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4.3 out of 5 stars31
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 17 August 2010
I had the original drawn to life game, and although i got a bit stuck on it, i found it great fun and really liked it - if you had the 1st game you'll recognise some characters. When my brother got the second game i borrowed it from him and now i am totally addicted!! The graphics are much better and there is a much better story to it. It is so much fun to go through the levels and add in your own drawings, and there is a good storyline too, its not just drawing and playing levels. its a good game for boys or girls, either will love it! i don't know why some people have said they finished it in 24 hours because i've been on it non stop for about 2 weeks and i'm still nowhere near done. The only thing i would say is sometimes when you're defeating a boss (e.g the huge robot or the baki pirate) its not very clear what you have to do to kill them, but apart from that FANTASTIC game!!!! if you're a boy looking for an exciting action packed adventure, or a girl looking for an interesting drawing game, this is for you!!! Its a brilliant buy!!!!! and very cheap here on amazon!!!! :D
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on 2 November 2009
i just love this little game.
i first discovered the joys of 5th cell games, when i bought the original drawn to life a couple of years ago.
it was pretty unique in those days, in terms of creativity which it allowed you to draw almost every aspect of the game screens, so you could be sure YOUR game would look far different to any of your friends.
I played it out quite quickly though, and looked forward to the next release.
SCRIBBLENAUTS !!! wow, this is such fun too, and the weirdest contraptions can be typed in, and then appear as part of your game. the funniest i found was LOLWUT which made a massive maxwell head which sat over the original.
You could see the links in graphic style though with the original Drawn to Life, which if you loved, or if you love Scribblenauts, then you're bound to get a lot more fun with this latest offering.
It is bigger,more challenging ( which is a relief as i finished the first one rather quickly, and that is always disappointing when you pay over £20 for a game). 5th Cell have carved a unique, brilliantly stylised game design within the DS market ( and Wii if you're lucky enough to own one, which i don't - next chapter available on that too).
This is a must, i've treated myself for my birthday, ( and i'm 43 so it isn't just for kids.)
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on 18 January 2010
Santa brought this 'requested' game to my 5 year old son who absolutely loves the first 'Drawn To Life' and I have to say he finds this equally as good. Both these games are his favourite DS games and he has all his friends asking to borrow it as well as his 8 year old brother's friends. I would definitely recommend this to the younger child and there seems to be lots of different things you can do with it (sorry but I have absolutely zero interest in DS games myself so am not up to par on all that it can do!) He is also able to manage all of it himself which is a really bonus as he gets frustrated with some games when he is not able to get to the 'next level'.
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on 29 July 2010
If you're new to Drawn To Life games, this one is great. Plenty of action and good music. Some features like being able to change your hero's form is a step up from the first game. You can even give you hero up to four arms and legs! However there's a lot of dialogue between the charachters which can be quite boring to read through. I also thought its predecessor was a better game and lasted longer. I completed this game in a few days. There is also only one file in The Next Chapter, while the first game has two. Slightly disappointed with it, comparing it to the first game, but as I said, if you're new to Drawn To Life this game is fun.
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on 22 January 2010
This was for my grandson and he really liked it, I had a wee look and its quite clever that you draw your own character and then use it in the game. He's 7 so I'd say for that age group it's definitely a good buy.
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on 28 December 2009
When i got my ds lite, i had the first drawn to life with it. I wasn't fussed to play it but i'm glad i did. I've replayed it quite a few times and still enjoy it. When i heard this was coming out, two years later, i got it as soon as i could.
This part sees you start with you describing an event. You do this by choosing an answer from each of the three questions, and you are then asked to draw what you have chosen. From here, you find that the world is being drained of colour by a familiar face (won't say who) and it is then up to you to save the world and restore colour.
There are many improvements from the first game: the autosave feature is till present, but this time, you also have an option to save it anywhere you want- a very welcome feature. Another plus is that this time, the map shows you where to go, so unlike the last one, you can see where you need to be. The menu (when you press start) allows you to save your game, edit any drawings or go to the main menu (the feature to draw on the picture is still here, but to be honest, it's pretty enough to leave alone!). The backgrounds look better than ever and the music fits in well with the enviroments. The revamped creation hall is also welcomed with new features such as having one to four arms and legs as well as new templates. I like the choice of weapons and the ability to change between your original form, a blob and a spider is clever too (you can transform anywhere except in water). I loved the opening film and the story is pretty good too (you can skip dialogue with the skip button in the menu but to understand the story you need to read it all.) There are some really sad moments (the end of the watersong village is very sad) and the ending is aswell. It also seems a little harder in some levels which is nice for older gamers of the series.
So why the four stars? One of the main reasons is that they have removed a second save slot which seems a pain. I understand that they want to encourage the trade wi-fi but it seems a little silly overall! Another minus is that some of the music is a reworking of the main theme which is a shame. It is a little too easy to get colour drops and once you've coloured in everything, collected all the coins and rescued everyone, there's nothing else to do. The final boss battle is too easy (the final boss battle in the original was a lot harder) and to me, it seems they've sacrificed this to make space for the opening sequence and ending. The ending itself can seem very confusing at first but as soom as you get to certain point, it all falls into place. The reason why this is a negative is because although the makers have promised more drawn to life, the way it's been ended seems very final. It will be a huge shame if this is the last game, as will many fans. It may also need to be explained to younger players as they may be confussed by what is going on. The game can get a little difficult (in one level, lava is chasing you and you need to be quick) and a child need a good basic level of reading to fully enjoy the game. There are only four worlds which is also a shame.
Overall, i'm glad i bought it, however, a lot seems to have been cut to make room for the beginning and the end. There is more they could do with this game if they release another one. Also make sure that you know the story or have played the first game otherwise ou may be lost at times! It generally feels a little more grown up but still a lot of fun to play. A sequal worth boasting about.
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on 22 January 2010
This review is on behalf of my daughter who has played this game to death! We bought the 'spongebob drawn to life' first, which she has completed. I think what she enjoys the most is being able to customise the player. There are many different levels to complete and it is not the easiest game to get through. My daughter is 8 and quite bright so unless you are an avid gamer you may struggle on some of the levels if you are too much younger.
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on 13 January 2010
My 10 year old daughter asked for this. She is really impressed with it - says it is much better than the original Drawn to Life and had spent hours on the new game.
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on 21 January 2010
This game was bought for my son at xmas.Fantastic game for all ages.well worth the money.
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on 1 November 2010
This game is brilliant, it is fun for everyone! Your bound to have a great time designing and making everything you use in the game from minecarts to a blob form.There are inticing boss battles, srategic puzzles and cute creatures for you to discover in drawn to life the next chapter, its a fantastic buy!!!
I would rate this product 4 for overall game play is it is a bit to short for my liking but i am sure that children of all ages would love this!
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