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4.7 out of 5 stars72
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 5 November 2009
I am a middle-aged wolf, who has been through the rise of Metallica in the 1980s, along with thrash and speed metal in the UK, US, and Germany. 5FDP came to my attention as an amazon recommendation. I usually shy away from new metal bands because I am set in my metal ways, I suppose. But I checked the band on You Tube and was impressed enough to buy the first two albums of this band: 'The Way of the Fist' and 'War Is the Answer'. That was three weeks ago. Since then I haven't stopped playing these albums. This is quite unusual for me, set in my ways as I am, and having received some other 10 albums in the meantime, they had some tough competition. But they won it hands down. As somebody else has written, they have become my new obsession as well.

The more I listen to them the more I hear what I can only call the sound of contemporary metal. I can hear traces of Metallica, Pantera, even Iron Maiden ... which means that they have a lineage, they have absorbed the sound of metal of the past 3 decades ... and yet they have managed to find a sound that is their 'own'. Dare I say it, there even is a hint of 'pop' (!?!?) in this sound. This is a thrash sound, all right, but there is this strange ingredient that breathes fresh air and one which can appeal to a wider audience. This is in part due to the melodic aspects and catchy rhythms/riffs, and in part to Ghost's voice which alternates between a thrash metal voice and a more straight-forward singing voice.

Yes, this is the sound of contemporary metal. There is no revolution here, no breaking of forms that will create a new metal - hence the immediate appeal that 5FDP seem to have generated. But they have assimilated metal sounds from the past 3 decades in a very interesting and addictive way. Whatever you do, hear them!!!
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on 30 October 2009
I don't need to write an in-depth review on this album - look at the other reviews and see why. This is a better album than their debut - which was exceptional. It sounds technically better, and vocally it is one of the best albums I have heard for a long time - Ivan Moody is sublime on this album, using far more clean vocals than he did on the debut, but even the 'gruff' vocals are excellent, and you can understand what he is saying without looking at the lyric booklet!

Stand out songs? You decide! Every one is brlliant, but my favorites are 'Hard to See', 'No One Gets Left Behind' (listen to the lyrics - total dig at government), 'Far From Home', and the stand out track (for me) 'Walk Away'.

With a bit of commercial radio airplay, this band could be huge - I am talking Linkin Park success here. It's just a shame the UK public seem to be obsessed with listening to awful reality stars.

A highly recommended album, and a strong contender for album of the year - but some stiff competition against Megadeth's 'Endgame' and Alice in Chains' 'Black Give Way to Blue', but this does tell you how good this album really is. 5/5
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on 23 March 2010
Usually after a band have a very popular debut cd their second foray tends to be a little bit of a let down. Five Finger Death Punch turn that assumption upside down. Not only is War is the answer as good as, The Way of The Fist, arguably a couple of the tracks are even better.

Normally I don't bother with special editions. I prefer the purity of just the cd but I love Five Finger Death Punch so much I figured what the hell. The main chunk on the extra dvd is some live footage of the band both on and off screen and a montage of fans of the band showing off their FFDP tattoos or their photos of themselves or with various band members. Some of the band footage was a little bit ropey and at one point it changes style altogether when it has a performance of theirs at Download festival last year. However it was interesting to see the band and their antics. I also found the fan stuff to be fascinating.

On balance I would say it is worth paying the little bit extra to get the special edition of War is the Answer. I've certainly been telling my friends about it, hoping to get them into FFDP. Hope you enjoy it as much as I am :)
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TOP 50 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 24 September 2009
An old Wolf should know better I hear you say
and you are very probably right in every respect.

This album came home from school today with Scatty
and Gritz (the cubs). They're going through a
somewhat edgy early-adolescent phase at the moment.
You know how it is...a bit intense, a tad garrulous
and given to a highly evolved and continually
changing dress sense. It's hard for parents to keep
up sometimes however young in spirit we try to be !

Five Finger Death Punch are a new band to me.
The name troubled me more than a little but having
listened to their new album 'War Is The Answer' I
have reassured myself that it is very likely that they
all have Mothers to whom they show love and kindness.

Despite the intense deluge of sound they create it is also
abundantly evident that they possess musical intelligence
and an ear for a good tune. A good kind of dark energy.

Singer Ian Moody comes on (full on !) like the Devil incarnate.
His roaring performance of 'Falling In Hate' made flakes of
paint flutter down from the ceiling in Mrs Wolf's kitchen
(she was not very impressed).
S & G, however, stormed and stomped around the Cave playing
air-guitar with wild abandon ( a desired effect I assume).

Mr Hook (guitar), Mr Bathory (guitar), Mr Snell (bass) and
Mr Spencer (drums), whip up a real storm of sound around their
leader but it is never less than well-judged and technically
proficient. Listen to the beautifully structured guitar solo on
'Walk Away' for clear evidence of their musicality.

Compositional structure is both satisfyingly complex ('Canto 34')
and rhythmically sound ('Dying Breed' and 'Bulletproof').

They can even manage a more than decent power-ballad, 'Crossing Over'.

I have been persuaded of their worth by my offspring's enthusiasm.

Sometimes even an Old Wolf can learn new tricks.

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on 2 October 2009
Rather than tell you what I think this album might be like from the snippets of one or two songs I thought I'd take the novel approach of writing a review when I'd listened to the whole thing.

5FDP manage to combine intelligent song writing, catchy hooks and brutal sound that's instantly recognisable. In fact they had all that on Way of the Fist and with this new album they've delivered again in spades. From start to finish War is the Answer provides the perfect outlet for anyone who has issues with the society we live in, but this is not just mindless whinging - the lyrics are honest and thought provoking without being self-indulgent. There's also a satisfying mixture of pace and aggression throughout, allowing you to appreciate the aural onslaughts all the more when they come.

Bottom line is that this is a fantastic album from a group of musicians who really understand how to piece together truly memorable songs.
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on 29 April 2012
This album has a great mix of light and shade throughout the album, it combines brutal anger fueled metalcore with pieces of melodic excellence.
Also, just the right mix of growling and clean vocals.
There are no weak tracks,(however,they do throw in an instrumental, Canto 34, for some reason).
Difficult to choose stand out tracks as they are all very strong, but here we go:
"Far From Home" and "Crossing Over" two wonderful melodic rock tracks;
Angry as hell tracks, "War Is The Answer"(with it's Slayeresq riffing),"Bulletproof" and "My Own Hell";
Metal and Melodic tracks "Hard To See" and "No One Gets Left Behind";
They even do a great version of Bad Company's "Bad Company".
Explicit lyrics throughout - not for the fainthearted.
Stunning album, highly recommended.
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Five Finger Death Punch have absolutely nailed their formula, mixing commercial metal accessibility with the very heaviest metalcore and slapping in a great deal of guitar solos; if Slipknot's `Volume 3' and `All Hope Is Gone' albums were a genre of their own, that is the genre Five Finger Death Punch would belong to. however its all too easy to compare Five Finger Death Punch to Slipknot or whoever else based on surface similarities, instead of on Five Finger Death Punches individual musical output.

Some fans have complained that War is the Answer is more commercial than the band's awesome debut The Way Of The Fist, and to a large extent its hard to argue; the sound is more polished, there are more radio friendly moments in the heavy songs and there are more radio songs in general, so if you thought Five Finger Death Punch were too melodic or too cheesy last time around this album isn't going to change your mind.

The thing is; you can academically disagree with the direction the band have taken, but just try listening to `Bullet Proof,' with its catchy chorus, heavy breakdowns and lead guitar prominence and you'll find it hard to complain. The mixture of melodic catchy choruses, awesome guitar solos and chugging riffs is pretty much the Modus Operandi for the rest of the album with the very enjoyable `No One Gets Left Behind,"Burn It Down,' and especially `War Is The Answer,' taking the ball and running with it. Another very enjoyable moment on the album is the brief but intensely enjoyable instrumental `Canto 34.'

The ballads are very well written and not nearly as cheesy as some of the bands out there release, `Crossing Over,' sounds more like a Bush Era Anthrax ballad than some poor metal ballad you'd hear on TV and `Far From Home,' is just a good song, its really as simple as that.

The only problem the band really have are that they don't exactly have the greatest lyrics in the world, but that's pretty easy to ignore when they come out of Ivan Moody's great voice and formed inside the catchy vocal patterns, you'll find yourself singing along either way.

If you like heavy songs full of double kick drum flailing, chugging heavy riffs, numerous guitar solos and the odd radio ballad then you should definitely give Five Finger Death Punch a try.
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on 13 December 2014
This was my first taste of the band and i was suitably impressed with the range of musical styles they have to offer. From real heavy, angry sounds to softer, sentimental ballads Five Finger Death Punch seem to have something for all fans of rock and metal. Why only 4 stars? Rating music is tricky as so much depends on personal taste.

13 tracks totalling just over 45 minutes this is perhaps not for fans who look for long guitar solos and tempo changes that you get with some metal bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, etc. but well worth a listen. Opening track, the fairly brutal 'dying breed' leads into the more melodic 'hard to see' emphasising this bands ability to change direction from one song to the next. For fans of more balladic rock they have 'far from home' (the song that first interested myself) a sublime power ballad and the cover of 'Bad company' caters for fans of the older style of rock and does justice to the original. All in all a really good album that warrants 5 stars but drops one, though maybe shouldn't, because the band don't seem to fit a category (are they thrash or are they balladeers?) I hope this variety is intentional rather than directionless.
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on 6 November 2011
I got into Five Finger Death Punch a couple of months ago, and I already have all of their albums.. This was the 3rd and final one I needed, and I thought, for £7, I'd just get it while I could, and I am so happy I did! All of the songs are amazing, and the case that holds the CD and DVD is very nice! It also comes with a nice little poster which is currently on my wall right now. I'd definitely recommend this to any metal fan!
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on 3 June 2013
As another reviewer has noted, this is the last 5FDP album to cut it before the their sound was diluted by a major. From the sublime 'Falling In Hate' to the ethereal beauty of 'No One Gets Left Behind' here we have a band at the height of their powers. Ivan Moody's delicate descant has matured from his days in Motograter, and on this showing has the power to drive the band to the hidden havens of heaven, while Zoltán Báthory's guitar work continues to surprise and astonish. One minute he's as bold as a politician taking a dump in church, the next as light as a feather on the face of a lovely lamb. Here we have a man who - in this reviewer's opinion - can claim to be Hungary's greatest export (after goulash and gilded porcelain).
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