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3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 15 December 2009
My wife bought a new shuffle to use when exercising. Unfortunately, she doesn't have Apple design approved ears, so the iPod earphones just drop out. She has some nice shiny Sennheiser sport headphones but there's no way to get the shuffle to work.

Result, you need to go out and buy an adaptor. This Belkin one does a fine job, and she's happy with it, but frankly this is not a problem that should have arisen in the first place. A real Apple blunder which results in extra cost if you want to use someone else's headphones.
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on 19 February 2010
I bought the Ipod shuffle to run/exercise with and the headphone controls failed after about 5 runs. I assuming this is due to sweat getting into them. I bought this hoping it might be a better solution but I've run with it once and now it does not work at all. I didn't even use the controls during exercise.

It's a great product if you just want to use different headphones, the controls are bigger and easier to use than the Apple headphones although their position near the unit defeats the object. But it appears this type of control is just not resistant to moisture or sweat.
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on 5 January 2010
I've had two of these beggars now. Both of them have had the cable come away from the casing. This was despite my ingenious solution of taping the second one to a stiff piece of card to avoid stressing the joint. I'm a keen runner and do like to listen to music on my longer runs, these adapters don't seem to be able to take the stress of someone jogging and therefore swinging the cable. Avoid.
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on 4 September 2010
This connection can be used to combine your own choice of headphones with some of the functionality of the Nexus One in-line remote/mic. With the Nexus One:

* Pressing the centre button once pauses the track
* Pressing the centre button twice skips to the next track

The volume buttons and the previous track option (pressing the centre button three times) do not work with the Nexus One. I have not tested the mic. This should be similar for all Android devices.
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on 30 November 2009
So you like the look of the nice new ipod shuffle.
Great little player but your stuck with controlling it with apple earphones.
Alternatively there are now third party earphones out there with the controls built on the line BUT they might not be for you, you might want to use those nice Bose Inner Ear noise cancelling things you bought.

SO you buy the adapter, GREAT, you can now control your Shuffle.

But have we not defeated the object of this new shuffle with this inline control? The Belkin adapter is fairly short, which you'd want it to be considering the headphone cable length. You want the controls half way along your cable. The fact the controls are now right by your shuffle you might as well just have the buttons on the shuffle itself!

Nothing wrong with the product it is a solution!
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on 2 May 2010
I bought an Ipod shuffle but the problem was that if I used it with my stereo or in the car, through the car attachement I could not alter the sound or skip tracks or replay tracks. This is a wonderful piece of equipment and I cannot recommend it enough. I use it with my stereo in the house and it is a true pleasure to use. I take it out in the car and can now replay tracks or skip them.
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on 29 July 2010
In terms of funcationality, this is a good product, allowing you to use standard headphones with your ipod shuffle, whilst maintaining the essential in-line remote control functions. When it works, it is great. Unfortunately, build quality is poor from my experience (and from reading other reviews it seems). My remote would stop working correctly and I found this to be becaue of errosion to the first band on on the mini-jack, presumably where the remote signals are sent into the ipod itself. An occasional clean of the mini jack connector sorted this, but now the volume increase button has ceased to work, preventing me from being able to increase the volume of any song that is playing - kind of defeats the purpose of having the remote. It's a shame, as it could have been a neat solution to the annoying design that Apple has imposed on shuffle users.

I bought the product in April but wouldn't say it has had an unreasonable amount of usage in that time so my conclusion has to be that reliability is poor for this product.
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on 22 March 2010
I thought that there was no way of controlling the iPod shuffle, I asked various electronic outlets and got the same negative response,that is until I found the Belkin Headphone Adaptor. This adaptor allows you to connect to speakers or alternative headphones , without losing the ability to control the shuffles output and selecting the music. I have passed the news onto several of the electronic people that said it was not possible .
wp 22/03/10
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on 15 January 2010
I was given an iPod Shuffle for Christmas to replace my old iPod which is giving up the ghost, and at first I was overjoyed. My happiness died a very sudden death when I realised that the iPod in ear headphones a) didn't fit my ears and kept wanting to fall out and b) had rubbish sound quality (in my opinion).

After a bit of research I found this adaptor and it has been to the be answer to all my problems as I can now use my old over-ear headphones again to listen to my music properly! So far, the adaptor has done exactly what it's supposed to and I think now it's just a matter of having to get used to double and triple clicking to fastforward and rewind etc.

Overall, I'm just relieved that I'm able to use whatever headphones I want with my shuffle now. I highly recommend this adaptor!
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Although Belkin UK say this little adaptor is only designed for the old iPod shuffle [3rd generation], it works with our latest generation Classic and Nano for basic track/volume control - although this adaptor lacks the microphone needed for the 6th generation Nano's voice recording application (the previous 5th generation Nano had a microphone built in and the box says this adaptor works with that as well). Control wise though this adaptor can play/pause [single click of the middle grey control button], skip to the next track [two clicks], go to previous/beginning of track [three clicks], or adjust volume [volume + and -]. Keep holding down the control button and you get a voiceover of the track playing. In use this Belkin adapter seems a bit unresponsive compared to the latest Nano's mini touch-screen/buttons and the Belkin's lead is so short it sits right next to the Nano's case - so it's often just as easy to use the new Nano's side control buttons or screen instead, particularly when using the new Nano's optional watchstrap system. The remote also controls the shuffle, although it's not really suitable for the iPhone or Touch.

With my 160Gb iPod Classic I get the same track and volume control (no voiceover). The shear weight of the Classic also helps keep the in-cable remote fixed in one place and so easier to grab if the Classic is lying on the desk or in your pocket. The headphone sound quality is slightly compromised by adding in this thin wired Belkin remote, but I do use quite expensive headphones and rip to iTunes Plus [best quality].

Our WESC and Shure headphones have a cable splitter and although this Belkin remote can physically clip in between the these, putting the remote at chest level, the Belkin remote can't function there as the cable extensions are audio only, and lack the fourth contact that appears to be required for iPod remote control. So this remote has to be used clipped directly to the Nano's or the Classic's headphone socket, unless you can locate a specially modified headphone extention cable with four contacts on the plug & socket, not three.

For the latest 6th generation Nano, the alternative Belkin Mic with Remote for iPhone has the microphone that can be used by the Nano to record audio, memos etc. Plus it has the remote control 90 cm from the iPods headphone plug, so the Nano can be in the pocket while it's being controlled by the remote near your chest. It's also more responsive in use than the one offered here, suggesting a better design and build, and it works with the iPhone. Only downside with this alternative mic remote adaptor is that it is very difficult to attach to all but the thinnest of headphone cables.

We own both these Belkin in cable remotes. They are cheap and seem engineered OK, although they are tiny and clearly delicate so we handle with care. We've used the remotes for 6 months and no problems. Keep the Belkin display boxes they come in (and the receipt), as the box is the only place I can find the reassuring words "3 Year warranty".
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