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on 4 October 2009
Fable 2 is an outstanding game the visuals alone are breath taking.
The gameplay is easy and enjoyable, not to mention the world you play in.
I already own the add ons included in this addition from XBox 360 live and they add to the game no end.
Both are excellent and different. If you dont buy off the online market place or your a first time buyer this is for you.

Happy purchase and gaming.
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on 3 November 2009
Fantastic action RPG. Got into this after seeing nephew playing it. Enjoyable, with easy to use controls and lots of missions to complete. It's a great way to relax after a few hours of mayhem on shooters. Graphics are colourful and clear. Could have done with a proper multiplayer mode really, as the co-op style is a bit flawed and the camera angle isn't always easy to work with as if you are with the main character in the game you have to stay within a short distance of him all the time, so not a true multiplayer or even co-op - which is a pity, as there would be great potential here if the designers had thought it through. (This issue has been addressed in Fable III and now works much better.) But really good fun nonetheless, for all ages, and well worth the money. Had to visit a few walkthrough websites from time to time for help with some of the puzzle aspects, but nothing to onerous. Has all the add ons too (so no need to pay extra on xbox for the DLC packs, as they are all here). Real value for money. 10/10
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on 11 May 2013
i bought this game thinking i would get the game of the year edition however that is not the case i recieved the classics edition which is not what i wanted and when i asked them about it all they said was that it states its a classic version, as you can see it looks like a game of the year to me, so if your thinking of buying this item DONT, there is cheaper versions of the "classic version" elsewhere, plus they charge £2.99 postage so for around £13.00 it is not worth it. "dont say i didnt warn you".
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on 5 March 2014
If you receive the 'Fable II Classics Edition' fear not, for it contains the exact same DLC that you were more than likely looking for in the GOTY edition... (At the cost of some nice cover art). For me, delivery was fast and the game was brand new so definitely no complaints of product quality! As a game Fable II is beautiful, I have played 1,2 and 3 and I re-bought this Fable to play through each Fable again in chronological order. For me Fable II is the best out of the 3, (closely follow by Fable I). I find myself immersed in the journey if your character, Fable does a good job of putting you in the driving seat early on. As a child you are faced with multiple decisions of morality early on in the game. Although theses choices have little affect on the game as a whole they do a good job of setting out what Fable is all about - choices, and quite simply good or bad ones. Fable is quite simple in this case and therefore makes it accessible to a younger audience, but also it is charming and clever enough for mature gamers to enjoy. The character are interesting, the world is beautifully crafted and i cannot stress enough how personal the journey in Fable II feels to me. There are scenes towards the end of the game that make you reflect in your major actions while showing how your character looked at the time, it really hits home the progression that you have made and the potential consequences for each action. I believe Fable III represents these consequences of your actions much better on-screen, however Fable II is simply the Better game, the experience is marvellous and the general atmosphere of Albion is that much greater.
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on 28 March 2010
Every once in a while there comes a game which makes you think that things need not be the way they are defined. Some of them are too off the line that its nothing less than weird. Yet some manage to capture our attention, and make us ask ourselves why there wasn't such an idea some years ago. Fable 2 is such a game. Its not the traditional "shoot-till-your-fingers-hurt-and then-take-a-pause" game, yet it has combats. What is different in Fable is that you play a character who is not just a shooter 24 hours. The game tries to combine social life into the picture. There are towns and villages, where you can buy houses, interact with people and even influence their attitude towards and opinions of you. And the available quests are listed in the menu, which gives you a choice to take them when you are in the mood for it. So it intelligently combines the combat theme with the social theme, so that when you are bored with the game you return to the gme itself. In some shooter games, once you are tired with just combat you take a pause and go for something lighter or funnier. In Fable 2 though, you can switch between the combat and social life, making you to stay inside the game. And the social life is much richer than i thought. You wont hear the same dialogues over and over again if you meet the same person. I heard that they recorded over 38 hours of dialogues itself. The humour is good. The graphics are excellent; just the way sun shines on your eyes and bathes you in its grace and blinds you from the road you were walking shows the attention to detail they have given.

Thus, they managed to create a lively world called Albion, where you feel that you are living rather than playing it. If you are new to gaming try this game out. Its not so hard that you would get bored. If you are experienced with other types of games such as shooters and other RPGs, take a loook at this one. I bet this would be different.

Most games take you to a virtual world. Fable 2 takes you to a "virtual-real" world.

[5 stars for the concept of combining social life with combats. 5 stars for graphics and vocals.
5 stars for the delivery from amazon, although a little confusion arose since the packet did not indicate the "game of the year edition", although later i found that the extra packs were included inside" ]

Do i recommend you to try this game: Yes, particularly when you can get it for 20 euros now.
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on 10 March 2014
Fable 2 is a good game, better than its predecessor and its post-decessor. The reason I have awarded the Game Of The Year Edition one star is because you do not get the Game Of The Year Edition when you place your order. You get the XBOX 360 CLASSICS version, which boasts the same add-ons - namely Knothole Island and See The Future. Yet, had you simply ordered Fable 2, CLASSICS version in the first place, you would have saved money, as to order Game Of The Year Edition is pricier. Even though you're getting the same game! Save your money, people, and order the CLASSICS version. Don't stop here! Read the other reviews - I'm not the only one making this quibble.
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on 14 May 2010
Fable II is a good game, it has some good ideas but it stops being exciting after a week. Visually is very well made and rich, and the voice acting in some cases is very good, better than most of the games I have played. It is open ended so you can choose to terrify everybody or become a saint. In the age of asexual games Lionhead decides to create a game that everybody would like to sleep with you men, women,old and young ... it can be funny. It introduces a primitive economy with real estate and changing prices for goods while the overall economy for the city is changing according to your actions. You can also work by doing some sort of repetitive Fordism the idea is good but it needed more variation. There are battles with dozens of opponents which are quite nice . Fable is basically an enhanced Hack'n Slash and not an RPG. Nevertheless you can Level your character and buy better equipment but there is not much depth in choices as in Bioware RPG's. There is humour but I could definitely see fable with more dialogue. Usually when you meet someone you just accept the mission and you don't have any real interaction with them. The best humour is the comments of the villagers while you are passing by. In a sense in Fable everything is about you, everybody in the villages starring at you which in itself is funny and ridiculous.
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on 24 January 2010
I have never in the past played a game like this, and I must say the decision making, the character choices make this game totally addictive, I have already bought the prequel and can't wait for the sequel. Hours just pass by so quickly when you are playing, it is a shame I have to go to work. A tip though unless you want your character to be a fatty stay clear of the pies!!!
Oh and the technical bit is the usual, fantastic graphics and easy game play.
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on 11 March 2010
Being new to the land of xbox360 i bought this as one of my first games and well i love it! Gorgeous scenery, exciting adventures and lots of humour. I love the fact that you don't have to concentrate on the main plot and can go off and explore things on your own, can definetly see why it got game of the year status. No negatives except that if you get this game expect hours and hours of your real life to get sucked away into fable. Buy it!
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on 3 January 2011
well were do i start I bought this game plating the demo whch used to be out a long time ago on xbox live its a great rpg game its basically mythic grand theft auto but alot i repeat alot better you can swim get married learn magic everything change clothes have a dog be good be evil be a monk and even FREERUN its a must buy ignore the bad reviews if there are any and get this game and last thng the multiplayer is great you co op it with ure m8 and its fun and cheap to
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