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3.3 out of 5 stars34
3.3 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 2 October 2010
Just to point out a few reasons why the PC version is better than both 360 and PS3 versions; it is cheaper, has better graphics, better resolution, better frame-rate, shorter load times, more zombies on screen at once, among a few other reasons..

I never bought the original but I did play it. This I feel is a nice sequel though, adding enough new features so that it doesn't feel too similar to the original. The ability to create your own weapons is great and offers up some variety. The inclusion of online coop and competitive multiplayer gives alot of replay value.

If you played the original DR to death, then this game might be "too" samey for you. However, I would would still advise everyone to give it a try. A very good survival horror/action game.
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on 26 December 2010
I'm not a fan of the new flashier games that have been have post 2005. until I saw this advertised. zombies, gore, the ability to use anything as a weapon? it's the perfect recipe for lighter take on what has been wrongly mistaken for 'horror' since 'survival of the dead'

but... onto the game itself.
after a lengthy (but not too lengthy) opening cutscene you're immediately thrown onto a bike with chainsaws on the side... and placed in a huge arena with loads of zombies. and the hacking and blood-letting begins. some say the story is weak... ok we're not dealing with Silent Hill 2 here or anything, but I think the story of DR2 is there, but it doesn't get in the way of the hacking, bashing and otherwise maiming of the undead.

I have not played it all the way through yet, but I find myself throughly enjoying this game, when you wonder through the opening mall you can't help but think "Dawn of the dead... heh."

one thing that makes this game even more fun is weapon durability and combo weapons. yes, if a weapon is used a number of times, it breaks. which I find adds a bit of tension. your last fire hammer breaks and you're surrounded by zombies. you need to punch your way out to the next available weapon.

the combo weapons are a nice touch. my only problem is, trying to find the components for these weapons can be a chore, and balancing making combo weapons and finishing objectives is a bit tricky, but once you get a combo weapon, the limbs flying everywhere and the double PP is kinda worth the hassle.

overall a very fun game. and a storyline with just enough actual story to make you want to complete every objective.
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on 26 July 2011
I convinced myself this was a great game due to the let's plays that are poliferating Youtube. It looked so much fun when somebody else played this game. When I got into the game it soon transpired it really wasn't all that fun, and the only thing holding it all together was my love of zombies. Ploughing through hoardes of grasping and starving zombies was fun for a while. But then it dawned on me it really wasn't all that fun at all, as it soon became repetitive and inanely boring running all over that over-sized map.

Perhaps the biggest complaint was there is no time to take in the sights and sounds unless you give in to a large number of quests. There is no real compunction to do any of the quests, and perhaps this is a strong point of the game. However, if you have a conscience then you will find yourself running about looking for quest items or doing your best to annihilate the psychopaths, and then trying to clear your name of a crime you didn't commit; all within the required timeframe.

Don't get me wrong, there are some nice touches to the game, and I can see how hard the designers worked to make this entertaining, but it just felt childish and really didn't capture the horror and enthralling nature of Dawn of the Dead, which I'm sure was at the forefront of the designers minds.
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on 21 November 2011
This is a great game. BUT there are some potentially game-breaking issues...

1: There is NO way to re-map the keyboard controls in game.

This means, unless you know what you're doing a bit, you have to play it right handed - WASD etc.

There IS a solution to this based on editting a game file (called something like keymap.txt - google it.)

2: This game uses Games for Windows Live - which is only a problem if you DON'T install the game in it's default directory (I, for example put all games in D:/Games/). This means that GFWL cannot update. Which means that your game progress is not saved.

SOLUTION: You have to CREATE AN ENTRY IN THE REGISTRY - there is a guide online - google it.

Once you sort out these issues - the game runs more or less perfectly - I still have the odd issue with the keys - 'dodge' doesn't seem to work for example. Prob haven't set up the keymap.txt properly or something - who knows - point is - the developers should have given you an in-game way of remapping like every other game on the planet. Epic fail.

The way the game plays out is quite good - though I personally would rather run around hacking up zombies in inventive ways - the way you end up having to play is constantly racing against the clock to get to the next stage - it's ok tho.

Tip: when you rescue people, make sure you have a good weapon to give them (broad sword is probably the best) NPC weapons don't degrade so whatever you give them will last forever. You cannot give them made weapons tho, sadly.

I haven't, but I imagine that this is brilliant to play with a friend - a combination of melee and ranged attacks is probably the ideal.

You'll really enjoy this...once you finish the job of making the game work for the devs...
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VINE VOICEon 16 December 2010
I was pleased when this was announced for the PC, I just can't get used to the comparitively dated Xbox 360 gfx when I realise PC visual technology is two or more generations beyond the latest gen consoles (for example, compare PC and XBox version of Assassin's Creed 2).

This one is a superficial sandbox game, with humour and violence in equal measures, with a lightness of tone absent from survival horror games such as Silent Hill or the Resident Evil series. It's similar to the original, this time you have emotional baggage in the story, with your character's daughter requiring anti-zombie meds every day (I guess Capcom are targetting the adult father demographic here who grew up with Romero films), whilst you go out cracking zombie skulls til the 3 day time limit expires.

Best described as a third person action game, this expands on the original by allowing almost everything to be used as a weapon, and ultimately customisable for extra points in the variety of methods of zombie disposal. The designers clearly had fun with this game. Running around the map there are the usual survivors to escort to safety, human adversaries and assorted missions to perform, which are fun to begin with, but with the lack of emotional intensity, doesn't compel you to explore the boundaries of the game in a hurry. The items in the game are also fixed in location, there's no obvious randomisation of the objects scattered throughout the maps, and they reappear the next time you visit between sub missions (might be useful for remembering where snack machines are). In short, it's fine for pick up and play quick sessions, but won't provide satisfaction for extended play.

For this alone, it suits me for short snack time entertainment. It runs fine at full 1080P resolution, character models are ok and I didn't get problems with Windows Live. One cutscene did appear to freeze, but pressing escape fixed it.

One caveat is a setup check for Windows XP. This tells you that it needs service pack 3 to install. This isn't strictly true, as it seems to be fine on Windows XP SP2 if you alter the appropriate part of the registry; it's useful in general if you don't trust Microsoft service packs on older machines which don't have official hardware support (I've trashed two laptops with XP service pack upgrades in the past). This title appears fine on what is now a low-mid range Shuttle XPC with an ATI 4870 card, running XP SP2.

In summary, don't buy it expecting a fulfilling hardcore gaming experience. If you want a zombie themed sandbox game, with lightweight elements that you can play for short bursts, then look no further.
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on 6 December 2010
Initially i gave this game 1star after i had quite a few problems with it. I'm changing my review due to the fact that it was something extremely small stopping my game from working properly. After following A.Taylors' advice: Try changing your sound outage down to 16Bit 44100Hz, I had the same problem and after changing my sound settings it worked straight away.

After solving this problem my brother has enjoyed the game very much and is no longer having any problems. So i'm improving the review as i don't think its fair to leave it at 1 star now that the game is working and is being enjoyed. Thanks to other users for pointing out advice on how i should solve this problem and also informing me about how the reviews should be done. I'm going to give this game 5stars as it is being enjoyed and played now it is working.
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on 27 May 2011
I got this game as it was recommended to me and it sounded very good, I started the first level and it has a lot of features in the game such as levelling up, PP, custom weapons, loads of ways to kill ZOMBIES :D overall i loved the game!
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on 12 May 2013
if i could - I would give 10 stars...
there is nothing else to say about this game - Capcom know what they're doing when it comes to creating a zombie-ridden world...
bought two copies - for me and for my other half; installed them, added them to our Steal libraries and had lots of fun watching zombies walk around with plush animals on their heads :) Still playing it, btw

Oh, and a very speedy delivery :)
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on 9 October 2010
This is a really fun game and theres a lot of stuff you can find if you go exploring around the city etc. I have no idea why that person said it has no xbox controller support because my controller works just fine with it, theres a few small bugs but nothing major.

Only bad thing about the game is that if you die you have to load it back from the toilet in which you last saved, which can be over 20 minutes in some cases, but i guess it makes you think twice about running twice into a massive group of zombies.

Graphics are great, weapons are fun, and theres literally hundreds of zombies on your screen at once. Its a good game.
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on 3 April 2013
Dead Rising 2 is admirable. It's got clever, demanding mechanics and a story that while not well told is at least interesting. It is also infuriating, time consuming and badly ported. Try it on another platform, this one is broke.
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