shall buy another and save myself £9.

I give the microwave 4 stars as it's a good product if reliability can be assured. But do test it by using it for say 10 minute bursts to wheedle out any issues.
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on 6 February 2012
This is a great little microwave that both looks good and performs well. If you want something that doesn't have too many functions (that you never use) and a really clear display then this is the one for you. The unit looks good and is easy to clean and runs quietly. Only one draw back, if you are catering for larger numbers, is that the inside space is smaller than other models - enough to take a standard dinner plate, but not more.
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on 4 July 2015
The Daewoo KOR6N7RS is special because it's the cheapest stainless steel microwave oven available on the market. For those who have used, abused and cleaned painted-enamel microwaves, you will know that the paintwork on the inside rusts and flakes far too easily. This makes a microwave look tatty and unappealing to use - and sometimes dangerous!

The Daewoo KOR6N7RS solves this issue, and at a great price too. Shopping around in Currys/PC World and John Lewis, you will find that stainless steel microwaves will set you back at least £150. But at the recommended retail price of only £70 the Daewoo is taking the fight to the alternatives. After almost a month of use, here's my review...

Stainless steel and only £70. That's a big win. But, is the stainless steel interior durable? Do the buttons stick? Is it easy to operate? Does it have enough wattage to warm my glass of milk in under a minute? What is the build quality like? These are all questions I will have answered by the end of this article.

Let's start off with the feature that made me purchase the Daewoo KOR6N7RS in the first place: Stainless Steel interior. Yes, it really is stainless steel - and yes, it can be scrubbed with foil wire without peeling off! It's also very shiny and lightens up the inside of the microwave making using the product more pleasurable. But the real point here is that it's really easy to clean so your microwave will look cleaner for longer!

The front panel features only six buttons and one rotating knob. Four of those buttons are shortcuts for presets such as defrosting and adjusting the power. The other two, placed conveniently close together are used to start/stop the microwave and to clear the time. The large knob is twisted to set the timer and ranges from zero seconds to one hour; beginning in increments of ten seconds and then increments of a minute.

The buttons are rather small, but well spaced out so are easy to press. They do not stick nor do they feel like they were only put there for the sake of it. They have premium feel to them and are responsive to firm presses.

Most users will only ever need to twist the knob to set the timer and then start the microwave using the start button. The microwave automatically stops when the timer reaches zero or when the door is pulled open. The user can also press the stop button to cancel the timer and stop the microwave oven.

Although generally, the controls on the Daewoo KOR6N7RS are well constructed and easy to use, the timer knob feels loser than it should be. It is very, very easy to over rotate the knob to several tens of seconds beyond the desired time - however after a few weeks of use this is something you can easily get used to. The only question that stands is whether the knob will last as long as the rest of the microwave.

Generally, the Daewoo KOR6N7RS is a very solid product. It features everything you would want from a standard microwave in a elegant design and build. It features a generous 20 Litre capacity which is ideal for families though this means it takes up slightly more space (dimensions: 47cm x 26cm x 37cm). The 800W of power is more than sufficient to heat 250ml of milk in under a minute whilst being power efficient. For those who use microwaves regularly, 700W should be the bare minimum you consider, and so 800W is sufficient, especially for a microwave sub-£100.

Given the price point of this microwave, it features best value for money for any solo microwave oven under a hundred pounds. Microwaves retailing for up to £50 feel like budget products, and at only an additional £20 the Daewoo KOR6N7RS is worth every extra penny!
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on 19 August 2014
As many others have said but world manufacturers don't seem to note, there is a real market for a microwave with the following spec

- less than 500mm wide
- relatively simple but including quick start 30 sec
- inside stainless steel
- decent power 800W +
- reasonable cost < £130
- no grill

This item is almost there but is let down by poor housing design.

I'd read 100's of reviews of similar products and realized that there was no matching product and also noted that some common issues I could probably fix having been an electronics product engineer in the past.

I'd read that this microwave had weaknesses in the noise area and that legs might not hold it on the surface and in fact both were true.

Slipping Feet:: I always wall mount the microwave to free up the surfaces and make it easier to view the food. So my bracket and wooden shelf arrangement could be altered to avoid slipping feet. In fact all it needed was adhesive cork pads on the rougher wood.

Noise / Vibration: My sister had one of these and it didn't have this issue, however the noise from my model was very loud due to a resonating rattle of the outer metal housing driven from the fan area mounted in the right (behind the control panel).

As the right hand side of my model was to be mounted next to the fridge/freezer, I jammed a piece of polystyrene between the F/F and the Microwave at the source of the rattle and this completely eliminated the noise.

Of course I didn't do any the following as it would have invalidated my warranty however one could remove the housing and fit an extra screw at the base near the middle of the right hand side. Had one done this it probably would have significantly changed the resonance and dramatically lowered the vibration noise. Whilst having the housing off one might have also noted some areas where the housing didn't fit snugly indicating cheap manufacturing and poor quality inspection. In such hypothetical circumstances one might have adjusted the panel slots to minimize vibration. So even without the external damping 90% of the noise might be eliminated.

Overall very happy with this microwave after months of research and now 3 months of use.

- stainless steel inside is great
- dimensions inside and out are good
- 30 sec quick start is great
- spinning knob is even better really quick to set 40 sec (my new favourite cook length)
- simple to use
- power delivery seems good (but would rather wait 20 seconds longer than have one more powerful that's less robust)

- vibrating noise (fixed)
- slipping feet (fixed)
- poor manufacturing of housing
- chrome plating of spinning knob was very patchy on arrival (be better if they have left it black - unplated)
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on 9 September 2012
I have used this microwave for about 6 months now and so far everything seems fine. I bought this for its stainless steel interior due to past experience with normal painted/enamel ones when the paint peeled off after extensive usage. This is the first time I have a microwave oven with a stainless steel, and I hope it will last for a long time; let's see. The downside is that the oven does not seem to be solid and sturdy and when you pull the handle to open it moves. Anyway I believe the oven is adequate for daily domestic useage.
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