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3.2 out of 5 stars44
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 16 September 2010
I don't know why some people have given this a bad review here. If you want an mp3 player with a screen then go and buy one. This is a great little mp3 player (without a screen) for anyone who wants a really lightweight simple to use music player for running purposes. I used to use my phone or an ipod, but found them to be cumbersome, and it slightly affects your running style having a weighty object strapped to your arm, or in your pocket. I saw this on amazon and it seemed a perfect solution.

Having used it for about 2 months now I can confirm it is exactly what I needed. It is barely noticeable clipped into the waistband of my running shorts. The sound quality is fine - although I use my own headphones which are more comfortable for running. Another great thing about it is that in 2 months, despite using it for about 45 mins three times a week, I have not had to recharge the battery since the first charge.

I would highly recommend for runners.
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on 16 November 2010
Having had a number of players of this ilk, small clip on ones. I know the limitations.

First thing is first. Headphones maketh the player. Get the cheapest player you like, the digital chips that power these these days are much of a muchness; it's the headphones that make all the difference. Toss away the supplied ones straight away, but you knew that right?

Now pop in a pair of high end closed (mushroom shaped) ear buds, and boom! The sound's great. In fact, it's particularly good in this Archos clipper. The high end is much better than the Technika one it's supplementing/replacing; which although louder is not as clear as this. I expected the sound to be slightly better on this, being an Archos device, and it seems about right.

The second thing to bear in mind is the price. I was lucky enough to pick one of these up for a couple of pounds less than the current selling price, they had them as a job lot at a local supermarket. Lets consider what you get these days for this sort of price? The nearest Apple product is £35, and you might argue is much better engineered, but I argue that 1/3 of the cash on the device, and 2/3 on the headphones and you have a much better sound overall. And a good set of phones is a sound investment.

The design is good. The clip fits very securely, but as argued in other reviews, don't expect it to fit on much more than a couple of layers of cotton or some standard gym kit. The build is quite nice, but of course, it's plastic and prone to break if you're not careful. If you're a bit of a liability, and you know if you are, you'd be better off with the metal clip on the Apple shuffle.

If you can live with that, then there's really only one downside to this device (and I use mine ALL THE TIME at the gym for hours) it's pretty damn slow copying. You're looking at a good few minutes to fill the 2gb. But to be honest that's a lot of music, and you won't update ALL of it that often I think.

A final point to make is that although the supplied USB cable might seem clever, it is pretty much proprietary, so if you lose it, you're stuffed. (Although you might be able to replace it, why bother when they're so cheap to replace. May as well get a spare second unit.)

The unit comes with a free music voucher (35 tracks and 1 audio book) which is pretty cool if you like that type of introductary offer, but to be fair you can get that at a lot of sites without buying anything I suppose.

One fair criticism is that the volume is only just high enough. But additionally I find my ears don't ring after either. Much of the volume you experience will be down to the earphones, so if you have phones that are generally louder than others you've tried, you'll be fine.

As for hiss, there really wasn't any that I noticed, but again, that could well be down the the headphones.

For this price, and considering the size, it's best if it's cheap for when you eventually misplace it, it's a no brainer. Neat little unit, very practical, and uless you come across a significantly cheaper one, this is a good choice.

Some of the other reviews had vaild criticisms, but perhaps didn't take into account the price, it's most definately not a 1 star product. I gave it a 4, it's not perfect, it's very reasonable, but it sounds good. Battery life will be the clincher for me I think. Only one way to find out!
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on 22 July 2010
Bought this as I thought I'd lost my old Mp3 player (a Zen stone) which had great sound but would take forever to actually switch on. Bought this one 'cause it was very inexpensive, and being from Archos I thought it would be great. It's easy to load music onto, easy to switch on, and sounded great....Indoors that is! Took it out for the first time, and whacked the volume up, as I do like my music on my player to be quite loud. It didn't seem very loud, so I kept pressing the up button but it didn't seem to get any louder. I thought perhaps the volume button was faulty, so I tried to turn it turned down alright. I checked the connection, perhaps I hadn't got the earphones connected properly...I had, so I turned it up again, got to a certain level..again pretty low, perhaps I hadn't charged it up enough. Took it home and recharged it, it was fully powered, so I tried it again. Same story, in fact the highest volume was so low that if a bus or large vehicle passed you, the music was drowned out altogether! Totally useless as my walk to work is along a couple of busy main roads!!! I did wonder if I hadn't inadvertantly bought one of those "low noise" players that are designed not to damage young kiddies ears! I am going to try with a different set of headphones, perhaps it's the headphones that are the problem...but to be honest I'm not holding out too much hope. Wish I'd kept all the packaging 'cause I would send it back for a refund if I could.
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on 28 March 2010
When I saw this MP3 player I thought it would be perfect for me. It's small, good value and from a decent brand, however I was really disappointed. First the positives (there aren't many!) The player is nicely made and finished, with a quality soft touch finish (although the buttons feel rather cheap), it looks pretty good and it's light and discrete, just what you want from this type of MP3 player. However the sound quality is really bad. Lots of hiss and static. It's awfully slow to respond, with multiple button presses often needed for the player to register your input. When in the normal playback mode it refuses to play the music in alphabetical/folder order, instead it plays them by date added order which was very confusing and frustrating (especially when I first got it, the playback order seemed to make little sence and thought I was in shuffle mode!). The clip is also pretty weak and not very deep so is only good for clipping onto thin clothing. Avoid or be disappointed.
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on 31 January 2010
Play/pause button did not work properly and volume controls did not work at all.I think someone had already returned it once as their were files already written to it.I returned it again for a refund. Buy something else such as the Alba 2gb mp3 player available for not much more if you shop around-also has a screen.I bouhgt one as a replacement and it is far better.
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on 20 October 2010
I bought one a few weeks ago. It has a short, two to three inches long USB cable that is used both for transferring music files and for charging the built-in battery.

The product concept is great for what I need: a limited number of mp3 files for practicing Spanish listening. On, off, shuffle, fast forward/reverse to next file, fast forward/reverse to next folder, this is all I need.

I love the design. VERY light and pleasant to fidget with. However...

...tomorrow I am returning my Archos Clipper to the store because the software freezes when I want to jump from one folder to another folder. I hear continuous beeping and the thing won't respond to anything. You cannot turn it off and your PC won't read it... I have to wait until the battery discharges (a day at least) and then start it. But the freezing occurs again...
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on 5 September 2010
Archos Clipper is a great entry level MP3 Player. Very compact and great as a device for music on the move secondary to a more featured device. I use mine for when I an running on a tread mill etc. It has some standard features in shuffle, back forward and click to next folder etc. The charging lead is a usb type which is useful if you want to charge in the car with appropriate 12 volt usb adapter (not included). It could be a little longer. The Sound level is not great but adaquate. It does mean your kids are going to be able to hear after using it and more importantly will be able to hear important noises outside of the earpieces like car horns or warnings. (Bottom line) Good device for the price and clip on the back is quite a nice addition.
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on 28 April 2010
Having bought this to replace another, it seemed to be the perfect choice. Compact enough for the wife to put in her handbag, but easy enough for her to use. It was from that point on, that the problems began. Loading it up was real easy, however the player did not seem to hold any kind of charge. The instructions, what there were; were useless. Charged overnight on several occasions, the maximum amount of play time it had; was an hour. Even trying to charge it, on 2 other machines; failed to fully charge the battery. We have since returned it, while I wouldn't get another; this could have just been a one off fault.

If you want someone compact, easy to use; then this is a good possibility at a reasonable price.
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on 4 July 2012
I bought the Archos clipper for my father (age 64) to let him listen to his 60's music when he was working. I bought this one because it seemed good value, simple to use and also I've got a couple of other Archos products which are very well made. I was really impressed when the clipper arrived at how small it was, how easy to use (both to listen to music and to transfer files onto it-drag and drop). At first I was a bit disappointed at the sound quality when playing music, but I realised this was because of the truly dreadful headphones included with it. When replaced with a decent set, the sound quality is truly immense - it would put many more expensive MP3 players to shame. My dad, who usually struggles with technology, picked it up really quickly and was really pleased with it. I was so impressed with it that I actually bought another one for myself to store my audiobooks. I've seem some people complaining that there isn't enough storage or that there's no screen, but I've found there to be more than enough memory on it, and it's really easy to use, screen or no screen - if you don't want an mp3 player without a screen, don't buy one without a screen! For the price of it, the quality and value for money is immense, and although I haven't had it for long, I've found that Archos products in general are really reliable and well made. The only things I would say would make this better would be a better pair of headphones able to handle the high quality sound which comes out of the device, and a longer usb cable. But these are really minor niggles in comparison to the huge plus points of owning this device.
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on 12 September 2011
This is a great little MP3 player for the price. I wanted a new one with a clip to replace my sandisk that found its way into the washing machine. I wanted it for gym, so wasn't fussed about LCD screen or anything.

Now as a previous preview has said, the earphones make the player, and the earphones that come with this are grud! even spending £7-10 on a some cheap decent ones will change the MP3 player completely. The sound is great and has a good level of bass and treble, which is good because you can't change them. It's very much just press and get with the player, you can choose normal or shuffle mode but that's as far as it gets.

Another slight down side is the connection cable, it uses the headphone socket to connect to your PC, two downsides with this. 1, the cable is only about 6 inches long. and 2, It means the transfer speed isn't great, your looking at a couple of mins for an album.

But generally that's minor stuff the most important parts are sound quality and ease of use, and its easy to use and the sound is good with anything except the cheapests earphones.
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