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4.4 out of 5 stars267
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 January 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been using these for all kinds of things - wrapping presents, cutting up old credit cards, cracking walnuts, taking the tops of beer bottles - even pruning branches off the Christmas tree! They have a good heft to them, nice, grippy handles, and are finished well. They seem to stay sharp despite all this abuse, and I think they will last for many years to come. They might not be a named brand, but they have a quality feel similar to scissors I've used from Wilkinson Sword or Fiskars. Recommended!
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VINE VOICEon 7 January 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It Just Works Smart Sizzors - IJWSIZZ promise to be suitable for many things apart from just cutting. They are capable of the tasks advertised, however little is done well.

Firstly, for scissors, the Smart Sizzors are extremely heavy, although this is probably for robustness.

I am left handed, and although the grips are moulded for use in either hand, I found, that like any other pair of right handed scissors used by left-handers, the blades tend to open and become less effective with time and they do not cut paper as straight as General Purpose Left Hand Scissors. Yes, you can adjust the tension, but they still ease open, and I suspect there are practical limits to how many times they can be adjusted before wearing the tension screw. There's certainly a limit to my patience in need to readjust them.

The grips are good and soft, but they need to be, as you need a lot of force on them to attempt some of the Smart Sizzors functions:

* Garlic crushing produced a poor result - putting a clove of garlic on some salt and pressing it with the flat of a knife produces a much better result.

* Nut Cracking - It works, but you need a vice like grip to do it, which is very wearying and impractical for more than a couple of almonds or hazelnuts - I failed on a walnut and never tried a brazil.

* The bottle opener does work but is much more fiddly than the back of my corkscrew or my Victorinox Swiss Army Knive, which also does a lot of other things very well.

* Cutting - I successfully cut a cooked lobster and a cooked duck apart with it, paper, cord etc. gave no problem, other than those normally experienced by a left-hander using a right-hand pair of scissors.

Overall verdict:- adequate if you're desperate, but it's probably better to buy the right tools for the job - a pair of correctly handed scissors, a nut cracker and an appropriate Swiss Army knife would be much better and do more.
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These are probably the best scissors that are on the market. I've tested all the functions and they do exactly what the advertisment claims they would do. Now there are a lot of negative reviews about this product and I would like to rectify a few points:
1)Yes the packaging is tough but many cuttlery items are sold exactly in the same material in order to protect people from cutting themself (in fact I recently bought a paring knife from Marks & Spencer and the plastic was much tougher). If you cut along the serated lines it opens quite easy. It took me less than 20 seconds to unpack them.
2)People complain that these scissors are too big or that the can't cut straight lines with them. That is because people don't handle them properly!!!
This product is designed after the old fashioned tailor scissors (sic!) and must be handelt different from office or paper scissors. You have to put your thumb into the upper hole and the remaining three or four fingers in the large lower hole (I'm more comfortable leaving the little finger out), then you will be in controll.
3)Some people claim they can't crush garlic properly with them. Well, you have to cut off the tip and root bits of the garlic cloves first. You don't wont the root bits in your food anyway, do you?
4)Some people say the bottle opener, wire stripper and nut cracker don't work. I tested all 3 of these functions and they worked fine. With the wire stripper the pressure you have to use depends on the insulation material and the diametre of the wire. The nut cracker works perfect but with walnuts you will need some force, but not excessive. Why people have problems using the bottle opener simply escapes me! I've opened at least 30 different bottles so far and found it absolutely easy to do so.
I allready have some tough heavy duty scissors since a few years but these are even better. I compared them by cutting 10mm thick posterroll cardboard (compressed hard material) and the smart sizzors went through it like butter, while the others did the job with much more struggle. Overall I think this is an excellent product for such a resonable price.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 December 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
After looking at the promotional video, I thought that there's no way scissors could cut all that! But they actually do! The design of the scissors themselves means that very little effort is required when cutting tough material. The handle grip is also very comfortable, meaning that your hand doesn't ache after prolonged use.

After I got the scissors out of the packet (which was no easy task considering I was using conventional scissors to do so), I put them to work. The first task was to see how easily the plastic packaging would cut with them. I'm pleased to report that it was absolutely no bother, so I could really have done with a pair of them to get them out in the first place!

I also tried cutting the cardboard packaging which Amazon use to send them out, but to make the task really tough, I doubled it up, so it would have to cut four layers of corrugated cardboard. The normal scissors didn't even make a dent in it, but with the smart scissors and a very small amount of effort, it just glided through it.

I then moved onto paper and tried to cut around twenty sheets with both types of scissors. The normal scissors just gave me hand ache without hardly making a cut (I think I broke them in the process!) whereas the smart scissors went a great way to destroying the paper. It was slightly hacked, but still a good sight better than what the normal scissors did!

You may think that these scissors are just for cutting (as you'd expect) but they also include some other handy tools such as a bottle opener (So whenever you're having a beer, just bring your smart scissors), nut cracker and wire stripper. I didn't manage to test the wire stripper as I don't have any wire I can strip (Don't think it would go down to well if I started destroying the cable of the hover!).

Overall, these are a fantastic pair of scissors, and can be used for much more than what I've described. Everyone in my family wants a pair now, so make sure there's plenty in stock Amazon!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 January 2016
I bought these scissors some time ago, intending to give them as a present. But when they arrived, I was impressed by the way they looked and the variety of uses they could be put to, so I decided to keep them. They're one of the handiest kitchen items in my drawer. To begin with, they're made from quality steel. The tension of the blades is adjustable, although I've never had need to alter it. I sometimes struggle with grip strength, so the large handle part ( great for left or right handlers) was easy to manage. I've used them for all manner of tasks. Opening blister packs is a cinch. They cut through credit cards easily and a few snips converts a whole chicken into portions. There's a handy bottle opener and serrated grips on the blades to open for bottles or small jars. There's also a neat little wire cutter and wire stripper..

I really can't fault these multi purpose scissors for both functions and value. Even after cutting up loads of cardboard boxes, the blades are still sharp. And they're dishwasher safe, so easy to clean after any job. I'm delighted with the,
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on 21 January 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Negotiating these vicious-looking creatures from their sealed packaging is high drama in itself. Once you've sworn, cried, -and if you're unlucky enough- bled, you may finally get a chance to use them.

In the hand they certainly feel robust, but they're far from comfortable to hold and use. The plastic grips have a curiously grainy, clammy feel to them, and the openings for fingers and thumb are strangely positioned and could do with some much-needed padding. I found that when putting these to the test on a thin sheet of plywood, I was left with pretty cruel red grooves even if it did manage to chew up the wood rather impressively. The blades are indeed wickedly sharp and seem to be designed to appeal to those who like rather scary looking hunting knives and the like. Definitely not something to keep easily accessible if you've kids around, and it kind of defies the purpose of the things if you have to hide them away and then dig them out to manage all those essential little tasks they claim to be tailor-made for handling.

To be fair, I did find these scissors extremely useful for cutting up poultry. Chopping up chicken carcass or cutting through the endy joint on a turkey leg to help it fit properly in the soup pot were both a breeze. The silly thing is that it's on the small things that these scissors seem to flounder. Is it possible for blades to be too sharp for simple paper cutting? It seemed that way when I tried it on gift wrap. The blades stuttered and veered wildly across the sheet. As for the much vaunted garlic and nut crushing... well, call me a thorough wuss, but I value the structural integrity of my fingers a little too highly to try anything quite so adventurous with these creatures.

As they weren't seeing much action beyond the inside of a drawer in my kitchen, I took them outside one afternoon and I think they may have found their natural habitat! They basically function like a pair of secateurs and make light work of precision pruning even the gnarliest of shrubs. They're good for cutting tough foliage for arrangements, and they cope well with trimming cane, wire, hosing and thick plastic. So they've found a home in the greenhouse, and frankly I'm much happier knowing they're out there than under my domestic roof. Think of it as releasing them back into the wild...
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A solidly constructed scissors with substantial and lightly curving blades, the lower of which is serrated and the upper is sharpened almost as a knife might be rather than both having the flatter cutting edges of most scissors. They would probably not therefore be suited to use with most fabrics but should work with leather and similarly challenging materials. This is why they are so sharp and able to cut rather more than a standard kitchen scissors. Paper and card should present few challenges and flower stems, the woodier ones as well as the soft ones, should be a doddle. They may even substitute for secateurs in an emergency. The manufacturers claim that they can cut chicken and poultry bones and I have no reason to doubt that. I have an older pair of kitchen scissors that make a similar claim, but never could, but utilise standard flat-edged blades of much thinner construction.

Other than their use as scissors, incorporated into the lower blade is two-way bottle opener, and beyond the pivot which itself is much stronger than on any such tool are a nut-cracker and wire strippers, and a garlic crusher is moulded between the handles. Regardless of these 'extras', the scissors would be well suited to craft uses as card and metallised foils, as well as plastic sheeting, should present few issues.

As other reviewers have commented, it would be wise to use the tool with care and away from your own fingers, and anyone else's for that matter. They arrived lightly oiled in the area of the pivot and it may be best to clean them before using with food for the first time.

Although packaged in a potentially annoying bubble pack, that provided in this instance has been sensibly designed to be easily opened, thanks to some pre-cut slots at the rear which open up from side to side and almost top to bottom and a small opening to help get you started. Thankfully, the tool may be needed to open other far less thoughtfully designed bubble packs.
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on 5 February 2015
Bought 2pairs,one for work and one for home-big mistake.first use was cutting a 3 mm piece of plastic using the tip of the scissors. The handles being plastic broke with moderate pressure.. If they were one piece of metal they would be ok,but the cheap plastic handles will break in time with only reasonable pressure .-Look at the picture of the product,the metal ends where the small round handle flaw-AVOID!
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on 3 June 2013
I bought these because they were advertised as extremely tough. I was planning to use them as poultry shears. The first time I used them - cutting a piece of tamarind - the handle snapped, on the bottom / large finger hole just behind the wire stripper attachment. It may be a one-off manufacturing error, as most other reviewers seem positive about this product, but it's very annoying!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 December 2015
worst sizzors i have ever used the grip is so uncomfortable and painfull on the thumb because they are very stiff to open and close there also is no pointed end on any of the blade tips so you cant snip at some thing like just to open a box is hard work because you can not get the sissors in so i have now ordered some different ones and these will go into a draw
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